~ Chapter 25: The last day of peace... (Part 1) ~

I woke up the following morning in the pleasant company of two lovely women; one was a draconian princess, and the other was an el’doraw former assassin. Their soft bosoms brought a happy grin to my face, reminding me once more of how much I enjoyed big breasts. Maybe that was why I ended up with an allegiance to that sort of god. If he was up there, then surely he was blessing me in that very moment.

Good morning, Master… whispered Shanteya.

Opening my eyes, I looked up at her and then brought her lips to a soft kiss. It was as pleasant as always. Then it was Ayuseya’s turn, but she was still sleeping. I decided not to disturb her, but I didn’t want her to wake up without me in her arms either. Currently, our legs were intertwined, and her tail was wrapped around my waist as though she was trying to proclaim her claim over my body. Shanteya didn’t mind her doing so and pulled back from our embrace.

Ayuseya… I whispered to the draconian woman, but she failed to open her eyes.

Moving my hands around her waist, I began to research the shape of her body. Besides being very tall, she had a good figure as well. Her big chest held a divine suppleness to it, and the way her curves moved down around her hips made me believe she has an hourglass figure rather than a slim or tall one. Based on my analysis, her tail connected not as a continuation of the coccis, but rather as an extension of the spine above the pelvis. Unfortunately, the dress she was wearing didn’t allow me to give her a firm grope of her behind to ‘test’ it’s elasticity. On the bright side of things, because her tail was wrapped around me, it lifted her dress up just enough for me to catch a glimpse of her thigh, and I used that God-given opportunity to give it a soft touch.

Do you like what you feel? she suddenly asked me.

I gulped and looked up. Ayuseya was awake now.

I smiled and removed my hand, placing it over her waist. Leaning closer, I wished to capture her lips in a kiss, but she pulled back, her tail retreated as well.

Is… is this necessary? she asked with a bit of blush in her cheeks.

Do you dislike it? I asked her in return.

She looked away, but didn’t give me a proper answer.

Then, I shall enjoy this kiss. I told her as I gently touched her chin and turned her head my way.

Since she didn’t deny nor pushed me away, I welcomed her lips to mold with mine in a soft kiss. Once more, I felt her taste and rough tongue. She didn’t improve in kissing over night, but it was only her second one so far. That was why when we parted lips, her cheeks and the tips of her ears were of a bright red. She held a feverish gaze in her eyes as well. The sweet dance was over, and she was now allowed to part herself with me.

Thank you, Ayuseya… I told her as I left her embrace.

It was time to release Shanteya, and once she was out, I gave her the orders for that day.

“I want you to go into the forest and hunt down as many monsters as you can. Everything you kill will be counted as my kills, and it will help me level up. Gather their remains, and every two or three hours, I will drop by to check on you and pick them up. Also, let me try to enchant your dress.” I said.

“I understand, Master. I will do as you request, but if you can, could you please give me back my old leather armor? I will be able to fight much better in it than I would in this dress.” she told me with a smile.

“Of course, I think Nanya has it though. You can go and get it from her, but first, let me see if I can enchant your dress. I’m really curious about this new ability of mine!” I said with a smile.

“Of course! As you wish, Master!” she replied with a small bow of her head.

With that being said, I opened my skill panel and looked around for my item enchanting skill. Unlike the other two which were in placed in the [Construction] and [Traps] category, this one was classified as a [Unique Skill].

[Enchant Item with <Select Type> Enchantment] <Add a selected magic property to a selected item. The amount of Magic Energy Points infused in the item may influence the strength and rank of the enchantment as well as the chance to fail. The cost depends on the selected type of enchantment with a basic activation cost of 100 Magic Energy Points. Voice command: Eel Eel Lark>

Another weird voice command… I thought as I squinted my eyes at the skill.

The targeted item was Shanteya’s dress without the apron, shoes, and undergarments. The system took everything as a separate item. Upon discovering this, my gamer’s instincts irked me to make a set, but there was something else I wanted to do, something I couldn’t help doing.

