~ Sky's new body ~

The whole process of changing the host body wasn’t such a hard thing to do for someone with Sky’s knowledge and abilities, but what she currently lacked was the demonic energy needed for it. On her way there, she consumed almost all of Frederique’s blood she had stored inside of her decaying body. After all, she didn’t go through the trouble of collecting it just for nothing.

The journey the demoness had to make through the cold space all the way to the crippled, nearly destroyed battleship required a lot of energy, which she couldn’t provide with her dead body. Space wasn’t friendly to either the living or the dead. To keep the blood safe, Sky used a couple of seals meant to maintain the crimson liquid at a reasonable temperature, while other, more complicated spells, allowed her to move freely through the cold void of space at a speed close to that of light. Luckily, the kornukopian battleship was located somewhere around one and a half light minutes away from the Area on the Alderson Disk 1 where Kyros and Tullos were currently living on. Seeing just how the blood of the mortal was needed up to the last drop, it was almost as though Frederique’s life and very existence were meant to serve only as fuel for the demoness.

The process of resurrecting a body was a tedious and complicated one. The good part about it was that it went smoother if the respective body wasn’t dead for too long and there was also a soul ready to inhabit it. The bad part was that even if Sky resurrected Syndria’s body in that very moment, she would be unable to keep it alive due to the heavy damage sustained by the battleship. Any mortal body needed air to breath and a reasonable temperature, but seeing how the life support systems were not functioning properly or at all in most areas, it would have been impossible to keep a newly resurrected body alive.

Sky needed to repair both the body of the kornukopian woman and the warship they were currently on. That would require a lot of energy from her side, energy which right now she didn’t possess. Of course, she knew how to acquire it easy and fast thanks to a certain method she kept secret from the two children back then. The only problem with the said method was the fact that she needed to fully unseal herself, allowing certain annoyances to know she was somewhere on the Ayusion Megastructure. On another note, she could have tried to actually resurrect her current body, which required less energy, but she didn’t really want to stay in the same form. Still a woman at heart, she desired to dress well, her current ‘outfit’ was a bit too outdated by her standards. The kornukopian, however, would make a fine ‘suit’ for her to wear, given that she would tweak it a little bit to match her taste. Thus, she had no choice but to switch her host and confront those annoyances later when they decided to bust her party.

Well, she’s going to be a pain in my demonic behind after this, but every good dress costs a pretty penny! At the very least, I will look good for my beloved! the demoness thought.

With everything settled and decided, it was finally time to get down to business. Sky closed her eyes and then spread her demonic wings. The multiple seals she had once placed on her mortal form were now being undone at a fast rate, releasing her soul from the rotten corpse. At the same time, the flow of demonic energy returned to her. She was regaining her real demonic power at an exponential rate, however, it was still far from it.

Now, she was ready for the next phase. Hundreds of strings of energy shot out from the rotten corpse into the body of the princess. The connections were made to various energy points in the kornukopian body, with the single purpose of stabilizing her energies and erasing any energy traces of Syndria’s soul. After that step was done, Sky needed to remove the remains of her corpse from the metal prison it was currently trapped in. To do that, Sky used one of her demonic skills.

From the demoness’ hands a strange crimson energy leaked out and took the shape of long, sharp tentacles. Those things could interact with matter and if desired to, they could be quite deadly. Immediately, Sky ordered the tentacles to wrap themselves around the various pieces of metal surrounding the body and pull them apart. The energy manifestations did just as the demoness ordered, and the metal cage was bent and ripped apart by their brute strength. The bar going through Syndria’s chest was pulled out mercilessly, splattering the demoness with green blood. She didn’t even flinch when it happened.

Now, the body was free and floating through the air in front of her. Sky ordered her tentacles to bring it closer and so they did, without harming it. The body was still dripping with blood that had yet to coagulate, making a floating mess around it. Sky wasn’t the least bit bothered by it, she enjoyed the occasional bath in fresh, delicious, innocent blood.

