~ Chapter 36: The Dankyunator 3000 (Part 1) ~

Upon returning to the second floor, I found Dankyun standing still in front of the maze and waiting patiently for the return of his commanders, now either dead or walking away from my dungeon. He didn’t move an inch from the time he ordered everyone to scatter and find the exit. Whatever was left of his force was either here with him, dead, or lost among traps and imps.

If I were to consider Zarus’ words, then none of these soldiers was loyal to Ayuseya or even considering the possibility of switching their loyalties to her. My mind was telling me that the possibility of them hiding their true loyalty existed. It was slim but there, however, I had neither the time or means to pick them out and question them. There was no ‘lie detection’ skill in my list.

That being said, my only question now was what could I use to force Dankyun deplete his Spell Crystals? The best part was that I had the opportunity to launch a surprise attack on him. Unless I made a loud noise, he couldn’t detect me. Flying around for a bit, I tried to think of some good strategies against him, however, I couldn’t make the mistake of underestimating him. The Emperor Rank Commanders could be considered incredibly weak when compared to him. Even Nanya, who was a Godlike in sealed form, couldn’t do anything against him.

The idea of creating a powerful AGLMC laser to point directly at him did cross my mind, but I had to be careful how I installed it there, since there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t just waltz inside the maze while I was building it. Taunting him was a possibility, but I had the advantage of a surprise attack. Wasting it on something like a troll remark would have been very wasteful.

After quick debate, I decided to give it a try and see if I can hit Dankyun in the back with a AGLMC laser. I flew over to the other side of the corridor and using [Create a Room], I made a hidden compartment there about 3 meters long, with 1 meter height. The walls between that room and the corridor was kept intact. I flew inside and then summoned the Power Crystals required to build it. It took me about a quarter of an hour to finish it, but neither Dankyun or his soldiers noticed that something was happening behind the wall. I made sure to be a very stealthy little rabbit.

When it was done, I charged it up and aimed it at the draconian. All I had to do now was wait until my Magic Energy was back at full and then activate it, but before that, seeing as how this was going to be a prolonged battle because of his stupid crystals, I flew back to my body to make some extra preparations.

First of all, I headed back to my crystal body. There, I saw Ayuseya doing some basic stretching exercises. The way she pushed out her chest was rather attractive, but I wasn’t there to ogle at her. As for the cute Nanya, she was sitting down in a lotus position not that far away from my body. Her eyes were closed and a purple hue surrounded her like an aura of some sort. The long, pointy, black scaled tail was resting in her lap, while the red ribbon was emanating a dangerous looking black aura.

I understood in that moment that she was still working on releasing her true self. Without further ado, I released Shanteya from my Inner Mind.

“Shanteya! You are back!” said Ayuseya surprised as soon as she saw the el’doraw appear next to my crystal body.

“Yes. It was a good hunt.” she replied with a smile and a nod of her head.

“Most of Dankyun’s force has been wiped out, now the only thing left to deal with is that grumpy Supreme.” I said.

“So this is the final battle?” asked the draconian princess clenching the fabric of her dress around her chest.

“Yes. Are you scared?” I asked.

“A bit, but I trust that you will do everything you can to defeat him.” she told me with a smile.

“Yup!” I nodded and showed her a smile.

“What are your plans now, Master?” asked Shanteya.

“I’ll charge my auras and then go for the attack. Wish me luck!” I told them.

“May the gods be with you.” Shanteya bowed her head in front of me.

“Good luck, Illsy.” Ayuseya showed me a small smile.

I charged my Magic Armor with 4000 Magic Energy points for that extra little protection, just in case. After I regenerated, I poured the same quantity into my [Divine Aura]. It affected only the Divine Damage Aura, which spread for a 5 meters radius around me. Although the area was small, that was my last form of defense. With all those lasers in my room, Nanya, and my spells, I highly doubted he would reach my core, but something told me I had to prepare for the worst. I did this about four times before flying back to Dankyun.

Surprisingly, he didn’t budge an inch from his spot. Holding his sword and glaring at the maze, I could only wonder how he didn’t get bored until now. Maybe he still believed that his commanders were alive. Technically, none of the soldiers who fled from him would dare to cross his path. Those spared by me were hiding not that far away, awaiting the moment the commander entered the maze. Looking back at the slippery oil on the walls of the pit leading down to this level made me wonder just how exactly they planned on getting up there. Well, it wasn’t my problem to worry about, so I focused on the matter at hand: killing Dankyun.

This is it… I thought as I flew to the back wall and removed a small portion of the wall between my AGLMC Laser and him.

“What the?” said one of the soldiers when they noticed the missing piece.

