~ Chapter 30: The cries of my spells (Part 1) ~

With a speed faster than the human eye could see, she dashed towards Dankyun, who noticed the incoming danger and lifted his hand up to block the first strike. He didn’t even flinch when he received the blow. The shockwave was so powerful, it shattered the window behind him into a billion pieces and then the impulse sent him flying through it. The frame was blown apart, and the wall cracked because of his sheer size.

Even after such a powerful hit, he still didn’t receive any damage and landed calmly on his feet. Nanya walked over to the hole in the wall and jumped after him. Meanwhile, I was left holding the head of the poor girl who died because of him.

Looking down at her contorted expression of fear and pain, I cringed and closed my eyes for moment.

She didn’t deserve this… I thought and flew over to her torn body.

After placing the head down, I went outside, where a full-blown battle was taking place between the draconian Supreme and the Godlike teenage-looking teacher. The loud noises of their clashing strikes echoed on the walls of the dormitory and the nearby academy building, alerting both the soldiers and teachers of the ongoing battle.

I flew above them and watched as Nanya tried to get in close enough to land a strike with her steel gauntlets on his vital spots, but Dankyun’s sword was too fast and blocked each and every one of them. Behind him, I could see the effects of her force. The shockwaves rustled the grass and scared off any small animal or bug hiding in the area. The students in the dormitory were already trying to get out of there, heading off to the academy building where the other teachers were expecting them.

Being an observer in this battle wasn’t to my liking, and I prepared myself to engage Dankyun as well. I wasn’t planning on stealing Nanya’s kill, but I wanted to help her out as much as I could.

“Shellur Sou Yar!” I chanted and cast four [Explosive Jagged Ice Spear X4].

Sixteen Jagged Ice Spears formed around me and flew towards Dankyun. He jumped back and slashed the five closest to him. Two missed, hitting the ground at his feet. Another two managed to land a direct hit, but they didn’t even scratch him. As for the rest of the spears, they kept chasing after him until he swallowed them up in a wind tornado, but just like before, I didn’t hear him cast the spell. I found it incredibly strange that he could do such a thing, but I knew it wasn’t technically impossible. As long as someone figured out how to properly control the flow of magic in his mind and focused on the chanting words, there was no problem in using any sort of spell. Unfortunately, I was far from attaining and using such a skill.

As soon as he finished casting the wind tornado, I saw Nanya jumping towards him. She used the voice command for [Fireball] and another spell I could only describe as a directional lightning strike. Dankyun slashed her first spell in half, nullifying it, but he didn’t notice the second one and received the full hit. His armor, however, remained undamaged. That was when Nanya charged in at him again, trying to strike him down with her fists.

While she was keeping him busy, I didn’t hesitate and charged up 500 Magic Energy Points into a [Fireball]. The students were too far from a possible impact area, but the damage would certainly be considerable. I just hoped Nanya dodged in time.

“Ashur Nav Es!” I shouted, and my spell was launched at Dankyun.

“Hmph! Pathetic!” said the draconian, who kicked Nanya in the chest, sending her crashing into the wall of the dormitory.

Before my spell hit, he turned around and slashed it in half, causing a Magic Energy instability. Although the spell didn’t detonate, the mass of fire spilled over the ground around him just like water would out of a popped balloon. The flames singed the ground, leaving nothing but ashes behind.

I watched stupefied at how easy it was for Dankyun to destroy the attack that took the life of 24 assassins. Once more, I realized the actual difference in skill and power between ranks. I couldn’t compare Dankyun, a Supreme, with those assassins, who at most were Master Rank.

Nanya coughed and got up from the ground. The wall behind her crumbled down, leaving behind a hole.

Glaring at him, she lifted her hand up and shouted “Erater Elf Es!”

In that moment, fifteen Jagged Ice Spears formed around her and then flew at the smug draconian. He jumped out of the way, letting two pierce the ground, while he used his sword to deflect and destroy the others. Only one managed to pierce through his defense, but it was deflected with ease by his armor. I had no idea what it was made out off, but it did the same to my Explosive Jagged Ice Spears. They were deflected, and they didn’t even detonate upon impact. For a moment, I even thought I shot a dud.

“It appears this isn’t what I would call a fair fight. There’s an invisible partner helping you, isn’t there?” asked Dankyun with a confident smirk on his face.

“Why? Why did you kill her, Dankyun?!” shouted Nanya at the man.

“Hm? Oh? That little twerp? It’s simple. I deemed her to be a traitor towards me and the draconic kind. We have no need for the likes of her.” he shrugged calmly.

