~ Chapter 26: Dankyun’s arrival at Fellyore Magic Academy (Part 3) ~

For a moment, I actually thought he wanted to make the academy pay for Keltaru’s insolence or what he perceived as such, but something felt off. Dankyun didn’t bat an eye at either the el’doraw, Tuberculus, or the servant who gave him the report, but when Nanya appeared, his actions changed completely. Instead of ordering an attack from his soldiers, he acted by himself.

“I have no need to answer to a lousy betrayer and thief like you!” she spat at his feet.

“Oh? Are you talking about this?” he asked as he unsheathed his sword and point it at her.

Is that Nanya’s… I thought as I looked at it.

The design was that of a 15th century Earth claymore, a two-handed longsword, however, the blade was pitch black and engraved with dark-red runes which glowed softly. The hilt was covered with black leather, and the protector was slightly curved inward. Looking at his scabbard, I noticed it matched the gold and silver design of his armor. This strange combination of colors made the sword stand out completely when he wielded it.

I gulped.

The aura of darkness and danger around it made me shiver. I closed my eyes for a moment and thought back to what Nanya said There’s nothing to fear! There’s nothing to fear! This is the result of a powerful enchantment, that’s all! Just an enchantment… Unfortunately, the moment I opened my eyes, it was still as frightening as before.

I gulped again and looked back at Nanya. She was glaring at her and clenching her fists. The usually calm teenage-looking teacher was now barely keeping herself from attacking him.

“Hm? This is quite impressive! I didn’t expect you to have such a… such a reaction when we met again! I honestly thought you would run at me, growling and curse me and then I would stab you in the heart, decapitate you, and leave your body to be eaten by rats! Hahaha!” he let out an amused laugh.

“I’m not the same brat you once knew.” she retorted, but she spoke through grinding teeth.

“I see! I see! Then what if I… let’s see… cast my Supreme Skill right now, right here, on top of this academy?” he asked with a grin as he lifted his free hand up.

“Dankyun…” Nanya growled and took a step forward.

The air between them was tense. In front of us, the draconian and the young girl vanished and were replaced by two, frightening monsters. Their motives for clashing swords and jumping in to attack felt like a mystery if one didn’t know what they had been through. Among those at the academy, me and some of the teachers were probably the only ones who could guess the true reason behind Nanya’s anger and Dankyun’s eagerness to engage her in a battle.

Despite this event and the way things seemed to be turning from bad to worse, there was only one thought worrying me. If this draconian attacked with his Supreme skill, then this entire academy, minus my room, would probably end up destroyed. The teachers would most likely survive thanks to their Magic Armors, but the students would be slaughtered under the rain of fireballs. Once that would happen, nothing would stop Nanya from going in for the kill.

What about Shanteya? I thought and then searched for her life signal.

Although far from us, she was still within the Supreme Skill’s area of attack of 1 km in diameter. With this single attack, Dankyun could rob me of my home, my slave, my friends, and the ones I had to protect.

Can I build something for them quickly? I thought then, but there was no way I could do it. I wasn’t that strong yet. My Magic Energy would be depleted by the time I finished the second layer, and it would be without enchantments too.

I gulped.

There was only one way out of this. I had to kill Dankyun. I had to destroy him…

If I kill him before he initiates this attack, then… If I kill him now while he is focused on Nanya, I can save the students. Nanya can deal then with his soldiers, the teachers could as well. But can I harm this Supreme? Maybe… I have to launch a very powerful attack. I need to focus my aglmc lasers on him and fire them while at the same time, I attack him with a 7000 or 8000 Magic Energy [Seeker Fireball X18]. Yes… he has to die… but can I kill him? Yes! No… I have to… Yes, I have to… I thought as I struggled with the horrible decision of taking one’s life.

The reason for my hesitation was most likely my fear caused by his sword, it made me seek the safer way, it made me doubt my intent and strength. In the end, what made me make up my mind was remembering the fact that I already killed in this world. This wasn’t Earth. I wasn’t going to end up with the police at my doorstep. I could freely kill as long as I had a good reason to do so and no one would judge me for that. This world didn’t hold the same moral values as my previous one did, therefore…

Kill… I must kill Dankyun… I must kill him to protect Nanya, Shanteya, and this entire academy.

My thoughts resonated within my crystal body and sent a shiver throughout my entire Dungeon Territory. As with any other dungeon, a dark fog was lifted up from the ground at about one meter height, but it was the thickest around Dankyun and the thinnest around Nanya and the academy. It clearly showed my desire and intent to slaughter that draconian.

