~ Chapter 1: Rejuvenating the shriveled old prune (Part 1) ~

[Yandrea’s point of view]

It was quite the surprise to find out that something other than the usual Reiss and Forglores entered my Dungeon Territory. Even more so when I found out that this being appeared out of thin air somewhere at the 204th floor of my dungeon. If I didn’t reach it at the last second, it would have ended up stomped by a Bulldozer Minotaur. That thing was an elite monster donning an enchanted armor and powerful shield, both created by me. It could easily smash through any group of adventurers, Reiss or Forglores. Usually, they avoided the beast or tried to lure it in some sort of trap, otherwise, they had no chance of defeating it head on.

When I laid my eyes upon this creature for the first time, he looked like he was about to die. The poor thing was barely breathing and had a fuzzy face. Hair was growing all around his mouth, and it was very long. Oh, and it was bleeding quite badly too.

In a way, he was extremely lucky I was nearby to stop the Minotaur. I was honestly expecting to see some lost Reiss, but when I noticed he was something else, the little bit of curiosity I had left inside of me sparked like a wild fire, and I couldn’t just let the poor thing die like that. Then again, Reiss adventurers barely went past floor 65, where my traps began to appear, while the Forglores never crossed 200. Even luck had its limits, and the monsters in my dungeon were no joke. All of them could shred a Beginner to pieces.

The most surprising thing about this creature that appeared here was the way it looked like. He wore a funny-looking pointy hat, a long robe, and leather shoes with metal soles. In terms of looks, the closest being he came to was a Negvar Elf, but their kind never ventured around these parts. It wasn’t their territory, and the Reiss were a bit at odds with them. Although, this one wasn’t as tall as the elves were, or had their pointy ears and beautiful facial features. He had a face covered in hair, wrinkles all over the place, and looked a bit too easy to break in half.

Even so, the look in his eyes was a strange one. As a Dungeon, I had seen many types of eyes: angry ones, frustrated ones, those lacking the spark of life, exhausted ones, and even those of a lover, but I had never seen his type before.

This man’s eyes still held the spark of life, but although they were tired and weary from his long life, they still seemed to crave for more. I don’t know what it was about them, what sort of strange magic they cast to pull me closer to him, but they sparked my curiosity and desire to have him.

This man was the first one I wished to obtain. I wanted to make this ‘human’ mine. I had to make him mine!

That was the reason why, for the first time ever, I made a contract with someone. I asked him to marry me, and he accepted…

[Old Pervert Tuberculus Firerage Ulkar the Mad is now your spouse]

This was a rather odd and long name, but one part of it was surely a title of some sort. I decided to select it and see what details it offered me. As I began to read, I squinted my eyes in suspicion and wondered if I made a mistake about him. Unfortunately, for any sentient creature, unless they allowed me to read their energies, I wasn’t able to do so. It only came off as gibberish or static. This didn’t apply, however, to those bound through a contract of sorts to me, such as marriage.

Even so, I wasn’t able to find the definition of these things called ‘panties’ in my memory. It was a new word for me.

With a sigh, I looked down at him. Tuberculus was unconscious, so I absorbed him. In that moment, his body vanished and was sent straight to my Crystal Body, inside the dimension known as Inner Mind.

Now, for his other titles… I thought and looked back at the message which told me he became my spouse.

I didn’t close it yet, so I selected the next one.

[Firerage]: This is a Title as well as a Name carried only by Tuberculus. He obtained it after mastering the spell [Infernal Glacier]. May or may not have something to do with setting his house on fire and raging during his training sessions. It adds 10% power to any Fire type spell.

[Ulkar the Mad]: Title gained for taking the side of a Demon and a Dungeon. The wearer of this Title gains a 5% increase in all of his or her base stats as long as he is in the presence of a Demon or a Dungeon.

Reading the details of that last title made me wonder if my sudden attraction to this individual wasn’t also a side effect of it. From the looks of things though, it seemed as if his actual name was only Tuberculus, but if that was so, then this man was actually an orphan or someone who got kicked out of his family. His titles and sudden appearance on one of my floors certainly offered him an interesting allure.

After closing the window, I decided to scan my Dungeon Territory for any other uninvited guests. Besides a few Reiss adventurers, there was no one of particular interest, so I flew back to my Crystal Body to check up on my new toy.

The form I was using right now was something similar to a ghost without a body or a form. I was invisible too. Well, I could cast spells and up to a point interact with the world inside my Dungeon Territory, but that was about all I could do. When it came to touch, smell, or taste, I couldn’t do any of those things. Other people couldn’t even see me or feel my presence unless I said something.

The best part of this form was that it allowed me to freely fly through my dungeon, going through the walls and floors without any problem. The only catch was that I had to will myself to go through it, otherwise I would bump into it and stay outside. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I did, it became no problem for me to fly from the 700th floor to the 1st and back in a straight line. Before I learned this, it took me ages to go from one end to the other, but I had no problems in using this ability to torment any enemy who got too close to my real body.

Even with the power to fly through walls, it still was a long journey back to my Crystal Body, which was located on the 736th floor. When I built this place, I made the upper floors rather big, but after the 100th floor, they became gigantic mazes filled with large temples and nests for all sort of monsters I had summoned. Some of the floors had no monsters but were littered with traps of all kinds, ranging from simple spike or arrow traps to large cube rooms that launched attacks of all kinds from all directions on the unsuspecting adventurers. One of these floors was the main reason why some of the adventurers never managed to delve past the 300th floor.

