~ Chapter 31: I do as I please for I am a Godlike! (Part 3) ~

I tried to deny the possibility that I had failed and now Dankyun took her away, so I stepped out into the real world.

Indeed, it wasn’t a dream.

My room was a mess. The signs of my struggle and battle with Dankyun were visible everywhere. The remains of the AGLMC lasers I used as a last means of defense were scattered on the floor, shards of power crystal were mixed up with pieces of the steel cases and cut Inconel walls. Wear no boots and you were bound to get one stuck in your foot.

Looking up, I saw the big hole in the wall through which the draconian Supreme made his way inside, letting the light of the sun flood my room, reflecting on all the shards scattered on the floor.

Despite all of this destruction, despite remembering that last moment before I fainted when Dankyun was about to slay me, I was still alive and without a single scratch on my crystal body.

Ayuseya stopped him… I thought, but knowing this only made me angry.

In the end, I wasn’t able to keep my promise. I gave Ayuseya to that monster and even if I was to blame it on the fatigue and lack of focus, that was nothing but a simple and pathetic excuse. I was the one who released her in the end, right in front of the lion’s jaws.

But what if I died? I asked myself.

I shook my head. I didn’t even want to think about that possibility.

Opening my status window, I looked at my Magic Energy pool. It was full, but there were still traces of mental fatigue left, although not as bad. There was another thing I noticed: my divine auras.

Why didn’t they affect Dankyun? I wondered.

[Divine Protection] <As a Godlike entity, you are protected by most magical and physical attacks. Elementary Attacks deal 95% less damage. Intermediary Attacks deal 90% less damage. Advanced Attacks deal 80% less damage. Master Attacks deal 70% less damage. Heroic Attacks deal 60% less damage. Godly attacks and weapons deal 50% less damage>

What do Heroic and Godly attacks even mean? Emperor and Godlike? I thought and then looked at the other.

[Divine Aura] <You are shrouded in a Divine Healing Aura with a 10 meter radius around your body for everyone you perceive as an Ally or Neutral. You are shrouded in a Divine Damage Aura with a 5 meter radius around your body for anyone you perceive as an Enemy. Induced Damage is determined by the amount of Magic Energy poured into the aura and the desire of the Godlike or God entity.>

When Dankyun entered, I was focused more on my defense than I was on infusing the [Divine Aura] with magic energy… It was probably so weak that he didn’t even feel it. I thought as I tried to remember the whole battle, but there were only bits and pieces there. My memory was hazy, only the last moment before I fainted was as clear as day.

With so little Magic Energy left there was no way for me to hope this ability would do any sort of significant damage to him. I probably made a terrible mistake by fighting him here, but he took us unprepared, both me and Nanya. Guess this proved to show the difference between real life and the countless games I played where the hero always managed to find some way to win.

It was then when I remembered how badly injured the teenage-looking teacher might have been, and here I was lamenting about being a poor excuse for a hero and losing my first fight.

“So what? I’m going to win the next one!” I told myself as I flew away.

Even if it was really hard to believe in those words, I tried to remember a good advice my parents gave me: ‘Whenever you face a problem in your life, no matter how big or small it is, always tackle it with the mentality that you will be able to solve it or get over it in the end. Believing the opposite will only weigh you down and push you further away from success.’

In other words, it was more efficient to think you would win in the end than worry about losing before the battle even started. That was how I had to think and keep thinking, but it was easier said than done. Inner fears were hard to get over even when you had the power of a Godlike Dungeon.

As I flew through the academy towards where I sensed Nanya’s life force, I didn’t even pay attention to the state the students and teachers were in. Maybe I also didn’t desire to witness the aftermath of the battle just yet, so I simply flew past, ignoring everything except that pulse of light I knew was my wife.

“Nanya!” I shouted when I entered the classroom.

This place was also wrecked. The windows were barricaded with the desks and chair, in an attempt to keep the soldiers away. There were no signs of any of them being broken though, meaning they didn’t attempt to get in through here. The classroom was on the opposite side of the academy from the back entrance where the soldiers tried to force their way in.

In that entire place, there was only one desk standing like before, the teacher’s desk, and next to it was the Godlike Ranked woman.

“Illsy?” she asked surprised and quickly turned around.

Her armor looked terrible, and her blood stained it where she got injured by that bastard, Dankyun. It looked like a nasty cut, but she didn’t seem to be bleeding, however, I had to check. I was worried.

“Nanya! You’re alive! I’m so glad! Are you alright? Are you bleeding? Anything broken? Are your panties still on?” I asked worried while flying around her like a pesky firefly.

She showed me a soft smile and said “Hehe! I don’t think that last question was needed, but I’m alright, Illsy. Tuberculus left me a healing crystal, and I’m back to 100%. Unfortunately, I took quite the beating…” she let out a sigh.

“Tuberculus?” I stopped in front of her.

“Yes. Hm? You just woke up, didn’t you?” she asked looking at me and tilting her head a bit to the left.


“I see…” her eyes looked down at the floor, holding a bit of sadness in them “Then you don’t know, do you?”

“Know what?” I asked surprised and then a chill ran down my spine.

