~ Chapter 12: When in doubt, blame your Luck! ~

Looking up at the sky, I couldn’t tell what time it was. Thinking about it, this world had more hours than Earth, so thinking in Earth-like terms was a bit wrong to begin with. Looking back, the road was mostly empty. We saw only a pair of grumpy looking lumberjacks. I had to say, those two were quite tall and the axes they carried on their shoulders were big enough to cut down a Khosinni in half. A tree wouldn’t stand a chance from a direct blow from one of those things.

Meanwhile, the Goth Lolita was still knocked out cold. Seryanna didn’t say anything about Kleo while we stepped out of Andromeda city, not even the smallest explanation as to how she ended up with such a strange sister. Then again, maybe this was a family matter in which outsiders like me weren’t supposed to meddle in. Technically speaking, I was her friend and as things evolved, there was a high chance I would end sleeping the night at her place, hopefully, not with her pet carnivorous squirrel.

As we traveled for another quarter of an hour on the lonely road, I was itching to ask her a few things about Kleo, so I prayed this would go well and then opened my mouth.

“Can you wish that we don’t get ambushed on the way to my town?” she suddenly asked and turned around, catching me with my mouth half-opened.

“Erm… sure.” I replied and then thought I wish no thief or criminal or monster will ambush us on our way to Tomeron town or even inside of it.

Suddenly, a branch broke off somewhere behind us. I heard it fall in some bushes and turned my head out of reflex, but I couldn’t determine where it was.

“You should remember to make such wishes more often.” she giggled.

“Huh?” I looked at her, furrowing my brow and tilting my head a bit to the left.

At that moment, I had no idea that what I heard earlier was a branch breaking and falling on top of the head of a thief scout. If that draconian managed to reach his gang, the ambush was a go. This way, however, the man was sound asleep with a bump on his head, allowing us to avoid a pretty dangerous situation.

A few minutes later, I managed to gather my courage again, and I asked her “So, what’s the deal with Kleo?”

“What do you mean?” she asked raising an eyebrow and looking back at me.

“Her… erm… perverted side. Is that normal?” I asked.

“No.” she shook her head. “But ever since she awakened as a black dragon, things between her and the others have been a bit… on the edge.” she told me before lowering her eyes to her reins and tightening her grasp on them.

I could tell from the look on her face that this was a pretty sensible thing to talk about. It didn’t really explain why she acted like a pervert, but my instincts told me that these ‘black dragons’ were a very special breed, and maybe one that wasn’t very liked by the others. The gamer inside me was telling me that I was about to raise flag of sorts.

“You see, my sister is also a necromancer…” she said and looked back at me.

Squinting my eyes at her, the only thing I could think of was this: A Perverted Gothic Lolita Black Dragoness Necromancer? Seriously? I mean seriously?

The coincidence combo was over 9000. Either the God-like entity was messing around with me, or I actually landed in a very cliché type of situation. Then again, there was the chance that all of these were only appearances, coincidences at their very best.

“Cool.” I replied absentmindedly.

“Cool? The temperature seems fine to me. Do you need a blanket?” she asked furrowing her brow.


This time, I was the one looking confused at her. It took me a moment to understand what she meant by those words. The old cricket between the ears barely managed to push the gears.

Shaking my head, I told her “No, it’s a figure of speech. Cool as in interesting.”

My explanation was a bit vague, since I had no idea how to properly explain an expression taken from modern-day Earth. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like she understood what I was trying to say. Well, some of these expressions were indeed a bit weird, especially for someone who wasn’t used to them. This, however, made me wonder how the so-called gangstas and surfer dudes were managing with their unique way of communicating in this world filled with Medieval folk.

Note to self, don’t ever use modern curse words. The indigenous population will take them ad-litteram. Rock on might end up translated as stoning. I thought as I tried to remember what other words I should pay more attention to.

The journey on the lonely road all the way to Tomeron town went without a hitch. The scenery was beautiful, letting me enjoy the pleasant scents of forest and casual horseback riding. Seryanna’s sister didn’t wake up at all, and we didn’t encounter any suspicious fellows either.

I have to say though, the trees and plants around these parts reminded me of those back home, in Romania. The leafs were similar to oaks, but they had a few pine needles every now and then, which I found rather odd. The grass was the same at least, growing all over the place like green swords poking out of the ground.

In a way, it was beautiful and relaxing to travel like that. It helped my mind relax and think about other things besides worrying about whether or not I will live to see the following day. One of the many things I wondered about during those last two hours of travel until Tomeron town was the fate of my fellow earthlings.

