~ The path of revenge. The first life (Part 1) ~

I was able to remember very clearly the first time when I opened my eyes, and I was but a small luks (a baby). The sky was so beautiful, and we were able to see our goddess Shaverna up there. My parents were happy and celebrating. This made me smile and giggle at their joyous behavior.

A child felt good if his parents were as well. After all, while we were babies, we reacted to those around us. Although our vision was limited, we managed to feel with ease all the emotions thrown at us by the adults. If those who surrounded us sent hate and anger, we would become frightened and sad. It was easy and many, many parents didn’t even realize just how a small fight between them could negatively affect their innocent baby.
Indeed, few human parents are aware of this, and many actually refuse to even think about such a possibility, however, it has been proven through their science that this is the case. said Metatron as he looked down at Earth, the planet we guarded.

The same happens everywhere until a general awareness takes place, and they simply forget the old ways. I said and then let out a sigh.
Now that I thought back at how that world was or is… I could say that Shaverna, our goddess, was actually a gas giant. The moon, on what my species was born, orbited the planet. I didn’t know if the planet was inhabited as well, or if we were the only ones in that solar system. I didn’t really care about such trivial matters back then. However, by accessing the Akasha Library, I could say that the world was not in the Milky Way galaxy or anywhere close to it. I believed it was located in the stellar cluster known or which will be known as the Cerulean Plains.

The species of zar’tar were something close to the idea of lizardmen. They had a snout with sharp teeth in front and a little flatter in the back, a long tail for balance and a skin much tougher than that of humans. It looked similar to the scaly skin of Earth’s reptiles, but actually it had a lot of small bumps of concentrated skin cells instead of scales. They had three hearts: one pumped a substance similar to our blood, another pumped the air through their body, and the third one was a backup, in case one of the other two failed. Most beings on that planet were born this way. Creatures with two hearts were very rare and with only one heart were thought to be nothing but a myth.

The zar’tar had a short life span, summing up to no more than 64 cycles. And through a cycle, I mean the time it would technically take the moon to circle one time Shaverna. The zar’tar had a fast metabolism and an even faster way of living their lives. Through accessing the Akasha Library I found out that those cycles were shorter than a human year and so, a zar’tar would reach an approximate age of 30 human years.

The age when I was born could be compared to the tribal times of the human species when the kingdoms were barely starting to form.

As a luks, I was born into a family of zir’nashar fishermen, the lowest social class in that world, without counting the slaves. Unlike higher classes, the zir’nashar were allowed to practice only one profession and couple up only with those from the same class.

When I was six cycles old, I followed in the footsteps of my father. I was just a teenager who started to work for the first time. At first, I was terrible at it and had a few good laughs thrown at me whenever my net broke.

“El’zir N’an, if you don’t hold tight, it will run away, and if you hold too tight and fish be strong, you will break net, and father will have to repair it… again…” said my father as he patted my shoulder. I broke the net for the sixth time when he offered me that first advice.

He was a strong and healthy male for his age, and I was his first luks. At home, he always said he was proud of me, but I knew that, deep down, he began to think if I was a failed luks. After all, I had so many mishaps.

Still, by the age of twelve, I managed to master my father’s job, and he became proud of me once more.

“Luks, you be strong and have many luks! You are worthy as a zir’nashar!”

Those were father’s first words after I returned home with a big catch from up the river. This happened during the first half of my 12’th cycle. I was so happy and proud that my tail didn’t stop wagging for the entire day.

The first thing I did was to go and see El’zir Vana. We had been seeing each other many times during the past cycle, and we promised each other at one point to join as a couple if I were to ever return home with proof that I was a worthy zir’nashar of the El village.

That day, El’zir Vana accepted me as her couple with a happy smile. She was a worthy zir’nashar of the baker line and responsible with making bread for the villagers. Although, that bread was a bit weird. A human would most likely not tempt his fate with it.

Vana was so kind and gentle, but at that time I didn’t know if she was my soul mate or not, however, the compatibility between us was high enough. Either way, she had the full devotion of my heart. I loved her with all my being.

We got married at the start of the second season of that year when Shaverna was on the left side in the sky. It was getting close to the Great Darkness, the six cycles of night when Shaverna met with Thol’har, the sun god.

