~ Chapter 30: The cries of my spells (Part 2) ~

[Ayuseya’s point of view]

When I heard his voice, a shiver of fear went down my spine and ended at the tip of my tail. I looked up and saw a strange moving painting surrounded by a red lightning frame. On it, I saw Dankyun holding the young teacher who was also Illsy’s first wife.

I gulped and held a tight fist to my chest.

This won’t end well… I thought.

Looking down, I noticed that I was still in my night gown. After I woke up, I didn’t really bother to change, I didn’t feel the need to, but I also didn’t desire for Dankyun to see me like this. Illsy could, he was my friend and my husband, but not that draconian bastard.

Sigh. Why didn’t I stay with Illsy last night? Me and my royal pride… Ugh! I wonder though… was that my last chance to feel his embrace? I thought as I flew towards my dresser.

As for why I thought that Illsy was going to give me up to him? It was simple… In order to save himself. In order to save Nanya. In order to save Shanteya and this school, that was the only possible logical choice, the only way to appease Dankyun.

But what if he doesn’t want to do it? I thought and stopped, looking down at the white dress I wished to wear. It was simple and plain.

Do I want Illsy to sacrifice himself for me? I asked myself.

Shaking my head, I denied such a thought and took out the dress.

I can’t let it come to that! I can’t have Illsy killed because of me! If he lets me go, it will take a while before Dankyun realizes the connection between us. Illsy can use that time to flee from here… Yes, that’s how it’s going to be… I told myself, trying to shake away any fear I had of my tragic future.

[Nanya’s point of view]

I couldn’t even react when Dankyun attacked me…

The pain I felt was terrible. The best way to describe it was the feeling of being impaled in the gut with a thousand needles. The sword’s blade was stopped by the hidden chainmail layer of my armor. Although on the outside it looked like plain, old leather armor, all of its layers had powerful damage reducing enchantments on them. My belt held a healing one, so I was recovering faster than normally possible, but I still had to infuse a good amount of Magic Energy in my body to stop my hemorrhaging innards.

When I got out of the pile of debris, I was aware of the battle taking place at the academy. Tuberculus and Paladinus were most likely on the front lines, trying to hold those soldiers off. The three commanders were the bigger problem, but in rest, they could all be handled with ease.

As for me, my problem was Dankyun. I wasn’t expecting for him to be so powerful. No, he wasn’t powerful, but his armor and sword were out of the ordinary. They greatly boosted his abilities and had an increased protection factor. With certainty, they allowed him to go past 1200 strength points. I suspected he had even more in Agility, but not that much in intelligence. If only those points actually reflected how smart one actually was and not how powerful his magic attacks could be. One thing I knew for certain was that my sword alone could increase its user’s base Strength by another 500 points. If his armor could do something similar, then there was no way of winning against him, but I highly doubted he was able to fully activate that ability. Chances were he could only use the sword at 25% of its true potential, but even then it was incredibly dangerous.

Honestly, this was looking very bad. I could barely stand thanks to his blows. My armor was barely hanging there. My gauntlets were broken. Three ribs were cracked, and one lung was crushed as far as I could tell. I was healing, but that stopped after he punched me in the stomach.

In short, I was done for…

I was an idiot for charging at him like that… I can’t believe I let myself ruled by emotions. If only I tried to first release my seal and then attack him. Then I might have stood a fighting chance… I thought as I felt Dankyun’s claws clench tight around my throat, cutting off my air supply.

I’m sorry Illsy… I closed my eyes.

[Illsyore’s point of view]

Nanya was dying…

I had 4865 Magic Energy points.

I had only one target.

It was now or never…

“Neru Am Ur.” I whispered the chant.

The magic energy poured into the spell, and I didn’t stop until it automatically cut itself off. This was at 465 Magic Energy Points. I then released the spell in Dankyun’s direction. Around me, 220 Infernal Glacier spears formed, each of them was far stronger than the original version, but what this meant exactly, I didn’t know. I only wanted to kill Dankyun.

I released all of them with him as the prime target, and they all flew as fast as they could in his direction.

Noticing the imminent danger, he released Nanya from his grasp and jumped back, they followed him at perfect angles unlike the [Seeker Fireball] and [Jagged Ice Spear]. The [Infernal Glacier] spears followed my exact directions: left, right, up, down, left, left, right, wherever I looked and thought of them flying.

