~ Chapter 25: The last day of peace... (Part 2) ~

Either way, after Shanteya left, I headed off to my dungeon, but while I did that, I began to look over the types of enchantments I had there, most specifically for ‘see through’ and ‘enhance libido’ type enchantments. To my surprise, there were a few, but none with a negative effect. If I had to guess, those entered in the curse category rather than enchantment.

These enchantments do give me a good idea for what to try on their bras and panties… I thought, but I quickly decided against going down on that path.

If I could prevent it, I wanted to avoid having my wives and slave gain any sort of horny buff when I my only body was that of a floating crystal.

For two and half hours, all I did in my dungeon was to enchant each and every trap I found there with Ignore Magic Armor <Up to and including Master Rank>. After that, I enchanted the rooms containing lava with the Low Temperatures enchantment, so that it would be very cold for any adventurer who stepped in. I wanted them to believe that maybe the lava wasn’t real, and they accidentally went for a dip. Of course, I didn’t forget to enchant the lava with Corrode Magic Armor and High Temperatures. The walls were given a High Endurance enchantment, to make them very hard to destroy or melt. The labyrinth sections forming independent mazes received random High and Low temperature enchantments. The Illusion and High Endurance ones were on every wall in there. I was hoping to get something like a ghost enchantment for the walls or special sections of the maze, but there was no such thing in my list. All I could do was give some of them a third enchantment: Growl Noise. It was the same one used in home alarms and mimicked a dog’s growl.

The last thing I did in the maze was to add some scribbled notes written on dead-end walls. They were just some random taunts I thought up:

-You thought this was the exit?

-Aaand… you’re lost, aren’t you?

-I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but to reach the exit, you had to take the OTHER left!

-Note to self: Don’t forget to add exit to the maze.

-Note to self: I can’t find the other note to self…

-If you see this message… RUN!

-The message that told you to run was a joke.

-Are you bald yet?

-Somewhere in this maze, I hid a room filled with gold!

-Congratulations! You are lost!

-If you read this message, then you are lost.

-No, seriously, where did I put the exit?

From my perspective, I had quite a bit fun writing all of those down, but I had to keep them short. Too much would only spoil the effect.

I was thinking about building the fourth floor now, but I decided against it. I wanted to make sure my crystal room was safe and that I had a way to escape into the depths of my labyrinth. Plans to make all sorts of traps and defense mechanism rushed through my mind as I flew out of my dungeon.

“Hm?” I stopped midair when I sensed a strange presence approaching through the forest. It was a single man.

Curious, I approached him and analyzed him from afar. He was wearing a long trench coat with a black hood to cover his head. He was holding something in his hand, a small black crystal that glowed and showed the number 64. For a moment, I thought it was just some random bandit, but then I realized that he was holding the same type of item Nanya showed me once. The man was an adventurer looking for my dungeon.

Poor fellow. I thought when I imagined him entering my enhanced first floor.

I decided to give him a helping hand, so I constructed a spring trap in front of him. The man didn’t even realize it was there until it was too late. The moment he stepped on it, the trap triggered, and he was tossed into the air at an incredible speed.

“AAA!” he screamed as he flew like a bird, or rather a rock that was about to smash into the ground.

I may have made that spring too strong… I thought.

Luckily for him, he had a powerful Magic Armor that managed to dampen most of the damage he took from the fall, but he still got really banged up. I made sure he wasn’t dead and left him a small message on the nearby tree: [If you dare to step any further, I will <insert your worst nightmare here> and then I will <insert your worst fear here>, and finally, I will <imagine how your mother in law will react after she finds out you cheated on her daughter, your wife, with five other younger girls>. Oh, and I could also kill you.]

The moment he saw the message, he limped back the way he came.

With a shrug, I went to check up on Shanteya. Seeing as she made me level up a few times, I was sure to find quite an interesting stash, and I did. She hunted down Dayuks, Orkarin, normal wolves, some goblins, even an Urkin.

“You did a good job, Shanteya!” I told he with a smile before I began absorbing the bodies.

“Thank you, Master! Your enchantments and buff are amazing! I never thought I could take them out so easily!” she said with a happy smile.

“As expected of you! Well, keep up the good work, I’ll head back to the academy and return to you in three hours, alright?”

“Of course, Master! I’ll head north from here to hunt some more!” she said excited.

I guess she missed the thrill of the hunt? Or is that the excitement of being overpowered? I wondered as I watched her run off into the forest.

