~ The untold past of two heroes ~

Life after life, we sing to the stars.

We dance in a trance

Forgiven by the gods,

But all that we seek and pray to be given

Are nothing but lies of a truth still kept hidden.

You slowed down the time, didn’t you?” asked the angel showing his soul mate a soft smile on his lips.

Yes… But this can’t be… You can’t die! Not by mortal hands!” cried the demoness as she looked at the stab wound on his chest.

Hey, don’t cry.” he said as he reached up and with a gentle touch wiped off her tears.

The demoness smiled and took his hand in her own. She could already feel the pain of losing him, it shredded through her like a ferocious beast through the flesh of its victim.

I could try to heal you or call an archangel or…” she said with a trembling voice.

No, this is how it’s meant to be. This is how it must end. We both have roles in this Universe, especially you, my love.” said the angel as he showed her a weak smile.

No… You can’t leave me! You hear? You can’t leave me!” she cried.

You always were the stubborn one.” said the angel as he pulled her close to him, and in that moment, he offered her one last kiss.

The demoness didn’t fight him, but the pain of losing him brought even more tears to her eyes.

Farewell, and I love you, I always did and always will…” said the angel after the kiss.

I love you too… farewell, farewell…” she said as she let go of him and pulled away.

Time returned to its normal flow and with a great deal of pain in her heart, she watched as the angel died. What followed next was a terrible anger, which made her demonic energy spread all around her. The world trembled at the touch of her wrath and fury…

You know, I’m afraid of dying…” said the dragon with weak, bright-red eyes.

What little life force he still held in his body was about to fade away, but at the very least, he wasn’t alone.

My love, I’m here… I’m going to hold you in my arms and stay by your side until the very end of this universe.” said the dragoness with deep-green eyes.

The pain of losing her beloved was clearly reflected in her gaze. She didn’t want to lose him, she didn’t want to let him go, yet all she could do was watch him fade away. Despite her powers, despite all of her knowledge and abilities, she was unable to stop the tragic moment from taking place. Sadness filled her heart, and salty tears flowed from the corners of her eyes.

It’s time…” said the dragon.

No! This can’t be!” said the dragoness with a trembling voice.

I… I love you…”

I love you too! I love you too!”

His body went limp, and her sorrowful cries filled the cavern and then reached up towards the sky through the hole in the ceiling. The golden moon above kept shining down in an attempt to soothe her pain, but there was nothing anyone could do. The dragon was gone. He left his dragoness alone in a strange world filled with so many unknown things, among which, an uncertain future.

No… my love… no…”

She cried and cried, for how long, only the gods above would know…

As their souls departed from their bodies, little did they knew of the fate God had in store for them. Like all other souls, they were pulled through the whirlwind of afterlife and then cast back down in the world of their own desire, which was none other than the same one from their past lives. The difference was the location, the year, and their species…

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