From the looks of things, I may have been the only one sent into this place. I didn’t land in a noob village or in a safe place, I landed on the back of a freaking boss level monster. As if it wasn’t enough, it could use elemental magic as well. Then, there was the thing the God-like told us before sending us off into this world. It was almost like he was sure that most of them would end up in relatively safe locations, meaning human low level areas like villages and small towns in remote location where big monsters never spawned or were born, depending on the case.

As I thought about the reason why I ended up in Seculiar Forest, I could only blame my 100 Luck and the [Dragon Tamer] Skill. Although it had a rather inappropriate name, for most of the situations, it would have been a rather useless ability to have. This skill only worked if there was a member of the draconian race close by to befriend. Considering what Seryanna told me, the dragons were at war with the humans, meaning that the chances of meeting one in ANY of the human kingdoms would have been close to zero.

That was probably when my 100 Luck kicked in and switched the location of where I would be sent to. The second factor was the danger. In this world, I would have definitely ended up as human stew if I didn’t ‘accidentally’ meet with a certain beautiful dragoness knight. Her background as a yet unawakened dragon also helped me out by a lot, after all, she would understand the best what it was like to be seen as a weakling by those with more power than you, then again, it also offered her a kind and helpful side. There was another thing I had to be thankful of: her own luck and the fact that she wasn’t viewed as a stunning beauty by those of her species. Honestly, those men had rocks for eyes if they saw Seryanna’s bountiful chest, beautiful face, long red hair, nice swaying behind, and most importantly the power and determination to achieve the title of Knight while still unawakened to be something unappealing or even worth scorning about. Well, about the last part I was sort of happy, fewer love rivals to worry about.

Considering all of those factors, what would have been the chances of me encountering a beauty like her and surviving in this dangerous world where sheep hunt down and eat wolves? That, right there, was 100 Luck working a miracle!

The other earthlings were probably still stressing about reaching level 10, while I was level 63. This was literally what gamer often called power-leveling. Step 1) Join the party of a badass. Step 2) Stick close to them while they kill off mobs for you. Step 3) Enjoy the ridiculously fast leveling up.

My badass was Seryanna… and talking about her behind, I found myself staring at it from time to time. This woman was starting to have an impact on my young heart. Well, technically I was at the consenting age, so legally it wasn’t a problem… at least in Romania. But yes, my mind wonder off to all sorts of weird places soon afterwards. Among them was a desire to see her in a nightgown and embracing me in a sexy way.

I really wish I could see that… I thought absentmindedly.

To keep myself focused, I thought back at my skills.

Although I felt a bit worried about using them, I had to admit that they were some overpowered things for a low level like me to receive.

[Kitty Eyes] was basically an ultimate surveillance ability that could easily land me a job as a spy or informer.

[Identificus Processus Juridicus] was basically a godlike appraisal skill.

[I_R_Roboticus!] was basically a mining cheat.

[Bartender] was another cheat that made Alchemy practically useless.

[Speedy Rooster] was basically a mount I could summon at will, and which eliminated the need to constantly worry about paying ridiculously high fees to sketchy looking Khosinni renters, on the other hand, suddenly summoning a giant chicken and waltzing through town with it might have been just a LITTLE bit suspicious. Besides looking ridiculous, I would be pestered with questions about how, when, and where I got it.

As for the last one, the details made it too ridiculous to even consider using it unless desperate needs called for desperate measures. [Lightning Chicken!] would basically allow me to summon a level 999 Phoenix! Seriously, a Phoenix? That was like a supreme skill or maybe an ultimate in a game! Then again, it did let me know of a very interesting thing about the leveling system.

In this world, level 1000 wasn’t apparently the last level. Heroes, demons, and maybe even the regular folk of this world could reach levels far beyond 1000. I had this certainty, but the other earthlings probably don’t if they were sent to a low-level area. It was funny to imagine them boosting about reaching level 100 and then I summon in front of them a level 999 monster.

In the end, I could consider myself lucky for getting these preposterous abilities, but my level and experience in combat didn’t match. The reason why I believed this was because of Seryanna’s achievements. She proved that strength, skills, and overall level didn’t mean one was powerful. Those were just aces up their sleeve, trump cards, however, someone with only one skill, but a lot of combat experience and wits to match could possibly defeat someone far more powerful than them.

In other words, I couldn’t just act all high-and-mighty thanks to these skills, at least, not yet. This world was different from those of games where you had the certainty of everything leading up to a good end if you followed a certain path. This was reality, nothing we knew and believed could guarantee our future, and everything could take a 180 turn in the blink of an eye.

