~ Syndria's end ~

Tears of green blood rolled down her cheeks and desperation filled her gaze.

With one last breath, she uttered the following words in the Kyoran language:

“Please… Help me… I must save my people…”

Thus, her short life ended, and the only one to witness her last moments was the putrid, rotting corpse of a once beautiful reptilian woman. The body in question was none other than that of the demoness Sky Akella Rykash.

Looking at the scene through the eyes of her soul, the enchanting demoness could be seen waiting patiently just a few steps away from the alien woman. With her chin up, she watched as the mortal’s soul finally left her now dead physical shell. There was a complete lack of expression on Sky’s face, no evil smirk or confident smile which she showed to both Kyros and Tullos. The demoness bared witness to that tragic moment as though she had seen such things way too many times to even let herself be bothered to display any sort of trivial reactions.

The soul of the alien woman appeared before Sky in the shape of a pure white sphere, with very few marks of darkness on it. With a simple glance, Sky judged the soul as an innocent one. Thus, she didn’t try to grab it and send it to Hell. It was meant to go first to what the mortals called Heaven, the Land of the Gods, the Resting Garden, and many other names.

Both Hell and Heaven were realms beyond mortal imagination and with extended connection between the two. On the Ayusion Megastructure, there were very few mortals capable of offering a close enough description of those realms, and none of them was human.

Your life has ended. Do not worry, I heard your last prayer, and I shall take good care of the ‘gift’ you offered me. Now go! Both Heaven and Hell await to teach you where you were wrong and right in your mortal life. Reincarnation awaits you afterwards. Sky said to the soul, speaking in a manner only she could hear.

Thank you… said the small sphere of divine energy before it vanished from the mortal world pulled over to Heaven by her Guardian Angel’s embrace.

Once the soul left and vanished from her sight, Sky looked back at the body laying like an empty husk in front of her. From her knowledge, the demoness knew that the species it belonged to was called kornukopian. It was a female by gender and looked very similar to most humans living on the Ayusion Megastructure. The big difference between the two species was the fact that the kornukopians had a fundamentally different cell structure, which resembled closer to plants than it did to animals.

A full adult kornukopian had a pair of two legs ending in root like feet, each with the ability to pierce the ground and harvest nutriments from it. As such, the base of the foot could change its appearance from a pair of spread roots to a compact two-part foot made of a heel and a flat front. Their hands were long and their fingers very flexible. They still retained a sort of bone like structure made of dense tissues, which besides being very rigid, they were also very flexible. Their bodies were covered not by bark or leafs, but by a thin skin membrane, which brought them closer to a human-like appearance. Of course, they were bigger than an average human, almost by 1 meter (3.2 feet), but just like in the case of the human species, the adult’s height varied from individual to individual, depending on their genetic inheritance, with an average of around 2.45 m (8 feet). As for their heads, they had a tentacle like hair made of sensitive vines, which acted as their ears. They had two eyes, one nose, and one mouth. All of those parts were placed just like those on a human’s face, thus allowing them to show similar expressions.

It’s amazing how similar these species are, even more so considering that one is from the Milky Way galaxy and the other from Andromeda. The Almighty One made them like that for a very specific reason… I remember the God of this Universe telling me that he desired for the sentient species to be able to better understand and mingle with each other as well as in time produce certain types of hybrids. The kornukopians are one such species designed with the possibility to hold a future alongside mankind. Although, if it wasn’t for the Kyorans bringing them all together on the Ayusion Megastructure, the chances of them naturally meeting might have been rather slim. But then again, the Almighty One planned every single detail even for the event where the Kyorans didn’t exist at all. thought the demoness as she approached the corpse of the woman and gently touched her cheek with the back of her bony fingers.

Another interesting fact about the kornukopians, besides the fact that they were a form of sentient plant life, was that they had managed to reach an advanced level of knowledge and technology as proven by the very spaceship Sky was currently on. The vessel itself was a type of kornukopian battleship upgraded for taking the role of a Command Warship. It was an impressive ship constructed from living organic mass combined with inorganic components. All of those pieces were fitted on a metal alloy skeleton, which defined the shape and role of the spaceship. The craft, however, was heavily damaged, and most of the devices on board were now inactive, broken, or completely destroyed. The vessel itself had been damaged beyond repair.