“Annoying little things!” said Dankyun before he tried to cut one of them.

The arrow exploded on impact, splashing the liquid fire on him. I couldn’t tell if it did any serious damage on his Magic Armor, but he tried to get rid of it quickly. This distracted him for a moment, and another managed to hit. After that, he was bombarded by a good number of them, hammering at his physical armor and Magic Armor.

I had no idea how much damage he actually took, but I could see his physical one crack, and I was certain he was pouring a lot of Magic Energy in his magic one too.

Can I win with this? I asked myself.

78 of those Infernal Glacier spears struck him, and 142 were left.

He jumped to the left and four of those arrows struck the ground, leaving a huge crater there. One managed to touch the rooftop of the dormitory and detonated, ripping off a good chunk of it. Now, the whole thing was half in flames and dangerously close to crumbling down. Another of those spears hit a tree, and it simply cut through it before it impaled itself at the root of the one behind it. The spear exploded, and the liquid fire engulfed the area, setting it ablaze.

These misses weren’t because of the spell itself. To blame was my lack of focus and inability to keep control over all of them at the same time. I was barely staying awake. Each of my eyelids felt like it was being pulled down by the weight of an entire tank. My whole perception felt sluggish, and I found it extremely hard to focus.

It reminded me of that time in college, when I had to take a Mechanical Engineering exam and I didn’t sleep for over two days straight trying to get my report and homework done in time. My grade was mostly dependent on those two, so I had to finish them. Thanks to those sleepless nights, I felt like a zombie during the entire exam. I just wanted to get it over with and crash down in my bed.

Thinking about it, you could say I had a decent amount of training from my student years in regard to keeping my eyes open for such a long time. Even so, in these hellish conditions, I was keeping control over 130 something Infernal Glacier spears that flew at high speeds through the air.

“Dungeon Lord, you are such a persistent little bastard!” said Dankyun after he was tossed to the side by the explosion of one of those spears.

A dangerous fire was already spreading through the forest, threatening to burn it to the ground, but I didn’t care, I focused only on getting rid of Dankyun. I needed only one of those spears to land a direct hit on his flesh, and it would have been enough to kill him.

Four more went through the trees and aimed for his feet. He couldn’t dodge those. Two more cracks appeared on his armor. Another eight exploded behind him, above his waist, while two in front of him, at his feet, causing him to fall over. Another crack appeared on his armor.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

“AAARGH!” I groaned and screamed, sending ALL the remaining 100 spears at him.

With every last drop of my focus and energy, I aimed them all at his head and chest. If only one would land a direct hit, it would be my victory!

“ARGH!” screamed Dankyun as he tried to defend himself from the sudden avalanche of attacks.

The explosions soon followed, spreading liquid fire all over the place, pouring over the trees, dirt, and rocks. Infernal flames spread all over the place, burning to a crisp anything they touched. The rocks melted, the dirt was singed, everything around Dankyun was burning.

Everything… except Dankyun.

“No…” I said with a trembling voice when I saw him still standing in the middle of all that fire.

He was breathing hard, his armor was in tatters, pieces of it were falling on the ground, but he only had a small cut on his left cheek. Nothing else, he wasn’t dead…

“How dare…” he said, and I blinked surprised “How dare you injure me!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

“What?” I couldn’t believe it.

He can still fight… I thought.

“I’m going to murder you!” he screamed and then took a small purple crystal from his left pocket. “Repair.” he said, and the crystal turned from purple to transparent.

Under my astonished gaze, I saw his armor being repaired by the magic in that crystal. It returned to its initial condition as though it was brand new. There wasn’t even a single scratch on it anymore. It was like my attack didn’t even happen.

“No! You can’t do that! That’s cheating!” I shouted.

“Cheating? Hah! Any self respected Supreme and Godlike adventurer uses these things. Well, anyone except that STUPID Nanya! She never wanted to touch a dungeon’s crystal even after it was processed into this!” he shouted with a smirk and pulled out another crystal, this time a brown one. “Rejuvenation!”