While I was thinking about these depressive matters, we arrived in Tomeron town. Unlike the city from before, this one was located in a small depression within the mountains. There was a 200 meter field between the edge of the forest and the stone walls of the town, but it was far smaller than Andromeda city.

A big tower in the middle was the only structure surpassing three floors, it reached up to twenty or thirty meters in height. All around it were many other smaller buildings, but only one big mansion in the far north of the town. It was imposing and beautifully designed, similar to old European mansions I saw depicted in old photos or taking the role of a rich dude’s house in a game. It was impressive.

The fields around Tomeron weren’t left barren, half of them were covered with ripened grain, and the other half was covered with grass. It was a small pasture to feed the animals. It was quite interesting to see this sort of settlement out here in the middle of the mountain. It was quite a wonder that they were able to harvest grain too.

As we got closer to the fields, I realized something peculiar about the grain spikes. On their tips, there was a small red bead, making me believe that maybe I wasn’t dealing with the well-known cereal from Earth.

Curious about it, I used [Identificus Processus Juridicus] on it and got this message in return:

(Grianus): A type of healing herb often used as a spice for foods. It’s very common in the draconic lands, but very rare on any other continent. Component for (Medium Healing Potion).

I blinked surprised. Once more, I was fooled by the appearances of this world. The old grain cereals used back on Earth were actually spices in this one. It made me sigh, but at the same time quite curious about what it tasted like.

“You see the mansion over there?” asked Seryanna, pointing at the big building on the other side of this small depression.

“Yes.” I replied.

“That’s where my grandfather lives.” she told me.

“Oh? I thought it belonged to the Lord around here or maybe some rich merchant.”

“Grandfather is the Lord of the region.” she explained with a smile.

“Then I seriously don’t understand why that Khosinni renter overtaxed you like that.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Every settlement in the Dragon Kingdom is being ruled by a different Lord. As such, they are offered a great deal of responsibility, but also many perks, such as the ability to set the minimum price for any item sold on their lands.” she explained.

“I see…” I told her, but I didn’t ask any further details about their political system.

Something inside me told me I would be bored to death if Seryanna started explaining them, although, it might have had something to do with my bad experiences with History classes.

What was surprising to see was that the guards smiled warmly when they saw Seryanna. They were both anthropomorphic dragons, wearing hard leather armors and sporting long spears with jagged metal tips. One had brown scales, and the other had green scales.

“Look! Little Seryanna is back!” said the one on the left with a big grin on his scaly face.

“Good evening, Terrok.” she replied with a warm smile.

“Oh! The ol’ general will be pleased to see you!” said the other draconian, who was resting on a big stool.

“Thank you, Brastal. I’ll be on my way then.” she pulled the reins of the Khosinni, and we entered the town.

I simply smiled as went past the two draconians, who threw me a curious look. Couldn’t blame them. The princess of the town suddenly returned dragging a man with her and an unconscious little sister.

We made our way to the mansion outside of the town rather quickly. The streets weren’t as busy as I initially thought, and people here actually welcomed her with a warm smile, but after a while I was starting to see some holding a sympathetic look in their eyes, almost as if they pitied her. Those were probably the people who didn’t believe in her power or saw her yet unawakened state as some sort of misfortune.

As far as I knew, there was no actual reason as to why she should be seen with pitiful eyes. I knew this was their society and how they grew up to be, but from my point of view… these things were just wrong.

The town wasn’t as lively as Andromeda was, but this was partially due to how fast the sun was setting far off into the distance. Night was creeping in on us, and I think I even caught a small yawn escaping the redhead’s lips. It was a contagious one because I also found myself yawning shortly after.

In regard to seeing merchants and all sorts of other people, I can’t say I did, or maybe I couldn’t recognize them. All the houses were pretty much the same: big; two floors from the ground up; pointed roofs in a Medieval English style. It looked peaceful and for the most part, I kept feeling the alluring scent of cooked food coming from everywhere. It must have been dinner time.

Once we were out of the town, we approached the big mansion, which was three stories high. A couple of servants were out in the yard taking care of a small garden of flowers. Another one was pulling two Khosinni towards a stable. There were a few guards patrolling around as well.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with a deep bow by everyone. One of the servants there even offered to take the sleeping Kleo off our backs.

“The master is in his study room. Shall I go and tell him you are back?” asked a cute looking draconian maid.