As for the kornukopian woman in question, she appeared to have been killed by some of the debris after an explosion disabled and destroyed most of the command deck. The most notable damage to her was done by a metal rod that ripped open her chest cavity, exposing her inner organs. Green blood was all over the place, and with the artificial gravity deactivated, perfect spherical drops could be seen floating around the room alongside various other pieces of debris.

Sky looked at her green blood and then pulled a few drops closer to her. She placed them on her ‘lips’ and drank them just like she did with the blood of young Tullos and Kyros. The difference was that now she didn’t consume the blood to replenish her magic energy, but simply to access the last memories the kornukopian woman had before her demise.

Closing her eyes, Sky looked back at how the life of the mortal woman came to such a violent end. The memories of her past started to flow in her mind like a raging river. Feelings, emotions, memories, and thoughts, they all poured inside her mind, but compared to her own, they were in an extremely small quantity, like a single drop of water in the middle of an ocean. After all, she was quite an old demoness.

Sky’s guess was proven right. Just as she suspected when she first saw the wrecked vessel, the spaceship had once been part of the Fourth Kornukopian Defense Fleet, which sailed through the void between the Alderson Disks towards the location of a terrible battlefield. As for the woman, she was once known as Syndria Mellaore, and she was the heir princess to the last proud Kornukopian Empire, the Ryhonas Empire, which at the moment was faced with a battle that could very well spell its end. Their opponent was a terrible warmongering sentient AI fleet, which sought only to eliminate anything they perceived as a threat. They were also known as the Zardary.

Syndria and her vessel were part of the last line of defense, and they were also the first ones to be targeted. Almost all of the enemy’s firepower was focused on her ship alone. With so much heavy damage having been sustained at the beginning of the battle, Syndria had no choice but to order her navigator to immediately activate the Faster Than Light Propulsion System and flee the scene of the battle before its main systems failed and the enemy struck them down.

Unfortunately, the damage sustained from the initial attack was too great. As soon as the battleship resumed normal flight speed, the FTLPS failed. At least, they didn’t stop while the ship was still traveling at a speed faster than that of light, otherwise, it would have ended up as a twisted mess thanks to the powerful gravitational forces generated by its engines, not to mention the effects of the light wall on the whole structure. With the damage sustained beyond repair and no means of reaching out for help, they were left stranded in the middle of space, close to the second Alderson Disk.

Seeing the state of the vessel, and its imminent inner atmosphere loss, Syndria gave the order to abandon ship to all of its crew members. All the survivors immediately ran towards the nearest escape pods and launched off into space. The small crafts were more than enough to bring them back to their home territory. Those unlucky to reach them in time would perish.

At that time, Syndria was still alive, and Sky could feel that was the moment she was looking for. Thus, she let the memory play out a bit more slowly.

“Jagas! What is the meaning of this?!” Syndria asked as she saw her once most trusted commander, pointing a gun at her.

Sky was now looking at a very interesting scene. The man in front of her was the one the soon to be dead princess shared her bed with, and also the one who saved her life countless times in the past. The information Syndria had on the kornukopian man named Jagas did not seem to indicate in any way or manner his treason. For the demoness, a level of deceit and betrayal such as that was as delicious as a Top Class Pastry Chef’s cake. If she could hold and bite it as she would an actual cake, it would simply melt in her mouth because of how good it was.

“By taking your life, I’ll destroy the moral of the fleet and then the Zardary fleets will be able to easily capture our pathetic empire! I will receive great honors from the Zardary once this battle is over! Well, whom are we kidding now? We knew from the very start that it was going to be a hopeless battle! What last defense?! It’s just you princess and no one else!” said Jagas as he almost shouted at her.

The fact that he took the liberty to explain all of that to the princess was out of sheer belief that he still owed her at least that much, but then again, there was also the chance that he was so twisted and vile that he wished to see her suffer until the very end. Either way, it offered the princess enough time to reach for her gun.

“I can’t believe you are a traitor, Jagas!” said Syndria as she ducked under the control console for the cargo bay.

The traitor did not hesitate to immediately open fire on her, although in the process, he only managed to break the console. Sky was starting to like the girl, she had the guts to put up a fight until her very last moment.

“You will never get away with this, Jagas!” shouted Syndria as she started to shoot back at him.

