~ Chapter 25: A kiss under the rain (Part 1) ~

[Seryanna’s point of view]

The door behind me was slammed shut, the key turned, locking it, and I dropped on my knees on the floor. Tears welled up in my eyes, the result of my emotions bursting out like that.

I was angry, frustrated, and mad at that idiotic human! Of all the things he could have said, those were the only words I didn’t wish to hear!

Why couldn’t he have said that he came all this way for me?! I shouted in my mind as I clenched my fists, nearly poking holes in my palms with my nails.

At least, I left before everyone else saw me crying. As a knight, I had to always keep my chin up, standing strong and proud in front of anyone and anything. Nothing was supposed to move me, to disturb my flow, yet here I was, crying because of some words spoken by a stupid human.

I was a disgrace…

Knock! Knock!

“Who is it?” I asked after wiping my tears.

“Not Alkelios.” a woman replied.

I recognized her voice immediately.


“Yes. Open up. I’m alone. The moron is downstairs with your sister.” she told me.

“How can I trust you speak the truth?” I asked while I got up from the floor.

“Really, girl? Open up before I bust this door open and make you eat your own tail!” she threatened me.

With a gulp, I turned the key in the hole and pressed on the handle. The door squeaked, and I peaked outside. There, I saw the silver-scaled dragoness looking back at me with a raised eyebrow and her arms crossed at her chest.

“Are you going to let me in, or what?” she asked.

I nodded and then moved out of her way. After she entered, I locked the door and looked back at her.

“The boy really made you cry, didn’t he?” she smirked.

“That’s not true.” I glared, unwilling to admit the truth.

“Your eyes are red and tearing up as we speak.” she pointed out.

I wiped my tears, trying to get rid of the proof, but what was the use? They didn’t stop and kept flowing one after another.

With my face red and cheeks wet, I gave up and sat down on the bed. Kataryna took a seat next to me, but she didn’t say a word, she remained quiet and looked out the window.

“How was the journey?” I asked while trying hard not to let go of a single whimper.

“Pretty fun. We ended up traveling on top of a Royal Rooster instead of flying all the way over here. We got lost in an abandoned mine, almost drowned in the river, got chased by monsters. You know, the usual.” she shrugged, but there was nothing usual about this adventure of theirs.

Most adventurers or travelers would usually take the safe route, traveling on paths most of us knew of. Monsters usually avoided them, and bandits had a harder time picking a suitable prey. For me, it was a rather boring journey without any kind of attackers. I was well prepared just in case, but from the dragoness’ words, there was only one part that caught my curiosity.

“Royal Rooster?” I asked.

Even I knew the name of that mount. My master had one as well, and it was terrifyingly possessive of her as well as strong and proud.

“Yes, he summoned one using his skill. It was quite strange, indeed.” she nodded.

“His skill?” I then remembered the fact that Alkelios was a human brought here from another world by a god.

If I hadn’t already witnessed his skills and Luck at first hand, I might have thought of him as a simple madman, but too many things about him didn’t add up when I was comparing him with the humans from my grandfather’s tales. One of them was the fact that he found me attractive. From what I was told, humans instinctively despised all other species except themselves, even more so when it comes to the enemies of their kingdoms. Alkelios never showed hate or despise towards me, it was actually the opposite, yet that was more of a reason why I couldn’t understand why he said those words to me.

Did he change his mind after we rescued Kleo? I wondered while looking down at the floor.

“He is the strangest and the most interesting human I have ever met!” said Kataryna with a grin.

“For me, he is the only human I have ever met…” I said with a low voice.


I let out a sigh and looked back at the silver-scaled dragoness.

“Did you mean it when you said those words?” I asked, but there was a tremble in my voice.

“What words?” she tilted her head to the left, and her tail tip waved left and right like an upside down pendulum.

“A-About wishing to mate with him and have his egg?”

“Yes.” she nodded without showing even the slightest doubt about it.

“Is that so…” I let out another sigh and looked down.

“Oh? Do you like him? You do, don’t you?” the dragoness smirked.

“I-I…” blushing, I turned my head away.

I was embarrassed and even though I knew there was no way to hide it anymore, I still couldn’t say those words.

“My poor child, you don’t have to worry about me!” she patted me on the head.

“What do you mean? You clearly said that you wanted to m-mate with him!” I retorted and glared at her.

“You are blushing like a young girl after being confessed to by the boy she likes.” Kataryna showed me a big, wide, grin.

I fell right into her trap.

“Um…” I looked down embarrassed and closed my eyes.

“As I said, I only want him to give me a child, I don’t wish to be his lover. I think you are better suited for that spot.” she said as she patted me on the shoulder.

“Isn’t… Isn’t that cheating?” I asked and slowly peeked at her.

“For humans maybe.” she shrugged.

“Why isn’t it the same for us?” I questioned her.

The dragoness grinned and then all of a sudden pushed me back on the bed, laying on top of me and looking straight into my eyes.

