~ Chapter 38: The deal with the Darkness (Part 2) ~

So, you can’t make me listen to you, and you can’t control me either? What do you plan on doing now? I asked him.

Hm… he looked up and crossed his arms at his chest. I do want to take over your body, but I don’t know yet how to get passed your stupid barrier. It took me this long just to be able to communicate with you. The others whom you met earlier today were idiots who got lucky in being able to reach you. I did have a nice ‘chat’ with them before meeting you now, so I know what they did and told you. he squinted his eyes at me.

So you didn’t tell them to “teach me” about a dungeon’s instincts? I asked him.

Dungeon instincts? There’s no way to teach those, that’s why they are called instincts. he shrugged.

I figured as much when they didn’t unlock my Emperor Ranked Skill back in the Dungeon. They acted as though they wanted me to die. Speaking of which, why didn’t you intervene back there? I asked raising an eyebrow at him.

Because I didn’t think we would lose to someone as weak as Dankyun! I mean seriously! You lost to a Supreme with not even 2000 points in Strength? Seriously? he said as if beating someone like him was a simple matter.

When he said that, it made me remember the words he said a moment ago. He and the rest of the darkness were nothing more than fragments of their past selves, bundles of memories that acted like robots. It actually was a good comparison. This Primordial and the other minds hidden in the darkness were nothing more than programs and sentient AI replying to me automatically based on their past experiences.

In a way, I was talking with mere shadows of past living beings. Unfortunately, they had the power to manifest in the real world through my abilities and all sort of barriers they raised in front of me in order to try to control me or change me into one of them.

Maybe that’s why they saw Dankyun as weak, when in fact he was very strong. This darkness saw the real world only as IT desired to see it, like a horse that can only look forward, never changing directions until the one who guided it pulled hard enough.

There was another thing that caught my attention though. Despite saying he had subjugated these other minds, it was clear they weren’t all answering to him, otherwise, he would have intervened and unlocked my Emperor Rank spell before it was too late, not force me to break through their locks. Maybe some escaped his hunt or maybe they couldn’t be subjugated from the get go. The last option was the most frightening of them all: this Primordial was lying to me and forcing me to dance in his palm.

So, you didn’t order them to lock my spell? I asked him.

Of course not! Unfortunately, by the time I realized what they had done, it was too late. he shook his head.

That doesn’t make any sense… You should have known that before anyone else. I retorted.

Not necessarily. If I order the other minds something, they obey, but if I don’t, they can do whatever they want, including keeping me out of the loop for a while. This ability of theirs is news for me too, since I learned about it only when you broke the Interface System and activated your Emperor Rank Skill. he shrugged, but I was feeling reluctant to give him the benefit of the doubt. Then there were the other things they said, although, I’m more surprised by the amount of things you managed to achieve on your own. he said with a smirk.

Like? I thought I was an idiot whose only ability was to keep myself out of your control? I retorted with a raised eyebrow.

The most evident one would probably be your ability to cast spells outside of your body. Normally, dungeons of a higher race are able to at least fly out of their bodies and assess the situation better, but I have never seen nor heard of someone like you who can cast spells while outside of their Crystal Core! It’s ridiculous! he lifted his arms up.

So I was told… I raised an eyebrow at him.

Yet you don’t find it either uncommon or significant. he squinted his eyes at me.

Indeed, I don’t. I shook my head. I thought it was something any dungeon could do. Well, Nanya told me a few things about a spell with a similar effect and other dungeons able to control stuff outside of their bodies, but noting like me. I said.

Indeed, there is a spell that can help you project your voice, but that spell has some conditions to satisfy before it’s being cast. That being said, your ability to fly out of your body and cast spell is out of the ordinary even for Godlike Dungeons. Not many can do this. However, another interesting difference you possess is represented by your Dungeon Territory. Most Dungeons resume themselves to chambers they create and not an entire area like you did. But this isn’t as relevant, it might be just a byproduct of your human mind, since usually only humanoid Dungeons possess such Dungeon Territories. he shrugged.

Isn’t it possible that all of my ‘strange’ abilities are actually a byproduct of my human mind as well as experiences from my past life? I asked him.

I’m not surprised. Your common sense is rather… different from ours. Even the allegiance thingy. I have never heard of the God of Big Boobs! he shook his head I don’t even know if such a god even exists.