I didn’t wait for Dankyun to turn around and fired the weapon at him. A powerful beam of light struck him in the back, quickly depleting his Magic Energy armor. He jumped to the left, and I aimed the laser towards him, but the draconian picked up one of his soldiers by the neck and tossed him towards me.

“AAH!” screamed the man as he encountered the focused beam of light.

It shattered his Magic Armor in the blink of an eye and then burned through his body and armor like it was nothing. The Master Ranked soldier didn’t stand a chance against my powerful AGLMC Laser, however, Dankyun could take more than one shot apparently.

The draconian dashed towards my and with one single slash of his sword, he cut the Laser in half, destroying it.

“Pathetic! Is that all you can do, Dungeon Lord?” he asked with a cocky smile on his face.

I didn’t reply, pretending like wasn’t there or have fled, but I was standing right next to him, looking into his eyes, which were unable to see me. Like a ghost, I flew up through the shaft leading to the first floor and then focused on spell.

Setting Dankyun as the only target, I infused a [Seeker Fireball X18] with 3000 Magic Energy points and then with a low voice, I whispered: “Zir Navian Esy.”

The spell unleashed 18 Fireballs to chase after the draconian like hungry wolves chasing down an injured lamb. Surprisingly, they were much smaller and faster than I initially anticipated. They reached higher temperatures too. As for why it was so, I had no idea, but my first guess was the change in environment. Maybe the weird dungeon system identified the location I was about to fight in and immediately adjusted the spells to suit my needs

The first fireball took Dankyun by surprise and exploded right in his back, sending him flying forwards into the maze. He stumbled right into a trap, which raised its spikes and lifted him up. His Magic Armor was ridiculously strong, but thankfully, he didn’t had time to recover before another fireball struck him, exploding just a few inches from his face.

“Argh!” he groaned as he was sent flying backwards right into a wall.

The wall bent outward and the next two fireballs struck him. He gasped, but he was still alive. Another fireball was about to hit him, but he rolled to the left and avoided the impact. An arrow trap triggered, sending its dangerous projectiles at him, but it still didn’t shatter his armor.

Nanya was right… The difference in Magic Armor between Supreme and Emperor is ridiculous! I thought as I saw him take out his sword and slash in half the next fireball that was about to hit.

He dodged the next one and the wall it hit ended up half melted. The other 12 followed next, but since he didn’t had a lot of moving space, three hit, four were cut, and the rest missed, damaging the walls of my maze.

The smoke was also rather thick, making it hard to see and probably breath as well, seeing how behind me, the Master Ranked soldiers who stayed with him were coughing their lungs out.

“Replenish Magic Energy.” Dankyun said, and I saw a blue light flashing from the thick smoke.

“So? How’s it going, dog breath?” I asked with a smirk.

“Hmph! Petty insults don’t affect me with anything, you cowardly Dungeon Lord!” he retorted as he pointed his sword in the direction of my voice, but I flew to the right, in the other corridor.

“Wrong way, hotshot! Shellur Sou Yar!” I told him and then cast [Explosive Jagged Ice Spear X4] infused with 500 Magic Energy Points, sending 40 such Ice Spears hurling at him.

By the time he turned around, two of them were close enough to detonate, skewering his Magic Armor with ice needles, but none could pass through. The others, he tried to dodge, but in such small corridors for him, it was hard. He nearly hit the ceiling, and when backing away, he stumbled into another spike trap. My luck was with that one, since it made him lose his balance and ten of my spears were able to hit him and explode at close proximity, but no groan from him meant they were rather ineffective. His Magic Armor was still up.

Using his sword, he blocked two of them and then dodged the rest with a jump to the left. An imp tried to attack him, but Dankyun ignored him and simply stepped on the monster. One of my spears killed the imp by accident, and six of them hit the nearby walls and floors.

While this happened, I flew ahead of him and cast a couple of traps in his way. One was a fire trap that blocked his vision for a moment, allowing me to raise a wall in front of him. He stumbled into it and allowed another ten spears to hit him. As for the others, he managed to avoid them by casting [Wind Blow] and sending them into the nearby walls.

“Annoying as an imp.” he grumbled and then slashed the wall I made.

“Not as annoying as you, poop face.” I said, but I was getting the feeling that my insults were heading from Lame to Lamer.

“Why are you even bothering resisting, Dungeon Lord?” he asked as he calmly walked through the maze, slashing my traps and monsters with ease.

“Because donuts!” I replied to him.

OK! I admit. That was stupid… I thought and sighed.

“What?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

Guess he never heard of donuts.

