~ Chapter 24: New skills, new dungeons, and a sandwich! (Part 3) ~

As usual, Shanteya was waiting for my return. She was standing patiently next to my crystal body. Earlier that day she was out in the forest, trying out her new abilities. Apparently, the strength she possessed was powerful enough to damage her clothes. They barely clinged on her well-curved body, offering me quite a enticing view.

“Good evening, Shanteya. Rough day?” I asked.

“Good evening, Master! A bit.” she replied looking down at her ripped clothes.

“What happened? Here. Nanya told me to keep a spare just in case. We’ll get that fixed tomorrow.” I told her as I released the extra maid outfit I kept inside my Inner Mind.

“Thank you, Master! I ended up like this because my magic armor was too weak and shattered when I tried a difficult technique. I ended up practicing naked for most of the time, so I didn’t rip my clothes completely.” she explained as she got changed.

Only her dress and apron was ruined, her undergarments were perfectly fine, unfortunately.

“Naked?” I asked blinking surprised.

Did I just exchange a show of jiggling boobs on a hot naked el’doraw for building pathetically weak dungeon floors? I thought while I stared at her chest and tried to imagine the show.

“Yes, Master. But I did make sure there was no one around. I didn’t want to be spotted by someone else other than Master! Also, the books I found were on antidotes, antivenoms, and ways to identify poisons, but I believe they hold information Master might find interesting.” she replied with a smile.

Forget the books! The gods must hate me… they truly must hate me… to have missed such a show! NOOO! I shouted in my mind.

“Master appreciates your effort, but Master currently hates the fact that he missed such a golden opportunity… sigh. Absorb Shanteya with all items on her.” I said and the ability triggered.

Indeed, I could force her to repeat the training, but what was the use now? It wouldn’t feel the same… The moment of spotting Heaven’s Bouncing Garden was a bliss one could not experience every so often.

Retreating inside my mind, I flew over to Shanteya, but to my surprise, I didn’t find her alone. She was together with Ayuseya.

Evening, princess. Everything alright? I asked.

Yes… I saw someone here, and I thought it was you. she told me.

I was surprised to see her here as well, I forgot that from this day forward, she was going to be here, in Master’s world. said Shanteya crossing her hands at her chest.

Yes, at least until Dankyun leaves. she explained with a smile.

Well, if we’re here, why don’t we just go to sleep and save the talking for tomorrow morning? I asked and stretched my arms a bit.

I was tired from all the hard work I was put through that day, especially when building Nanya’s floors. During those moments, I had to be very very careful not to accidentally place hidden traps in there. I tried once, but Nanya smashed them to pieces.

I understand, then I shall be on my way… said Ayuseya as she flew off.

Sigh… Where do you think you are going? I asked as I rushed over to her and grabbed her hand.

Blinking surprise, she furrowed her brow and looked back at me.


You, me, Shanteya, we’re all sleeping together. Now, come on. I said and dragged her over to my pretty slave.

Pardon? But I am princess! To ask such a thing of me and… and… I know you are just helping me out but… she mumbled and tried to pull away.

I raised an eyebrow at her. I was too tired for this.

Oh for the… I said and then pulled her into my embrace and closed her lips with a kiss.

I may have been a block of crystal on the outside, but if there was one thing I learned from Alina, that was the method of turning off the mouth of a woman. Basically, you had two ways: a kiss or chocolate. Usually, one of the two worked, if not, there was option three: listening to the sermon and praying to God for your brain not to bleed.

Indeed, I could have been more subtle, I could have been more delicate, but Ayuseya was my wife now, that was a fact that would remain unchanged for who knows how long? Even if she was a princess, that didn’t mean I had to treat her like a piece of furniture or some precious decoration. Besides, she was quite beautiful even if she was bigger than me by 30 cm, and she was a bit more scaly than a human woman.

The interesting thing was that her tongue was a bit rougher than Shanteya’s. Ayuseya was also a bit of a bad kisser, but what could one expect from someone who never kissed a man. I honestly doubted Dankyun did anything to her, but even if he did, it mattered not, she was mine now. I had enough time to train her in the art of kissing from then on.

When we parted lips, she was embarrassed and red like a tomato. The method worked as well, she wasn’t talking anymore.

Listen, Ayuseya. I’m not going to lie to you. From now on, I’m going to try looking at you as a woman, my woman. You are my wife now even if this whole thing started as a ‘not not’ joke. I’m going to take responsibility and eventually win your heart. You may not trust me yet, and probably I don’t fully trust you either right now, but that kiss I just stole from you is the sealed pact that I will do my best to eventually steal your heart! I told her with a firm tone of voice.

Pulling Shanteya over, I embraced the two and rested my head on their breast pillow. The girls looked at one another a bit confused, but the first to give in was, of course, my cute el’doraw slave. She embraced me and kissed me of her own will.

