~ Sisters ~

Just through her simple angelic presence, the effects of Sky’s demonic aura calmed down to the point where one could barely feel it anymore. The two forces collided in an equal match of strength and power, which resulted in the complete cancellation of effects on both sides. Even a normal human could stand now next to them without worry of having his mind seek exaggerated darkness and destruction or light and peace.

The moment when the angel woman appeared was perfectly timed, seeing as how prior to Sky’s resealing, her demonic aura caused chaos throughout the entire Ayusion Megastructure and threatened through it to bring about unprecedented destruction and lasting madness upon all of its inhabitants.

Practically speaking, the angelic being calmed down everyone who was under the effects of Sky’s demonic attack and acted in an unnatural way, incapable of controlling their own actions unless they had a certain degree of mental strength or if by chance were experienced in dealing with actual demons.

In a way, the angel helped the demoness with her transition towards her new body, offering her enough time to get her power back in control by using those seals. Thus, when the demonic influence on the megastructure subsided, she would fold her wings of light so that her own presence wouldn’t have an adverse effect on the mortals.

Until that happened, both angelions remained still and looked at each other right in the eyes. They kept a decent distance between each other, close enough to make themselves heard without shouting, and far enough to retreat or have time to defend themselves if the other dared to attack.

“It’s been a long time since we last saw each other, sister.” said the angel with a calm voice as she landed softly on the hard metal floor of the ship.

She spoke in a perfect Kornukopian dialect, using an accent Syndria was most used to, the noble one.

“Let’s see… around 28.6 billion human years, give or take a few millions?” asked Sky with a smirk as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“You certainly jest! It has not been so long. Only a mere 3843 years have passed since mother last called us home for a visit. You ate father’s cake and pulled a prank on our neighbor. Remember?” asked the angel, showing her a small smile, although she never loosened the seriousness in her gaze.

“Oh? You actually kept count? But dear me, I seem to have forgotten about these incidents you speak off. Are you sure you aren’t mistaken me for someone else?” asked the demoness with a purr.

She showed her a seductive smile and a tempting gaze, but the angel ignored her, closing her eyes and keeping silent for a moment.

“It is good to see you again, dear sister.” she said as she opened them again.

Letting out a sigh, Sky decided it would do her no good to keep up the tension. She relaxed and hid her demonic self.

“Indeed, it is good to see you are doing well.” said the demoness with a soft tone of voice.

The two sisters looked each other in the eyes for a long moment before the angel decided to be the first to speak and break the ice.

“Sky, you know you crossed the limit back then, right?”

The demoness sighed again and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, she showed a clear sign of anger, but it wasn’t directed at the her, but at a long lost memory, an incident most likely forgotten by many of those involved.

“Shyara, they killed my soul mate.” said Sky calmly.

Despite her tone of voice, the angel could see the anger boiling inside her sister’s soul and knew that by their laws, she had the right to punish all those involved as she saw fit and just. Still, there was a limit to how much damage and havoc she was allowed to do.

“Indeed, but wiping out all the sentient species in the Ayusion Megastructure would have been overdoing it. Most of those you mercilessly killed did not deserve such a cruel fate.” explained Shyara, shaking her head slowly.

The demoness squinted her eyes and clenched her fists. Anger boiled inside her heart, and the fragile balance of presence between them was about to be shattered if she didn’t calm down.

“I do not care, sister! All those I kill or killed with my bare hands are a just kill!! You are here merely as an observer ordered only to make sure that my demonic presence doesn’t spread about more than it should! Thus, breaking my toys before I have the chance to squeeze their lives out of their pathetic weak shells with my claws!” shouted Sky.

Unfazed by her words and aggression she displayed, Shyara continued to look at her sister straight in the eyes. For normal people, it might have looked as though the angel was defiant towards the demoness, but that was not the case. She was trying to look past her outer shell, to spot what harmed and ailed her sister. She worried for her, but at the same time, she did not dare to neglect her own duties as an angel.