I don’t worship boobs… I told him in my defense.

I’m not saying that. Although, if I think about it, Nanya, Shanteya, and Ayuseya posses big breasts. he rubbed his chin.

Nanya’s unsealed form, maybe… I reminded him.

There’s also another thing that’s different from us. You never noticed, but at the beginning of your existence in this world, you often interchanged the words ‘skill’ and ‘spell’. Even for a young Easy dungeon, such a thing is impossible! And let’s not talk about your Emperor Rank Skill! he laughed.

I raised an eyebrow and crossed my hands at my chest What about it? You guys locked it, didn’t you? I told him.

We tried, but your stubbornness, or rather ignorance, managed to break through our seals! I mean, don’t you remember? That spell wasn’t supposed to be upgraded in Crystal Body form, yet not even a day after acquiring it, you already forgot about that warning message and upgraded it. Your subconscious was so strong, it completely ignored all the messages we sent towards you. After that, we decided to pull you inside and lock it up. The only way the lock even worked, to our surprise, was because you believed it did! Hahaha!

He laughed quite loudly and at me. I only watched him confused and stupefied by what I just heard. It was a bit hard to imagine that they had so little control over me after everything he said, but then again, I wasn’t a young born dungeon mind, I had the mind of a human adult who lived in adult back in my world, a human adult.

There was also another thing that made it weird. A moment ago, he was saying that he didn’t know what the other dungeons did, but now he spoke as though he was there all along. Was this part of his broken nature or was he tried to lie to me?

Honestly speaking, it didn’t matter to me now, I knew that if I tried hard enough, I could break any locks and laws they were trying to impose on me. I was actually quite certain they wouldn’t try this nonsense a second time, but I didn’t put my bet on it just yet.

But yes, you broke through those locks. You upgraded the skill like it was nothing and then broke through every barrier we tried to put up in order to keep it away from you. he said with a raised eyebrow.

So those broken messages at the end were actually your attempt to keep the spell away from me? I asked him.

Skill, but yes and not mine, theirs. he nodded.

What’s the difference between those two words? I asked him.

Skill means anything listed in your skill window. Spell means the effect of activating a skill. In other words, you use a SKILL, but cast a SPELL. Not that hard! Remember it! he told me a bit frustrated.

Anything else I broke?

Yes… [Bond of Trust] is a non-existent Skill. Actually, it never existed nor was mentioned about it anywhere on this planet before your appearance! How exactly it works and why, I have no idea myself, but it’s something controlled by your subconscious mind. Magic Energy flow, equations, everything about it is controlled by your subconscious. We actually tried to lock that one as well, but we couldn’t because it wasn’t one of ours. he shrugged. Another thing you broke was the black fog of killing intent as well as your own stats and skills.

I think it’s a good thing I acquire the [Bond of Trust], but what do you mean I broke my own stats? Please explain. Not like there’s anything else to do for now… I told him, and with that remark, I hoped to let him know that I wanted to skip to the part about how to go and save myself and the girls from the Dankyunator 3000.

We don’t see that skill as nothing but trouble. Dungeons can’t trust the humanoids! It’s always been like that, and it will always be like that! As for your own stats, yes… you technically don’t have a Godlike dungeon’s stats. The boost you received in points was severely limited by your subconscious because you are afraid of holding too much power… Which is stupid. he clicked his tongued.

What can you do about it then? I asked him.

How should I know? Dungeons don’t have anything like a subconscious mind… Honestly, how do you mortals even survive with something like that? It’s ridiculous! Who is the dominant version? Who is he ruler and who is the follower? he rubbed his temples as if trying to get rid of a migraine.

I don’t think that’s how it works… Conscious mind and subconscious mind work as a team, I think. I told him.

I don’t believe it. But, moving on from illogical things, your black fog of killing intent is also broken because you don’t exhibit killing intent constantly.

Why should I? I asked him raising an eyebrow.

Unless you show your killing intent, how will your enemies know that you are willing to kill them? How will you tell them to stay out of your way? Not to mention your slaves, they need to be constantly reminded that your above them like a god above a mortal, not sleep with them like that. If you want to mate with a woman just rip her clothes off and do it! Why ask permission? You are a dungeon, after all! But maybe that’s why your skills are broken too. Instead of getting all the basic skills, you barely got anything, not to mention the fact that you had to learn your own skills from books? Seriously? When was the last time a dungeon read anything? his explanation turned more towards a scold as he tried to explain why I did wrong things which for me were natural.

