~ Chapter 28: Nanya's pranks (Part 3) ~

“Do you think they will find out it was us behind those pranks? I’m surprised no one heard you laugh like that.” I looked back at her.

“Oh that? I used a spell that silenced all sounds around me. It’s not a perfect stealth spell, but for something like this was enough. As long as they didn’t hear or sensed our presence, we have nothing to worry about. Besides, what are they going to do? Point a finger and complain?” she shrugged as if it was nothing.

True, if they did try anything, Nanya alone was powerful enough to finish off all of them. In my case, it was just a matter of casting a 5000 Magic Energy Points spell of any of those I had at my disposal. Still, not all of the soldiers were there. I knew some were searching my other dungeons, and no one managed to find my secret dungeon yet, but they did destroy all magic summoning circles and traps they found.

They were trying to weaken me. That was what it felt like. For a dungeon, traps and monsters were their weapons.

“What are you going to do now?” I asked Nanya when we arrived at the academy.

“I’m going to go back there and pretend like nothing happened. What about you? How’s that thing we talked about progressing?” she asked.

“It’s going good, one part finished, the rest almost done. ‘You know who’ is helping me level.” I replied.

“Good! Good! With a bit of luck, maybe this bastard will leave without causing too much of a fuss! Nihihi! Also, you didn’t forget to strengthen your Magic Armor did you?” she asked me with a raised eyebrow.

I stopped in my track and gulped. I knew there was something important I kept forgetting, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Oopsie…” I said.

“Don’t you oopsie me! Go and strengthen it! Now!” she glared at me.

“Yes! Oh, and Nanya?” I said when I reached the entrance.

“What?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Colly Tos!” I smirked, and her panties appeared above me. “Bye bye!” I said and then quickly flew away from there.

“ILSSY!” she shouted as she snatched her panties back.

She didn’t give chase after me, only sighed and put them back on. The soldiers weren’t the only ones who ended up getting pranked.

Once in my room, I strengthened my crystal body, infusing it with as much Magic Energy as I could without fainting. Nanya did say not to foolishly charge it, but I had the feeling the stronger and bigger my armor was, the better. It always was the case for heroes in manga and anime. The more energy they put into something, the stronger it got, however, I did try my best to strengthen and focus it.

With that done, I moved off to Shanteya. By now, she managed to stockpile quite a lot of monsters. I absorbed the mountain and gave her a quick ‘Hello!’, after that, I moved towards my dungeon. There was no time or need to chat, she was busy killing off a tribe of Goblins.

The construction of my dungeon proceeded nicely. I managed to finish about 70% that day, but looking at it as a whole, this level was far deadlier than the ones before. The hardest part was the lava traps. Basically, it was a corridor of pressure traps that dropped hot lava from above. It was a one-time use type of trap, which I had to reset in a very troublesome way. Once the lava hardened, that path was blocked, and they had to go back through another trap filled corridor in order to reach the next section of the maze.

The giant panties gave me an interesting idea though. I built a primitive type of treadmill, which was basically a combination of roller pins covered with a leather belt. The trouble came from trying to make them spin fast. I had to make a batch of oil and enchant it so that it didn’t get dirty and wouldn’t spill off whatever was rubbed on.

Once I finished the whole installation, I realized I could simply enchant the roller pins and the band to move very fast without the oil. I let out an annoyed groan when I realized that. Nonetheless, I finished the trap by adding sharp metal spikes on each end of the treadmill and a couple of piston triggered sharp giant axes. Anyone going through there would need to be very very agile or have a powerful Magic Armor, otherwise, they would end up in pieces or skewered.

Another thing I decided to add to every section of that maze was a gas trap. The air was poisonous for all of them, but I would have three different supply routes. Basically, I made pipes going through the ground and popping up under various tree roots or inside hollowed trees. This way, they were very hard to find and plug. There were multiple paths leading to my room, but all of them extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, I had no way to escape from there. If Dankyun or any other enemy reached me, it was going to end up as a battle to the death between us.

Honestly speaking, I had no idea how powerful and dangerous this dungeon was going to be. I wanted to be more creative with it, and although my mind moved in the direction of advanced quantum physics and mechanics, I had absolutely no idea how to make black holes or gravity controllers. I couldn’t even make a car if I wanted to.

Thinking about it, I might have been extremely lucky with the Inconel super-alloy. If I didn’t need to research it for my bachelor’s degree back at the Politechnic University, I might have ended up with regular steel or iron walls. Then again, did I make it or was it already stored inside of me by the previous dungeons? If so… how could those dungeons know how to make a super-alloy discovered only in modern times of Earth? I pondered about this matter while waiting for my Magic Energy to recharge.

The mental fatigue was clear towards the end of the day when I accidentally built a tilted wall instead of a normal one. I was tired and simply had no drop of desire left in me to build anything anymore. It was a bit annoying that I was so slow at building stuff and had no way of building in bulks. The idea of a copy-paste method sounded good, but unlike the case with the tunnel, I had to focus on minor details on this one.

