~ Madness ~

[Her point of view]

Please… I beg of you!” said the pathetic human.

He begged me on his knees. He begged me with tears in his eyes, but I did not care nor want to listen to his pathetic cries. With a simple move of my wrist, the sharp edge of my sword slashed open his throat, and his warm, red blood gushed out. He gurgled and squirmed at my feet as he gave away his last breath of life.

Was I in the wrong for mercilessly killing him like that?

Was I evil?

Such silly questions… As a demoness born in the very pits of Hell, I cared not for his pathetic begs and cries! No matter the day and hour, I would always find a reason to kill, torture, and slaughter someone!

Still, everything I did was for another reason.

It was a rather silly one, for what I desired and wished to do was nothing more and nothing less than to find my beloved soul mate…

It’s not wrong for a demon to wish for love, is it?

I turned my head to the left and with a bored look in my eyes, I gazed upon my next victim, the child of the man I had just killed. I smirked, and the soft, warm drops of blood I bathed in flowed over the corners of my lips.

Please…” he begged me.

Least to say, I didn’t listen.

Hours later, I walked through the desolate city where the blood of innocents flowed free on the streets. My anger and rage for being unable to find my beloved in this Universe manifested itself in a most cruel and delicious manner. They all died, but they did so for a good cause, they satiated my anger and thirst for blood. Thus, I spared the remaining souls who inhabited their planet.

Looking to the left, I saw what was once a kindergarten. A few hours ago, my claws slashed deep in the flesh of innocent children. I ripped apart their fragile young bodies and nourished myself with their cries, despair, and pain. Up to their very last breath, their minds basked in the confusion of their own situation.

Why me? Why this pain? It hurts… Please, someone save me! Mother! Father! Help me! These were their thoughts, and they all still echoed in my mind like a sweet melody from Hell.

I stopped to listen to it for a moment. Their ghosts were still running around crying, screaming, endlessly tortured by my deeds in the past. It was delicious.

I sighed.

It was time for me to move on. The town had nothing left for me, not even a small puppy to kill. I couldn’t bask in their suffering anymore. Then again, no matter where I traveled in this Universe, I would not find my beloved Soul Mate.

How many Universes did I pass through by then? How many innocents have I slain with my cold, sharp claws? I didn’t know, I didn’t care, they were all pretty useless to me.

I sighed again and decided to make a portal to another Universe. With a bit of luck, it would be the right one.

The process was a bit complicated though because I wasn’t in my own Kingdom anymore. The Universe I was currently in was part of another Demon King’s or Queen’s jurisdiction, which severely limited my abilities, but honestly speaking, I didn’t care.

With my hand infused with ancient angelion magic, I tore open a hole in the very fabric of existence. The energies were powerful and violent, slashing away at nearby buildings, damaging them terribly and even sucking in pieces of the rubble like a hungry beast.

Those forces threatened to spread farther and completely destroy the entire Universe, but I wasn’t afraid of it. I stood there, in front of it, unharmed by its devastating powers. Then, with a smirk on my lips, I took a step forward. My whole being was sucked inside, while behind me, the tear vanished as if it was never there to begin with. The only traces I left behind in that Universe were the mangled corpses of the countless humans I slaughtered in that city. Everything else was gone, not even a single spec of my own energy.

That was the most consuming and difficult part of that process. In order to pass between Universes inside the jurisdiction of another Demon Lord or Demon King, I had to hide myself from him. I had to erase my demonic energy tracks from his senses. Otherwise, if he were to find me, a terrible battle would mostly likely ensue between us, but I had no such desires at the moment.

Now, upon entering in the next Universe, a similar tear in the fabric of existence had to be made there as well. When it opened, the devastating results could already be seen as the forces damaged the nearby buildings, cars, and trees. I didn’t bother closing the portal right away, it was fun to look at so much devastation.

Demona! Demona!” screamed an old woman who just so happened to open the windows to look outside.

I lifted my gaze with a lazy movement. I looked straight in her eyes and sent a torrent of fear towards her. It coursed through her entire body, crippling her, and numbing her senses. I shook her soul to the very core until she finally succumbed to her fate. Her old heart gave its final beat, and her body went limp.

I smiled as I looked upon my wrong doing.

A fresh kill just as I enter, delicious!” I licked the tip of my lips and then turned around.

It was time to close the tear in the fabric of existence. I infused my hands with angelion magic, which allowed me to grab the portal between Universes by its very edges and pull them together. In a matter of moments, the tear vanished.

Now, once more, I had to go search for my beloved soul mate.

If those mortals were to hear the actual reason I stepped into their world, they would certainly refuse to believe it. After all, in none of their myths and religious stories had there ever been mentioned a demon truly falling in love with another soul.

Tch!” I clicked my tongue and spread my wings.

In the very next moment, the tree next to me shriveled inside and lost all of its leafs. They turned black and fell off its branches. Because of my mere demonic presence alone, the tree died.

