~ Chapter 26: Dankyun’s arrival at Fellyore Magic Academy (Part 2) ~

[Illsyore’s point of view]

I never expected to hear Ayuseya scream like that, to hear her sobs and cry as they scratched at the back of my mind and pierced my heart in a trembling echo. Her words were harsh, but understandable. I was the fool who acted and believed that he could get away with it just like that.

I may have made a terrible mistake and instead of bringing Ayuseya closer to trusting me, I pushed her away. If it worked with Shanteya, it didn’t mean it would work with the draconian princess or the teenage-looking teacher. I may have been a fool, but only now did I remember what Alina once told me: ‘A woman’s heart is full of mysteries, and what she may not show, she hides well.’

Fear and worry are among those mysteries, and Ayuseya just showed me that even though she was a tough woman who could endure a lot, there was a limit even for her. My kiss may have been that limit, but to think it would make her so upset to the point that she shed tears because of it, I could only feel ashamed and sorry for my behavior. But still, deep down, my stupid heart saw no reason in being sorry. It still felt overjoyed for the fact that I got to sleep on her big chest, to embrace her, to kiss her, and be together with her like I was with Shanteya. Those might have been my true, honest feelings, or maybe they were just a representation of my perverted thoughts.

Either way, the hope of creating a [Bond of Trust] with Ayuseya may have gone out the window. A single mistake was all that it needed, just one!

I let out a heavy sigh and looked down at the Academy. The students have all been evacuated in the back, except for Ayuseya’s servants, which were a total of six: two maids, two butlers, two bodyguards. They kept pestering Nanya about the princess’ location, but her lies held well. That woman knew how to weave words in such a way that even a modern lie detector would have had problems with her.

“Illsy! How far away are they?” she asked me.

Gulping, I looked in that direction and as soon as I felt their life force, that terrible sword reacted and fear rushed through my body. It was one nasty enchantment, but thanks to Nanya, I was starting to understand how to ignore it. I just had to think a bit more logically and constantly remember that what I was feeling was nothing but a lie induced through magic.

“They should come into view in a minute or so!” I replied.

Rubbing her chin, Nanya thought about something for a moment and then turned towards Tuberculus. She pointed at the academy and told him something, but I was too far to hear. I was on the lookout.

Whatever she said, the principal agreed. While he headed towards Ayuseya’s servants, she ran towards the forest and hid in some bushes. Nanya cast some sort of spell then because I lost track of her, well almost, I could still feel her. It was just a simple thought which told me: ‘My wife, Nanya, is that way. She’s safe.’

Seeing the scene, I decided to use this time and change something in the academy. I added two AGLMC lasers behind the windows in the attic. I hoped I had a good enough shot from there, but I also hoped I wouldn’t end up needing to use them. I thought about adding some traps on the ground as well, but they would have been easily noticed. Well, if anything happened, I could always create a hole below them and then shoot some fireballs inside.

Thus, we waited. I was floating above them, Tuberculus was sitting in front of the young students, ready to meet the fearsome Dankyun. Meanwhile, I just had to remember that as long as we said and proved Ayuseya wasn’t here, he would just walk away and give us enough time to make a run for it or actually prepare for his next visit. Speaking of which, Shanteya was still hunting. I reached level 66 already, but it was getting close to when I had to go and pick up the stacked bodies of the monsters she slaughtered.

“Hope this won’t take long… Ugh, please Dankyun! Get a stomach ache or diarrhea or something! Just turn around and stumble on something and die! Please?” I said with a low voice as I watched him get closer and closer to the academy.

In the end, my wishes were ignored by the gods of misfortune, and he arrived safely in front of Fellyore Magic Academy. He was leading the whole group and just with one glance, I could see the ridiculous difference between him and the others.

Dankyun was a tall draconian going over 2.5 meters. The scales on his cheeks and tail were of a dark-brown, and his eyes were of a dark-green. He held an imposing presence about him as well as a ridiculous armor on him. The thing weighed a lot if I my estimate was correct. It was a full plated armor decorated with gold and silver runes, but the base material looked like an alloy of sorts. To my surprise, he wasn’t wearing a helmet, but I could still see one dangling on the left side of his horse. That was a simple show of confidence. It was his way of telling us that he didn’t need it to protect his empty noggin. Wait, was it empty? I’ll just knock on it when I get the chance… with a 10 ton hammer.