After floor 327, the dungeon turned into whatever I felt like building at that time, that’s why I had in some places small deserts, while in others entire underground forests or cities. There were many buildings and temples I built, trying out my abilities and pushing my imagination to the limits. To make the place more lively, I allowed summoned creatures to breed and form colonies or actual towns. There was even a real network between them, going from one place to another, trading resources they mined form the outer walls of my dungeon, stuff like that. In general, they all paid tribute in materials or new stuff they invented.

Well, I wasn’t without my protection at these levels. If up until now, the adventurers met only single monsters or packs of them, after the 400th floor, they were met with armies led by generals on immense battlefields, however, they didn’t have the opportunity to wage any wars with me around. At most, I allowed them a few spars for local resources or the privilege of sending groups outside of my dungeon.

Either way, going by foot from level 736 to the surface was akin as traversing this entire continent. It was a pure nightmare for the ordinary mortal. One of my personal ornak guards actually tried it because he lost a dare to a dragon. He returned after 6 years, 2 months, and 3 days with a few flowers from the surface. For his effort, and the fact that he missed his mating cycle six times, I allowed him to choose any woman of his clan he desired, and a few extra goodies in terms of enchanted armors and weapons. He was mighty proud of it, too bad he died of old age two decades later.

Speaking of which, the 736th floor was by far the most massive thing I have ever built. It was at least 100km by 100km and 1km in height, it had a small forest, a lake with a tiny island in the middle, countless mazes and even a city of mixed species. The whole thing was built in incredible detail up to the point where the walls of the mazes had sculptures on them.

Ever since I learned how to built automatons capable of repairing the traps and protecting the residents here, I had more time on my hands. Of course, everyone was absolutely thrilled when they saw it and immediately settled in. The city built by me became their chosen capital. Of course, I didn’t forget about the dragons, they needed special nests unlike the other species, so I built a bunch for them.

This happened about 56 years ago and ever since then, this place had grown a lot. Without any natural predators to dwindle their species, they all grew in numbers quite fast, which made my entire dungeon even more dangerous.

As for my Crystal Body, it was located at the very top of the small island in the middle of the lake I built at this floor. I raised a pyramid there using enchanted gold bricks and placed as guards six dragons, eight lion emperors, and twenty eight ornaks ravagers. They were all handpicked by me and each with levels near 1000 and stats over 2000 points. From a mortal’s point of view, they were real monsters, but a [Super Nova] spell would have been enough to wipe out at least half of them. My Magic Armor was so powerful that not even a direct hit from all of them could shatter it. In other words, I had nothing to fear from anyone. In this place, I was all-powerful.

Truth be told, I was so bored in the past decades that once I ordered all of my guards to stay away and let a group of high leveled Adventurers come all the way to my core. I think they were ranked Supreme or something like that. When they reached my core, I was really excited to finally battle them, but after an [Inferno Blizzard] and [Ground Spike Tsunami], they were all dead. I didn’t even use 25% of my entire Magic Energy pool. They were utterly disappointing! Then again, they were inferior Supremes, so probably that meant they were much weaker than regular ones?

Oh well, now I managed to get my greedy claws on another toy: the human!

After I entered my Crystal Body, I flew through the clear blue skies of my Inner Mind and stopped when I finally reached him. My eyes were sparkling with excitement. He was asleep, and this place kept him from dying.

With a giggle, I proceeded to undress him and search through his stuff.

In this place, I didn’t really have a body, so I actually looked like a floating blob of pure white energy, or this was what I was told by a Reiss I once made a slave contract with. The sneaky little bastard tried to kill me the following year because I killed his brother when he ventured too deep into my dungeon. Well, he wasn’t able to do anything to me and died a painful, agonizing death. The slave collar was a very powerful spell that literally destroyed his body from the inside out and then melted him into a pile of goo. It was a very slow process because there was always the chance for the slave to reconsider, but the Reiss never did. He died cursing me.

Anyway, Tuberculus had some rather interesting things with him. There was this strange crystal, a small dagger strapped to his left leg, a funny-looking hat, and a robe. What he wore under it was a full body cloth with buttons at his back. If unbuttoned there, he could poke out his old, wrinkly bottom.

I saw many naked males when they were mating with females, but Tuberculus’ thingy was… tiny. For some reason, I let out a giggle when I saw it.

To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in testing out how it would be to mate with him, I didn’t even have a suitable body for that. What I wanted to do was to see how it would be to have something like a husband. The sentient species I harbored in my dungeon seemed to fancy the idea of a married couple, so I sort of got curious about it. Then again, I never thought those species were worth a try for this sort of thing.

Thinking about it, maybe making Tuberculus my husband was nothing more than a temporary whim and when he stepped out of the line, he would be met with the fury of a Godlike Dungeon.

In the meantime, I had to heal him…

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Finally decided to take a look at this story. Certain it would be good. One complaint I must make for his sake though…
a bit tiny..? A little cruel there author..


So I like that there’s a new story to read. Though I’m curious how a group of adventurer’s was able to reach her core, if no one had ever gotten past floor 300. Seems like there’s a story inconsistency there. Also, does that mean the group had to spend over 6 years to reach her? I’m imagining maybe she just built a shortcut path for them to take, but that isn’t mentioned…

Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton
Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton

It says she got curious and let them go straight to her core in the story.