~ Chapter 20: Friends (Part 2) ~

A moment ago, we were fighting to the death, but now she was explaining stuff to me and giving me survival lessons? Was this a dream? Did I die? What just happened?

“What’s your power, young one?” she asked me.

I gulped. “Erm… didn’t check, let me see. Status.” I said and looked at the screen.

[Name]: Alkelios Yatagai

[Species]: Human

[Level]: 141

[Strength]: 16+342+607.5+140.5

[Speed]: 14+256+452.5+178.5

[Dexterity]: 20+257.5+527+77.5

[Magic]: 16+200.5+251+832.5

[Luck]: 100

[Magic Excellence]: 1%+7%+8.5%+11.5%

[Skills]: Show? Y/N

[Skill Points]: 80

[Stat Points]: 1400

Well… those are a lot of skill and stat points! At least, I can cure Brekkar now, but… wow, just WOW! I thought as I looked a the numbers, and to think I had yet to even add any of my Stat Points.

“141” I told Kataryna.

Hearing the number, she burst out into a loud laughter, holding her stomach while her voice echoed on the walls. I felt like I wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

“BWAHAHAHA! To think I, a dragon with a power of over 1290, was defeated by one with a power of 141! Hahaha! How is this even possible?” she asked me with tears in her eyes.

“Erm, luck I guess?” I shrugged.

“Luck?! For something like this, you would need to have the blessing of all the gods put together! Well, it does explain why you were able to skillfully dodge my attacks like that. Even Brekkar wasn’t able to dodge like that, and he is a master at it!” she said with tears in her eyes.

“And dying…” I added squinting my eyes at her.

“Dying? I didn’t attack him that hard!” she furrowed her brow.

“Well, it’s not you… “ I shook my head.

All of a sudden, the air around me began to change, turning chilly. Kataryna looked upset.

“What happened? Did someone else attack the old man?” she asked me.

“Erm, don’t you know?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Know what?” she furrowed her brow.

“Isn’t the reason why you attacked the mansion like that because of Brekkar’s weakness?” I asked.

“No!” she retorted, her tail whipping the air behind her “My subordinates said his granddaughter double-crossed us and stole something from us! When I got there, the house was already on fire… and…” she stopped and closed her eyes. “Did Seryanna mention anything about a [Purse] ring?” she asked looking back at me.

“Yeah… She went and returned it, then she was with me until later today. I got the armor you completely destroyed with one punch.” I told her the truth.

Her tail whipped the air and smashed into the ground behind her, causing a big crack. This dragoness was in a bad mood.

“That bastard! He tricked me!” she growled.

“Can someone actually trick you?” I asked a bit disbelieving, she was the top dog… well dragon around here, after all.

“Sigh… Yes, it’s possible…” she said scratching the back of her head.

“So, I’m starting to guess you weren’t the one who planned the attack?” I asked.

“As I said before, I reached there AFTER the attack began. Brekkar attacked me, I defended myself, then left. When I got back here, I was about to take a bath, when all of a sudden, my subordinates reported an attack from the knights. I thought they came to exterminate us, so I went out and found you two… Then, you know the rest.” she shrugged as she explained the course of events, but something was a bit wrong here.

“Wait, so you aren’t the one who actually controls everything from the shadows?” I asked.

“Sort of. I can move the entire group and do as I please with it. They will follow my orders, but I do have some subordinates who deal with those sort of meddlesome stuff. This time, it was one of them who ordered the attack.” she explained.

In other words, she was there as a leader in name only. She had the strength to back it up, but she wasn’t 100% focused on this, if she was, she could have expanded her influence and power to unparalleled levels. Getting enough bandits to even take over a small town was entirely possible, but she had no such intentions, which made me wonder just what exactly was she planning to do by becoming the bandit leader in the first place?

“Why so?” I asked.

“When a dragon or any other individual reaches power 1000, they go through what can be called as an Awakened Breakthrough. When this happens, you undergo a certain change…” she then looked into my eyes, and it felt like a wise god was looking back at me. A shiver went down my spine, and I gulped. “You see the world differently. You feel different. You are immortal and more powerful than before. It’s amazing, but at the same time… a curse.” she closed her eyes.

“A curse?” I asked a bit confused.

This Awakened Breakthrough she spoke about was a bit curious for me. I couldn’t imagine that reaching level 1000 you would gain so many things, but I certainly didn’t see it as a curse. On another note, the idea of becoming immortal was news to me. With that, I could actually compensate for the age difference between me and Seryanna. Well, the idea was nice, but I had the feeling there was most to it than just that.

“You lose something…” she looked down at her hand. “You don’t feel the need to advance and grow in power anymore. There’s a lack of ambition, of emotion in your soul. Everyone around you sees you as something great, you can live for as long as you wish, and there are very few who can stop you. Upon reaching this sort of state…” she then looked back into my eyes. “There was nothing to catch my attention, nothing interesting… until you came along.” she smirked.