“Upgrade [Enchant Item with <Select Type> Enchantment].” I said, and the system complied.

For the cost of 30 points, I received: [Enchant Item with <Imagined Type> Enchantment]. I was brimming with joy when I saw it, so much that I didn’t care about the 10 extra points I had to spend for it when compared to other skills. It might have been because it was a Unique skill, although it made me wonder if the other two enchanting skills would cost me the same to upgrade them.

“Oh! Goodie! Goodie! Let’s do this!” I said with a big, bright invisible smile.

“Master?” asked Shanteya, blinking once and furrowing her brow.

Selecting her dress again, I applied the Enchant, I poured about 3000 Magic Energy in it and imagined the enchantment I could make. Of course, the system took care of most of the annoying things, but I could see in the corner of my mind the chance of failing in the form of a percentage, the change of stats it offered, and some special abilities I could choose from.

It was currently showing a 0% chance of failing, but the moment I chose to add 1000 points for each of her stats, the chance went to 100% chance of failing. Even if I poured another 1000 Magic Energy Points in it, it still didn’t work. I was a bit disappointed, but I continued to play around with the settings.

The reason why it didn’t work may have had something to do with my current level as well as the improvement level of the skill. Basically, I wasn’t allowed to enchant items with abilities capable of insta-killing a Supreme, but a gamer could dream.

Adding abilities also raised my chance of failing, so I struggled a bit to make an enchantment able to offer Shanteya some decent stat boosts and abilities without raising the fail chance too high.

The end result was this item:

[Name of item]: Maid Dress <Change Name> Y/N

[Stats added]: +135 All +1% Magic Energy Regeneration

[Abilities]: +High Endurance <Allows the Item to survive powerful impacts or extreme movements. Agility limit: 1200. Strength limit: 1200.> +Tracking <Allows the wearer to track nearby life forms. Area limit: 20 meters> +Damage Dampener 20% <Prevents the user from receiving 20% damage of the total attack power.> +Link [Illsyore] <Allows a selected individual to know at all times the location and health status of the wearer.>

[Chance of Failing]: 67%

I didn’t like the 67%, so I added another 2000 Magic Energy Points, making this a 6000 Magic Energy Points enchantment.

[Chance of Failing]: 48%

Too high! I wanted to shout, but I realized it might have been something in the options I selected that kept the failing chance so high, so I began to experiment a bit more. I took out some of the abilities, but that only reduced it to 40%. I added them back and focused on the stats. I removed Magic Energy Regeneration, and the chance fell to 18%. Out of curiosity, I reduced the stats to 50 instead of 135. The chance dropped to 1%.

So, adding stats increased the chance of failing tremendously, huh? I thought, and out of curiosity reduced the stats even more. It didn’t change from 1% to 0% until I completely removed the stats.

In other words, stats added an automatic chance of failure of 1%.

It reached 3% when I had 60 points in all. By removing the Intelligence points, I could increase Strength by another 30 and Agility by another 30. Since those were more important, I left them at that.

With 3% chance of failing, it was a guaranteed win, so I applied the 6000 Magic Energy enchantment on Shanteya’s maid dress. The moment I did that, there was a bright light and then… something unexpected happened, which was both good and bad at the same time.

“Master?” the el’doraw asked surprised after she was left standing in front of me with her maid dress shredded into scraps.

“Well… naked apron is a thing, you know?” I said.

“Naked? But, I’m still wearing my bra and panties…”

“I can fix that, you know?”

She blushed and looked down.

The enchantment failed at 3%, and I was raging inside.

How could it fail at 3%? Just… just how? Seriously? ARGH! I screamed.

It took me a few moments to calm down, but when I did, I decided to never again attempt to raise the stats through enchantment until I have improved the spell to the point where it didn’t fail so ridiculously anymore.

“I don’t have a spare… I’ll go and get you your leather armor.” I grumbled.

“Please do, master. I can’t fight like this.” she told me and pointed at the remains of her dress.

Her cheeks were red and ears lowered a bit from embarrassment.