“Yet, here you are, mingling with those who once plotted and killed him. Even more so, he himself became the ally and friend of the very one who pierced his heart with a heavenly sword.” said Shyara.

Squinting her eyes at her, Sky retorted “I mingle only because I desire to, but I have no intention of playing nice with mere mortals. He may have trapped me once, but he will not do so again!”

“The past is the past, Sky. You had your revenge, what more do you desire from this universe?” asked the angel with a soft tone of voice.

“What I desire is simple, my sister, I wish to make the mortals suffer and tremble before my might!” she replied with a smirk.

“Sky, I would advise you not to do such a thing, at least not in excessive ways and only to those whose souls desire to be harmed by you.” said Shyara as she placed a hand over her heart.

“Oh? Did you forget that I was given this universe to do as I please with it by none other than God? All souls present here, before being reincarnated had willingly agreed to the possibility of me coming out of nowhere and ending their pathetic lives!” she retorted squinting her eyes at her.

“Even so…” the angel tried to reply.

“Shut up, sister! You have no right to meddle in my affairs!” shouted the demoness.

“Actually, I do! While you were imprisoned by mortals, I have been granted the right to act as an Angel Commander in this Universe!” she stated firmly, yet elegantly.

That means she… thought Sky as she squinted her eyes at her.

The air around them tensed up. A single misspoken word could spark a full-out battle between the two sisters, but for now, they were both holding back their power and desire to jump into combat. They stared at each other, holding down their ground with their imposing presences.

“Are you saying I no longer hold right over this universe?” asked Sky with a serious tone of voice.

If her words were true, then she had to be extra careful about how she threaded among mortals. Even a single wrong move could end up with Heaven’s armies on her back, fighting off to send her back to Hell.

“This Universe still falls under your demonic jurisdiction, but now it also falls under my angelic one. Therefore, any excessive behavior will be met with my judgment. As such, I hold the right to send you off to Hell or keep you here.” the angel sister stated clearly.

Crossing her arms at her chest, Sky looked to her left at a map of her current location. On it, she could see a small green dot of light somewhere between two Alderson Disks. The megastructure surrounded a young star of a similar size to that of Earth’s Sun. It was Dyson Sphere, but within it, four gigantic Alderson Disks surrounded it. Everything on the inside was populated by countless species, but the outside still remained a huge mystery to them. The kornukopians were never able to leave the megastructure or visit the other Disks, therefore, their maps only displayed theoretical data.

The Ayusion Megastructure is nothing more than a prison of celestial proportions made with the sole purpose of achieving the Kyoran Dream… thought Sky.

As she remembered the complexity and sheer size of the megastructure, the pathetic little prison made by Tullos in his once glorious past as a dragon was nothing more than a child’s toy.

If Shyara holds the authority of an Angel Commander, why didn’t she already slay me back then? she thought and then looked back at her sister.

“Tell me something, Shyara. Why did you help them free me?” she asked.

The angel looked in her eyes and replied calmly to her question.

“You know just as well as I do that your power could not be held by such silly contraptions.” she closed her eyes for a moment “You never needed my help, you forced me to appear by staying put and endangering the future of the Kyoran Dream.” she said.

“Keh. I would have never let anything happen to Kyros!” she retorted.

“Kyros is but one part of the key, Tullos is the other.” she said opening her eyes.

“So you waltzed in, disabled the traps, disrupted all the defenses in there except for the door and even cast a spell on the entrance on the same day those two were meant to arrive. Don’t try to hide it now, I felt your presence and smelled your angelic rotting scent from miles away!” she spat.

“Indeed.” she nodded showing to be unaffected in any way or manner by her words.

“Aren’t you supposed to be the Angel Commander? Never interfering or saying a word to the mortals? And here you are… interacting with the physical plane.” Sky said with a small smirk rising on the left corner of her lips.

“I did what I believed was necessary.” she replied calmly.