She had no more need for so many crimson tentacles, so she dispelled most of them, leaving only those needed to keep the kornukopian body still. Now, it was time for Sky to go into the next phase.

With a vile smirk on her lips, the demoness undid all of her seals at once, unleashing her full demonic power. It was good because she regained all of her magic and demonic energy obtained from the suffering of all those sentient species scattered throughout the Universe, but at the same time, it was bad because of a peculiar side effect her unsealing had on the area around her.

Sky Akella Rykash was such a powerful demoness, that in her unsealed form, she was able to emanate an incredible evil presence light-years away. At the same time, the presence also had a physical manifestation around her. It was best seen when the entire command deck was pushed back, contorting and bending the metal until all around Sky a perfect sphere of seven meters in diameter was formed.

The effect of her unleashed power did not affect only the ship. All over the Ayusion Megastructure, the ground on the surface began to quake and everyone’s emotions to spin out of control. Every being felt the taint of corruption forced upon them by the demoness, and the darkest parts of their souls began to manifest. The closer a species was to Sky, the stronger the effect, going as far as committing murder or giving in to atrocious and disgusting sins, while those who were very far away from her only felt a bit grumpy and annoyed by almost everything.

For the darker cults, the wave of demonic presence from Sky came as a blessing, and they soon believed it to be a sign sent to them by their dark gods. The death of innocents and offerings in the form of live sacrifices were immediately ordered to be done.

For Sky, knowing and feeling all the rage and suffering of all those touched by her presence was incredibly pleasing, almost orgasmic. However, she knew that if she continued to keep her presence at such high levels, she would sooner or later endanger her precious ‘food’ supply and most likely destroy the ship she was currently in as well as damage the entire Ayusion Megastructure. Even now, she tried her best to contain her power and presence without the need of seals. In other words, the current effects were but a fraction of what she could truly be capable of if she unleashed her full wrath upon the existing Universe.

As she entered the next stage of the host changing process, strings of golden energy connected all of her body’s seven chakras to those of her new body. The strings were incredibly powerful and as soon as they formed, they allowed a massive flow of energy between the two. They created a stable connection between her two hosts and formed something like a bridge for her soul to pass through. Thus, Sky was off to the next step.

With her will alone, the demoness pulled her ethereal demonic form out of her current host and into the body of the dead princess. The whole process took no more than a couple of seconds and when it was done, her previous host crumbled into a pile of flesh and bones. It didn’t even resemble a body anymore, just a decaying mass of organic matter. Until then, her body was kept in place only thanks to her demonic energy.

Now, Sky Akella Rykash was in her new body, and it was finally time for her to begin repairing it. Unleashed and unsealed, the demoness could use her abilities to their fullest. That was why after she transferred her soul to her new body, Sky started to chant and cast spells in a similar fashion as she did before, when she fought against Frederique’s guardians. The difference between now and then was that she was casting them so fast that a normal human had no way of catching up to her hand movements without using a powerful fast speed camera recorder. The human eye would barely be able to see the hands, let alone follow them or attempt to retrace them. Because of her speed, the demoness finished casting in forty three seconds six spells, each with a specific activation trigger.

The first one to activate was a spell designed to rebuild and repair the destroyed kornukopian battleship. With an incredible complexity and speed, magic symbols were scattered all over the inside and outside of the ship. There were even some on the pieces which were thrown out into space thanks to the inner explosions.

Because Sky didn’t know the engineering details of how the battleship worked or was built, she had no way of using a simple repair spell to fix it up. The same went for all the complicated high-tech devices inside of it. So what she did was to cast a time spell capable of restoring an item’s condition back to the moment in time when it was working perfectly. Although costly in terms of magic and divine energy, it did the job quickly and allowed her to avoid troublesome conditions for the other methods. Thus, the metal pieces started to bend and reconnect as they gave form once more to the crippled battleship. Every device went through the same process, even the ones that were perfectly fine. Sky took no chances.

The entire process took twenty four minutes, but when it was done, the entire ship looked once more like a perfectly functional vessel. The air was breathable for kornukopians and all systems were nominal. There was just one single place which was unable to return to its original form, that was the command deck. That place was still forced to remain as a perfect sphere by the very pressure of the demoness’ power.