You trained naked, Shanteya, don’t complain about half-naked apron fighting. I thought but decided against saying those words out loud. It might have been a bit rude to do so.

I found Nanya in her room. Of course, before entering, I knocked first and just in case there was someone in there, I was prepared to accidentally shoot him or her with a simple [Fireball].

“Well, enchanting an item to be able to gather Magic Energy or increase one’s strength isn’t that easy and most of the times, no one actually tries it.” she told me after I explained the reason why I was there so early and asking for a spare set of clothes for Shanteya. “Still, I’m more surprised by the fact that you can add four abilities to it! Anyway, I’ll bring you Shanteya’s armor, but please don’t rip it up. Enchantments can be overwritten if needed be, therefore, until you handle it better, just spread the abilities around. By the way, they don’t stack. The stronger version takes priority.” she warned me.

“There goes my overpowered set idea.” I replied.

“So what are your plans for today?” she asked me and turned around.

Nanya went inside to grab Shanteya’s armor and a spare maid dress. Meanwhile, I waited in the hallway.

“I’ll build the fifth floor of the dungeon, enchant some traps. Stuff like that… You?” I asked.

“I’ll go and check the dungeons you made yesterday and add some bait inside to make them work. You said you wanted Shanteya to go hunting? Does that mean that if I hunt as well, you can level up faster?” she asked from the other side of the room.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Hm, I see… So, how did Shanteya get so strong all of a sudden?” she asked me curiously.

“It’s a passive ability of mine. It’s called [Bond of Trust]. As long as you trust me, and I trust you completely, the ability appears and allows me to boost your strength by a lot.” I explained calmly, without going too deep into details.

Even if Nanya and Ayuseya were my wives now, I didn’t feel like I could fully trust them, or that they trusted me. Maybe that was the reason why it didn’t work. Forcing this ability wouldn’t get me anywhere, it had to come naturally like it did with me and Shanteya. I felt safe and protected with her around, while she felt the same for me.

“Hm, interesting, unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever activate for me.” she told me as she returned with my slave’s clothes.

After absorbing them, I asked her “Why?”

“I just can’t trust anyone anymore.” she shrugged as though it was nothing to worry about “So, don’t worry, it’s not just you I don’t trust…” she looked down at the floor for a moment. “Even if my feelings for you turn into pure love… they won’t ever allow me to trust you, and you shouldn’t trust me either…” she looked up and showed me small smile, a sad one.

“Nanya…” I said as I thought about what to reply to her, but should I have when I didn’t know how she ended up like that?

Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t have ever guessed that the energetic, friendly, wild, and chatty Nanya had a problem with trusting other people. She interacted well with the students at the academy and even the other teachers. Nevertheless, considering the type of world this was and her past with Dankyun, it wasn’t an impossible thing either. Medieval times weren’t very pleasant or kind back on Earth either. Rather than romance, knights, and honor, it was more like terror, darkness, fear, and death. But still, I wanted to say something to her to help her out.

“You should get going now. Just keep in mind what I told you about enchanting. Also, now that I think about it, for your dungeon, I believe it’s better if you don’t build an entire floor today and instead focus more on defenses to your room here, at the academy. It wouldn’t be bad if you’re at it, to find a away to bring your core to your dungeon, just in case.” she advised me.

I was planning on doing that either way, but the part about a secret way to get my core to the dungeon was left somewhere in the corners of my mind. In other words, I wasn’t so sure about it. Maybe with Dankyun heading this way, such an emergency plan wasn’t such a bad idea, after all.

“Nanya, before I go, there’s something I wish to tell you.” I said.

“What is it, Illsy?” she asked me.

“I don’t think love can exist without mutual trust… When you love someone, you automatically trust them as well. I don’t know what made you unable to trust others, you seem to be doing perfectly fine with the teachers and the students, but just think about what I said for a moment… I actually mean what I told you yesterday. I’m not going to go back on my words just because you said you will never trust me. If I will suffer for falling in love with you, then let it be so. I’ll deal with it then.” I declared with a firm tone of voice, to show her that I meant every single word I said before and now.

