~ Chapter 24: New skills, new dungeons, and a sandwich! (Part 2) ~

With the training session over, we waited patiently for Ayuseya to show up. About 10 minutes later, there was a heavy knock at the door, and the one who answered was Nanya. She turned the knob and opened it.

“Good morning, Nanya.” said the draconian princess as she made her way inside.

“Good morning… erm… what’s this?” she asked furrowing her brow while four male students entered my room with arms loaded with bags.

I watched dumbfounded as they placed them down next to my crystal body, breathing heavily from the effort they made. Once they left, two others entered pushing an entire white, dresser through the door.

“What in the…” I said as I watched the poor men push their shoulder hard against the heavy furniture.

“Ayuseya, what’s all of this?” asked Nanya as she pointed at the heavy bags.

“My morning and noon clothes as well as some everyday necessities.” she explained calmly.

“Necessities? Right…” I said as I floated over to one of her bags and using [Telekinezy], I opened one of the random ones.

“Ah! Not that!” she said, but it was already too late “My bras and panties are in there…” she said with a blush.

Yup! There was a whole mountain of treasure in there. All sorts of colors and models too, from the less frilly to the more frilly ones, there was even a partially transparent pair.

“Sigh! Leave it to Illsy to find the only bag filled with panties in the entire heap of bags. On the first go too…” said Nanya, shaking her head.

“It’s a talent.” I said as I lifted one of the bras, and it was HUGE! “What size were you again?” I asked.

“Please, don’t just lift them up like that! It’s embarrassing!” said Ayuseya as she rushed over, grabbed the frilly pink fabric and then stuffed it back in her bags.

“Ah! I apologize.” I said, but I regretted nothing!

“So, how many more bags do you have left?” asked Nanya with a raised eyebrow as she stepped outside of my room.

“Just a few things.” she answered with a blush in her cheeks.

How cute! She was embarrassed because I sneaked a peek at her undergarments. It was bound to happen anyway, but I was more interested in the version without anything on. My fantasies were already running wild.

“Aha… Illsy, how many tons can you store in that crystal body of yours?” asked Nanya.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised and flew over to her.

Looking at the other end of the hallway, I saw ten more men with arms filled with bags coming over to my room, another four were trying hard to bring over another two dressers. Curious, I looked outside and saw a few more coming over from the dormitory. All in all, there were three dressers stacked full and about 40 or so bags.

“I have no idea, but I guess I’m going to find out…” I said as I looked at a rather scrawny looking man carrying double his weight in bags.

“Are they doing this for free?” asked Nanya.

“Of course not! I paid them properly with gold and silver coins!” said the draconian as she guided them on where to place the bags.

“But seriously, how many stores did you empty on your way here? Did you travel by caravan or what?” I asked as I kept counting the bags.

“Of course I did, doesn’t anyone these days carry at least this much. I only brought with me the essentials and a couple of books!” said the princess.

“Books?” I asked a bit surprised.

“Yes. I requested the men to bring my personal bookcase and leave it outside, why?” she asked tilting her head to the right.

Me and Nanya were looking at her with a raised eyebrow and opened mouth. Those mountains of bags were just the ‘essentials’ and there was more to come? I actually had nothing to say, I was too amazed by the sheer amount of bags for only one draconian lady. It was simply too astounding.

“I wished I could have brought my hobby bags along, but this little should make do for a week.” Ayuseya said with a sigh.

Again, all we could do was simply look back at her with a raised eyebrow and wonder what she understood by ‘this little’. From my point of view and probably Nanya’s as well, it looked as though she was ready to move inside my Inner Mind forever and bring her whole family and servants as well.

“Maybe I should also bring one or two of my hobby bags?” she asked.

“NO!” both me and Nanya replied at the same time.

“Very well, you don’t have to raise your voice like that. I don’t believe I brought that much anyway.” she said before going back to counting the bags.

“Do you also carry that much around?” I asked Nanya.

“I barely have two dresses, Illsy… I can perfectly fit everything I own in a backpack. If I need anything else, I’ll make it.” she sighed “I think we just underestimated Ayuseya’s royal origins, she IS a princess after all…”

Once everything was inside my room, both women barely had any space left to move around. One wrong step and a mountain of bags threatened to squash you. I’m not even going to mention the ‘small’ bookcase she brought. That thing was left outside in the hallway. Although, I had to say, I was rather curious to read some literature from this world.