Because I have compassion, and you don’t. Because I respect them and view them as my equals, not objects I need to use and destroy. Because I want to make love with a woman who loves me, not hump on her like an imp on a boot! I retorted and raised my voice a little on the last remark.

You are an idiot for believing that! It’s not normal! It’s unnatural! he said squinting his eyes at me.

I was starting to really dislike this rude fellow who told me to behave with my beloved Shanteya like I would with a robot, or with Ayuseya and Nanya like a rapist would. How could anyone see such actions and beliefs as true and just? It made no sense to me, and as such, I refused completely to believe any word he said about those actions being wrong because I was a dungeon.

If you are here just to annoy or insult me, you are free to leave. I told him.

Yeah, no. I’m here to explain some basic things, to let you know who runs things in the background and tell you that there’s only one way to escape this whole mess. he squinted his eyes at me.

Can’t I delete you? I asked with a smirk.

You can’t because you will surely die. Do you even have any idea what to do to breath with your crystal body? Or do you know how to control the flow of magic within your body? he asked with a smirk.

I couldn’t answer him. Those were all things the darkness did in the background.

In other words… I can remove you, but in doing so, I sentence myself to death.

As well as the girls, because I am the only one who knows how to get you out of this… predicament.

How? I squinted my eyes at him.

Promise us that you won’t destroy us, and we will leave you alone. No more barriers, no more locked skills, no more sudden apparitions from us. he smirked.

Fine, I promise. I told him, although, I had a feeling he was planning something with this sudden connection cut, but what that was, I had no idea.

Very well! And as promised, I will tell you how to escape this situation, although, you partially guessed it as well in the past. You will need to build yourself a new body from scratch. However! he raised a finger up and looked in my eyes for a moment You won’t take it for a spin on the first run. I will be the one to do it! he told me.

Why? I asked him crossing my arms at my chest.

Do you know any martial-arts skills? How to instantly raise your Magic Armor? Do you know how to absorb matter and heal an injury? Do you know how to cast chant-less spells? Do you know how to use a sword at least or fight at high speeds? he bombarded me with countless questions to which he already knew what the answer was.

No. I replied.

Well, that’s what you will need to do and know for your first battle, otherwise Dankyun will kill you before you can even lay a finger on him. he shrugged.

Can’t you teach me all of those things while we are in this state? I asked spreading my arms and looking up.

I can, but I won’t. After this battle is over, things… will change. You will change, and so will we…

The look in his eyes told me that this was just the beginning. It also made sense for him not to give me those skills and abilities. He needed leverage; something he could do, and I couldn’t; a reason to keep him alive when things got tough for me.

How will I know you won’t harm my wives and slave? I asked him.

As long as they have a contract with us, it would be in our detriment to kill or harm them, so you can relax, Illsyore. As for Dankyun, he’s been marked as our target, but I would love to play around with him a little bit. he showed me an evil smirk when he mentioned that last part.

Alright… where do we start? I asked him, and with this, I agreed to his deal.

There was no other way out of this. He had knowledge and information I lacked, and I was running out of time.

Very good! We will start by having you build your body. There are remnants of the bodies used by all the Dungeon Lords who reached humanoid state. You can learn from them how to build your body. A bit of advanced anatomy and biology will be needed for this process, but I’m sure you won’t have a problem with them, so do let your imagination go wild. Oh, and don’t be embarrassed about working on your genitals as well. If you make your body make sure you pay attention to each and every single detail about it, otherwise, you will regret it later!

I gulped again.

It sounded like an awful amount of headaches and things to learn, but if I wanted to save myself, Nanya, Shanteya, and Ayuseya, I had to go through all of this. I needed a body to defeat Dankyun, although, I didn’t like the fact that this Primordial was going to be the first one to control it. I didn’t trust him, I couldn’t, and I doubted I ever would. Unfortunately, the alternative was rotting in this place for over 5000 years until I died or this darkness destroyed me.

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What I thought was a plot hole was actually worked into the story nicely. Good job author.