The activation of the first spell triggered the next three, which had the purpose of repairing and restoring life to the princess’ dead body. When the first one was activated, the cells, blood, and broken pieces of flesh from around the body were pulled back to their initial position and reattached. Little by little, the entire corpse was restored, allowing for the next spell to activate. That one had the job of reviving the dead cells.

At the same time when the repair of the battleship was finished, and the life support system restarted, the kornukopian body had all of its cells restored to their original form. It took a breath of fresh air, and the heart pumped green blood through its veins once more.

The dead corpse had been restored to life, however, Sky wasn’t pleased with the current genetic structure of her new kornukopian body. She wanted to make sure the body was compatible on all levels with her beloved Kyros. In other words, she required for it to be purged of any and all genetic abnormalities which would inhibit her fun.

In general, the kornukopian species needed to breathe an atmosphere with a higher percentage of carbon dioxide compared to that of humans. That meant modifying the genetic code to allow for the development of lungs capable of adapting to various air compositions. The demoness didn’t stop there. She needed to use magic and some of her demonic powers with her new body without being forced to pull her ethereal hands out of it. Furthermore, Sky couldn’t risk an accidental death by injury or disease, so she greatly enhanced the kornukopian’s regenerative abilities, senses, reflexes, and also added a bit more natural strength and toughness.

All of those genetic modifications were achieved through the help of the fourth spell. Unlike the others, this one worked faster, despite the fact that it was actually designing a completely new version of the kornukopian species. While on the outside, the body retained its appearance, on the inside, it was changed greatly.

Alive, modified, and without a soul’s trace inside of it, the body was now ready for Sky to make it her own. When the fourth spell finished its job, the fifth one activated. That was the spell programmed to connect Sky’s ethereal body, her soul, to that of the kornukopian shell. It worked based on a few different divine laws and energies, but once it started, the magic connected every living cell of the new host to the demoness. The entire process took no more than a couple of moments, and when it was over, Sky appeared as though she had been reincarnated into that body just like Tullos and Kyros did in theirs.

The sixth spell activated as soon as the fifth one finished its job. Unlike the others, that one was meant to seal Sky’s powers and terrifying presence. It was meant to allow the demoness to interact freely with the mortals on the ground without stirring uncontrollable madness inside of them. Also, it wasn’t that fun if with just one swing of her arms she could wipe out an entire species. Thus, seals after seals locked away her incredible powers. Soon, the demonic presence that haunted the system vanished and the command deck was finally allowed to be rebuilt by the first spell.

When it was over, the only living being standing in the middle of the repaired battleship was Sky, properly sealed and without showing even the slightest hint of her true nature as a demon.

As she opened her eyes, the demoness looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath.

She grinned.

She could feel her chest filling up with air, her heart beating fast, while all of her senses introduced her to the world. It was like being born again, only this time, she didn’t have to suffer through a long, boring childhood.

Lowering her gaze, Sky looked over at the captain’s seat and then licked the tip of her lips.

“Time to take this body out for a spin! Muhahaha!” she let out an evil laughter.

Sky… Akella… Rykash… the voice of an angel was suddenly heard inside the ship, echoing on the walls like the wails of a ghost.

With a serious look on her face, the demoness turned around. In front of her was a beautiful angel woman floating above the floor. Her beauty was of an unnatural degree, capable of captivating any mortal’s heart. Looking at her shiny armor and sheathed sword, it was easy to guess that she was a warrior of sorts. She was also much stronger and powerful than the guardian angel of Tullos. Her presence was imposing, but gentle, unlike that of the demoness who caused havoc all around her the moment she released it.

With piercing eyes and an emotionless expression on her face, the angel woman laid sight on Sky.

The demoness remained unfazed by her sudden appearance, and she didn’t need an introduction. Sky already knew who she was the moment she felt her presence creeping up around her.

With a cocky smirk on her lips, Sky asked “Sister, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

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