“My room is mostly empty right now, so it should look as though I packed and ran in a hurry. I haven’t told any of my servants about where I was going, and these men don’t know anything either.” said Ayuseya after we were left alone.

“I will go and tell your servants that you left and ordered them to stay or return to their countries. I’m certain some of them won’t accept the idea of you running away without them, so they might try to follow you. Hm…” Nanya said as she began to ponder about what sort of excuses to make up to complete the lies set in motion by the princess. There was also the matter with the luggage, but I believe those were supposed to be handled by me somehow.

“I better get started…” I said and began to absorb all the bags in there.

I had no idea if I could store all of them inside, but it appeared as though I had no choice. If we went with the ‘Ayuseya left, and we have no idea where she went’ trick, then it would have been strange if all of that stuff was left back in her room. Still, couldn’t we have buried all those bags in the backyard and left them there to rot? I doubted Dankyun was related to a Bloodhound and could sniff out where we dumped her stuff…

About half an hour after I was done absorbing each and every one of those bags, including the dressers and the huge bookcase in the hallway, it was time to absorb Ayuseya. She kept still and closed her eyes even though she had already experienced this before. Once she was inside, I let out a long sigh.

“Well, I’m going to go and see how she settles in…” I said.

Nanya giggled and then said “I’ll wait for you here, afterwards, we’re going to go and build some more student friendly dungeons.”

“Alright, I’ll try to make it quick. Actually, you can already go and pick the location for one. I’ll meet you there.” I said.

With a single nod, she agreed with my suggestion and left my room.

“Now, time to check upon the princess…” I said before entering my Inner Mind.

Finding her was as easy as before. All I had to do was think about her and the darkness pulled me in her direction. Just like before, she was floating calmly, waiting for my arrival. As usual, a glowing light around her body allowed me to easily distinguish her from the darkness that surrounded us both.

How’s everything, princess? I asked as I came close.

Illsyore? she asked looking at me.

Yes, it’s me. Did you forget already? I asked with a grin on my lips, crossing my arms to my chest.

No. she shook her head It’s just that I find it quite curious how different you look in here from how you do out there. she told me.

Of course, the handsome version is kept only for special girls! I smiled and winked at her.

She giggled cutely, covering her mouth with the tip of her fingers.

Well, we should get you settled in. Hm, all your bags should be… I looked around through the darkness until I saw a bunch of lights flying fast towards us. Right there! I pointed at them.

All the bags, including the three dressers and the bookcase, flew over to us and stopped right next to me. With a single thought, I ordered them to form a circle around us and then allowed Ayuseya free rein to move her bags and take out of them whatever she needed.

You should have a bit more freedom now. You just need to do it as you would outside. Try it out. I told her and flew back a little.

With a nod, the draconian princess began to test out her new environment. She pulled herself over to one of the bags and took out a simple dress. For a moment, I thought she was going to change, but she didn’t, she placed it back in the bag and then flew over to the bookcase. Picking up a book, she opened it to the sign she placed there beforehand and nodded.

I think I understand, although, I find this floating around a bit… weird. Thank you. she made a small bow to me, and I showed her a smile.

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to that soon! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. Although, I don’t think eating and bathroom needs work the same here as they do outside. Shanteya never spends more than a night in here. I said with a shrug.

Shanteya, the maid? She sleeps here? she asked a bit surprised.

Yes, she is my slave and a very dear person to me, so I let her accompany me to bed, although, fear not, we don’t engage in any… erm… sexual activities, unfortunately. I explained.

I see… she said, although I wondered just how much exactly she understood or misunderstood from that.

Well then, any questions? If not, I will go and meet with Nanya to work on new dungeons. I said.

No. There’s nothing I wish to inquire for now, although, if needed be, how can I call you back here?

Oh that? Just call out my name. I’ll hear you inside my head and then I’ll reply back. You’ll hear my voice echoing around. In other words, I’m sort of constantly everywhere at any time here. I just don’t see everything, so you shouldn’t worry about me barging in on your intimate times. I told her and shrugged.

I understand. I will take note of that. Illsyore, once again… thank you. she made another bow.

No problem! You are my wife after all! A husband should cherish and help his wife whenever she in need! I gave a rather cliché answer, but it was the best I had at the moment.

Ayuseya showed me a soft smile and then I left my Inner Mind.