“Hm? What’s this? Is the dungeon finally going to join our little bout?” asked the man as he looked around.

“Why are you surprised?” asked Nanya coldly.

“I’m not. I’m just curious as to why the dungeon raised its killer intent now. ” he shrugged.

“Isn’t obvious?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Do enlighten me! If your answer amuses me, I won’t destroy this place.” he replied with a cocky smirk as he looked back at Nanya.

“If you do attempt such a foolish thing, we won’t hesitate to attack you with all we have! This one hasn’t shown its killer intent even once until you came here and threatened to destroy the academy and kill all the innocent students inside! Even if you are a Supreme, you should know that such a massacre won’t stay hidden! The children of some rather powerful nobles are in there, and some do have ways of communicating with their parents back home. Even if you kill them before they send a message, you won’t be able to erase the evidence left behind by your horrible deed! How many do you think will be willing to pass on calmly? Their ghosts will wander this place, and once a Seer is brought in, he will be able to communicate with them. The truth will come out, and you will be hunted down in all the kingdoms like the vermin dog you are!” she spat at him.

Despite the insults thrown at him, Dankyun showed her only a smirk full of himself. He was enjoying himself with how he made Nanya act. Her anger and hate towards him fueled him like dried wood and gasoline fueled a fire. As for me, I locked onto him, ready to cast my spell.

“This was but a joke, Nanya, my dear! I wouldn’t wish to harm any of the innocent students here!” he suddenly said, lowering his hand and shrugging like it wasn’t a big deal.

The darkness around him didn’t fade. I didn’t believe him. I wasn’t going to lower my guard just like that.

“What the boy told you is the truth! Princess Ayuseya left without informing any of us of where she was going. I guess she already knew that her servants weren’t exactly loyal to her, and that’s why she didn’t reveal any of this to them. Attacking this academy won’t bring you anything but trouble and if you don’t believe me, you are free to check as much as you want. Knowing you, you probably already placed some sort of tracking spell on her. Why don’t use that?” asked Nanya after she crossed her hands at her chest.

“Hm. True, I do have such a spell, but it’s strange, you know? It keeps telling me she’s here, yet you all deny such a thing. How very strange, indeed.” he said and rubbed his chin slowly.

“It can’t be.” Nanya shook her head. “If we knew, I would have handed her personally to you by now just so I don’t see your ugly face again!” she shook her head.

“Or you could keep her from me just to annoy me?” he commented.

“I am not mad enough to risk the safety of my students as well as interfere in political matters of this level!” she denied such a thing, but since I knew the actual truth, I could see how good of a liar she was. If she lived in Earth’s modern times, she would have made an excellent actor.

Dankyun looked at her for a whole long minute, all the while I prayed he would leave this place and try not to fight against us. My killer intent didn’t subside though, but I knew that if I attacked him now, there was a chance Nanya could get in the way of my attack, or I might be the one damaging the academy. If I attacked first, he would have a politically good enough reason to destroy this place. I wasn’t stupid, I’ve seen this tactic before. Even in modern-day court houses, your case didn’t have a single hope of winning if you were the one to strike first. The tactic was simple: wait for him to make the first move without taunting him and then you were free to go for the kill. It was legitimate defense, but I doubted this was what Dankyun feared. He just needed an excuse to throw at the political high circles. With me or Nanya attacking first, he could even claim it to be a possible assassination of a foreign dignitary.

Wait… then kill… wait, then kill… or just kill? IF I kill him first, then I get rid of the danger… I kept thinking as I looked at the draconian man threatening to destroy the peace and quiet of this place.

“Let’s say I believe you, but I don’t.” he said after a while as he sheathed his sword.

The effect of the enchantment of Fear lessened.

“…” Nanya squinted her eyes at him.

“I’m going to stay here for a few days, and you will let my men thoroughly search this area and every nook and cranny of this academy, including any of the dungeons your pathetic Dungeon Core may have built. You need not need to worry about showing them to me, my scouts already found most of them by now. If I don’t find anything, I’ll leave quietly. What do you say about this… deal?” he asked with a smirk.

It honestly sounded good, but somewhere deep inside, I kept hearing a certain character from a Sci-Fi movie screaming at me: “It’s a trap!”

Still, did we have any other option besides an all-out battle with the students as possible crossfire casualties?

