~ Chapter 31: I do as I please for I am a Godlike! (Part 4) ~

“Even so… we don’t want the Dungeon Lord as part of our academy. It’s wrong. He’s a dungeon after all. Nanya, you of all people should understand this!” said Paladinus.

“I understand, alright… I understand that Dankyun scared all of you so much that you are all running away with your tails between your legs! Illsy didn’t do anything wrong! He actually protected all of us from day one of his birth! He didn’t attack us nor showed the tiniest bit of killing intent towards us! Even now when you are blabbering like fools that you want to get rid of him, he still hasn’t raised his black fog! He saved two poor girls from a fate more horrible than death, and instead of acknowledging all of his effort and kindness, you are thinking about killing him off? Now here’s a question. Why in the name of all of your PATHETIC gods could you ever think that I would ever LET YOU harm Illsy?” she shouted back at them, showing that even though I wasn’t raising my killing intent, she had no problems in displaying it.

Shanteya didn’t move away from her target either, and the teachers looked at each other for a moment. Rufus appeared to be ashamed of what they were trying to do, but he still felt like it was my fault. Angius was glaring back at Shanteya, and Paladinus was clenching his fists.

“Even so, I still don’t believe it’s right for a Dungeon of ANY kind to be part of a Magic Academy! It’s not natural! It’s not normal… he’s a Dungeon Nanya, you have to understand this. He’s not like us…” he tried to appeal to her.

“Then get out of here before I slash your throats open and drain you of your cowardly blood!” she growled in reply.

“Nanya, you can’t just…” Rufus tried to say.

“GET OUT!” she shouted.

“Nanya…” I said as I stepped in front of her. “Calm down, please.” I smiled.

She blinked a bit surprised and then groaned and rubbed her forehead with two fingers.

“Illsy, they are being jerks for nothing.” she said.

“I know, but stuff like this doesn’t vanish overnight.” I said, speaking of what I knew from the way humans on Earth saw other people different than them.

“Still…” she shook her head and gave up.

“Now then, gentlemen, if you wish to live on my Dungeon Territory, I have no qualms with it, and I promise I will help you however I can. However, if you desire to harm me or my friends, I’ll deep fry you in lava and send you to Mars with a kick in your behind. I may not have been able to beat Dankyun now, but you three are no threat to me.” I said with a smile.

“What? Are you joking with us Dungeon Lord? What makes you think we will listen to you?” asked Paladinus.

“Mars?” asked Nanya a bit surprised, but I didn’t bother explaining now. If she was going to ask about it later, I saw no reason in not telling her.

“Because I’m a Godlike Dungeon Lord and you three are merely Emperor Rank Adventurers who weren’t even strong enough to protect the students while I was fighting with the Supreme Rank adventurer Dankyun. Because until now, I played along with your whims thanks to Nanya, Shanteya, Ayuseya, and a bit thanks to Tuberculus as well. Because I showed you I have no ill intention towards any of you and when I let you into my dungeon, I could have killed you with extreme ease if I desired to, but I didn’t.” I told them calmly.

“G-Godlike?” said Rufus with a trembling voice.

“Yes. He’s a Godlike.” confirmed Nanya.

“I don’t believe it!” shouted Angius from under Shanteya’s dagger.

“Too bad, but that’s the truth. Now, if you want to leave this place, there’s an escape tunnel under this building. It will take you to the edge of my territory, which is over 17 km in radius around my Crystal Core. You have two options. Take that path and reach a nearby city or risk meeting with Dankyun again. What will it be?” I asked.

The teachers looked at each other for a moment and then replied.

“Is it safe?” asked Rufus.

“I guarantee it.” said Nanya lifting a hand up.

“Then, we’ll take the escape tunnel, and we’ll bring the students with us. This isn’t a Magic Academy anymore… this is a dungeon.” said Paladinus clenching his fists.

“Very well. I’ll open the path for you.” I said with a smile.

Shanteya moved off Angius, but she didn’t take them out of their sight. With the two girls defending my core from them, I flew a level bellow and created a path to the escape tunnel. Some of the students were surprised by the sudden ramp that appeared in the middle of the hallway, but Paladinus, Rufus, and Angius calmed down the spirits and led all of them through.

The moving process took about half an hour. Surprisingly, Zertan followed them as well, but he didn’t have his dryad with him. When I approached him about it, he told me this:

“Illsyore, despite what my friends said, they mean no harm. They are just frightened. I for one have no problems with you. You helped me a lot with the materials you collected. You helped my classes, and you never showed any ill intent towards me or my… friend. After I saw Dankyun, I sent her away just in case anything like this happened. She should be out of your territory by now, she also told me to tell you that she thanks you for your help. If you by any chance think of rebuilding this place, I would love to return and teach here. Until then, so long, Dungeon Lord Illsyore.”

“Likewise. Take care of her and yourself, Zertan.” I told him.

That was one farewell that didn’t make me feel like I was standing on needles. Now, with the academy building empty, I returned to my room, where Nanya and Shanteya were waiting for me.

“Sigh! This is bad! ARGH! When he returns, Tuberculus is going to go bananas!” said Nanya.

