~ Chapter 37: Breaking the limits (Part 1) ~

[Nanya’s point of view]

When Dankyun appeared before us in Illsy’s room, I knew I was out of time. My seal was still there, keeping my true power and abilities locked away behind a steel door. There was no room for hesitation, there was no need to ponder about the consequences, I had to be free of that seal, or all of us were going to end up killed by that monster. This was the final battle, our last chance, so I pushed my body, my mind, and my soul to their limits trying to break that stupid seal. Magic lightnings crackled around me, licking the floor and getting too close to Illsy’s body for my own liking. My muscles, bones, and inner organs were starting to hurt thanks to the torrent of Magic Energy flowing through them. Nonetheless, I was well aware that undoing this seal wasn’t supposed to be met with so much effort and pain. This was merely the result of my own stubbornness. Once I had all the Magic Energy I needed inside my body, all I had to do was pull the ribbon off my tail and hope it wouldn’t kill me.

If I didn’t deny my true nature and power for so may years, maybe the unsealing process would have lasted only a few minutes at most, not hours. All I could say was that I was a fool… A fool who continued to believe that I would end up being hated because of who and what I was. Many adventurers already proved this to be true.

Honestly speaking, I was afraid of that even now. But why? Why did I have to be afraid of others? Of how they saw me?

Loneliness was the answer…

I was afraid of ending up alone, or worse, hunted.

Normal people living on these lands never hold such fears hidden in their hearts, but I did, and it constantly reminded me that the friends I cherished now could always turn their back on me, just like Dankyun did… turning from lover to murderer.

Will Illsy be the same? was what I thought in those moments of intense battle.

The only thing stopping my fears from taking control over my mind was the belief that Illsy wasn’t like the other Dungeon Lords or even like the other men out there. He constantly showed and proved to think differently, to be caring, kind, and gentle to the point of stupidity.

Illsy isn’t Dankyun… He never was… I reminded myself.

Hm, maybe that’s why I let Rufus go despite his treason… I couldn’t make Paladinus and Angius turn against him just because he didn’t want to take my side. Maybe fear was what pushed him into a corner and made him pretended as though he didn’t know Illsy’s true race. Indeed, Rufus showed me through that very simple and painful gesture of his what it meant to be controlled by my fears and see Illsy the same as the others, when all he did was constantly place himself in danger for us.

Even if I left the academy as soon as I heard of Dankyun coming here, was that the good choice? Could living in hiding and fear even be called ‘living’?


Well, if there was a moment to step over all of these doubts and fears, it was now! With Dankyun baring his teeth at us, and his blood thirst spreading all around him like a sea of blood, I had to let go of everything and maybe just maybe hope for a change, for a miracle.

The battle was intense from the very start. Illsy’s powerful beams of light tried to keep him pinned down. For a dungeon so young, it was beyond incredible and amazing what he could do. If Illsy had the chance to build 20 or 30 more floors, it would have been enough to stop even an entire party of Supremes. Then again, he relied a bit too much on his traps and not enough on his monsters. Usually, the lower the floor, the stronger the monsters. That was the rule, and they were the bigger threat. Even so, those he spawned were far more powerful than those found at the fourth floor of any dungeon. A 70 maybe, but definitely not a four, but even then they were far too weak against someone like Dankyun.

Did he really become so strong in the past few decades? I asked myself while watching him fight Illsy.

It was a short fight, unfortunately. He did something, he used a weird Spell Crystal, and before we knew it, the dungeon was gone. All I saw was Dankyun standing in the middle of a charred field and laughing like a madman. He seemed amused by what had happened.

Where are we? Where’s Illsy? I asked myself and turned my head to the left.

From the corners of my eyes, I saw the shine of his green crystal body. It was laid on the ground, tilted to the left. Right next to him were Shanteya and Ayuseya, who both were looking rather surprised by where they were.

How could this be? Where are we? I asked myself and then, when I looked to the right, I saw Illsy’s black, metallic cage.

We were back at the academy, or what was left of it after Dankyun’s Supreme attack. Nothing but rubble and ashes could be seen all around us. It wasn’t an illusion, and I was sure that Illsy didn’t move us from where we stood, I would have felt it. What I was witnessing was the outside world, and we were here only because Dankyun used some sort of displacement spell.

