~ Chapter 27: My first Emperor Rank Skill! (Part 2) ~

The following day, I released Shanteya at 6:00 AM in the morning, and she immediately sneaked out into the forest. I had to make a small, temporary hole in the wall to let her slip through and then repaired it. As bothersome as it was, I had to keep my guard up about many things, including possible assassins sent over by Dankyun, however, I had a feeling my Divine Auras would make quick work of them.

While Shanteya was out hunting, I made a quick list about the things I wanted to do that day: 1) continue the escape tunnel for the students; 2) upgrade my crystal room’s defenses; 3) build another floor in my dungeon where my escape tunnel led to; 4) spend some skill points at the end of the day.

The first thing was the easiest job to do. I only had to do a copy-paste of a section of that tunnel. Absorb the ground in perfect squares, replace walls with [Make a Room], enchant walls with High Endurance. I did this until the clock struck noon. After that, I headed up to my room and started to plan what I wanted to add or change.

I made a safe door with a locking mechanism which could be activated only from the inside. Just in case, I also made it so that it only worked when I added a certain gear inside the whole locking mechanism. It was supposed to be a temporary key just in case someone else had [Telekinezy]. I covered the door in the strongest endurance enchantments I had and masked the exit with a simple 1 cm thick normal wall. This way, all I had to do was unlock the safe door and destroy just a bit, meaning less energy to spend.

After that, I added some electric Power Crystals to charge up the floor and walls, after all, the Inconel super-alloy had a rather high electric conductibility. This small trap together with the AGLMC lasers guaranteed a very low chance of anything coming close to my room and survive, but it still felt like it wasn’t enough, but then again, I had a rather limited space to begin with.

Unfortunately, there was no way for me to test everything out, but I prayed I would never need to do so in the first place. If Dankyun simply left the Academy’s ground like it was nothing, that would have been great! Unfortunately, real life tended to give me a slap over the face whenever I thought things were going smoothly for me.

A small incident happened before I headed off to my dungeon to build the fourth floor. While I was flying up above the trees, I saw four soldiers surrounding a twenty years-old human woman at the edge of the forest. She was a noble wearing a long, brown frilled dress, with long brown hair and green eyes. Holding a big book with a worn-out leather cover, she tried to look brave and oppose the four. Still, I didn’t need any extra explanation to make me understand the grave danger she was in.

“Please stand aside and let me leave! If the teachers hear about your rude behavior towards me, they…” she tried to oppose them.

“They will what?” one asked with a big smirk on his lips.

I feel like I’m watching a cliché girl getting ganged up by bullies scene. I thought as I was scrolling around through the not-so-deadly list of traps.

“M-My f-father is a v-very powerful man! H-he…” she gulped and tightened her grip on the book.

“He will what? Our master is Dankyun, a Supreme! You think he can do anything against him?” another spoke, but unlike them, his accent was really bad, showing that he didn’t know human language all that well.

“Indeed, the girl’s father might not, but there’s nothing stopping me.” I said and used my absorption ability to make a big square hole, 4 meters deep, right under their feet. I then placed a gas trap inside and covered the top of the hole with a metal lid.

“Huh?” the men didn’t even have time to react. They all dropped like rocks at the bottom of the hole.

The gas trap activated immediately, and they all went to bed in a matter of seconds. The sleeping gas was extremely potent, and I was lucky their Magic Armor wasn’t strong enough to repel the gas.

“Go to Nanya, now!” I told the girl.

She nodded once and dashed off to get her teacher.

When I opened the lid. All four soldiers were deep asleep. Using [Telekinezy], I pulled them out and hung them by their belts in the nearby tree. The hole and trap were made to vanish as though they were never there to begin with.

Seeing Nanya in the far, I made myself scarce and left her to handle the hanging trash. I knew it was bad to litter, but I had to make an exception just this once. Before I left for my dungeon, I did look around the perimeter of the academy to make sure no such other unfortunate incidents were taking place. Most of the soldiers were resting in their camps, and Dankyun was having tea in his room. Two other groups of soldiers were looking around the place, trying to find a clue to Ayuseya’s hiding hole.

“Looks clear…” I told myself as I looked down from the sky at the whole academy.

Satisfied, I flew off to my dungeon. I was bent on creating the fourth floor. Regarding as to how I was going to make it. I was thinking of using lots of traps, but also to install some AGLMC Lasers I could control remotely. If I or Nanya could activate them remotely just with our will, then we had the perfect way to snipe the adventurers right in the back when they least expected to be under attack. Of course, I wanted to spare myself of useless work, so I usually aimed for creating something automatic, but until I discovered how to build it, manual control had to suffice.

This floor wasn’t supposed to be mind numbing crazy difficult in regard to its complexity, just very very deadly. What I had in mind for it were lava traps, pit falls with spikes, pressure walls, rolling spiked metal spheres, electric traps, poison traps, lasers, timed platforms, and all of them enchanted to make them even more dangerous.

Without beating around the bush, I wanted to make this dungeon floor be my trump card, just in case I had to fight against Dankyun. With it, I wanted to weaken his magic armor and maybe even manage to shatter it completely. If I could do something like that, then defeating him was only a matter of disarming him and injuring him to the point where he gave up.