If I lure him in my dungeon, can I kill him? His men would certainly die, but what about him? I asked myself as I weighed the possibilities in my mind.

It was a good idea, but remembering the damage Nanya and the Emperor Rank teachers did on my first two floors, I couldn’t help but feel like I was greatly underestimating my opponent. The dungeon was supposed to be my final defense.

“Oh, and if you dare to move his core from there, I’ll take it as a declaration of battle towards me.” he pointed at my room.

I gulped.

Even the idea of moving my core in my dungeon could trigger a battle now, but it was alright. As long as we didn’t make the first move, I was safe, and I could always move my core away before he could get through those Inconel walls.

“Very well. We’ll agree to this deal, and you will see for yourself that this princess of yours isn’t here! The dungeon’s core will stay there as well, we never moved him in the first place. His only role is to repair the academy and warn us of dangers. The dungeons you will find are simple ones too. He didn’t build anything else.” she nonchalantly lied to him again.

“So be it!” he raised his hand, and his soldiers dismounted. “Now, about this black fog…” he said as he tried to push it away like he would a puff of smoke, but my killer intent fog was quite stubborn.

“Of course, I’m going to go and tell the dungeon to treat you and your men as allies. He’s a bit of a dumb one, so it’s naturally that he reacted by instinct to… MY sword.” Nanya lied and squinted her eyes at him.

“Pardon, but you mean MY sword. It’s true that it belonged to you at one point, but a good sword always chooses its master and in this case, it picked right!” he smirked and patted the scabbard.

Nanya could only growl at him as she turned around and walked towards the academy. I quickly flew towards her, but I didn’t release the killer intent yet.

“What should I do?” I asked her.

“Release your killer intent. If this was a matter just between us and him, I would have scolded you for not attacking yet, but you did well. We are strong, but I don’t think we can protect the students from his attacks yet. Fortunately, he gave us enough time to start making some preparations. I doubt he will leave as he said. He’s a no good draconian, a scum, a bastard, a piece of garbage! Grrr!” she struck the wall hard, making a big crack in it. I repaired it and quickly went after her again. She was heading towards my room. “We’ll pretend to run our business as usual, but meanwhile, do whatever you can to build something to send the students away! Do it without telling anyone else but me. Oh, and do hide the entrance to your big dungeon.” she explained.

“I already did that, but I haven’t made an escape tunnel for the students, yet. I’ll work on that tonight. But… can we win against him?” I asked.

“It depends Illsy. That armor of his isn’t normal. It’s most likely a Godlike item.” she told me as she entered my room.

“Then, can I use that you know what spell? I’ll strip him naked, and he’ll be much easier to fight.” I told her with a smirk.

“No, that won’t work unless it can ignore a [No Steal] enchantment. If even one of his items has that thing on him, then he will know immediately that you tried to do it, and he will take it as a direct offense and won’t hesitate to attack us.” she explained and let out a sigh.

[No Steal]? Is there something like that?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“How do you think nobles and royals get to walk outside without worrying about someone stealing from them? They all wear that thing.” she explained.

“Even you?” I asked her.

“The spell worked on me, didn’t it?” she reminded me with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, right!” I said.

“Illsy, let go of your killer intent.” she told me.

“Alright…” I nodded and did as told.

The black fog vanished, and Tuberculus approached Dankyun. He was most likely going to arrange some sort of stay for them, either at the academy’s main building or the dormitory. Since I was inside, I couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

“Can I overwrite the enchantments?” I asked Nanya.

“I tried it many times, but that sword isn’t normal… Besides, you would need the spell [Disenchant] and last I remember, you only had [Enchant].” she shook her head.

“I see…”

[Dankyun’s point of view]

Seeing Nanya in her sealed form after so many years was quite exciting, so much that I couldn’t abstain myself from taunting her to start a fight. I actually hoped she was going to jump at me right away, but it appeared as though she really did change. Nonetheless, this only made the game even more interesting. I was going to enjoy breaking Nanya’s composure and force her to attack me. Once she did that, I was free to begin… torturing her.

But how am I to go about it? Hm… maybe I should do something to these dear students of hers? If I accidentally hurt or touch one or two from the peasant bloodlines, I’m sure I’ll get her riled up! I thought as I was being led by the old human headmaster towards my temporary room at the dormitory.

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Dankyun is such a one-dimensional villain that I find it difficult to hate him because of how doomed he is. Hopefully none of the other main antagonists in this story will be as stereotypical.