The spell in the crystal vanished, turning its color from brown to transparent, and Dankyun’s wounds were all healed up in the blink of an eye. It was natural to think that a respectable adventurer always had a potion of some kind at hand to heal their wounds and restore their energy, but even I knew their reaction wasn’t instant.

No, that has to be a spell of some sort… Maybe he can store spells inside those crystals. I thought as I looked at him in horror.

Was there anything else I could do at that point? I could barely keep my eyes open thanks to how tired I was, and there was no way I could cast another spell so soon. I needed at least a half an hour or so to recover completely, but if I closed my eyes now, it was certain I wouldn’t wake up for more than an hour or so. Whatever I did, I had to stay awake and head back to my crystal body. Before anything, I had to send it inside my dungeon, where it could be protected. That was my only chance, my only way of survival.

I hated it, but there was no other way.

“Replenish Magic Energy.” said Dankyun behind me.

Those blasted crystals healed him and restored him to full strength. I didn’t even know such things existed let alone that he had so many of them. I hated my lack of knowledge of this world, but this wasn’t the time to complain about it.

Although I flew as fast as I could towards my crystal body, Dankyun was the first to get there. He aimed his sword at the Inconel cage, and for a moment, I thought he was going to break through it in one slash, but the blade stopped in the first layer. The shockwave cracked and shattered the outer walls, revealing the metallic shine of my barrier.

I need to hurry! I thought as I rushed inside to prepare my laser defense.

“Interesting. A metal that can actually resist my strike?” he said when I passed by him.

“Serus Kar” I gave the command for [Telekinezy].

The lasers in my room moved and aimed at him, while the electric Power Crystal was activated. I waited patiently and watched Dankyun as he prepared a second strike. He wanted to cut straight through the metal walls, but they were far stronger than he initially believed.

At the very least, I found out that a super-alloy was strong enough to stop super-psychopaths, at least for a while.

The blade fell on my Inconel walls and slashed through the first two layers, but not the third one. Since there wasn’t any sort of electric isolation between them, the electric power from my Power Crystal was unloaded through his sword and into his body directly. He screamed once and jumped back.

“That hurt!” he complained.

The electric charge wasn’t powerful enough to do him any real harm, but it did stop him long enough for me to apply [Repair Room] skill. The cuts in the Inconel metal walls were repaired in the blink of an eye, but this constant use of my Magic Energy wasn’t helping me at all with my exhaustion.

I… I need to hold on… I thought.

Illsy, if you want to stop him, you have to offer me to him… That’s the only chance we have to make him stop this madness! said Ayuseya from deep inside my Inner Mind, but I didn’t wish to let him do so, I denied such thoughts.

No… never… I told her.

I was so tired, I could barely speak or think properly.

I must… I must stay awake… I thought and closed my eyes for a moment only to be woken up by another loud noise.

Dankyun tried again to cut through my walls, but the electric charge and the thickness of the enchanted Inconel alloy kept him at bay. He cursed and struck the walls again. The whole cube I was in trembled from his strikes.

What… What was I trying to do here? I thought.

The fatigue was so great, I even forgot the reason why I went back to my crystal body.

Oh, yes… escape… I remembered and looked down.

Paladinus and ten other students were standing right under me. I couldn’t let my body drop, or I would risk crushing them or the teacher accidentally attacking me. I had to think of something else or tell them to move away, but sending out my voice felt so hard.

“You are really starting to get on my nerves, Dungeon Lord!” shouted Dankyun, and I felt him move away.

What’s he up to now? I thought as I watched him from afar.

A moment later, my entire room shook and the students screamed in fear. I blinked surprised. For a moment, I thought he released his supreme attack, but the only area affected was my Inconel cage.

Focusing a bit, I realized why that was so. The fake walls covering it have been blown apart by a powerful Fireball Dankyun attacked me with. The metal survived the high temperatures, but this only pissed off the Supreme even more.

The draconian came charging at me, slashing my cage with his sword as hard and as fast as he could. A few pieces flew off and then reappeared when I repaired it, but I couldn’t keep up with his damage. Strike after strike, he pounded the super-alloy until it finally gave in and allowed Dankyun to slip in.

“Finally…” he said with a huff.

He was inside.

Dankyun got passed my Inconel shell and stood just a few meters away from me.