“Because we are dragons, foolish child, and I have achieved Awakened Breakthrough. Once you reach this point, you realize that all of your past beliefs aren’t the same anymore. There’s no wrong in me wishing to carry the child of a man I found worthy. Besides, I doubt there will ever be another opportunity for me for a very very very long time… However, while I only get one part of him, you get the rest and more. But for me, it’s enough because I don’t wish for anymore. If the gods have other plans for me, only time will tell.” she shrugged.

I listened to her words carefully. The gaze in her eyes was that of a woman who spoke the truth and of someone who wasn’t afraid to assume the path they have chosen. After all, carrying the egg of a man who wasn’t even her mate’s was not something any woman could agree to with such an ease and unwavering determination. At the same time, I was feeling as though if I let her do this, I would lose Alkelios for good.

What if he finds her better than me? She is already an Awakened… She is more beautiful and stronger than me. I am a knight, so I’m not even sure if I will ever be together with him. I began to think, but every word that flowed through my mind brought a sharp pain to my heart.

“Why don’t you want him as your mate?” I asked and gulped.

A soft smile appeared on the tips of her lips, and she looked at me with caring eyes for a rather long moment before answering.

“Because I’m not in his heart the same way you are. With me, he’s only a friend, and I respect that. Other men wouldn’t have hesitated to jump into my arms, but not him… Even throughout this entire journey, he never stopped talking or thinking about you. We all slept together, but he never touched me like he wished to touch you…” she then closed her eyes for a moment “Yet, for me,… it’s not painful to see him like this.” she opened her eyes “On the contrary, I sort of admire this side of him… As I said, few men can do it. As for why I wish him to offer me an egg, well… it’s just that I never had a family before, and I don’t think I will have the chance any time too soon. That’s why I can only ask him as a friend to help me out. And you… you don’t see him as just a friend. You don’t want to be just a friend to him, you want more.” she smiled.

Even though I didn’t want to admit it, I knew she was telling the truth about me. I didn’t want to be just friends with him, but there were so many things working against us, so many shadows cast down upon us and threatening to break the little bit of rope tying us together. I was afraid of how we might end up, of where this path would lead us, and of our imminent breakup.

Wouldn’t that be too painful for me? But then again, Kataryna only wants him to offer her an egg, while I could have him entirely even if it’s going to be just for a little while. But can I do it? I thought while I looked in the dragoness’ eyes.

“Yes, I want more… but how can I tell him this?” I closed my eyes and let go of a few tears.

If she was right, then the words he said to me were because he didn’t know how I felt. Basically, he stumbled in his own feelings and pulled the wrong strings.

“Well…” she pulled back, but just then, there was a loud crack heard coming from the door.

“Oops! Erm… I didn’t mean to… I didn’t know you and Kataryna are like this… I mean… I’m sorry… And for the door… Good bye.” Alkelios said flustered as he let go of the broken knob and dashed away.

“What’s he on about?” asked the silver-scaled dragoness a bit confused.

Looking back, we both noticed at the same time the weird position we were in.

That idiot misunderstood! No, wait! HOW can he misunderstand something like this in the first place?! I screamed in my mind while blushing strongly.

“Well, I do swing that way from time to time. A threesome isn’t so bad with the right dragons, you know?” Kataryna winked at me.

“Please stop with the dirty jokes!” I pushed her off me and then ran after Alkelios.

I had to stop that idiot.

[Alkelios’ point of view]

Letting out a long, depressed sigh, I bumped my head on the table. The mead was sticky, but I was too annoyed to go wash it off now. Well, one thing was clear, I made a mistake, and my one and only redhead dragoness ran off from me… again.

“I’m an idiot…” I grumbled.

“Well, I usually don’t see my sister that mad unless I do something very very stupid. Like stealing her panties and using them as a flag to conquer unknown lands.” the black-scaled dragoness said as she sat down in front of me.

She wore a black, slightly ripped, and completely drenched Gothic Lolita dress similar to the armors of the Summoner class in the MMORPG I used play back on Earth. Well, my daily quests were probably expired by now, and so was my 7 days boost.

I let out another sigh as I remembered that I haven’t touched a computer in a month now. Well, there was no way to get an internet connection in the middle of a dragon kingdom on another planet in another Universe… right?

“Hello! Are you listening to me?” Kleo poked my cheek.


I bit her.

“HYAN! H-Hey! W-What are you doing?!” she screamed and quickly pulled back her hand.

“Leave me alone…” I grumbled.

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I’m sorry but could you please tone down on the over the top reaction(i dont know if this is the right word to explain it).for example the part where kataryna explain her trip You know, the usual stuff personally for me that’s unnecessary not only this is her first time going on trip with Alkelios soo how did she know thats the usual i mean even Seryanna just know that alkelios had a royal chicken….i’m sorry i really like your novel it’s just sometimes you tend to make thing waaayy over the top which actually only make it worse…