Upon returning to the academy, I started to work on my big plan to ‘modernize’ my room. The first things I changed were the walls. From cobblestone and cement, I turned them into Inconel Alloy. This stuff was a super-alloy made out of Nickel, Chromium, Iron, Molybdenum, Niobium, Cobalt, Manganese, Copper, Aluminium, Titanium, Silicon, Carbon, Sulfur, Phosphorus, and Boron. This thing was used for turbine blades in jet engines, and nuclear reactor applications. It was corrosive resistant, heat resistant, shock resistant, and hopefully Supreme resistant. To make it even better, I made it in 10 cm thick layers. The first one, the closest to me, had an enchantment of High Endurance 40%, which nearly drained me of Magic Energy. The second had High Endurance 20%, Low Temperature, and Illusion set to show heavy cracks meant to induce the attacker into using a weaker attack to try to shatter it. The third one was similar to the second one. Thus, I had a sealed up box with 30 cm thick walls as hard as it could get to pierce.

I highly doubted even a Supreme could get through that thing, but it was best not to test out fate and because of that, I reorganized the construction of my room. It was placed on the second floor, unfortunately, by the time I realized that, I had already finished creating the first walls. Now, I had to figure out a way to create an escape route for my crystal body in case of an emergency. The one thing I realized so far was that the stronger your Magic Armor was, the higher the chance to survive a high fall. The other thing was the fact that I was floating above the ground thanks to the runes engraved on the floor and ceiling. They created a field around my body, which allowed it to stand straight. In other words, I wasn’t floating because I could but because I was allowed to by an enchantment of sorts. Upon looking in my list, however, I was unable to find it.

The first thing that came to my mind when facing this dilemma was to try to copy the runes exactly as they were drawn and then infuse them with magic. It had to be that sort of a process, right? But then again, it was probably better to simply ask my wife, Nanya, about it.

Just in case, I went under the school and created a free fall lift of about 10 meters. It would land in a body of water. Afterwards, a piston would push me out of the water and another into the next chamber, which was going to be a slide all the way to my dungeon. Unfortunately, I knew well enough that simply making my crystal body slide wasn’t going to work as it did in cartoons. Another problem was the fact that I had to transport it quite a distance away from there. I had the option of using [Telekinezy], but it felt a bit bothersome to drag myself through a tunnel, especially when I might need to focus on closing the path behind me. The temporary solution I came up with was a slide made out of perfectly round wood rollers covered in thick oil. The only problem left then was how to obtain the oil. For that, I thought of the complicated process of creating oil moats and then gathering up.

As I would come to find out, however, I couldn’t regenerate the oil or any other liquid once it was depleted from the moat. The reason why I could reheat the lava back then was because the liquid was still there. In other words, I turned dirt into any liquid I desired.

If this is so, I wonder if dungeons built upwards in the form of a tower require the Dungeon Core to mine underground for any sort of materials it needs… Hm, could it be? I thought and then entered my Inner Mind for a moment.

In there, I concentrated for a moment and asked to be taken in the area where basic materials could be found. The darkness replied, and I was brought into a huge area. What I found there was beyond my imagination.

Thousands upon thousands of tons of dirt were gathered in the form of a floating sphere. Not far from it, I saw granite gathered in the shape of giant cubes, and right next to it, various metals of the highest purity were kept in the form of very big floating molten spheres. On the other side, gases of all kinds were gathered in the form of clouds. Under the dirt sphere, I saw all sorts of radioactive materials in the shape of cubes. The entire Mendeleev Table was right in front of me in the form of floating giant spheres or cubes. The compounds, dirt, lava, alloys, and other stuff like that were also there, but it appeared as though dirt was the center piece of all of them.

Looking around, I realized that whenever I created something, I didn’t do it out of nothing. I had all the materials stored right there, inside of me.

Who gathered all of these? I asked, but although I didn’t hope to receive an answer, I did get one.

<These materials have been gathered by all the Dungeon Cores and Lords who form your body. These materials don’t represent the total of what they gathered throughout their lifetime, they are what was left upon their death. If left unclaimed for 1000 years, these materials would have been split equally among All existing dungeons bellow Godlike race. Current owner: Godlike Dungeon Lord Illsyore>

In other words, I can’t just build dungeons without an end… I have finite resources unless I replenish them. Maybe that’s why I can absorb matter and liquids… I thought as I looked around at all those materials.

