~ Chapter 30: A battle between two heroes (Part 2) ~


Hearing him say that shocked me. From my point of view, none of the dragons I met could be called monsters. Some of them were idiots, indeed, but they weren’t vicious beasts who ripped apart everyone who stood in their way. Heck, my lover was a dragoness.

“Don’t you know?” he asked.

“Know what?” I replied furrowing my brow.

“Humans are at war with Dragons for the past countless centuries. Dragons are brutes and monsters who wouldn’t hesitate to kill us the moment they saw us! If they let us live it’s only to toy with us!” he declared in a bitter tone of voice.

What?I know they are at war, but they never seemed to be… I mean, considering what I’ve been through, why would I ever believe such words? I thought and my resolve stood firm.

“Listen, I don’t wish to kill a fellow human, especially a hero from Earth. We all want to save our precious planet, after all… that’s why we were brought to this primitive planet.” he spoke in a rather superior tone of voice.

For some reason, he was starting to annoy me. I had the feeling this guy was one of the not-so-sane-and-polite British people. Or in other words, the type even his own countrymen would find unpleasant to hang around with.

“Lower your sword and join me! If you will continue to live together with these monsters, you will only have to suffer! They will abandon you! They will harm you!” he clenched his fist and spoke with an incredible conviction and determination in the tone of his voice.

It was almost like there was no other way besides HIS.

“I don’t believe it… I’ve met some very decent dragons who became my friends.” I retorted.

“They are just lying to you!” he scoffed.

“You never met or spoke with any of them, how can you be so biased?” I questioned him.

“Because unlike you, I’ve been on the battlefield! I’ve seen the horrors they are capable of! I know they never show mercy towards our kind! Friendship? It’s only a lie! I’m certain they wouldn’t even let you shake your hand out of disgust because you are a human!” he shouted.

Well, Kataryna tries to drag me into her bed, Seryanna kisses me, Kleo hugs me, Brekkar almost broke my hand with his powerful handshake, the lovely maids at the mansion helped me with a lot of things, and the list goes on. I thought to myself as I remembered all those moments, and among them, Seryanna’s kiss under the rain was the most beautiful of them all.

“I’m pretty certain that’s not true.” I said squinting my eyes at him.

“You are just a fool…” he sighed and shook his head.

“Maybe…” I replied and entered a stance.

“Although you aren’t a dragon, I can feel that you are quite powerful. I will enjoy stealing your Magic Energy, but relax… I won’t kill you. Once you are weak and helpless, you will see for yourself how quickly these dragon friends of yours will take to abandoning you.” he smirked and then the room around us changed.

We were in an open room with a high ceiling and walls covered in strange inscriptions. On one of them, I could see a big, black crystal, pulsing from the stored Magic Energy inside of it. At this moment, I realized what this human’s ability was.

Teleportation… I thought and raised my guard.

“Show Status.” said the man with a smirk.

I looked at him and prepared myself for an attack.

“Such a low level when compared to me… This will be an easy win.” he then slashed the sword in the air.

“ARGH!” I groaned as I felt the cut on my left hand, forcing me to drop my sword.

What happened? I asked myself a I looked at my bleeding hand.

The cut was in the only place where my armor was weaker. It wasn’t that deep, but I couldn’t hold the sword properly now.

“You have no chance of winning against me.” he declared arrogantly.

I wish I will win this battle! I wish to beat this bastard! I wish to get out of this place alive and without my power stolen from me! I thought as I quickly set the grounds with my 100 Luck.

He tried to cut me again, but I let instinct guide me. The blade came from the left this time, towards my right leg. I avoided the injury by jumping to the left. Without a weapon at hand, I was defenseless, so I tried to grab it again.

“I won’t let you!” he shouted and the sword vanished.

This skill of his is powerful! I thought, but I already began to think of its limitations.

For once, I didn’t think he could teleport something inside my body or off of it. He could probably teleport me, but there had to be some conditions to that as well just like there were with my [Dragon Tamer] skill.

After all, it would have been incredibly easy for me to just go around making ‘friends’ and gaining insane stats, but the limit imposed was the fact that it had to be a mutual and honest thing. Not anyone could be my friend, and not anyone was willing to be my friend. I couldn’t go over their right to an opinion.

Maybe there was something like that attached to this skill of his as well. Then there was the cost of this ability. Unlike the [Dragon Tamer], this one was an active skill which required Magic Energy. Considering the effect, it was probably a spell that needed a lot, and unlike dragons, humans had a lower Magic Energy pool.

Fortunately, I had other abilities that didn’t need a sword.

[Air Barrier]! [Earthquake]!” I called out.

The ground began to shake under our feet, and a barrier of air formed around me, stopping his next blade attack. The tip of the sword didn’t materialize inside the barrier but outside of it.

“You can use spells too? Interesting…” he muttered to himself and then jumped back.

Instinctively, I jumped at the same time and a boulder fell on the spot I was sitting. If I didn’t move, it would have crushed me or at the very least distracted me while I tried to get out.

[Earth Arrow]!” I shouted and conjured the next spell.

Unfortunately, without an instant and silent cast, I gave away both the type and timing of my attack. He simply lifted his hand up and the arrow vanished and reappeared behind me. The barrier deflected it, and I was able to run to the left.

What can I do against him? I thought.

My biggest problem right now was the way I had to use tactics. Unlike in a game, where you could eventually pause and think about what to do next or even study the battle beforehand, I had to think on the spot. With my lack of experience in fighting opponents on equal grounds, I made a lot of mistakes.