Oh no! Did something happen to Ayuseya? Did Dankyun kill her? I thought.

“Dankyun and his army of jerks took Ayuseya and left one hour or so after the battle with you was over. For some reason, he thought you took direct orders from Tuberculus, that you are under his control or something, so he took him as well just to make sure we didn’t try anything stupid. After they reach Therion city, he’s going to let him get back to the academy…” she looked up at me. “I don’t think Ayuseya is coming back… ever.”

Hearing that was a bit of a shock. I was glad to know Dankyun left, but hearing that he took both Tuberculus and Ayuseya with him was a bit too much. I wanted to somehow get my draconian wife back, and I could easily do that by going over and absorbing her, but then they would kill the old man.

“I can’t do anything, can I?” I asked.

“No…” she shook her head and then looked back at the desk.

There were two crystals there, one was white and the other was brown. They were the same as the ones Dankyun used to recover his strength from our battle. If it wasn’t for those crystals, I could have won.

“What are those?” I asked.

“These go by a lot of names… Magic Crystals, Spell Crystals, and Spell Containers are the most commonly used.” she picked up the brown one “Tuberculus left them here for me. Apparently, I need to use them in case anything happens…” she told me.

“What do you mean?” I asked, but I had the feeling I wasn’t going to like the answer.

“He left me a note saying that in case Dankyun changes his mind about letting him go, he’s returning these two to me. One contains [Rejuvenation] and the other [Teleportation], but there’s too little Magic Energy in it, and I don’t know where it can take us.” she explained.

“So, if he dies…” I said.

“It could be Dankyun’s way of ‘thanking us’ for his stay here. Maybe he believes that if he kills him, you will go berserk and kill us.” she picked up the crystals and placed them in her pockets.

“What do we do now?” I asked.

“Let’s get back to your room… Where’s Shanteya?” she asked me.

Spreading my focus towards her life force, I found out that she was inside the academy, standing guard in front of the door leading to my room. Paladinus, Angius, and Rufus were there as well.

“She’s already there…” I said and then followed Nanya.

Did I fly by her without realizing? I asked myself.

As we walked back there, we saw the devastation left behind by Dankyun’s soldiers. Many of the students showed signs of injury and bleeding. Those who could stand were trying to fix the academy to the best of their abilities, basically they moved the rubble out of the way and cleared the furniture blockades.

Some of the regular teachers were injured as well. They were barely Master Rank adventurers. One was a Beginner, but they all had a role here at the academy. The weakest of them were the cooks. There were two of them. It was hard to admit, but during the time of my battle with Dankyun, a few other students died as well, killed by the soldiers who managed to slip in or by stray shots. Dankyun’s commanders were probably much stronger than initially believed and took the old adventurers by surprise.

Real life wasn’t like an anime where the strong could easily jump in front of a bullet and stop it with their teeth. It was possible that the students were simply unlucky. Even friendly fire was a possibility, but I had no doubt the teachers did their best to keep all 420 of them safe.

“Nanya! Finally! Tell this mad woman to get out of the way, or I’ll make her!” warned Angius as he pointed his sword at Shanteya, but she wasn’t even flinching.

“You won’t even be able to touch her. I guarantee it.” said Nanya with a sigh.

“How do you know that?” I asked curiously.

“You told me the reason.” she replied calmly without giving any insight on my [Bond of Trust] skill.


“I doubt it! This girl is barely a Master Rank! You were the one who tested her!” shouted Angius.

“Maybe you should calm down a bit?” asked Paladinus.

“Calm down? The academy is a mess! One of my students died, and it’s all this Dungeon Lord’s FAULT!” he shouted.

“Master is not to blame for the destruction caused to your academy. He defended it.” Shanteya said.

“No! He took in that draconian princess and put all of us in danger! Ever since you and your buddies tried to assassinate her, everything’s gone wrong! I knew it! I simply knew we shouldn’t have gone along with Tuberculus’ idea! Now look at us!”

“I agree. None of this would have happened if the Dungeon Lord wasn’t here.” said Rufus.

“You too, huh?” said Nanya as she squinted her eyes at them.

“There’s no doubt about it! The Dungeon Lord is to blame for this mess, that’s why… erm… that’s why…” Paladinus was trying to say something, but he was hesitating.

“That’s why what?” asked Nanya raising an eyebrow.

“That’s why we decided to destroy his core!” shouted Angius, but as soon as he said that, Shanteya moved in.

With a kick faster than he could react to, she sent him flying into my Inconel wall. He coughed, but she got in close and punched him in the chest, shattering his magic armor. Before he had a chance to recover, Angius had a knife at his neck.

“I dare you to say that again.” said Shanteya calmly, but her killing intent was so strong I could practically feel it, and Angius could as well.

“Calm down, Shanteya, he’s not going to do it.” said Nanya.

The el’doraw didn’t retreat.

“Indeed.” I said. “A supreme can barely cut through my walls, and if they wanted, they could have used the back door. I mean there’s a big hole in the wall right over there!” I said, but I forgot I was invisible.

“Nyahaha! True!” Nanya seemed amused by this.

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