I followed him through the dungeon, resting and adding more traps ahead of him while I waited for my Magic Energy to be restored. I was counting the seconds in my head. As soon as I was ready, I released another torrent of Fireballs and Ice Spikes on him. It didn’t kill him, but it did make him angry, forcing him to growl and slash at the walls and floor.

I suspected the reason he wasn’t using his spells was because there was no target for him to aim at. The monsters were too weak for his stats, so they were killed off with a single strike of his sword, or with a punch to the face. What was the problem was that insane Magic Armor of his. It never reached shattering point. Instead finishing up quickly, this ended up being a battle of attrition, in which my main objective was to try to force him to use his trump cards and Spell Crystals before he reached my core.

Watching him carefully, I realized that a 3000 Magic Energy [Seeker Fireball X18] was enough to lower his Magic Armor considerably, maybe even shatter it, but I never managed to hit him with all 18 Fireballs, at most, I could only pitch in eight of them. Those were enough just to hinder him and force him to use a Magic Energy crystal.

Thinking back at the battle at the dormitory, when I attacked him, I didn’t use such a powerful version of the [Seeker Fireball X18] spell before, only weaker versions he was able to deflect or destroy with great ease. Their current size as well as the constant obstacles in his way made it easier for me to get a hit on him unlike before when he could move to his heart’s desire.

“Aren’t you getting tired of this yet?” Dankyun asked after he slashed one of my trolling wall message, which weren’t very effective on him.

“Not really.” I replied and then cast another spell on him.

For most of the time, he saw me only as nuisance, however, I still managed to get him to use his Spell Crystals, which was the important part. After all, if he could easily regenerate his Magic Energy and heal his wounds with those things, then I had to make sure he wasn’t going to have too many of them or none at all before he entered my most dangerous part of the dungeon, meaning floors three and four. As for this floor, I saw no reason to spare the walls or try to make him go mad by letting him wander off when he was able to easily slice his way through the obstacles ahead.

Actually, that was exactly what he was doing every time he found himself going in circles. He lifted his sword up in front of a wall and then cut through it. I played a few pranks on him when he did that. Once, I added hot, molten lava behind the wall right when he added the final cut, leading to all of it pouring down on him. This forced him to jump back before his Magic Armor took too much damage from it. That exact moment was also when I attacked him with another [Seeker Fireball X18] attack.

One time, I nearly got it to shatter, but he replenished it at the very last moment. With all due honesty, I felt like I was going against a cheating character. Then again, I was one myself. Given my age and experience in this world, I was a bit too young to be fighting against the likes of him. I wasn’t even one year old!

If only I had [Infernal Glacier X60]! I thought after my last attack failed again.

One thing I noticed though was that the math didn’t add up when it came to his Magic Armor.

Making a simple analogy, if one fireball did 10 points damage, and his Magic Armor was 200 points, then did this mean that one [Infernal Glacier] spear did only 2 points damage? However, the fireball was Master Rank and while the value of Magic Energy in each of them was different, the temperatures they reached were also different. The liquid fire was both sticky and reached high temperatures, while fireballs only exploded. Thinking about it, the explosion might have had a rather high damaging effect on his armor, but liquid fire should have had an even greater impact by being a DOT effect. It was similar to lava, damaging the Magic Armor constantly the longer it stayed on it.

It’s very hard to quantify the damage done on each spell when my only reference is the strength of his Magic Armor… I so wished I could see damage points… I grumbled in my mind.

Unfortunately, no sudden pop-up let me know that such an option existed.

The fact that he had to find three different levers just to get the next door to open annoyed him quite a bit, but after Dankyun reached the Minotaur boss room, the entire floor was pretty much in ruins. What Nanya did to it when she explored it together with the other teachers… well former teachers, didn’t even compare to the damage Dankyun cast down upon it. Then again, I was also partially to blame for the melted walls scattered all over the place.

“I have to say, I’m impressed by the complexity of your floor, Dungeon Lord. Maybe after I’m done with those wretched women, I’ll see to it if I can put a leash around your neck.” he said with a smirk once jumped down in the final boss room.

“Yeah, good luck with that.” I said and pointed all the lasers at me.

I controlled them manually while the Minotaur advanced towards him.

Dankyun tried to dodge out of the way and then pointing his hand at the Minotaur boss, he cast a single [Fireball] spell. The monster was pushed back, but it didn’t kill it. What he did next was to jump towards one of the lasers, despite the damage taken from it, these ones were fairly weaker and didn’t lower his armor very fast. When he reached in front of it, he cut it in half with his sword and then moved towards the next one. Meanwhile, the Minotaur had no way of reaching him.

“Although I find your little light show amusing, it is rather pathetic when it’s up against me.

I clenched my jaw and ignored his mocking laughter.

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