Instead of being on the attack, I was on the defensive, constantly trying to avoid his teleporting blades and my own repelled attacks. Also, for some reason, I kept attacking him with more ranged spells as if the first one wasn’t proof enough that they didn’t work on him!

In short, I was panicking and couldn’t think straight.

I was in a very dangerous position…

What can I do? At this rate, I’ll be the one defeated! Is he that much stronger than me? I thought and struggled to dodge his attacks.

Seeing that he wasn’t able to get me that easily, the man suddenly vanished and appeared before me. With a powerful strike of his blade, the barrier vanished around me and then he struck me in the face with all of his might. Worst of all, I forgot to dodge this time around.

This is going to hurt… I thought and closed my eyes.


I felt a light bump on my face, but nothing else happened.

Opening my eyes, I saw him holding his fist and groaning.

Was that it?

“Did you punch me?” I asked surprised.

“YES! What’s your face made out of? Concrete?!” he shouted.

“Huh?” his words surprised me because I didn’t fully processed what happened.

Is it possible that… I thought and looked at his sword “[Identificus Processus Juridicus].” I said calmly.

(Sword of Thonbar): Legendary sword wielded by the now dead human general Thonbar. It has the power to ignore Magic Defense. Upon imbue with Magic Energy, it has the property to cut 10 times better than an ordinary Steel Sword. Being made out of Draconium, a legendary metal that can easily absorb Magic Energy and by doing so increasing its endurance, it is far more sturdy than an ordinary Steel Weapon.

So the reason he was able to cut me was because of his sword… Is it possible that he isn’t actually that powerful? I wondered and to test it out, I activated [Dash] and moved in front of him.

I punched him in the face, and at the same time, I grabbed his sword out of his hand.

These actions were done in the course of a split second. The man didn’t even know what hit him, but I was 100% sure my fist didn’t meet any sort of resistance when it hit his face. As a result of this, the man was thrown into the wall on the other side of the room. I didn’t worry about killing him because I didn’t use my full strength. Besides, as a level 264, I was certain he had some interesting stats, but he couldn’t compare in strength to my girlfriend or even Kleo for that matter.

He probably underestimated me by believing I had the same stats as he did when he was my level. After all… ‘Show Status’ doesn’t show my true stats, which are ridiculously boosted thanks to my friends. I thought with an inner smile.

Once again, I was glad I decided to be friends with the dragons.

“Huh? So it’s like that…” I said and then rushed towards him before he recovered.

I kicked him in the stomach. The shock caused him to drop down on his knees and vomit up his food. I had but a split second to avoid the mess, but with this, I knew the man was far too weak to fight against me. His only advantage were his skills and his sword, while I had the pure, awesome brute strength of several dragons.

“You’re done.” I said and pulled back his hood, revealing his face.

He was a blond male several years older than me, with half of his face burnt and covered in hideous scar tissue. It looked really nasty, and I could only imagine the pain and suffering he went through when he got it.

A fire accident maybe? I thought unaware of the true story behind it.

There was something else I noticed about him then. He wore a leather collar with a black lock attached to it. Several runes were inscribed on it with black ink, and I could feel the presence of Magic Energy pulsing from within them.

“What’s your name?” I asked him.

He opened his mouth, but the runes on his collar started to glow yellow. Instead of telling his name, he smirked. The runes calmed down as a result.

“What’s with this collar? Tell me!” I tried ordering him, but he wasn’t willing to reply.

At least, as long as I held him by his hood, he couldn’t teleport away, or so I thought.

“Pika Boo Blink.” that was all he said and then he vanished from my sight.

I was left there alone, holding only a perfectly cut piece of his hood. Angered, I tossed it aside.

“That coward!” I shouted.

Apparently, his skill worked that way as well. I was a fool for thinking that as long as I had my hands on the item, he wouldn’t be able to use it, but with a level of 264, he probably upgraded it a couple of times or maybe he focused only on that one skill?

At the very least, I got his sword as loot. Putting it in my scabbard, I walked over to the black crystal and looked at it.

[Identificus Processus Juridicus].” I said, and the following information appeared before me.

(Dungeon): Difficulty rank: Heroic. Type: Necromancer.

[Level too low to investigate any further.]

I sighed and closed the message.

“During our battle, we could have shattered you, and you know very well that I have the power to do so, but I made you a promise, and I won’t do it. Just point me towards the exit.” I told the dungeon.

On the opposite wall of this room, a pathway opened up. I walked through it and left the place. All I had to do now was find Kleo and return to the surface with them. The Dungeon was certainly not going to pose a danger to me now.

Still, the fact that I wasn’t able to get any sort of information out of that human hero was annoying me. I wanted to know who sent him here, why, and if there were more like us on this continent. Maybe there were more ways than one of getting here?

[Somewhere on the outskirts of Drakaria, the capital of the Albeyater Kingdom]

The human hero with the weird teleportation ability appeared near the old ruins of a house. He was breathing hard and showed the signs of Magic Energy exhaustion. Although, he wasn’t showing it, he had three broken ribs and a lot of bruises on his body. To get rid of them, he popped the cork of a small bottle and drank its contents to the last drop.

With a sigh of relief, he sat down on an empty log and looked up at sky.

“To think there were other humans from Earth living on this continent… Too bad for him…” he shook his head and got up.

With a wobbly step, he headed towards Drakaria, the city where his master lived.

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“Humans are at war with Dragons for the past countless centuries.”

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