~ Chapter 23: Inner turmoils (Part 1) ~

After Nanya and Ayuseya walked out of my room, I was left alone with Shanteya to think about what I had just done, besides the obvious fact of marrying a foreign princess and someone with the title of Mad Destroyer. That being said, I had the feeling I could select my own title as well, unfortunately, I had yet to discover where exactly the list with all of them was hidden. Maybe the title appeared depending on the number of people aware of that specific title? Either way, that wasn’t what troubled me at the moment, it was the whole Dankyun fiance thing.

No matter how I looked at it, my grave had been dug, and I was half-buried in it. My intent wasn’t to make a target out of myself for three kingdoms with Supremes under their rule, however, I wasn’t willing to let Ayuseya end up dead or abused either.

“Sigh…” I looked outside the window and thought back at what I did and said.

Half way through, it appeared as though I managed to confuse myself as well, but the idea worked: pretend to be insane in order to get them to look at another possible solution. There was also the small factor of their will.

Could that marriage thing had even worked if there wasn’t a true intent from both of us? Then again, how can a dungeon even get married? Ugh… or rather why? I thought as I watched the sun slowly go down.

“Master, is there something troubling you?” asked Shanteya.

“Hm? I’m just wondering if I made the right choice or if I just confused and pushed myself into a deeper mess…” I replied.

“I believe it’s too early to give a reply to such a question, but in the end, do you regret your choice?” she asked me.

Regret? Hm… no, I don’t think so. No matter how hard I think about it, there’s no sign of lingering regret in my heart, regarding the decision. Maybe it would be right to say that it felt… right? Do I actually want to be married to them? Erm, no… wait… that’s not true. Maybe the actual regret comes from my previous life… I mulled over my own feelings and thoughts for a few minutes.

“I think… I think I feared that I was going to lose them without doing anything. Still, they aren’t my lovers, why would I have such possessive thoughts about them? Did I believe I could change the situation into a better one, maybe…” I said as I looked over my thoughts and decisions one last time.

“If you feared you would lose them, then maybe Master holds feelings for them even Master isn’t aware of yet?” she asked.

“Feelings? But… I just barely know the two. I’m not exactly their species either, and we haven’t gone on dates! When I asked that silly question, I only saw it as a joke and maybe a temporary thing to get Dankyun off Ayuseya’s back and out of her panties, but… isn’t this a bit too much? What if they loved someone else? What if…” I said as I started to realize that I may have just turned their entire lives upside down.

“Master!” said Shanteya with a raised tone of voice.

I blinked surprised and looked over at her. I was starting to panic, and she pulled me out of it.

“Master, sometimes it’s not our minds that make the decision. It’s not our hearts that have a say in the matter. I don’t know if Master heard about this, but it’s being said that our souls have the ability to listen to the voice of the gods, that’s why when we do something neither our minds nor hearts may have wanted, that’s the decision of our soul after listening to a god’s advice. Maybe that’s what happened to Master? Maybe through thinking, you wouldn’t have ever reached a decision, maybe by listening to your heart, it would have taken too long for you to realize what you had to do. That’s why your soul made a decision for you…” she spoke to me with a soft tone of voice, which calmed the panic in my heart.

I listened to her words, but part of it sounded like something taken out of a preaching book. I couldn’t understand how my soul could take hold of my heart and mind or even why it would do so in the first place, maybe what she was talking about was intuition? It happened before in my other world, and not only to me, but to many others as well. When our thoughts didn’t make sense and our hearts were distracted, we simply tossed both of those in the garbage bin and went by intuition. That was how I ended up with Alina, but still… marrying them in one go? Wasn’t that a bit too exaggerated?

I let out a sigh in defeat “Maybe…”

“If Master doesn’t regret what he did or believes what he did was wrong, then Master did the right thing. At least, that’s what I think.” she showed me a small smile.

“I guess so… Let’s leave it at that for now. Hm, but you also wanted to say yes, right?” I asked.

“Yes…” she blushed and looked down.

With her ears turned red and a shy gaze in her eyes, she showed me a little bit of her cute side.

“Thank you, Shanteya. Even though I know that with [Bond of Trust] I can increase your strength tremendously in the case of an upcoming battle, it appears that this marriage thing isn’t something to be taken lightly. I wouldn’t want to pull you into this when both of us aren’t 100% sure about it. However, I promise you that if I’ll ever reach the point of wanting you by my side as my wife forever, I will make sure to properly ask you, not turn it into a joke as it happened with Nanya and Ayuseya. Honestly speaking, I’m a bit glad you didn’t answer… at least now, if our relationship will develop up to that point, I’ll be able to ask in a manner you deserve. If not, you’ll be free to search for the man you truly wish to spend your life with.” I told her.