I wasn’t just lucky I received the Godlike race, but also because I got a boost in basic materials I could use. However, it meant that at one point, all of these had been mined and absorbed by Dungeons. In other words, I would also need to create a mine or mines. This also explained why other dungeons started out with humble cave systems and slowly develop as they dug down. The more they dug, the more materials they absorbed, the more resources they ultimately have and then, after a thousand years had passed since their death, all of those materials were given to newborn dungeons. Godlikes already had an impressive boost from level one, they could mine faster and better than any other dungeon, that was why they didn’t receive a part of the loot.

Should I consider myself lucky? I thought as I left my Inner Mind.

With so much material at my disposal, I could even build an entire island from the seafloor up and entirely made out of dungeon floors.

“Huh?” I blinked when I felt something entering my Dungeon Territory.

In that moment, my dungeon sense was tingling, and I knew something dangerous and far stronger than me was heading towards the academy.

“What… What’s that?” I asked myself as I looked in its direction.

Over forty life signs were heading my way. Two split apart from the group and went into the woods, but among them was a rather fierce life sign. It was stronger than any of those present on my dungeon territory, and it even frightened me. Still, it was a bit strange because they were all over 15 km away from me. It was the first time I sensed something so detailed and at such a far away distance.

“Something is coming…” I said with a trembling voice.

At first, I thought about starting to build walls and constructing traps to keep them from getting closer, but I didn’t have time for all of that, and I highly doubted they could actually stop them. Now I regretted I didn’t do this from the get go.

Flying back to my room, I created and installed six AGLMC laser pointed at the door, the only entrance. Air flowed inside the room through a few small holes on the top left corner, but I could always plug them up and use the air stored inside of me. I just had to absorb Carbon Dioxide and let out Oxygen to make it breathable. As funny as it sounded, my crystal body did, in fact, require oxygen to breath. I had no idea how it worked exactly, but I instinctively knew I would suffocate if I was locked up in a safe-like room with no way to refresh the air around me.

There were still a lot of things I wanted to prepare, and I could see that they were heading our way quite fast, well as fast as a horse could cover a distance of 16 km. There was also the matter with Shanteya and Nanya to think about.

No, Shanteya should stay there and keep farming levels for me. I need to get stronger… then Nanya? Yes! I have to go get her! I thought and immediately flew towards her.

There was still the safety of the students I had to think about. As soon as I returned with Nanya, I had to gather the students, tell Tuberculus and notify the other teachers of the incoming danger.

So many things… Argh! I have to hurry! I shouted in my mind as I rushed over the forest, heading straight towards the teenage-looking teacher.

I found her hunting a wild boar to use as a bait for one of the simple dungeons. It was probably going to be used to attract normal wolves, not the horned kind. The animal wasn’t even aware of her presence, but she didn’t have time to jump on it, I used my [Telekinezy] and grabbed her by the waist, lifting her up in the sky with me.

“Hey! What the?! Illsy?!” she shouted as she looked back at me.

The boar was startled by the noise and dashed into the nearby bushes.

“Something powerful is heading our way! Something dangerous! Something stronger than me! More than forty humanoids riding horses are heading on the main road towards the academy. Two split off and are trying to find my dungeons. We must hurry back! We have to…” I said quickly as I flew as fast as I could back to the academy.

“What? Illsy! Calm down! What danger? What are you talking bout?” she asked a bit confused.

“I-I-I think it’s Dankyun…” I replied with a trembling tone of voice.

A serious expression took place of the confused one a moment ago. Clenching her jaws and fists, she looked up at me.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes… I think… Who else could it be? Still, I don’t know, but ever since he entered my dungeon territory, I felt afraid… I felt really afraid, Nanya!” I told her.

If I had a body, all joints would shake and all my muscles would quiver with fear. My breath would tremble, my heart would beat so fast it would nearly burst out of my chest. I wouldn’t be able to focus, and I wouldn’t be able to react. My only salvation was the fact that I didn’t possess such physical reactions, but even then, it was hard to keep focus.

Maybe she noticed how I was reacting because I saw her gaze soften and then she spoke to me with a soft, gentle tone of voice “Illsy… calm down, my dear.”

Her words pulled me out of that trance like a hard slap to my cheek. It made me slow down a bit and look back at her in surprise. My breath, if I had one, slowly returned to its normal rhythm.

“Nanya? What?” I asked a bit confused.

“It’s not your fault, Illsy. You are not afraid of him, but of his weapon, The Dungeon Slayer. It’s a weapon created with powerful enchantments meant to send Dungeon Cores and Lords in a state of panic. You fear it instinctively the moment the sword enters your Dungeon Territory, after all, don’t you remember? You can barely feel anything past 10 km from here. If that’s so, how can you feel such a powerful fear when they had just entered your territory? Right?” she told me with a soft smile.