I cursed in my mind and turned ON the AGLMC Lasers around me. Six beams of concentrated and amplified light struck the draconian, eating away at his Magic Armor. If a Master or Emperor Rank stood in that place, I doubted they could have withstood more than a couple of seconds of continuous attack.

“What’s this?” asked Dankyun as he looked at the strange beams.

He jumped to the left as soon as he realized how fast they were depleting his Magic Armor. My beams followed him wherever he jumped, but it was hard to pin him down. The laser moved too slow to catch up to him, a grave miscalculation on my side.

I cursed in my mind again and tried to pin him down, but he started laughing at my attempts. The electrified floor didn’t even seem to bother him.

“How about this?” he asked, and he pointed his hand at me.

Instinctively, I created an Inconel wall in front of me with the [Make a Room] skill. It blocked my beams, but then I heard something exploding on the other side, and a powerful flame engulfed he entire room. My Magic Armor withstood the heat until it came to pass, but the wall was bent towards me like a giant wrecking ball just hit it from the other side.

Dankyun laughed.

As I tried to prepare my AGLMC Lasers, I saw the wall being cut into pieces by his sword. He was standing just a step away from me.

Release me, Illsy! shouted Ayuseya.

No! I told her.

“Eshun Naer Zer!” I chanted, and a powerful gust of wind pushed Dankyun back.

I aimed my lasers at him again. The beams were kept on him only for a second before he jumped out of the way.

Release me! It’s the only way! Please… said Ayuseya.

She was begging me now, but I found it odd. Didn’t she want to run away and be free of Dankyun?

No… I can’t… I said.

The constant use of my spell was draining my Magic Energy quite fast. One of the AGLMC Lasers lost power, and the beams on the others were getting weaker.

“Hm? Is it over already?” asked Dankyun with a smug look on his face.

He jumped forward and slashed in half one of my lasers. The pieces were scattered on the floor. I tried to focus the beams on him, but the draconian moved out of the way.

My movements and thoughts were sluggish. I could barely even keep my eyes open. It was starting to hurt, but I knew I couldn’t afford to fall asleep or faint.

There had to be something I could do, something I didn’t notice, something I didn’t think of until then.

Illsy, please… If you really see me as a friend, then please… give up on me. said Ayuseya.

I can’t… you are my friend… Dankyun will harm you. I replied as I saw him slash in half another laser. The bastard was having fun stripping away my last pieces of defense. I didn’t even notice when he destroyed the Electric Power Crystal.

Illsy, you’ve done all that you could, but Dankyun will kill you at this rate. He will kill Nanya and everyone else here… If you release me from here, maybe I can convince him not to do it. Maybe I can at least try to save you… All of this was my fault to begin with. I thought Dankyun would go away peacefully, that he would leave once he saw I wasn’t here anymore… I was wrong. I’m sorry… That’s why, please, release me! Once I’m taken by him, you can run away and grow stronger, or you can rebuild and maybe, one day, come to my rescue, but now… you are too weak Illsy… You are too weak to face someone like Dankyun… said Ayuseya, but I couldn’t understand even half of what she said, her words were muddled with my own thoughts and fatigue.

Dankyun destroyed my last laser. The remains of my defense were all scattered about. There was nothing I could do to stop him from destroying me, nothing except releasing Ayuseya, but how could I do that when it would certainly spell her doom?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t think straight with how tired I was.

I couldn’t resist anymore.

My Magic Energy was barely in the hundreds now. It was hard to keep my eyes opened, and it was hard to think about anything at all. Even Dankyun was saying something, but I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

Ayu… se… ya… I… I… the thought barely formed.

Illsy, it’s the only way… You’ve done enough. You tried your best… she said something else besides these words, but I wasn’t able to hear them.

It was hard to focus.

In front of me, Dankyun lifted his sword up and was prepared to land the final strike, the killing blow on me.

Ayuseya… I release you…

Those were my last words before everything went black, and I fainted…

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Why in the world would he need at least 30 minutes to get back in shape? IIRC
he’s supposed to regain 30 mana per second, that means he’s back to full in 4 minutes tops. Keep your continuity solid, especially when you bothered to add silly gamelike stats to the story. :/


Some kind of fatigue debuff? Games usually have punishments for these things. *shrugs*