Upon returning to the outside world, I quickly searched for Nanya’s life sign and flew over there. I didn’t forget to add another 2000 Magic Energy points to my magic armor before I left, but I also began to ponder whether or not I should go for more, like 5000 or 6000 Magic Energy points. If 2000 were enough to reach the Godlike or even surpass them, then surely 5000 were enough for a Supreme Rank. I was seriously thinking of starting to do just that, especially since Dankyun was on his way here. Although his Supreme Skill sounded quite frightening, I had the confidence that my upgraded and improved skills was enough to match it.

“Found you!” I said as soon as I saw Nanya.

She was waiting for me on top of a big boulder, drawing something on the ground with a long stick.

“Good! So, did the princess settle in?” she asked.

“Yes. She is in there together with ALL of her bags… I was honestly expecting her to bring a bag or two, not enough to make me wonder if she emptied all the stores in the capital.” I replied as I flew closer to her.

“Hehehe! That’s a princess for you! And remember, she was packing light!” she reminded me.

“Ugh…” I groaned.

Looking down at the ground, I saw a couple of plans drawn there. They were floor plans for various dungeons, but extremely simplistic, unlike anything I had built so far. One of the dungeons only had a bunch of rooms connected to each other without any traps or summoning circles. The maze was so simple, I could finish it with my eyes closed. In other words, they were dungeons which I saw no need or desire in building.

“These are…” I said as I looked between the drawing on the ground and Nanya.

“What you are going to build: actual, proper dungeon floors.” she told me.

“Huh? Where’s the lava? I don’t see any razor blades or spike traps… what about my lasers? Aren’t they too small to fit my minotaurs?” I asked.

Nanya squinted her eyes at me and kept silent for a moment.

“What? Those are easy things. I said nothing about poison traps or launch pads into lava pools! Not to mention enchanted traps and monster summoning circles…”

She kept looking at me like that.

“Is that too much?” I asked stupidly.

“Gee, what do you think?” she asked with a smile.

“Erm… no pitfalls into spike traps or mirror mazes, huh?” I asked.

“Nope.” she shook her head.

“But they are so easy even an imp can go through them!” I complained.

“That’s the whole point you idiotic block of crystal! Do you want to make a meat paste out of my students?!” she shouted at me as she tried to poke me with the stick. For some reason, I dodged it.

“But… but… my laser…” I said.

“No buts! Easy floors even an imp can finish! No minotaurs! No special traps! No poisons! Nothing that’s not on these here plans! Got it?” she glared at me.

“Yes…” I replied with half a voice.

With a sigh, I began to build the new dungeons based on those plans. Of course, they had to look natural, so no perfectly straight walls like those in my dungeons. They had to be simple and reminiscent of caves. They also had to be capable of alluring various wildlife to start forming inner habitats.

While she was explaining all of that, I was building room after room. The whole thing was so easy to make, I ended up yawning. Still, it might have been just because I was a Godlike dungeon and by definition, insanely powerful when compared to other dungeons, therefore, what appeared to be extremely if not idiotically easy for me, it was quite difficult for a normal dungeon of a similar level as mine. All those easy dungeons represented various floors from various dungeons Nanya once visited. Their maximum difficult was Advanced Rank, and that only for one single floor there. As for how they would appear on a regular dungeon, it seemed to go from floor 1 to 50. In the end, she did let me create a few summoning circles, but they held only a maximum of three imps and five rats. I wasn’t allowed to add harpies and definitely not Minotaurs. Even though one was a representation of the 50th floor of a Normal Dungeon, none held any boss rooms. Instead of them, I was made to build a large room which would play the role of an arena. A small quartz crystal in the back was going to represent the Dungeon Core. As for the boss, that was going to be the role played by the teacher in charge of that expedition.

“Now, all we have to do is wait for a small ecosystem to develop inside.” said Nanya with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Is this really how ordinary dungeons level up and grow?” I asked as I squinted my eyes at the idiotically simple dungeon I built.

“Yes. Actually, the last floor you built can’t be made by a Level 50 Normal Dungeon Core, you actually need a Difficult Dungeon Core at least. As for the Easy ones, I think a level 80 or 90 could probably build it.” explained the teenage-looking teacher.

“I see…” I said and then sighed.

“What’s wrong?” she asked looking back at me.

“I just find it sad that I built such weak and simple dungeon floors…” I told her.

“You’ll get over it.”

After doing one final check on them, we returned to the academy. Out of curiosity, I did check my level, but as I suspected, they were far too simple and because of that, I didn’t gain even one single level.

Speaking of which, besides Tuberculus, I haven’t managed to speak with any of the other teachers since they went down into my REAL dungeon.

I hope they don’t hate me… I thought as I entered my room.

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