In our myths, we were on the god Zar’ghar, the daughter of Shaverna and Thol’har. Thus, we were Zar’tar, sons of Zar’ghar. I was El’zir N’an, son of El village born of zir’nashar with the name of N’an! And now, I was coupled with El’zir Vana, daughter of El village, born of zir’nashar with the name of Vana.

N’an means strong and Vana was the name of a local flower that bloomed in the Great Darkness.

We were so happy to be together.

At the end of the 12’Th cycle, just when we entered the Great Darkness, we were suddenly attacked by Zal’velos, a tribe of warriors from the north who started to conquer local villages by wiping them out. They were of the tribe Zal and born of velos’nashar, in other words, warriors, fighters of noble lines.

Being a tribe of zir’nashar, we didn’t stand a chance against them. The elders tried to fight back, but they were the first to die.

When the attack started, I was just returning from a fishing trip. We caught no fish because they were in the deepest parts of the water. The Great Darkness had cast its shadow over the land, and it was currently their season to spawn. We would have to wait now for the fish of the Great Darkness to come up, but this would become the least of my worries.

I was shocked to see the village up covered in merciless flames, lighting the entire are around it. The few men who were with me demanded that we don’t return to the village, but they weren’t coupled yet, and I was. I couldn’t just leave my Vana there and my luks she was carrying. The men agreed to leave me in the village as soon as we docked. There were still enough boats to use for my escape if I were to need them.

As soon as we docked, I sprinted towards our flaming home. The other fishermen didn’t waste any time and quickly left, fleeing like cowards. They were zir’nashar not velos’nashar, they couldn’t fight.

When I got to our house, I didn’t care for the flames, and I just went inside, trying to find her, but I was too late… She bled badly, and I wasn’t able to do anything.

Not far from her laid the dead body of my younger sister. My parents didn’t think they would be able to have another luks so soon after me and were very happy when she came into the world.

“El’zir Vana! Don’t leave me!” I called out to her when I pulled her in my arms.

Sadness filled my heart and a reaction similar to crying occurred as I looked at her beautiful face. Zar’tars don’t have tear glands, but instead, they make a high-pitched sound whenever deep sadness or pain overwhelms them.

She was dying, and I knew that. I knew there was nothing I could do to save her, and even if I had been here when the attack occurred, I doubted I could have done anything to change her fate.

“El’zir N’an… go… be happy… You must leave me here…” she said to me.

As life left her body, she offered me a last gentle and kind smile. I didn’t understand how she could be worried about me when I wasn’t the one gravely injured and dying.

I didn’t want to listen to those last words. I didn’t want to leave her. I held her close and desperately called out her name. The pain growing inside of me wasn’t something I wanted to bear. I didn’t want for her to die. I didn’t want to think that she was would be gone from my life.

Vana closed her eyes and drew her last breath and then her body went limp in my arms. She was all that I had left in this world and now, I lost her. With her, I lost our luks as well.

Sadness filled me, and rage flowed in every fiber of my body. I wanted to find the ones who did this and kill them with my very own claws! Maybe drown them in the river and let the hashers kill them!

The hashers were fish which feasted upon the flesh of living beings. We called them the luks of the Great Darkness.

I didn’t understand or knew what these growing emotions inside of me were, but I knew they were quickly rising up to a peak close to madness. I felt the need to release them and only in the form of violence and destruction. I wanted revenge!

The chance came to me when I saw one of the Zal’velos walking in front of my house, probably checking if there was anyone left alive. With my throat making those high pitched crying sounds and with the rage steadily filling my soul, I left the body of Vana in the burning house and headed outside. I jumped on the bastard. My sole desire at that moment was to kill him.

I took him by surprise, and I was fast to strike him. My arms were strong from all the fishing I had done over the past cycles, but not strong enough as a velos’nashar. He defended against my strikes and then threw me off right when my house crumbled down eaten by the flames and burying my beloved Vana forever.

I didn’t stop to look back and ran towards a boat as fast as I could. The Zal’velos took his shi’tar, a bow, and shot an arrow at me. I was hit in the right leg and fell down. I could feel the pain as it surged through my body like lightning, but my mind chose to ignore it.

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