~ Prologue: The Greatest Master ~

In the mountains of the Six Warlords: Drovu, Seiga, Tengo, Saya, Merycon, and Zawo, a single man stood tall and proud, facing the fierce winds that tried to whip his body. A broad, defiant smile was on his face as he looked up at the endless skies.

Shengo was the name of this strange man, but he was no simple mortal, he was a master who managed to understand and learn the secrets of the art of Soul and Divine Energy Control. In this world, few could barely even claim to know half of all the knowledge he possessed in this art, but as fate would have it, this art was all the man knew. He had no family, friends, or disciples to whom he could pass on his art. He was alone. But as he stood there, facing the winds, he asked but one question:

“What use is there to hold such power when you have no one to share it with and no one to challenge with?”

Thus, he looked up at the skies and opened his arms wide.

At the top of his lungs, he shouted to those who wished to listen “Old hermits! Those who are the wisest among all! Those who are the strongest among all! Gods immortal and ever powerful, I, Shengo, call upon you! I beseech you! Grant me this wish of mine! Grant me friends and love! Grant me masters and pupils! Grant me a rival or more and areas of conflict where to test this strength of mine! Grant this to me, oh Great Gods above!”

Still, those old hermits answered him not with words but with lightning.

A single bolt killed the mighty Shengo, but the strange part was that something like this should have been ineffective against a master like him. More so, his body should have been left there, scorched and burned on the side where the lightning struck, but instead of this, it was turned into fine ash.

A gust of wind carried off his remains from the tip of the mountain and into the endless sky, vanishing without a trace.

So? Was Shengo, the greatest practitioner of Soul and Divine Energy Control, dead?


The gods simply answered his request and sent him to a place and time where he could achieve all of those desires of his. He was sent to reincarnate 216 years into the future, in the Kingdom of Tengal, in a family of simple folk who never practiced nor wished to practice the art of Soul and Divine Energy Control.

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