~ A peaceful night ~

The golden moon gazed over the land from its celestial throne. A peaceful and quiet night embraced the Dumveille Kingdom. Only a couple of clouds dared to move in front of the moon, attempting to block its beautiful golden rays. They wanted to cast their dreaded darkness across these lands, but they failed each time they tried. This happened thanks to the valiant guardians of the moon, the winds which pushed the clouds back.

Since they weren’t as strong closer to the ground as they were up in the skies, only a soft gust blew through the trees and grass, rustling the leaves and stirring the scents. This gentle wind was to blame for the small waves that formed across the surface of the calm Hanagoya Lake.

When the light of the Moon touched the waving water, it formed a soft glitter over its surface. Here and there, little fish jumped out, catching tiny insects in mid-flight before diving back in. Small ripples formed on the spot where each fish returned to its watery home.

A pair of deep, blue eyes caught this beautiful and gentle scene in their gaze. The man was resting against the base of a tree, not that far away from the lake’s shore. He was a young man who didn’t look older than twenty five. He wore simple peasant clothing made of a pair of leather shoes, a pair of brown woolen pants, and a dirty linen shirt with its sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He smelled of horse manure. Because of this, he could barely feel the pleasant scents brought to him by the winds from all the way across the lake and nearby woods. He didn’t seem to mind it though, he was at peace with his current state.

As he gazed at this beautiful calm lake, the man’s mind wandered off to his past, present and then towards his future. His thoughts were unable to find a point to focus upon. Unsettled and indecisive, they moved around like a hummingbird in a field full of flowers.

We’re here! Come and get us!

The sounds of the laughing children echoed in his ears, as their voice faded farther and farther away from him like the whisper of a ghost. It was the memory of a childhood he had once cherished. It was maybe his only normal moment in his abnormal life. The need to hide, run away, fear man, elf, dwarf, and allure alike filled the rest.

In his past, he spent many days hunted down like some sort of savage beast. He cried a lot because of his terrible fate. By now, the idea of running away, of hiding himself, of fearing all those around him, meant nothing more than the reasonable and right thing to do, no matter the situation. This saddened his heart. He wished for more. He wanted to find some sort of meaning to his cursed existence.

In the end, the clouds got pushed far away, and now, there was nothing to stop the golden moon from shining over the entire Dumveille Kingdom.

From where he stood, the man could only see the Spearblank Mountains and the Hanagoya Lake as they spread in front of him. Indeed, it was a beautiful and serene night.

All around the lake, gentle winds caressed the leafs of the trees and pulled their scent away, spreading it everywhere. The small creatures of the night got out of their dens, and they were ready to prowl the woods. They picked up the scent of their prey, followed it, and upon finding their target, they feasted.

Suddenly, the blue-eyed man sighed and looked up at the moon. The gold orb with a sad, yet beautiful face was reflected into his eyes as it did in a mirror. Somehow, the graceful moon could mimic the feelings hidden deep within his heart, but unlike him, she was freer and more powerful than he could ever be.

“Another year to live… another year to run…” the man said with a sad tone of voice.

He closed his eyes and slowly faded into a deep long sleep. The sounds of the beautiful nature played a soft lullaby for him. Thus, the night would come to pass peacefully, letting him rest there where he laid upon the shore of the Hanagoya Lake.

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