Sky shot her a glare and clenched her fists.

“Of course you did! Just as it happened centuries ago when you incarnated yourself as a peasant draconic girl and aided Tullos with stopping my rampage! The only way that mortal could have stopped me was with angelic aid!” she growled.

“Yes. You had to be stopped, otherwise, this entire megastructure would have been destroyed by your unleashed power. Back then, you forced many angels to reveal themselves. You changed the belief of many species and even the course of technological evolution for some.” she explained without raising her voice.

“Ha! Like it mattered! If it wasn’t for Tullos, I would have deactivated the safety system of the Ayusion Star and then turned it into a red giant! I would have killed all of those living on the megastructure!” she shouted back at her.

“And with it cause unparalleled damages to countless other species throughout this supercluster of galaxies!” shouted back the angel, who for a moment lost her composure.

Closing her eyes, Shyara calmed down and let her anger dissipate before it materialized in the form of divine energy manifestations.

“Made you mad?” asked Sky with a delighted smirk on her lips.

The angel opened her eyes, she was calm now.

“Sister, can you see your future?” she asked.

“Why do you care?” replied the demoness as she squinted her eyes at her.

“You can’t anymore, can you?” she asked.

It was true, no matter how Sky tried, she wasn’t able to peek into the future anymore. Her ability to see the universe from all points of view and most importantly outside of time was now gone.

I could lie to her… she thought.

“I can’t.” she replied honestly.

But doing so would only hinder me from finding out what she’s planning.

Shyara closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them, she looked to the right. She walked up to a nearby console and touched the screen, changing the map of the megastructure to the map of the sector the ship was currently in.

Looking back at Sky, she said “Then you are free to act upon your desires, but you must limit your powers and never unleash your true demonic self upon a species just to cause their inevitable destruction. If you do, I will stop you, I will kill you, and I will send you back to Hell.” she said with a firm tone of voice.

It was both a warning and a threat of which Sky was certain the angel was going to follow until the end. As for the species, Shyara seemed more concerned about those in the immediate area where Sky already planned on being naughty and blowing lots of stuff up.

“You know, it’s not nice to make death threats towards one’s family.” said the demoness as she tilted her head to the left.

“You don’t give me any other choice, Sky.” said the angel.

“Then I’ll keep in mind what you told me. But when you do pop up in front of me, do make sure to bring your best… I’ll be doing lots of killing, and I would love me a new angel feather coat to wear throughout the cold winter!” she smirked sadistically.

“You won’t, I’ll defeat you!” declared the angel with a calm voice as she placed her hand on the hilt of her sword.

“That’s why instead of becoming a demon, you chose to be an angel?” asked Sky.

“You were always a troublesome sister.” she replied, but this time, she wore a soft smile on her lips.


“Sky, I won’t tell you to stop acting like a demon, it would be insulting towards you, but what I do ask is that you don’t abuse your power and do anything to harm the Kyoran Dream.” she requested politely with a soft tone of voice.

“If I do, you will be there to stop me, right sister?” asked Sky.

“Yes.” she nodded.

“Then be gone from my ship and let me think of how to properly torture these mortals! I will… try not to eradicate any species at once! However, if by chance they kill themselves, not my fault.” she said with a soft purr.

“I will make sure it won’t happen. Farewell, my beloved sister. May God be with you!” Shyara said with a soft bow of her head.

“Ain’t He always?” she asked with a smirk on her face and watched as the angel spread her wings and then vanished from her sight in a bright white light.

Although she was gone, thanks to their long chat, Sky’s seals finished their jobs and allowed her to control her demonic presence.

She closed her eyes for a moment and thought back of when Shyara touched the console.

An angel can’t interact with the physical plane, so did she use her divine energy or actually picked up a host body for herself like she did back then? Hm… What are you planning, sister? she thought, but without her ability to gaze outside of time at the many possibilities that now laid before her, Sky had no way of finding out, at least for now.

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