“Who goes there?! This is a peaceful academy approved by the king of Shoraya! State your business, stranger!” shouted Tuberculus as he struck the ground with his staff.

He made an imposing pose in front of him, but Dankyun didn’t seem impressed. He was actually ignoring him and scanning the academy with his eyes.

When his gaze reached the room in which my crystal body was hidden, he squinted his eye s at it, and he showed a small confident smirk. He was mocking me, I could feel it!

“This is the esteemed Lord Dankyun Alttoros! Fiance of Princess Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades! He demands you hand her over for her country awaits her return!” stated with a firm and imposing tone of voice one of his goons.

Most of the soldiers behind him wore chain mail armor with steel helmets, but there were three who stood out from them. They wore steel-plated armors like Dankyun, but theirs weren’t as heavy looking or as neatly decorated.

“So, it’s an honored guest from a foreign land! But I’m afraid the princess isn’t here. She left a few days ago without telling anyone a single word about it. A caravan took her!” replied Tuberculus.

The soldier looked up at his commander, and I wondered if he bought the lie.

“You are telling me THAT princess left, and she didn’t take her… pets with her?” asked Dankyun with a raised eyebrow.

Upon being called pets, the six squinted their eyes at the draconian Supreme.

“Hm, just like last time I saw you all, feisty and disrespectful as always. Sigh, my fiance never had a good taste for servants. Nonetheless, you!” he said and then pointed at the Keltaru, the el’doraw man who fought with Nanya and got beaten to a pulp. He was all healed up now. “Tell me right now where she is.” he ordered.

Keltaru took a step forward and looked straight at Dankyun, without faltering or showing even the smallest sign of fear.

“I have no idea where the princess is right now, but even if I did, I would never tell you! My loyalty is only to my princess!” he declared firmly.

And here I thought he would cave in and tell him immediately all that he knows. I guess Nanya really did beat some sense into him! I thought with a smile.

“Hmph!” Dankyun wasn’t impressed. He lifted his hand up and then said “Old man, this boy belongs to my country. If you interfere, it will be viewed as acting against my nation.” he didn’t wait for Tuberculus’ answer and simply looked back at his soldiers. “You two! Go and give him a good beating.” he pointed at the ones he desired to act out his orders.

The two men nodded once and immediately got off their horses. They unsheathed their swords and approached Keltaru, the boy who dared to speak up against Dankyun.

“Now then, you!” the draconian pointed at one of the maids this time. “Unlike him, you are a pure-blood draconian. Speak!”

The maid took a step forward and gazed over at Keltaru, who was currently focusing on the two enemies in front of him. It was clear the man had no way of winning, and maybe that was what she thought as well.

“We…” the sound of clashing swords was heard from her left, but she didn’t turn her head. “We really don’t know where she is, milord. The princess vanished from our sight yesterday morning, but many of the men here at the academy told me that they last saw her bringing her bags to the second floor to be taken by the Dungeon Lord somewhere else.” she said with a bow of her head.

There had to be a snitch! There always was one! Surprisingly though, it wasn’t Keltaru, and speaking of which, he wasn’t doing too well against the two soldiers.

From the moment they stepped in front of him with unsheathed swords, he was aware this wasn’t going to end well for him. Their smug expressions, confident look in their eyes, and attack pose they took warned the el’doraw of the impending danger. Just like them, he too unsheathed his own swords and took a step away from the rest to have enough room to properly use his skills against the two, without worrying of actually hitting his allies. I was also ready to attack them as well and give him a helping hand, but I wouldn’t do so unless I believed they were about to land the killing blow.

When the maid started to talk, the three clashed swords and despite the difference in ranks, Keltaru was holding his own quite well, however, to the trained eye, it was quite clear they were merely playing with him, letting him fall in the trap of thinking he held the upper hand. Fortunately, Keltaru wasn’t lowering his guard against them. Nanya’s beating helped him realize just how weak he was against higher ranks, especially when she presented the granite cube test at the end of their duel. Achieving a skill of a certain rank didn’t mean you were guaranteed hop into that rank. On paper, it could be done, but among adventurers, they were recognized only and only after they proved their strength through such a test.

That being said, Keltaru had no way of winning, and the two soldiers were making it clear as they advanced towards him. Although he gathered his entire might whenever he went for a hit, they either dodged or deflected the blow. This dance continued slowly as Keltaru got more and more tired after each attempt.