Good night, Master. she told me.

As for the draconian princess, she was left speechless and terribly embarrassed. She had nothing to say and nothing to comment about what just happened. What could she anyway, especially when she knew that I was trying to offer something she wished for: a marriage where mutual love existed.

Eventually, she relaxed in my embrace and let her big chest act as my pillow. I was being sandwiched between two gorgeous women, what could a man wish for more? Of course, to be sandwiched between three gorgeous women!

[Dankyun’s point of view]

The best inn in Therion City was nothing but a dump. The innkeeper’s fee was ridiculous too! He asked too much from one such as me, but alas, the man caved in when my men pointed their swords at his neck. It was a very good negotiating method for a pathetic little vermin like him. That night, I decided to enjoy myself a bit and called his eldest daughter to my chamber. She was engaged to some bloke in the city, but it didn’t matter. What I liked the most about her was that she was a pure human with a flat chest. I used her to pleasure all of my needs until she fainted in my arms. My reward for her effort was a dagger to the heart. It was a fair deal, she offered me pleasure, and I made sure she didn’t accidentally conceive my child. Simple, right?

As I was washing off the blood, I heard a knock on the window. Two hooded women stood there, waiting for me to finish up.

“Come in.” I told them, and they did so.

“Dankyun, our lord, we have arrived at your request. The Master sends his best regards in your endeavor, and once more, he apologizes for the… mistake that took place a few weeks ago. Me and my sister are here to aid you in any way or manner to achieve your goals, of course, with the condition that you don’t kill or damage us. The Master wishes our return in one piece.” one of them explained.

“I can hardly believe that so many assassins were killed in only one night.” I said as I approached them. “You, clean up this mess, and you… undress. I wish to see how well an el’doraw like you knows how to please a draconian pure-blood like myself!” I declared.

“Of course! It will be our pleasure, master! As for the assassins beforehand, they were all Low Master Ranks. We are both High Emperors with a strength surpassing even Low Godlikes.” explained the one whom I told to undress.

Both obeyed my orders and did as I requested. The sister who undressed showed me her beautiful body with big, round breasts, and a perfect round bottom. Just like all those of her kind, her skin had grey tone that changed colors depending on her emotions, for now, I saw no change in her. This woman was as cold as ice. Meanwhile, the other got rid of the innkeeper’s daughter’s corpse by absorbing it into a small crystal. She then began to clean the room.

“We please well and worry not, all assassin women are sterile.” she said pointing at two small scars around her nether region.

She did not need to explain any further, it was clear what she was telling me: her eggs had been removed.

“I see. Well, do you have anything to report to me regarding this Academy?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Of course. All the teachers are Emperor Ranks between Medium and High. One of them is a Godlike, the one they call the Mad Destroyer Nanya.” she said.

“What?” I froze. “Nanya is there?” I asked.


This is better than I expected! I thought and burst into a loud laughter.

The fates were surely smiling upon me! Ever since I left her to die in that dungeon, I never got to meet her again, but as expected, she never did grow past Godlike. Although, she was probably stronger than a normal one or even a high one, without a Supreme skill, she remained nothing but a failure.

“Is something the matter?” asked the naked sister as she began her duty of pleasuring me.

“No, I was reminiscing the moment when I tricked that girl. Hm, maybe this time I’ll finish the job and kill her? Maybe? Or should I just cut her tail and leave her to suffer?” I began to ponder between which method was best to show her just how more powerful and better than her I was.

If there was something I really loved in this world, it was to show all those who were inferior to me just how big of a difference between us actually was. What self-respecting noble didn’t bask in the pleasures of torturing someone of a lower class than him from time to time? It was natural, it was… instinctive.

“Anything else?” I asked.

“They managed to tame a powerful Dungeon Lord. We don’t know his race though, we didn’t get to close either, but his Dungeon Territory is huge.” she explained.

“I see…” I said with a smile.

My plan was already set in stone. If I didn’t find that useless royal princess there, I was just going to destroy that Dungeon Lord, have some fun with Nanya, and definitely destroy that academy just to see the horror upon her face. It’s been such a long time since she saw me kill her friends, hasn’t it? My only question was that if I should take my time doing it or jump right into it? After all, I did not need to fear the Shoraya military. I could always put the blame on Nanya and say she attacked me first. Hm, yes… that was how it was going to be.

“No sign of Ayuseya Pleyades?” I asked.

“No, but the moment she leaves the Academy, we will know. Our men are posted everywhere in the surrounding lands.”

Her words confirmed a very important piece of info: Ayuseya was still at the Fellyore Magic Academy, but somehow, she was hiding from me.

“Then, I guess I’ll stay a bit longer there and enjoy my time.”

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