“I say good riddance!” Shanteya spoke calmly, but she still held her guard up.

“They say humans will show their true nature only in a time of crisis… They simply showed theirs…” I said with a sigh at the end.

“And I don’t like it!” Nanya lifted her hands up in protest.

“There’s nothing we can do about it now…”

I thought back at Ayuseya. I felt so bad about losing her. Although I was relieved for having those teachers and students leave my territory, knowing she was about to be gone as well made my heart ache. It was a bit weird, but what else could be done now?

Opening my skill list, I looked around it and saw this little one:

[Summon Ally]: <Adventurers who formed a contract with the Dungeon Lord can be summoned at the discretion of the Lord as long as they are within the dungeon or in a 1 km radius of the Dungeon’s Exit. Magic Energy Cost 250 Points. Current Contracts: 3. Voice Command: Azer Nef Yer>

I wonder… I thought.

“Hey, Nanya?”

“What?” she asked looking back at me.

“I may have a way to steal Ayuseya from Dankyun now, but… but…”

“But what?” she raised an eyebrow.

“I can’t bring Tuberculus…” I said.

A moment of silence followed as Nanya thought about this, while I was feeling edgy. I wanted to use the spell. I wanted to call Ayuseya. I had to!

There was something inside me telling me to do it already, to open my mouth and speak those words. To infuse my magic into the spell and call out to the one I lost, but what about Dankyun? What about Tuberculus?

“If you do that, then Dankyun…” Nanya said and then smirked. “You know what? I didn’t get to fight him with my power at max. He didn’t get to meet Shanteya, and he didn’t get a taste of your dungeon either! I’m sure Tuberculus will figure out something, he’s a sneaky old man! Let’s do it!” she then laughed.

“Are you sure about this, Master?” asked Shanteya.

“Honestly speaking, Dankyun scares me, but losing one of you three scares me even more.” I confessed.

“If the gods want us to live, we’ll live through this, if not, then that’s it! Nyahaha!” laughed Nanya.

“You seem eager about another encounter.” I said.

“Of course! I ran away from him for too long and trust me when I say this, Illsy, but it’s not pleasant at all! If we run, that bastard will hunt us down and keep torturing us until we give up!” she said clenching her fists.

“Do we stand a chance?” I asked.

“Hm, maybe with your dungeon. It will definitely destroy his army, but tell me… What do YOU want to do right now?” she asked with a big smirk on her face.

I closed my eyes for a moment and thought about what I really wanted to do. Was Ayuseya worth the risk? Was it right to do something like this?

Funny though, but the first thing that came to my mind were some scenes from an old anime about a pirate with a straw hat who never gave up and just like an unsettling hurricane, he sailed across the sea, stopping anything he deemed wrong and unjust even if the chances of winning were slim to none.

Heh… So funny to remember about something like this now. Well, he was right. I guess what I really want is to see Ayuseya smile and safe. I want to see Nanya safe as well, and Shanteya too… I want to protect my nakama too, but if I do this, I’m putting all of our lives in danger… Should I? I thought and then opened my eyes.

I saw Nanya waiting for my reply with an eager look on her face, and Shanteya standing calm, but clenching the hilt of her daggers. She was ready to follow me everywhere. So in the end, I was going to be the one who decided.

Another crazy choice? No, this time I’m fighting together with all of them, and I’m pulling Dankyun inside my dungeon! I took a deep breath in. If we die, I hope God reincarnates us all in a more peaceful environment, or at least I hope He grants me the strength to take Dankyun down and win this! I thought and then I said “Azer Nef Yer!”

250 Magic Points were spent, and the spell was cast.

One last battle… I thought and looked at the bright shape of light forming in front of us.

[One of Dankyun’s soldiers’ point of view]

Milord was just about to bring down his wrath upon the foolish princess. None of us held any loyalty towards the royal family. It was weak and pathetic. They didn’t deserve our loyalty, but Dankyun was strong, and I at least saw the true values of a draconian man in him!

Just then, however, there was this bright light coming from the princess, and she vanished altogether! I have never seen anything like that in my entire life! The wretched harlot did something and disappeared before Milord could land the death strike on her!

“AYUUUSEYAAA!” shouted Milord Dankyun before taking out a strange-looking red crystal necklace.

He looked at it for a moment and then pointed it back towards the human magic academy. Milord chanted something for a few seconds and then a red beam of light flew up into the sky. The crystal turned transparent and the skies darkened.

As we all looked up, we saw big fireballs falling from the sky. A big grin appeared on my face as I knew what this meant. Milord Dankyun used his Supreme Ranked skill to crush the human academy.

“Look well, lads! This is the reason why we follow Milord! All hail Milord Dankyun!” I cheered, and the others followed.

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If i remember corectly there are 7 teachers in the school (nanya,tuberculus,rufus,angius,paladinus,zertan and an other one we didn’t see before..,)
You write that at the party in the gazebo;)
So i’m confused,here that looks like there are way more teachers and we didn’t see this 7th one:(


I think the 7th one was supposed to come later on