Exhausted, I left the dungeon when it was starting to get dark outside. I flew straight to Shanteya, I picked her up, absorbed the pile of monsters and then flew back to the academy. If there was anything left to fix, it was going to be left for the following day. I only desired to slip back into the comfort of my Inner Mind and fall asleep.

I’m sooo tired… I groaned as I flew into Shanteya’s arms.

Then please, rest well, Master. she said and let me cuddle up to her.

Erm… Illsyore? I heard Ayuseya’s voice coming from behind me.

[Dankyun’s point of view]

“Miss Zoraya Del’argo, I presume?” I asked as I looked at the young lady who entered my room.

It was already dark outside, but even in the faint light of the candles in my room, I could still see her beautifully shinning green scales covering her tail and cheeks. She was a bit shorter than me and rather thin around the waist and chest. Her green eyes were like a pair of perfectly carved emeralds.

Unfortunately, she was of a low noble origin. You could say that I saw it as a wonder how she managed to reach Fellyore Magic Academy. Despite everything, this place was rather far away from her home back in the Teslov Kingdom.

“Yes, Milord.” she replied with a polite bow.

At least she knows a bit about manners. I thought as I looked at her.

“Do you know why you have been called here?” I asked her looking straight into her eyes.

She gulped, but didn’t run away from my gaze. I frightened her.

“No, Milord.” she shook her head.

I tilted my head a bit to the left and waved my tail up and down next to me. Her eyes fell on my dark-brown scales and then looked away, thinking that I didn’t notice her frightened gaze.

“I called you here to offer you the possibility of joining my people. You will be trained by my Emperor Rank and Master Rank commanders. You will receive all the appropriate gear you will need to function as a soldier in my unit, however, if you desire a more ‘away from the battlefield’ job, I can guarantee you something back at the Imperial Academy in the Paramanium Empire or the chance to work under a close associate of mine in the Teslov Kingdom’s capital, in the palace or outside of it, depending on your choosing.” I explained the deal with a calm tone of voice.

“T-That’s mighty generous of you, Milord…” she said blinking surprised at me.

“Indeed, it is. All that I ask of you is to renounce your loyalty towards Princess Ayuseya Pleyades and the royal family. Swear to serve me and only me, and I will make sure to turn your future into a bright one. What do you say?” I asked with a smirk.

No draconian in their right mind would refuse to work under me. These misguided fools were of my own species, and I had the right to make sure they didn’t stray from the right path. Promising power and riches were usually the best ways to motivate a change in their loyalties.

Even so, there were those few fools who believed the alternative was better…

“B-But Milord, I can’t betray the royal family… They are…” she started speaking, but the rest of her words were simply cut off for me.

“Enough.” I said lifting a hand up, and she closed her mouth.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples in the futile attempt of chasing away the headache these idiots were causing me. Why couldn’t they see what a pathetic bunch the royal family was? Why did they still retained their loyalty towards a dying cause? I simply couldn’t understand. I couldn’t comprehend this preposterous thing!

Ugh! Either they are all idiots or the princess told them something to turn them against me. I thought as I looked at the young lady awaiting for me to speak again.

“Do you know what a Generation Curse is?” I asked her as I moved a hand away from my left temple and looked with one eye at her.

“N-No, Milord.”

She was frightened of me. Good!

“Let me teach you then. A Generation Curse or Supreme Curse as others call it is a curse that affects your entire bloodline starting from your generation and going further to the next ones. Basically…” I released the other temple and leaned back on my chair. “If I were to curse you, then you and your children and their children would receive this curse instantly. Can you follow what I’m explaining?” I asked.

“Y-Yes, Milord, but I…” she tried to speak again, but I silenced her by lifting my hand up.

“You need not say a word, just listen.” I took a deep breath and looked into her eyes “A generation curse is stronger the more generations it can engulf. The one on Princess Ayuseya for example is for 1000 generations.” she blinked surprised. Of course, not many knew all the details behind the royal family’s curse. “The interesting part, however, consists in the specific effects of these Generation Curses. The one on the Pleyades family forces them to die at extremely young ages and renders them extremely weak. They are so weak that even a human peasant could kill them. Do you understand?” I asked.

“Y-Yes, Milord.” she replied, but I could see her shivering already.

“Now, do you still wish to serve a princess that is bound to die in a few years from now?” I asked and pointed at her.

“I-I… I…” she trembled and looked down for a moment.

Be a smart girl and pick the right choice. I thought.

“I do.” she replied.

“Is that so?” I leaned back in my chair and looked up at the ceiling. “So far, I only managed to persuade three students to join me, which have already been sent to be trained by my soldiers. To think that out of all of them, only three picked the right choice… Sigh! Disappointing… so disappointing.” I said out loud, but it didn’t really matter if she heard me now.

“Mi-Milord?” she spoke with a trembling voice.

“I’m bored of this game. If you don’t want me to kill you right now, undress. Refuse, and I’ll kill you and your entire family and friends.” I ordered her.

If she didn’t wish to join me, at the very least she could be useful to please me for a night. In my eyes she was nothing but a traitor anyway…

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