Looking up, she blinked surprised. Her cheeks were already red from how embarrassed she was, and with her pink lips partially parted, the el’doraw looked quite cute like that.

“I understand, Master. Then, if it’s alright with you, Master, when that time comes, I shall call you by your name…” she said with a soft smile.

“You can call me even now if you want, but…” I let out a heavy sigh. “If you think it’s better that way, then sure.” I replied with an invisible smile.

After our small conversation, we went to bed, and I tried to forget about my thoughts regarding how I may have messed up that day. I slept like a baby until the following morning. Shanteya woke up early, but didn’t disturb my peaceful sleep, she let me enjoy my dreams in the comfort of her bosom and waited patiently until I opened my eyes.

Once up and awake, I increased the bonus stats she received from my [Bond of Trust] to 50%, the maximum allowed for a slave. I told her to start training on getting used to the sudden change, but preferably outside of everyone’s eyes.

The first thing I did that day was to try to add Magic Energy to my crystal body to increase my Magic Armor. It worked perfectly on the first go. Just like Nanya and Ayuseya said, it was something that came naturally to me. I actually felt much better when surrounded by it. I had no idea how much I had to add, so I left it at 2000 Magic Energy points and then added 2000 more to my Territory. After that, I flew off to my dungeon. It was time to build the third floor. While flying there, I kept adding more Magic Energy to my territory, expanding it constantly.

Regarding what I wanted to do with this floor was quite easy. First off, I destroyed the stairs leading outside of the dungeon and built another drop point, but instead of water, I used poison. My choices, unfortunately, weren’t very varied. I had to choose between Aconitum infused water and Lead infused water. If I were to guess the reason for that was because I was aware only of these two from my past life. Poisoning and methods of killing humans weren’t among my top researching subjects back at the university in Bucharest. The weird part was that I had poisonous gas traps, but that may have been because I read a book on simple, poisonous traps.

“Hm, maybe I should ask Nanya for a book on poisons from this world or maybe Shanteya could teach me? She was a former assassin, after all.” I thought as I looked around my skills before starting to build a very deep and large room filled with lava.

I had to work in layers. First, using the moat skills, I made the floor of the room. It was at least three meters deep, just enough to make sure that even draconians had problems getting out of it. After that, I raised the room to a decent height, almost six meters above the lava, in order to make jumping out quite hard. It also had to be quite spacious, huge actually. In the middle, I added two poles close to each other. Each had a diameter of 1 meter. One was going to be triggered by a lever, and the other was going to just stay there. Both poles had a metal tip with sharp steel blades around it. It was hard to hang on top of it and even harder to land or jump from it.

Technically speaking, lava reached temperatures of over 1000°C even 2000°C, I had to make the spikes able to withstand those high temperatures with ease. That’s why I surrounded them with a layer of tungsten, which could survive almost double those temperatures. Of course, that was only at the base. Inside, I made sure to add four copper pipes capable of leading the inside temperatures all the way down to the earth or up at the ceiling. The entire room was covered with copper radiators on the outside wall in order to make sure it dissipated the heat gathered inside. On a side note, the lava on the first floor was starting to harden, and the walls showed deterioration signs. Using my repair skills, it restored the walls, but didn’t reheat the lava. I had to add it again with the moat construction skill.

On the first half of the room, I created timed platforms like the ones on the first floor, but here, I added a few on the ceiling as well. There were many jumps which would require quite a bit of strength to get across, but the adventurer could also aim for grabbing one of the sliding platforms from the ceiling, they were fitted with a metal bar good for grabbing onto. If they aimed for that and didn’t time their jump right, they would go straight down into the lava moat.

At the end of this jumping puzzle, there was a small lever hidden behind a room filled with poisonous gas and arrow traps. Once pulled, the second pole was raised from the ground and could be used as a second jumping platform.

On the other half of the room, I added two big poles made just like the other two, but the difference was that they had platforms on top, four to be exact. Each of those platforms was rigged to a spring. Once the adventurer jumped on them, he would be catapulted into metal spiked walls or onto another catapult. I made two that simply bounced him around left and right like a ping-pong ball. The only way the adventurer could safely get across was by grabbing the edge and not triggering the traps, a very hard thing to do.

The last pole, placed in the middle, on the same line as the first two poles, had a single spring platform, and it was designed to throw the adventurer into the last part of the room, which was spiraling tube with sharp blades and aglmc lasers creating a net of death and doom. It was absolutely wonderful! That could only be described as an Adventurer Minced Meat Generator!

When I was done with it, I was very tired from the entire Magic Energy spending business, but just then, I sensed someone entering my dungeon. Surprised and worried at the same time, I rushed over to them. Because I was tired, I didn’t focus on recognizing whose energy was, so I flew over there, thinking it was a student who got lost.

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