With a single beat of my wings, I flew up into the sky and from deep, inside my very heart, I released a powerful wave of angelion energy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough to cover the entire Universe, just a small sector of it composed of a couple of galactic superclusters.

None of the souls in those millions of square light years returned the reply I sought…

I tried again, but the result was the same: a vast, cold, lonely darkness.

I clenched my teeth and then flew at a speed faster than light towards the other sectors of the Universe. I traversed countless galaxies in the beat of an eye, and I could feel it, there were so many souls inhabiting just a single sector of the Universe, but none was my soul mate. In my eyes, their existence was absolutely worthless.

When I reached the next sector, once more I released the pulse of energy. I waited patiently until it returned, but just like before, nothing. There was no reply from him. I shook my head and clenched my fists. I refused to believe this Universe was a dud as well.

I released the energy countless times and flew through all the sectors of the Universe until I grew tired, and I finally came to accept the truth. My soul mate wasn’t here…

Now, floating in the cold vastness of space, I wept tears of blood while the void kept my voice silenced. I had no idea where I was, I only knew I was alone in this Universe. My soul mate wasn’t in here and it saddened me.

Soon, the tears of sadness and cries of loneliness turned into a relentlessness blind rage. I wanted to destroy something, anything. Thus, I flapped my wings and flew straight towards the nearest inhabited planet.

I only needed to feel the souls moving about on the surface of the world to set it as my target. I gathered my demonic energy and concentrated it into a mass of pure hatred and destruction. I aimed at the core of the planet and then released it.

With a cruel sadistic laughter on my lips and tears of blood in my eyes, I watched as my energy passed through the atmosphere, setting it ablaze. While the inhabitants screamed in terror and fled for refuge, many of them died burned alive, screaming in the fires surrounding them. When the energy sphere touched the surface of the planet, it sent devastating ripples throughout its tectonic plates. They moved, separating from one another, cracking, trembling, and letting out the burning magma kept hidden under to surface. The process destroyed any trace of buildings and shelters the inhabitants of the world could have had.

In but mere moments, my rage and fury turned a beautiful planet filled with life into a burning hell with a lava surface unable to bear life until it hardened once more, but I had no intention of letting it do so. My demonic energy sphere pulsed with powerful energy, stirring the insides of the planet until it reached its core. There, the sphere detonated, and the whole planet was ripped apart from inside out. Like a crystal ball shattered into a trillion pieces, so did the remains of the planet flew out into space.

I laughed like a maniac, exhilarated by the countless deaths I had caused. Their suffering and anguish in their final moments refueled my demonic energies. I saw one of those pieces, a blob of lava, heading straight towards me, but I cared not. I let it hit me head on. My demonic energy shields were powerful enough to allow me to simply pass through it. Looking back, I saw the small tunnel I created in the half molten remains, but it got covered fast by the surrounding lava.

Without a care and intoxicated by the genocide of billions, I remained there for what I believed was an entire revolution around the star of that system. I watched the pieces of the former life-filled planet as they slowly made their way towards the nearby planets and moons, continuing the chain of destruction upon them as well.

The anger and rage still burns inside me, but the destruction of this planet was enough to satiate my thirst for now…” I said although I knew there was no one there to listen to my voice.

Still, something felt off. I lifted my hands up and wiped my eyes. I realized then that my blood tears had yet to dry. For one whole year of that solar system, I kept crying. This stirred a sadistic laughter inside of me, and I let it out together with a burst of malevolent energy. The energy would bring about from mortals the same reaction as my very presence would. For a short period of time, all those touched by it would go mad or end up doing something extremely evil or sadistic.

The idea and thought of what I was responsible for with just so little energy in that Universe made me laugh. I had so much power, and yet I couldn’t find my soul mate… It was almost… pathetic.

A few months later, after I calmed down a bit, I decided to continue my journey. Using the same method as I did before, I tore a hole in the fabric of existence in front of me and then went through it. I could almost hear the sigh of relief the Universe let out when I left. Speaking of which, despite my terrible deeds, no Lord or King came to stop me, not even an angel. The only reason I could think of was because they were far weaker than me.

As I stepped through the portal and entered the new Universe, I was ready to begin anew. My search would once more either bring me a result or a terrible tragedy for the untouched Universe.

I wondered though, would I need to destroy another planet or maybe more to feel just a bit better?

How about neither? I would suddenly hear the very annoying voice of a very annoying archangel.

I turned around and spat at him. Archangel Metatron, what a surprise! The vermin dodged my demonic spit, but whatever it would touch, it would burn straight through and cause a lot of havoc and destruction.

It’s always a pleasure, Syliar. said the blasted angel and before I knew it, he erased my spit projectile.

I clicked my tongue.

Do you have a moment to talk, my dear? he asked politely.

Looking in his gentle eyes, I realized what he desired of me. I sighed and nodded. I had no desire to battle a powerful archangel like him.

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