“What? A traitor? How could Zoraya be a traitor? You are lying, you pile of donkey manure! She was a simple girl who wanted to become a healer and return to her village! She never had any intention of joining the army! Grrr!” shouted Nanya, letting out a growl at the end. It sounded animalistic, but it just proved how angered the teenage-looking teacher was.

“Oh, such filthy words! Alas, I can’t expect more from the likes of you. As for that draconian, I can guarantee that she was indeed a traitor to her kingdom and species! I did ask her, after all, if she knows where Ayuseya might be, and she dared to reply that even if she knew, she would never tell me! I felt insulted! Besides, it’s in the interest of the Teslov Kingdom for me to find her as quickly as I can. Gods forbid if something were to happen to her in this kingdom because she withheld precious information from me! That’s why I declared her a traitor. At the very least, I offered her the touch of a man before I killed her. Do not worry, I’ll let her family know of her… betrayal. They will certainly fall from their noble status because of this, but I do believe it’s a rather fitting punishment for the likes of her, don’t you think so?” he asked as he looked down at the tip of his sword.

“You are a madman!” I declared before Nanya could open her mouth, while the black fog of my killing intent spawned from the ground all over my territory and focused its darkest parts around Dankyun.

No matter what he said, me and Nanya already knew the truth, and that girl did nothing to deserve such a cruel fate. Dankyun did this only to satisfy his twisted thirst for blood, one which would be poured down all over my friends and those I cared about in this world if we didn’t put a stop to him.

“Me? A madman? That’s a bit absurd! I’m just concerned for the well-being of my species! The draconians are far more advanced and powerful than humans, elves, or the pathetic beastfolk on the third continent! Yet, we are degrading ourselves constantly by working with them and even helping them… Ugh! That’s why, I merely offered to all of those misguided draconian students the possibility of becoming my underlings and learning from the best of the best the proper ways one such as them should behave! Instead of seeing the generous offer I extended towards them, they dared to refuse and in that girl’s case even disobey my orders as a Supreme and future member of the royal family! That’s the very definition of betrayal!” he declared as he glared towards Nanya, since he wasn’t able to see me.

“Dankyun, you are the very definition of despicable and mad!” retorted Nanya.

I couldn’t argue with that.

“Too bad! I never asked your opinion anyway!” he smirked and charged at her.

Nanya jumped back, but she was too slow. His hand moved faster than the eyes could see, and slashed her with his sword. It went straight through her magic armor and connected to the physical one. Sparks flew in all directions and Nanya went flying towards the dormitory.

I didn’t even have time to react. One moment I saw her jumping back, and in the next I saw Dankyun right in front of her. The windows on that entire left wing were shattered into tiny pieces, and the entire building shook. The side of the dormitory between the first and second floor was heavily damaged by the impact of her body into the floor between them. Luckily, the structure wasn’t made out of concrete, so it was cracked and shattered with ease, dampening some of the impact. Unfortunately, it put that entire side of the structure in danger of collapsing.

Most of the damage was where Nanya hit the building, leaving the upper room and the one bellow partially visible. Inside was a total mess, with pieces of the walls having smashed into the furniture and glass from the broken windows scattered all over the place. As for Nanya, she stopped close to the last room, falling down on the ground with an ‘oomph’. The barely hanging wall collapsed on top of her, partially covering her up with rubble. As far as I could tell, she was still alive, but after such a powerful blow, I suspected she had at least one or two cracked ribs.

“Nanya!” I shouted instinctively, but instead of rushing there, I targeted Dankyun and created a barrage of [Seeker Fireball X18]. “Zir Navian Esy!”

One after another, big fireballs of at least half a meter in diameter went after him. The draconian saw the incoming attack and immediately tried to dodge and block them, but I was in control of each one of them. After the first two were slashed in half by his sword, I began to take advantage of their explosive effect and used it as an AOE. I ordered the fireballs to explode right when they touched his Magic Armor or at a few centimeters away from the edge of his sword.

The first ones took him by surprise, tossing him back a meter or so. The next ones, he tried to cut them, but the effect was the same, however, still far from causing any sort of damage to him. Actually, I couldn’t see even a single scratch on his armor, but the battle was far from over. My Magic Energy pool was far from depleted, and I had yet to use my Emperor Rank Skill. My only worry was him using his Supreme Skill.

“What pathetic attacks! But I will say that they amuse me a bit! I’m guessing you are the one attacking, Dungeon Lord?” he asked with a smirk as he kept avoiding or receiving the explosions from my fireballs.

I didn’t answer. I focused on the battle, hoping that it would offer Nanya enough time to recover.

“Nya Nya Niku!” I shouted the voice command for creating a trap.