“We lost, princess! Can’t you see that?! The enemy is far more advanced than us! We never had a chance of winning against them!” shouted Jagas as he avoided the blasts by ducking behind a nearby console.

There were quite a few of those on the command deck, and most of them once held the role of creating communication links with the other ships in the fleet. Now, they were all inactive because the main transmitter had been damaged during the attack.

“We lose only when the last of us gives up hope! Until then, we will keep on fighting!” shouted back Syndria.

“And what then? Send us all to slaughter like fools?!” Jagas retorted.

“No, that was never my intention! We have to stand up for what we believe in! We have to fight, not let ourselves be enslaved by those machines! Jagas, what happened to you? I thought that you hold the same beliefs as I do! I thought I could trust you, that you could understand me… So why? Why did you betray me?!” asked Syndria, who started to let go of a few tears made of actual pure, crystal water.

“No offense, princess, but you are a naive fool! You fell for my charms quite easily and when I killed your friend Kurgas, you didn’t even think that I might actually be guilty of the crime!” he confessed with a smirk on his lips.

The unveiling of the truth came as a very pleasing one to watch. All the demoness needed now to fully enjoy the moment were a couple of snacks and maybe a drink.

Syndria was shocked to hear those words. The idea that she defended the murderer of her best friend and not to mention slept with him turned her stomach upside down.

“You can’t escape, princess! Just give up and let the fates take you to the heavens!” said Jagas as he suddenly stood up and then slowly approached the command console, which by now had been heavily damaged by his energy blasts. Most of the kornukopian weaponry seemed to be energy based, not projectile.

“Never!” shouted Syndria as she took a deep breath and prepared for her next move.

She picked up a few pieces of the broken console and then threw them to her right, on the other side of the room. The distraction needed to last only for a moment, but Jagas was a trained warrior. He looked in that direction only from the corner of his eyes and saw that there was nothing there. Just then, the princess came out from the left. No doubt, she tried to use the distraction to escape from him, but it didn’t work. Jagas opened fire and shot the gun right out of Syndria’s hand. The next blast of energy hit her in the left shoulder, while the last one hit her right in the stomach. The force was enough to throw her off her feet, making her land on her back on the main control console. The armor she wore did well to protect her from a fatal injury, but the console behind her was now completely destroyed.

“You lost, princess… See you in the heavens!” said Jagas as he picked up two sticky bombs from his belt, and then threw one down at her feet and the other on the ceiling, above her. A combined blast would have been more than enough to kill her, no matter what armor she wore. He then casually turned around and walked towards the exit.

“You’ll pay for this…” Syndria groaned as she got back up on her feet.

“No. I’ll be payed for it!” replied Jagas as he walked out of the room, just when he pushed the button that detonated the two sticky bombs.

Syndria tried to jump out of the way of the blast, but it was too late. The two bombs detonated, shredding her armor and heavily damaging the entire command deck. It was then that the metal rods and debris from the ceiling came crushing down on top of her. A metal rod impaled her from above, digging into her flesh from behind and then ripping out through her chest cavity. The remainder of the armor she wore did little to protect her from the fatal injury, while the rest of her body ended up in a pitiful state. Bruises, cuts, and burns covered her exposed flesh. Parts of her tentacle hair got heavily burned by the explosion, resulting in her once flawless beauty to be completely shattered.

As the warning signs of the few remaining computers flashed and alerted of gravity failure, the kornukopian felt the agonizing pain of her imminent death. Just then, as the gravity gave away, Sky appeared in front of her. Because of her lack of blood and agonizing pain, Syndria saw the demoness as some unknown holy entity. Thus, her last words turned out to be a plea towards a demon.

The memory faded, and Sky returned to her senses. A smirk appeared on her lips as the confusion and misunderstanding of the woman pleased her. Not every day a demon was confused with a powerful god, although truth be told, if she desired to, she could always appear as one.

Looking in front of her, Sky saw the body of the dead Princess Syndria impaled by the metal rod and kept in a cage of debris. For the demoness, those last moments of her life were truly something she could call delicious.

Oh, Syndria! If only you knew to whom you actually pleaded in the end! Hahaha! But I guess this is more of a reason to take your body as my own! After all, you won’t be needing it anymore! Muhahaha! thought Sky before she let out a malevolent and sinister laughter.

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