~ The Star of Earth ~

Sweet angel

Tell me now, sweet angel

What troubles you, what makes you cry

For in this world so vast and beautiful

You are the only truly free to fly

I cry for all those with folded wings

I’m troubled by their cries

They seek the freedom of the sky

But to spread their wings they dare not try!

We all wondered at one point where we began, where we were born, but the first birth as a soul was always a mystery to us. We stepped forward in this world that surrounds us, in the hope of gaining that which we have lost a long time ago… our innocence.

In the end, we always prevailed, but this took a while, so we had to make sure to never give up and constantly keep on going forward! We had to walk on the path of our life with dignity and hope, for we would never know when it could all change, and we could either lose everything… or win more than in our wildest dreams.
Michael! How are you doing? Archangel Metatron asked.

I turned around and managed to nearly blind myself with his pure light.

For the love of… Turn that thing down! I told him while rubbing my eyes.

Weird though, I was a being made of Divine Matter and Energy, something which existed in the same space, but not time as that which humans called Matter and Dark Matter. I never got the chance to ask why his light worked like that, but I was sure it had to be something which he was able to turn on and off with his free will.

Archangel Metatron was a beautiful light entity with large wings of light. He was holding a Merkabah in his right hand and the Sphere of Knowledge in the left. Also known as the scribe of God, he was actually the one who had full access to the Library of Knowledge Akasha.

If I didn’t know you hold the position of an archangel, I would have suspected you to be a demon. he told me with a smile.

Lucifer said the job was already taken. I noted with a smirk.

Should I even ask what you are doing? he asked, and I raised an eyebrow.

I sighed and looked down on Earth. Immediately, we found ourselves in the year 1986, right at the time when I started my work. I pointed at a human praying to me for protection through meditation. He was a young man around the age of thirty.

That was young for a human, right?

Anyway, I raised my flaming sword up and then pointed it at the Star of the Earth underneath his legs. It was that little shiny star who connected every soul with the Negative planes of existence, the Land of the Demons.

He is unaware that he chose an evolution with the Star of the Earth opened. Should I close it for him? I asked Metatron.

The archangel stared at it for a moment and then looked at the few demons in the room. They stood clear of our angelic light. It burned them, but they knew their role. They were not going to dare attack us in any way or manner unless they desired to have a taste of my Sword of Fire.

His soul desires peace and freedom from the Star of the Earth. Speak to him first and then assert the decision of his free will. he advised me.

I nodded in reply and then pointed my sword at the man. His mind immediately connected with mine, and he was able to sense only my presence. Metatron knew how to hide his very well. For safety reasons, I brought him to a higher plane of existence where we were able to talk freely.

The man seemed surprised at first, but he cooperated, and we began to have a pleasant conversation regarding his current earthly problems.

Are you sure about this? I asked him one final time after we had spoken thoroughly about his predicament.

Yes! Please, Archangel Michael! he said.

I nodded and then closed the Star of the Earth.

He smiled happily at me as he finally felt this connection with darkness being cut. He knew that his path into light would begin with this first step, but it would not be an easy one. He would have to face a lot of karmic feedback after this, but he appeared to be ready. For now, I decided to watch over him as a guardian angel of sorts. I did this by establishing a small connection of divine energy between me and him. It was something only us, the higher beings were able to sense, see, and do, but it was invisible to any and all other mortal beings, except for a few special ones. God made this Universe quite complicated when you thought about it that way.

I retreated to the higher planes of existence, but now I would know when the man was going to ask for my aid.

How did it go? asked Metatron.

Well. He’s going to become a very good Reiki master in the future. People will hear of his name. I replied with a low tone in my voice.

What are you thinking about? asked Metatron as he placed his hand of divine light on my shoulder.

I smiled back at him.

About how funny evolution is… A few billions years back, I was nothing but the simple child from a family of primitives, yet now I am in a position where the greatest shamans of that life could not even dream of. I said.

What did you learn in your first life as a sentient being? asked Metatron with a calm and gentle tone in his voice.

Pain and revenge… I replied.

His presence was very comforting, no wonder so many other angels and humans sought his help and presence. Thinking it in a more Earthly way, Metatron would probably be able earn a lot of money in stress relieving services.

But then again, what archangel had need of money? That stuff was useless to us, and he would do it just to know that he helped someone in need.

Can you tell me of one of your lives when you were strongly connected to the Star of the Earth? he asked me.

I could have rejected, but for what reason? We were both archangels and friends.

I smiled and then I began to tell him my story…

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