Truth be told, I had no idea how things would end up between us in a few months or years from then, but if I didn’t try my best to win their both her heart and Ayuseya’s as well as open mine to theirs, I knew I would end up regretting it. For what I did, I had to at least try. This, I knew for certain because it was something Alina taught me.

When I was feeling down because of unemployment, when I was having a hard time with my friends, when I didn’t know if it was even worth living or not, she was there to help me get back on my feet. She could have abandoned me, she could have just stood there and do nothing, but she didn’t. There was even a time when I thought she was cheating on me with one of her coworkers, but it was all proven wrong. Well, it wasn’t only she who helped me get over that, some good animes and lines from a book helped me realize the wrong in my way of thinking.

It was actually logical, if one loved, how could they claim they couldn’t trust them? After all, as far as I knew, love meant to completely give yourself to the one you loved and request nothing in return, it meant to accept your partner without complaint and accept them as they were as well as believe and trust that they would do the same for you.

This wasn’t a belief I was born with, but one which I attained after suffering from doing the exact opposite, but I didn’t know if my words had the strength to reach Nanya. For now, they could have been seen by her only as mere empty words.

“I’ll think about it, Illsy.” she replied before closing the door.

I sighed and flew back to my room. For now, I could only wait.

Once I got back to Shanteya, I decided to enchant her armor before she put it on. I didn’t try to add any stats this time, but instead, I used the High Endurance and Damage Dampener 20% enchants as main ones. On her chest, I also added the third one, which was Link [Illsyore]. The only other part of her armor to receive an extra enchantment was her headpiece, on which I placed Tracker. Still, I was quite surprised to find out that her assassin armor didn’t have any initial enchantments suitable for her previous line of work, but then again, she was just a Master Rank or maybe Intermediary. Maybe that was the reason.

After I explained what sort of enchantments I added, the first question she asked of me was “How long will these last?”

It was quite interesting because I didn’t see any sort of timer on them when I made them.

“I don’t know, let me absorb one piece and see…” I told her, and she handed me the mask.

Upon entering my Inner Mind, I didn’t stop by to visit Ayuseya and went straight to the location inside my darkness where the items were being kept. After finding the headpiece, I pulled up its stats, but again, nothing out of the ordinary appeared in the menu.

Display duration of enchantment. I ordered.

<Permanent Enchantment>

That was the reply I received. I shrugged and left my Inner Mind.

“P-Permanent?” asked Shanteya when I told her.

“Yes.” I replied calmly.

“That’s amazing…” she said and looked down at her gloves.

“I sort of suspected as much.” I told her.

“What do you mean, Master?” she tilted her head to the right and furrowed her brow a little.

“I’m a Dungeon Lord as a species and from what Nanya told me, all dungeons can both create and enchant items. People researched enchantment spells based on what they encountered in dungeons. Their versions are temporary and not as strong as mine, so I believed it should be natural for me learn permanent enchantments rather than temporary ones even if they are mentioned as temporary in the books.” I explained.

In a way, I was expecting something similar to happen when I would find a book or scroll with a Godlike Rank Skill on it. That was unless I managed to unlock that skill myself. It was quite possible it required me to have multiple Emperor Rank skills.

Of course, there was the chance that I was completely wrong, and I just ended up with permanent enchantment based on a fluke or the fact that I simply didn’t specify the amount of time I wanted it to last. The skill did hold the option of: <Imagine Type>.

“Then, Master, I shall be on my way. I will hunt down as many monsters as I can for you!” said Shanteya with a bright smile before she pulled her mask on.

“Take care!” I told her.

In that moment, she turned back into the assassin I met during my first day as a Dungeon Lord. It made me remember the time when I slaughtered those 24 assassins without showing even the slightest sign of remorse. Even now, I felt nothing for them because I knew they caused harm for my beloved Shanteya. Thinking about it, for a level 1 dungeon to do something like that was incredible, absurd even, yet I thought it was something basic, something anyone could do.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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