Upon a careful scan of the area around us, while Dankyun was having his fit of laughter, I saw the glimpse of a small transparent crystal. That was the proof I needed to confirm the spell he had used. It was an extremely rare one and even Tuberculus used only one in his entire life.

The Displacement Spell was a very troublesome one that few mages bothered to learn, but if applied in the right places at the right time, it could save countless lives. It was mainly used to infuse empty Spell Crystals and then pass them over to someone strong enough to charge them. A minimum of Emperor Rank was needed for this spell. It took long and could only be used once, making it rather inconvenient for many adventurers.

The Displacement Spell, however, had a very significant and important advantage. In a Supreme Party, once they reached the Dungeon Core and wished to destroy it, but it was heavily protected and very powerful, then by using this spell, they could remove the core itself from that room to an empty one.

Three conditions had to be met though…

First, there had to be two identical Displacement Crystals, one in the Dungeon Core room and the other in the room the party wished to transport the Core to. Second, the crystals had to be infused with enough Magic Energy to support the transport. In general, the longer the distance, the more energy had to be inside of them. To reach such a distance, the amount of Magic Energy needed was beyond ridiculous, but he wouldn’t have used it unless he considered the off-chance possibility that he would lose. That or he did it just for the heck of it.

Even so, this meant that the only way Illsy could defend himself was with his Magic Armor, but that was far from enough against someone like Dankyun. We underestimated his strength and speed. I didn’t even think of the possibility that he would use such a Spell Crystal. I thought he would strut over and attempt to bash Illsy with all of his might just to prove himself superior to him… This situation… It was my fault…

“Ah! This was so funny! What a pathetic Dungeon Lord! Kukuku!” laughed the maniac.

My tail whipped the air in annoyance. I looked him in the eyes and with a single pull, I undid the gift from my mother, The Ribbon of Seals.

Thus, my true self, my true nature, my true power was going to be revealed, but at a price…

I felt the energy surging through me, crackling through the air in the form of black lightning, shattering the stones it touched. The aura was thick and dark, revealing my desire to kill, an insatiable, unstoppable desire to slaughter and murder my enemies filled the very core of my soul. My body changed as well, the flesh tearing and reforming as I grew. Claws, sharp teeth, spikes, scales, and black wings formed from the flesh of my body. My tail grew, ending with a spike filled with corrosive venom. Unfortunately, my breasts and bum increased in size as well. My armor would have been ripped apart by my growth if I didn’t immediately use my Godlike creation skill and changed it to my old armor: The Night Guard. Spike plates made out of an enchanted, black metal covered my chest, arms, and legs. Although I was showing quite a bit of skin and cleavage, this armor was designed to both entice the minds of mortals and lead them to their grave. My hands, legs, and tail were the armor and weapons I needed. Sharp, curved blades extended from my fingers, turning them into deadly claws.

Nanya the teacher was gone, and now only Mad Destroyer Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd was left. A cold-blooded killer, a stalker in the darkness, a beauty without a match, a perfect hunter, that was what and who I was now, a demoness… or rather half of it.

I stood up on my clawed feet, letting out a hiss while doing so. My black demonic eyes looked at the darkness ahead, at the one called Dankyun, the prey I wished to rip apart and disembowel. The one who tried to disgrace me. The one who cheated me. The one who stole from me. The one… the one who dared harm my husband…

“DANKYUN!” I shouted with a growl.

“Hm? You finally unsealed yourself, Nanya! Now you look just like the ugly monster I remember you to be! The deceitful and pitiful Mad Destroyer, a demoness with black blood! So, what do you… ugh!” he said, but his words didn’t register.

For me, they were only noise tossed in the background.

I didn’t let him finish and jumped at him. The ground below my feet shattered and cracked as more than 1000 points of Strength showed their true worth.

Status… I thought.

[Name]: Mad Destroyer Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd

[Species]: Half Dungeon/Half Demon

[Race]: Godlike/Demon Queen

[Level]: 369

[Strength]: 1178

[Agility]: 1223

[Intelligence]: 978

[Magic Energy]: 5890

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 45 points per second

What a mess… Such low stats because of that idiotic seal… I thought while looking at those values.

Magic Energy was exceedingly low. The regeneration lost a few points too, and it appeared as though I actually lost a good whole 74 levels. That last bit might have been more due to my inactivity than the seal, but I didn’t deny the possibility either.

