~ Chapter 22: Night Breeze Potion of One Million Deaths (Part 3) ~

[Brekkar’s point of view]

To think that a youngster like Alkelios knew the cure to my incurable disease. If someone told me a hundred years ago that a human would enter one day in my home and save my life as well as go after my granddaughter’s tail, I would have smeared their face with their own blood and stuffed their mouths with cacti.

Nonetheless, that was the truth…

The weird part was that this fellow, Alkelios was now my friend and also the same one who made the notorious Kataryna Greorg walk away from the life of a bandit. In a kingdom, those with a power over 1000 were greatly sought after. The nobles and even the king went through great lengths to acquire their loyalty. Killing them was by far considered an unfortunate loss for the entire kingdom. Thus, Kataryna’s ‘mischief’ would be more or less considered as non-existent by most officials as long as she fought on our side.

Besides the king, there were maybe 16 at most who reached the Awakened Breakthrough. I was once counted among them before that accursed illness struck me and pushed me back to a mortal life. If Alkelios’ cure worked, then I still had a chance of offering my services to my king… And to think that the one who helped us, the dragons, was none other than one of our enemies, a human.

Still, I was getting worried about this so-called cure of his.

It has been around 4 days since he sent my granddaughters and the former bandit after those herbs. Ever since then, my servants reported strange sounds coming from the boy’s laboratory. I as well heard him giggling like a madman at once, then there were the explosions. From time to time, something blew up in there and either something broke, or he was thrown out the window. Luckily for him, those vials were enchanted to survive such unfortunate events, but it made me wonder if I should trust him with the cure of my illness or not.

“Master, can you please tell that human to stop? Yesterday he dropped a vial of some weird yucky white stuff on me! Now, my skin turned green!” complained one of my maids.

Indeed, she was as green as grass.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. The boy simply wishes to improve and find the cure to my illness… Please, look past his… problems.” I said and showed her a forced smile.


Something exploded so loud it made even me jump out of my chair.

“That wasn’t me!” shouted Alkelios from outside the mansion.


“Ok… Now THAT was my fault… Ouch…” he said, and I rushed off to the window.

For a moment there, I thought my heart would stop in place. By the gods! I didn’t know what was going to kill me faster, the illness or this boy and his potions!

Looking out the window, I saw him walking back to the mansion. His body was emanating a weird green smoke, and his hair was pink. Stopping in front of me, he lifted a finger up and opened his mouth.

“Never mix Tiber Rice with Green Zerdrak…” and then walked off like nothing happened.

“Tiber Rice and Green Zerdrak?” I said and furrowed my brow.

I never heard of those two herbs in my entire life… Just what was that boy concocting in that lab of his?

“Ah! My skin is back to normal!” the maid jump up in joy, and I could only sigh.

[Alkelios’ point of view]

If there was one thing I was forced to learn about my [Bartender] skill that was the fact that it was a bit hard to apply in practice. On one note, following the recipes made things far easier, but actually getting the right quantity in was a nightmare. For some of the simpler potions, I was able to easily make them, but the harder ones were very hard, but I was improving at a surprising rate, most likely due to the skill’s influence. When it came to using the knife, I was a master. I always made perfect cuts, but using the balance wasn’t so easy.

The skill showed me the recipe step by step on how to make it, but the quantity was offered in grams, while the dragons had some weird symbol on it translated as Merk, which was the rough equivalent of 1.25 grams. Surprisingly, only Alchemy used this stupid weight measuring system. Either that or Kataryna offered me some old tools that weren’t updated to the new measurement systems.

The first two days, I spent them practicing making simple potions and getting the weights right. That being said, who knew you could make exploding cabbages? On the other hand, I did better in making jam.

Well, most of those things were nothing more than practical jokes. Their usefulness in real combat was close to zero, but maybe a skilled prankster would make some good use of them. Either way, they weren’t going to be part of my weapon arsenal.