Gulping, I asked her “How am I interesting?” I asked.

“You feel different than the others… There’s something pulling me towards you. To be honest, every time I wanted to initiate an attack capable of killing you, I hesitated. When I thought you were going to get hit and die because of my strike, I worried, but then you dodged or returned alive.” she told me as she looked into my eyes, her tail swaying left and right behind her.

“What about that first strike?” I asked.

“I tested you… I could have killed you if I wanted to, but something told me not to… it was strange…” she smiled and then reached out her clawed hand towards me. I froze and watched her as she touched my cheek. “You are just a fragile human, so why are you so… interesting?” she asked me.

“I dodge well?” I asked with an awkward smile.

“Yes, you are quite lucky… I don’t know, but there’s a mysterious aura around you. The more I focus upon it, the more I wish to get close to you…” she smiled and then looked down at her chest “I’m a bit old, but even I can still lay an egg…” she then looked into my eyes. “You do find me attractive, don’t you?” she asked.

I gulped.

She’s not thinking what I think she’s thinking, is she? I wondered.

“I’m joking.” she giggled and pulled back, causing me to blink surprised.

This woman is toying with me! I complained in my mind.

“But tell me, human, what did you mean when you said that Brekkar is dying?” she asked squinting her eyes at me.

Suddenly, she turned serious.

“He’s ill… That’s why his granddaughter needed your ring to go to the Seculiar Forest in the first place.” I told her.

At this point, telling a lie seemed to be a bit useless, but then again, there was also a certain thought in the back of my mind which told me she was telling me all of this because she was able to easily kill me whenever she wanted to. Barely having any Magic Energy inside of me and without much space here for me to move, I certainly couldn’t dodge or summon Jophiel as I pleased. Kataryna was aware of this, I could bet my Luck on it.

“Once more, this is news to me.” she squinted her eyes at me and rubbed her chin. “My lack of desire to involve myself in the matters of those lower than me seems to have led to this unfortunate situation.” she shook her head “I should have killed that bastard when I had the chance, but I highly doubt he escaped the cave in.” she let out a sigh and then looked back at me.

“Why did you become a bandit, anyway?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to see how it is. Because I was bored. Because I didn’t really care what I did. Because I simply saw time passing by me without anything interesting happening. Basically… because I felt empty inside.” she tilted her head and then touched my cheek “Until you came along. Maybe I should seriously think about making an egg with you.” she smirked.

I gulped.

“I…” before I could say anything she pushed me back and kissed me roughly.

The dragoness slipped her tongue in my mouth and pressed her upper body onto mine, unfortunately, the armor didn’t allow me to feel the suppleness of her breasts. She was a damn fine kisser too.

“Puha~!” she licked her lips after the kiss was over and showed me a seductive smile. “Never kissed a human before. I think I like it.”

“Huh? What just happened?” I asked a bit surprised and dumbfounded, but I was already missing the soft sensation of her lips pressing onto mine.

“I got a taste of you…” she pulled back and then got up, stretching her body.


“From now on, I won’t be a bandit anymore, I’ll follow you around and see what interesting things you can show me…” she then looked back at me “To miss an opportunity like this, it would be such a shame!” she smiled.

“Huh? Can you do that?” I asked surprised.

“Why not? I never actually killed anyone just for the heck of it. Stealing was never my thing either, even though my skills belong mostly to an assassin, and I can easily sneak into anyone’s house.” she shrugged.

“You are an assassin?” I blinked surprised.

Wait a second! Aren’t they supposed to have like very low HP and can only do shadow magic? She’s a boss level character, she can’t be an assassin! I immediately complained in my mind as the things I knew about the assassin class collided with the reality of my current situation.

“I said they belong mostly to an assassin, not that I am one. I think my former rank was Grand Knight of Zerudan, but after the collapse of the kingdom, I was returned to commoner status. Well, it doesn’t really matter for me.” she shrugged as if it was nothing.

Getting off the ground, I let out a sigh and tried to wrap my head around the entire line of events. Basically, Kataryna was a former Grand Knight who reached level 1000, also known as Awakened Breakthrough. This gave her a strange state of mind that made her indifferent towards many things around her, including personal boundaries, but she was one hell of a kisser. She also had no idea Brekkar was ill. Apparently, someone else pulled the strings behind the attack, but with the cave in earlier, it’s likely that he was killed and if not, he would have a hard time launching any sort of counter attack.

And now, I am stuck with her in this cave, and I sort of feel like my virginity is in danger, but that part isn’t entirely a bad thing… I mean, Kataryna looks hot, but… yeah… Seryanna. I thought and then sighed.

Well, if we reached this point, and she didn’t kill me, there was no point in actually not doing this, so…

“Kataryna, do you want to be my friend?” I asked her.

The dragoness blinked surprised when I asked her.

“A friend? Nobody asked me to be their friend in a very very long time…” she smiled and nodded. “I will be your friend.”


[You have made a new friend: Kataryna Greorg]

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