And yeah, I may have lied a little bit when I told Illsy I had no idea what he was on about when he spoke of Magic Energy Points. Unfortunately, hiding myself in the disguise of the Godlike Teacher Nanya was more important than being correct and truly helpful to him. It was a good call though because I learned of his true nature, of what sort of man he was. I could tell immediately when he tried to lie to me, but the funny thing was that he never did.

With the Status window in the corner of my mind, I struck the draconian Supreme with my claws. Their sharpness was supposed to cut through anything, but my former sword prevented him from taking any damage when he blocked my attack with it. I growled and kicked him in the right side. The strike connected and sent him flying through the air, about 10 or so meters away from me. I didn’t stop there and as soon as my feet touched the ground, I rushed towards him.

My desire, my aim, my prey, all of them were him.

I wanted to kill him…

“GRAAH!” I launched myself at Dankyun.

He raised his sword. I grabbed it in my claws and struck him with my left foot. He blocked with his right arm. Using the tip of my tail, I tried to pierce his stomach, but his Magic Armor proved to be too thick and his physical armor too sturdy. I only managed to chip away a little bit at it. If the spikes and blades attached to my armor weren’t enchanted to ignore a part of an enemy’s Magic Armor, I might not have been able to do even that. I would have been forced to chip away at his Magic Armor until it was shattered.

“Get off!” he shouted and tossed a fireball at me.

I jumped back right at the very last second and as soon as I landed, I began to cast a wind spell infused with 500 Magic Energy Points.

“Just die!” I growled and launched the attack at him.

The two spirals of wind were formed in the palms of my hands. They were shot straight at him, but he blocked the attack with his sword. Although most of the damage was nullified by it, the force was still strong enough to push him back a bit, farther away from Illsy’s core. A fog of black dust was raised between us.

As soon as my attack was over, I focused 1500 Magic Energy points into my body and used [Body Strengthening], raising my [Strength] and [Agility] by another 500 points. [Magic Armor Strengthening] was activated as well and infused with 500 Magic Energy Points. [Fast Reflexes], [Attack Prediction] were also used, lowering my Magic Energy pool even more. I was getting dangerously low, and I was already allowing only 20 Magic Energy Points Regeneration to work towards it, while the remaining amount was used to constantly refill my Magic Armor. These buffs strained my body a lot. There was a chance I wouldn’t even be able to move for a few days after this because of the pain and slow healing, but I didn’t care, I wanted to kill that bastard. My own dark fog formed around me to make this intent clear, adding a bonus to all of my attacks. I never took it into account because it was an unstable value.

My speed nearly doubled and the power of each of my strikes had greatly increased. I was like blur and struck like a meteor. Dankyun didn’t even have time to react to the first attack, which I managed to land right on the left side of his armor.

I heard a crack. The physical armor was damaged.

Another strike went to his stomach, sending him into the ground. He gasped and raised his sword in the air. It was too sluggish for me right now, and my punch went straight past it and into his chest. His Magic Armor was once again unable to stop my punch, and his chest plate was dented a bit as a result.

He gasped, and I struck him again.

Seven punches landed on him one after another. None of them was blocked. I jumped back and grabbed him by his left leg. I lifted him up and using him as a club, I smashed him into the ground. I smashed him again and then I pierced him with my tail. This time, the crack spread and the material shattered. The poisoned spike went through, stabbing him in the gut. As soon as I felt the warmth of his flesh and blood, I released my corrosive venom inside him, damaging his innards.

“AARGH! YOU SHIKAK!” he shouted and grabbed me by the hair.

Pulling hard, he tossed me off of him, but I landed on my feet.

“HISSS!” I didn’t hesitate and ran at him, ready to split his armor apart.

I thought I had the upper hand in that moment, I thought I was going to finish my revenge, but I was wrong… The bastard pulled something out of his pocket and pointed it at me. By the time I realized it was a Spell Crystal, it was too late. A powerful purifying light was aimed at me, blinding me, and making me stumble on my own feet, tumbling down in front of him.

The debuff decreased all of my stats to half in an instant. Dankyun didn’t even need to call out the attack, I knew what it was. Every being with demonic blood running through their veins knew what it was.

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