The idea sounded good in my head, but I knew there was a high chance I was mistaken about my dungeon’s ability and my own strength. I had to think of the worst-case scenario as well: that he would reach my core’s room. Therefore, if that was the final arena for our battle, it had to be VERY deadly. I had to build stronger AGLMC lasers. I had to make it electrified. I had to make ways to protect myself and allow myself the freedom to launch my most powerful abilities at him.

I had my work cut out for me, and it was insane. With a heavy sigh, I descended to the last part of the third floor and went down on the exit shaft. Just like always, I created the giant empty room of the floor where all the walls and traps were supposed to be laid out in perfect order.

Easier said than done. For safety’s sake, I also added some support beams to the plan. Looking back at the second floor, this one was a bit bigger than it and ended with a big circular room of a 50 meters diameter. It was really huge, but all that space was going to be used to make a complicated maze of traps and all sorts of deadly things. Unfortunately, there was no room for monsters in it. Even so, I wasn’t able to create monsters stronger than what a Master could handle on his own. My opponent would probably be a Supreme, so pesky imps who fell in love with boots could only get me so far.

I spent a few hours on the maze, managing to finish about 25% of it, give or take a few walls. The most time-consuming part was drawing the map for the whole thing, then the countless traps I laid all over the place.

Once I was done, it was time for me to head back to the academy. I was to finish it after I had a bit of rest. There were also the things the students and maybe the soldiers may have broken during he day. I had to fix those as well.

“Ugh… I hope no one decided to blow a hole in the wall again…” I groaned.

After a quick check, I sighed in relief and praised my luck no one decided to make a mess around the place.

It was then when I remembered that I had left Shanteya in the woods, and I forgot to go and collect the many things she hunted throughout the day.

“Crud…” I immediately flew that way.

Sometime later, I found myself in front of a big pile of monsters. There were barely any left in the area. She hunted so much, I feared she may have exterminated all of them. As for the lovely maid, she was still hunting a couple of Dayuks. I absorbed the stockpiled bodies and then went after her.

After she made her kill, I approached her and said “Hey there! Hope you aren’t upset I didn’t get back here earlier?” I said with an awkward smile.

“Oh! Master! Good evening! Why would I be upset? I did as you told me, I hunted all the monsters I could find and piled them up together this entire day, from the break of dawn ’till now.” she replied with a smile as she wiped the blood off her hands.

“Mhm… yeah. Again, sorry! I’ll absorb these monsters and then you?” I put it more as a question.

She replied with a small nod.

I did as said and then flew back to the academy. On the way, I did take a quick peak at my current level.

[Level]: 72

[Strength]: 200+1000

[Agility]: 150+1000

[Intelligence]: 225+1000

[Magic Energy]: 8120

[Magic Energy Regeneration]: 30 Magic Energy Points per Second

[Available points]: 155

[Available skill points]: 180

Well, this is great! I told myself and then I went back to the skill I wasn’t able to upgrade before.

After a simple command I decided to upgrade [Seeker Fireball X18], and the following message popped up in front of me:

<Select skills to fuse: [Skill 1] & [Skill 2]>

It was then when I realized that in order to create an Emperor skill, I could have ANY skill at Improvement level 5 and a Master Skill of Improvement level 5.

Now it makes sense why Nanya described an Emperor Rank skill that sounded like a combination of [Fireball] and [Ice Spear]. I thought as I looked at the message.

I suspected this from the moment I saw the message regarding the requirements for the next Upgrade. The upgraded [Fireball] skill to Master Rank and what Nanya described didn’t match at all. In other words, I can make an incredible amount of Emperor Rank skills by fusing them together, but wasting so many skill points didn’t sound so exciting to me.

I chose the only two skills I had at Improvement level 5: [Explosive Jagged Ice Spear X4] and [Seeker Fireball X18]. The result cost me 150 points and the skill I obtained was the following:

[Infernal Glacier X10] <Creates 10 spears of ice with a jagged tip and covered in liquid fire. The core of the spear is 100 degrees below water freezing point. The liquid fire is over 3000 degrees above water freezing point. Upon impact, the liquid fire spreads and sticks to the target, while the jagged tip of the ice spear detonates inside. Cost: 200 Magic Energy Points>

I gulped when I read the description. It sounded quite dangerous and honestly speaking, I couldn’t wait to test it out.

Curious about it, I chose the option to upgrade this one as well, just to see what the requirements were.

<[Infernal Glacier X10] cannot be upgraded further in Crystal Core Form.>

Huh? Then… What if I were to ask… I thought and with a gulp, I looked at the last part of the message.

“Upgrade Crystal Core Form.” I said.

Nothing happened.

“Improve Crystal Core Form.” I tried again, but with the same result.

“Make a New Body.”

<Error 404>

SERIOUSLY?! I screamed in my mind.

I let out a long sigh and decided to simply relax and enjoy the fact that I acquired an Emperor Rank Skill. Tomorrow was testing time for the skill.

That night, I fell asleep with a pleased smile on my lips. If it was because of Shanteya’s bosom or the new skill I obtained, I didn’t know, but the following day, I was planning on continuing gaining levels and maybe debate with Nanya and Tuberculus about how I could gain a new body.

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