About 6 days after I sent the girls to bring me those herbs, they finally returned with everything on the list. Both Kataryna and Seryanna were out of breath and looked like they went through Hell and back. They were both dirty, and their armors were in tatters. Of course, they were wearing different ones than those they used when we went to rescue Kleo. Seryanna’s dragon knight armor was cracked and damaged in various places. As for Kataryna’s, let’s just say it stopped serving the purpose of armor the moment it began to disintegrate as a result of a certain Phoenix’ attack. Speaking of which, she managed to finish her task before the end of the day. I had no idea how she did it, but apparently she was the one responsible for a new rumor spreading around town, something about spooky dark shadows moving left and right through the woods. I didn’t ask her, and I simply played the innocent fool. What I didn’t know anything about couldn’t hurt me, especially when it came to ghosts.

“So? Who won?” asked Kataryna while swaying her tail left and right.

I had the feeling she enjoyed the hunt for the herbs.

“Who?” asked Seryanna, squinting her eyes at me.

“Erm… no one. Both of you got here at the same time.” I shrugged and looked through the herbs.

“Then… I’ll just do this!” said Kataryna with an annoyed voice.

The moment when I looked towards her, I saw a very rare and sexy scene… The dragoness grabbed the redhead’s head with both palms and gave her such a kiss, it simply dumbfounded the knight. I was gasping as well because I never thought the silver-scaled dragoness would do something as outrageous as that.

“I’ll give my thumbs up for that!” I said with a perverted grin.

“Hihihi!” Kataryna winked at me.

“What was that all about?!” shouted Seryanna as she threw a nearby empty basket at me.

Using [Dodge], I was able to avoid it, while Kataryna played the joke a bit further and slapped the redhead’s behind.

“Hey!” she shouted.

The silver-scaled dragoness ignored her and walked off, swaying her hips left and right.

Pouting, Seryanna shot me a glare and then left as well.

I smirked and returned to my work. Of course, I did tell the maid to offer them some of the jam I cooked up. Apparently, Brekkar found it delicious.

About one day later, I finally managed to brew the potion. It was a nightmare to do so, especially since I ruined the first batch because I sneezed. Using my [Bartender] skill and after training on how to more or less approximate the correct quantity, I was able to do it properly.

[Night Breeze Potion of One Million Deaths] potion was a very complicated one because it actually required to make four different potions, then I had to mix them up like one would do an alcoholic drink. Stir the result with a silver spoon, then dip a root of Rosiette in it, leave it like that for two hours, and it was ready to consume.

“Here!” I told Brekkar with a big smile.

“Alkelios? What is it? It’s three hours past midnight… Can’t we do this in the morning?” he asked.

“Nope! When brewed, you drink! That’s the rule!” I nodded.

“Ugh… Do I really have to?” he asked raising an eyebrow at me.

“Yes!” I nodded a few times.

He took a glance at the suspicious-looking drink and then back at me.

“Really really?” he asked.

“Ask one more time, and I’ll call Kataryna here to hold you still, and I will pour it down your throat no matter if you want to or not. I stayed up for three freaking nights to make this… Don’t mess around with a sleepy alchemist.” I glared at him.

Actually, just two days, the first parts were ready by the time Kataryna and Seryanna showed up, but meh… who’s counting? I thought.

“Ugh…” Brekkar was reluctant, but he picked up the glass and slowly poured it down his throat.

It was a bit murky and probably tasted like crap, but who cared? It had all the right ingredients and most importantly, it was the genuine stuff.

“There…” he said.

“Alright, now, just sleep. When you wake up, your body should be cured… Erm you have no problems with growing breasts and maybe a hand an extra hand from your stomach, right?” I told him and then shrugged “Meh, you’ll get used to it.” I turned around, and with a mischievous smirk on my lips, I walked out.

“What? Breasts? An extra hand? What in the name of all the gods did you put in this thing? Alkelios! Hey! I demand you answer me! Ugh… I don’t feel too good…” and he dropped like a bomb.

“Just as I predicted, although… I should probably pull him back in bed.” I said as I walked back to him.

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Oh man! This chapter was hilarious! You should probably fix up that little mistake though, you ended up repeating yourself.
“and maybe a hand an extra hand from your stomach, right?”