Under Dankyun’s feet, a spike trap formed, but since it didn’t have the enchant of ignoring a part of the Magic Armor, it simply threw him in the air when it triggered.

“Spike traps? Against me? Really?” he laughed.

“Eshun Naer Es! Jend Ashur Elf Es! Zir Navian Esy!” I shouted the voice commands for [Wind Scythe], [Explosive Jagged Ice Spear], and [Seeker Fireball X18].

The first one cut the air and slammed into him, sending the draconian flying towards the academy, the jagged ice spear flew through the air and aimed at his back. He turned around in midair and slashed it in half, but I detonated it and tiny ice spikes pounded his Magic Armor. I finished by bombarding him with seeker fireballs in a randomized pattern. He defended himself from a few, but for the rest it was nearly impossible to do so.

“Serus kar!” I chanted the voice command for [Telekinezy] and targeted Dankyun.

I tried to surround him with this spell, but I couldn’t get a good grip on him because his Magic Armor was too dense. Putting more Magic Energy in this spell didn’t work either. He was still trying to figure out where I was, completely ignoring my attacks on him, but I was invisible to everyone except Nanya and Ayuseya.

With no alternative left, I tried to surround him with my spell entirely. It worked, and I slowed down his fall.

“What’s this?” he asked surprised.

It didn’t seem like he recognized the spell. Turning around, I pretended I was baseball player and used Dankyun as a ball. I tossed him as hard as I could towards the forest on the other side of the academy. His body went flying through the air at an incredible speed, breaking the sound barrier and creating a sonic boom. The shockwave spread around, and the next thing I saw were the effects of his body slamming into the trees. He passed straight through a couple, shattering their barks into tiny pieces and breaking in half a couple of others.

My initial intent was to fly over to assess the damage and give the finishing blow, but then I heard one of his soldiers.

“Kill them all!” he shouted.

Looking down, I saw the students and teachers fighting against Dankyun’s army. The three commanders were holding off the teachers, while the soldiers were trying to break inside the school. Concentrating on the group of misbehaving draconian men, I created a hole under them and then summoned lava on top. It wasn’t much, just enough to block the entrance to the academy. I wasn’t going to let them kill the students.

“AAARGH! It burns!” screamed one of them.

“Get back! It’s the Dungeon Lord!” shouted another as he jumped out of the hole.

I probably killed some of them, but the rest backed away. Just to be sure, I created a few more arrow traps next to the windows of the academy, letting them trigger the moment they got too close. Creating enchantments would have been too hard on me in that moment, so I hoped the teachers and students would be able to handle the soldiers now. An alternative was to use the AGLMC Lasers on the rooftop, but pinning them down one after another would have taken too much time. I had to go and kill Dankyun.

Curse my lack of Magic Energy and lack of sure-kill traps! I thought as I checked how much I had left. I didn’t even focus on the couple of levels Shanteya gained for me until then.

After closing my status window, I looked over at Dankyun. A moment ago, he was there, but then he disappeared. He was heading fast towards Nanya, who only now managed to get out of the rubble. The wound inflicted on her wasn’t that dangerous from what I could see, but she was bleeding a bit and holding her chest with one hand. Worst-case scenario was that her injury was internal.

“Watch out! He’s coming!” I shouted at her as I flew over.

I tried to create some sticky traps between him and her, but he simply jumped over them.

“HA!” Nanya tried to punch him, but he avoided the blow and grabbed her hand.

Turning around, he slammed Nanya in the ground and punched her in the stomach. I shot a powerful [Seeker Fireball] at him, but the moment he saw her, he moved Nanya in the way, and I had to divert it towards the dormitory. The right wing of the building was engulfed in its flames.

“Let… go!” she tried to hit him in the stomach with her knee, but it didn’t go through his Magic Armor.

Lifting her up with one hand, Dankyun laughed.

“So pathetic! I can’t believe you are so pathetic, Nanya! Hahaha! And this Dungeon Lord is even more ridiculous! Does he actually believe a Supreme like me can be harmed by these pathetic attacks of his? Hahaha!” he laughed and then punched Nanya in the stomach, making her spit blood.

The black fog on my territory showed just how terrifying my killing intent was in that moment, but there was nothing I could do except to attempt to fuel my Emperor Rank Skill with all of my Magic Energy and risk fainting because of the use.

“Nanya…” I said.

I closed my eyes for a moment.

Dankyun is going to kill Nanya at this rate… He’s going to kill her and then me… then Ayuseya, then Shanteya… I thought and unwillingly let the draconian princess inside me hear my thoughts as well.

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