While this happened, no one intervened, Tuberculus stayed put, but his grip on his staff was so tight, the wood cracked. The other servants who stood by his side until then kept their heads bowed down in front of Dankyun and ignored the fight that took place not far from him.

“Enough playing around.” the man said calmly after a while.

“Yes, milord!” said the two soldiers at the same time.

With an evil grin on their faces, they attack the boy, raising their swords up and showing their true might at last. One shattered his magic armor with a single blow, while the other attacked his undefended body with the hilt of his sword. The strike landed on the right side of his ribs. The el’doraw’s armor barely protected him, and the sound of cracked ribs was heard.

“Ugh!” he groaned as he got tossed to a few meters in the air.

The soldier’s attack was nothing when compare to Nanya’s, but it still managed to cause him a great deal of pain and damage. Keltaru landed on his feet, but before he could raise his guard up, the soldier who attacked him first dashed towards him and punched him in the face, breaking his teeth and cutting his upper lip.

“Omph!” he fell on his back.

The two soldiers moved to his left and right respectively, preparing to use him as a ball of flesh and bone. That was when I was planning on interfering, to use a simple [Fireball] to hit them both and send them flying, but before I had the chance to do so, Nanya acted.

The teenage-looking teacher jumped out of the bushes she was hiding in, grabbed both soldiers by their heads and then smashed them together. The force she applied was enough to shatter their armors and bend their helmets. They were instantly knocked out.

Her actions surprised me. I thought she was going to stay out of this and wait until Dankyun was gone, but she couldn’t stand seeing Keltaru take a beating like that in front of the school. When she did it, she won in an official duel and made sure to teach him a thing or two about his real strength, but now, that was nothing but bullying, a senseless beating.

“Oh? Look who we have here!” said Dankyun with a big grin.

Nanya threw him a glare and then looked back at Keltaru.

“Are you alright, boy?” she asked and helped him up.

“Ugh, I don’t think so…” he replied and coughed up a bit of blood.

“Go to Tuberculus and have him look at you.” she told him.

“Nanya, my dear, what do you think you are doing to my subject?” asked Dankyun as he looked back at her.

“I’m not your subject… ugh, I’m Ayuseya’s.” he said and with that affirmed his loyalty once more.

“Hm?” he lifted his hand up and without even chanting, a fireball was hurled at him.

Nanya jumped in front of the attack and punched it. The spell exploded, but it didn’t even dent her Magic Armor, let alone her steel gauntlets.

“Go.” she told Keltaru.

“Thank you…” he replied with a nod.

Meanwhile, the other so-called servants didn’t even lift their heads up to watch the scene. Their loyalty was clear, and it wasn’t towards their princess.

“Nanya, if you step in front of my attack once more, I will stop playing nice with all of you.” he said calmly as he kept his palm aimed at her.

The smirk on his face showed the perfect representation of a calm villain confident enough he could easily defeat the hero. All those in the army of minions behind him showed a similar evil smirk. They were enjoying the scene and awaited for their enemy to fall under the might of their master.

If this goes on… Dankyun will attack Nanya. I thought and tried desperately to figure out a way to stop him from doing something dangerous, but then he aimed his hand at the room where my core was placed in.

“You won’t back down so easily, but I wonder if I should destroy this dungeon first? It seems like a fair enough trade for your… interference?” he said, and I gulped.

If he was going to attack my room with a similar fireball, I had nothing to worry about. Those super-alloy walls could easily take on such a small attack even without enchantments on them. Still, what if he was going to attack with something else, something more powerful? He was a Supreme, and this meant he could use Emperor Rank spells. A supercharged fireball with ice spikes was probably not enough to melt my room away, but it could severely damage and maybe even injure the students who were hiding inside the building.

“Just try it, but I will rip off your hand before you get a chance to attack.” she told him calmly.

“Oh, my! How scary! Puhahaha!” he laughed out loud and lowered his hand.

Nanya glared at him, but didn’t say anything.

“I’m actually quite surprised that someone like YOU left a dungeon alive! Hahaha! How many of them did you kill again? Hm, was it 200 or 240? Do remind me, I seemed to have forgotten, but it matters not.” he shrugged. “What surprises me, however, and at the same time makes me wonder is why would you stop killing them and let this one live? Hm?” he asked, but I honestly saw no connection between what he just said and what he was ordering a moment ago.

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