I blinked surprised and looked at her gentle gaze. She relaxed me, she calmed me down, and her words caressed my shivering heart, letting it resume a normal pulse. It was a miracle…

“Is this sword that powerful?” I asked.

“Yes… That’s the weapon Dankyun stole from me. A weapon meant to slay dungeons, but that enchantment which causes you to fear it so much isn’t its most dangerous one.” she explained shaking her head.

“Which one is then?” I asked as I remembered how Nanya once told me about this fellow.

He was the one who left her to die in a dungeon and also the one who stole the Supreme Skill scroll from her. Yet instead of feeling anger towards him, I felt fear…

“The Reaper enchantment…”

“Sounds scary, but what does it do?” I asked with a gulp.

“It grants a bladed or blunt weapon the ability to ignore the magic armor of the user’s enemy.” she explained and closed her eyes.

I gulped again.

“Doesn’t that mean that…” I started to speak.

“In the hands of a Master Rank, it’s a very dangerous weapon, but in the hands of a Supreme, it’s unstoppable.” she opened her eyes and looked up at me.

“I can’t defeat him, can I?” I asked.

She shook her head.

“Not right now… not unless you have a Godlike created Shield or a much stronger Magic Armor than yours.” she explained.

“What use would a stronger Magic Armor have and can’t you make a shield?” I asked.

“Godlike item creation skills are separated into tiers and types. I’m specialized on cutting and blunt weapons. I barely know how to make leather armor… My gauntlets are recognized as blunt weapons. So no, I can’t make a Godlike Shield, but a powerful Magic Armor can at least slow down the blade long enough for you to try and dodge it or counter it with another weapon.” she let out a sigh. “We have to make sure he leaves the academy peacefully.” she then looked up at me “Illsy, we mustn’t engage him in battle, at all cost! If we do, maybe we can survive somehow, maybe we can flee or hide from him, but what about Tuberculus, Rufus, Paladinus, Zertan, Angius, the other teachers who come here from the city once a week or the students? There are over 400 souls here, Illsy, who won’t be able to flee from Dankyun’s wrath if he attacks us, especially with his Supreme Skill…” she pleaded me.

Despite how angry she was with that draconian, despite how much she would have wanted to defeat him and bury him under a ton of dirt, despite how much I wanted to protect her, Ayuseya, and Shanteya, Nanya thought about something that didn’t even cross my mind at that moment. While I was starting to plot and weave strategies I could use against that sword or even how to create some sort of temporary shield against it using my modern-day knowledge, she thought about the safety of the students and all the innocent people who would be dragged into this battle for the simple reason of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. If I attacked with all of my might, I could vaporize his army, but could I safely protect all the lives at the academy against his Supreme Skill attack? Could I dare to run away from the academy and let him take the students as hostages? I wasn’t an idiot, this was a medieval type world, therefore, nothing would have stopped him from massacring the students and placing the blame on me. A dungeon core had gone wild, and he reached them too late. ‘The tragedy at Fellyore’ would be chapter written down in history, and Dankyun would come out as the brave hero who tried to save the day.

“I won’t do it…” I told her, but it didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel right at all.

To leave such a bastard alive, but what can I do? I thought and struggled with my inner turmoil, a battle between fear, a cry for justice, and the idea of being too weak for now.

I remained quiet, but on the way, I kept pondering about how I could get stronger, and about what I could do to help Nanya and Ayuseya. It was a difficult puzzle to solve, but as I got closer to my core, a strange feeling told me that I could take him on and that I shouldn’t back away.

I’m not a manga or anime character. I would love to have the ability to simply pull out that mythical energy from deep inside my chest and turn into a super powerful being. To shout at the top of my lungs that I stand for the weak, to face injustice head on, to stretch my hands and punch the hell out of my enemy, but this is the real world… I’m not a super alien. I’m not a pirate with a straw hat and powerful nakama. I’m not a proud ramen loving ninja. I’m not a shinigami. I’m not a hero like them… I’m just a normal guy stuck in the crystal body of a dungeon core… I thought to myself as I saw the Academy in sight, but as I got closer, I started to feel the pressure of being responsible for another’s life.

Dankyun had to leave this place peacefully, without engaging us in a battle. If he did, then, I wouldn’t be able to defeat him at my current level. Nanya believed so, and I believed so as well.

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