Let’s see… maid dress, blue eyes, blue scales, long tail with a ribbon at the end, cute looking, long brown hair, bountiful chest, and a bit petite… I’m starting to love coincidences. I thought and unknowingly put on a perverted smile. My expression earned me an elbow in the ribs from a certain redhead.

“Ugh…” I groaned as I rubbed the sore spot.

“Ahem… Please do.” she told the maid before throwing me a glare. “Do I need to worry about you attacking the women here?” she asked me.

“I’ll attack only those who have red hair and the title of a knight… also Ouch!” I joked.

I think she blushed, but Seryanna didn’t answer my joke and simply looked away.

“Speaking of which, why didn’t we return these Khosinni to the renter?” I asked her curiously after I got off and a draconian male took them away.

“This servant will do that for us. Besides, I’d like it if I can keep this matter with the overpriced rent as a secret for now.” she told me.

“Keep what a secret?” someone said as he came into view from our left.

I looked in that direction and saw a tall draconian with a long red tail, red scales decorating his cheeks and arms, and two horns sprouting from his forehead and curving backwards. As far as age went, he looked similar to a human in his forties, but his mustache and hair were still keeping their bright-red color like Seryanna’s. The color must have been a family thing because I didn’t see other draconians with that color either in Andromeda or Tomeron. He was wearing a high-class suit and carried a very peculiar looking sword at his waist.

“Good evening, grandfather!” Seryanna said quickly as she made a small bow in front of him.

“No need for all of this formal gibberish! You are my granddaughter! Come give the old man a hug!” he told her with a big smile.

“Grandpa.” Seryanna showed him a gentle smile and then complied to his request.

“Welcome back, my dear!” said the man as he embraced her tightly.

Meanwhile, I was staying at the door, just keeping calm and wondering just how exactly I was going to introduce myself to this imposing looking gentleman. If memory served me right, then the guard at the entrance in Tomeron called him ‘general’?

“Who’s this?” he asked squinting his eyes at me.

“Hi?” I said with a foolish smile and raising a hand up as if I was saying ‘hello’ to someone from my world.

“This…” Seryanna looked up at her grandfather and then down at the floor “He’s my friend.” she told him.

“What? YOU have a friend?” he said surprised while holding her up with both hands.

Oi! Don’t say that about your own granddaughter! Once she awakens she’ll be a beauty! I commented in my mind, but refrained from saying it out loud.

“Grandfather! Put me down! I’m not a child!” she replied squirming in his arms.

“Of course!” he released her from his grasp, and the dragoness fell on her feet.

The old man looked back at me and approached me, wearing a big smile that pushed the corners of his mustache up.

Offering me a handshake, he said: “Welcome to my home, lad! My name is Brekkar Draketerus!”

I didn’t refuse his kind gesture, mostly because I didn’t want to get on the man’s bad side, but I did try to tighten my grasp as hard as I could. My father once told me that a wimpy handshake showed disrespect towards the other fellow, and I certainly didn’t want to offend this imposing looking draconian.

“A pleasure to meet you, my name is Alkelios Yatagai.” I introduced myself.

“Hm?” he tilted his head to the left. “Did you by any chance lived with ornaks?” he asked me.

“Huh?” I looked at him furrowing my brow.

“Judging by your expression, I guess you don’t even know what an ornak is! Hahaha!” he laughed and then patted my shoulder “They are brutish creatures in battles, but quite loyal to their commanders. Anyway, the reason I asked was because ‘Alkelios’ in ornak language means ‘Lucky’. As for ‘Yatagai’ that reminds me of the elf saying ‘Ey ata gaius’, which is roughly translated as ‘Blessed by the gods’. A good name if I were to say so myself. Hahaha!” he laughed.

His words shocked me a bit. I was surprised to hear something like that, especially since I was named by that foolish God-like with a VERY bad naming sense! From what he said, my name was a clear give away of what my forte was: Luck.

“He is indeed quite lucky.” said Seryanna with a giggle.

“To have made friends with someone from the Draketerus family? Very! But as they say, any friend of my granddaughter’s is my friend as well!” laughed the man.

Was there a saying like that? I asked myself, but I honestly didn’t mind being friends with another dragon.

“What’s this?” he asked suddenly while looking at the empty air in front of him.

“No way…” I thought.

“Yes?” he said and then I heard a ding in my head.

[You have made a new friend: Brekkar Draketerus]

I looked up at the old draconian who was staring back at me, quite intrigued by the sudden turn of events.

“I have never seen or heard of anything like this!” he confessed.

100 Luck my foot… This thing ALWAYS gets me in trouble! Now how am I going to explain this to him? I cried out in my mind.

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