~ Chapter 39: My type of revenge! (Part 2) ~

At one point, I got a little bit sidetracked with the modifications and ended up with a body that looked a little bit alien when compared to the beings on that planet, especially the tail and claws. The main parts I focused on were the four arms and six legs. I really wanted the body to have implants of some kind, so I chose Spell Crystals and lasers. The hands, all the way up to the elbow, were implanted with power crystals connected through biological tissues and offered the same purpose as the AGLMC laser. The others were going to be Magic Energy storage crystals similar to the ones Dankyun used.

I had to say, I looked quite different. My body was six meters tall, with four jaws, razor-sharp teeth and claws, extendable back spikes, acid spit, four arms, six legs, and all sort of other cool attachments. It was a full-size monster no matter how you looked at it.

When I was done with this one, the Primordial complimented my ingenuity, but it still wasn’t enough. He took the liberty of explaining how each and every part of my body was going to be a pain in the behind to control and use because of the way our minds worked. We didn’t have the time to learn how to control the extra limbs and organs I saw as “cool”.

Then he explained the main aspects he wanted me to focus on…

Like seriously… After more than 150 blasted years, he finally thought it would be a good idea to tell what he NEEDED for the body to work! He annoyed me so much that day that I started a fight with him. Of course, I lost… and a few Easy Dungeons memories were destroyed in the process. In the end, I understood that no matter who would pilot the body I made, they would need decades to learn how to do it efficiently.

The last body I worked on was supposed to be the final one. Apparently, understanding how the body worked and building it myself allowed me to control it’s healing capabilities much easier. Not even decapitation or a stab to the heart would have been enough to kill me now. This was one of the aspects the stupid Primordial forgot to mention. As expected though, three years later, he completely forgot about our battle, although, I was still grumbling like a hungry raccoon.

Indeed, it was the same as speaking to nothing but shadows of their former pasts. Time and time again, it was made quite clear that in this darkness, I was the only living and active mind with 100% functionality, everyone else was like a ghost with half a brain or less. It felt a bit lonely at times.

There were very few moments when I wished to take a break, but when I did, I thought about the world I was in, the people, what I learned, and what I wanted to do after Dankyun was scrapped, packed, and posted back to Teslov on the ‘boot in the behind’ express.

This world was different from mine, too different. I even learned that there were more than those three continents. Apparently, there was even something like a Dungeon Continent, but none of the shadows here knew where it was or what it was about. They remembered only that it existed. As for the Primordial, he didn’t know either. Apparently, there were big holes in his memory as well. He couldn’t even remember where he was born, and when was the last time he was alive. The weaker dungeons had it even worse though, they worked only on a handful of memories, which they relived constantly. Some were good, while others were bad.

I decided that I wanted to learn more of this world after I defeated Dankyun. There were many more continents to discover, a lot of people to meet, and I had yet to see any cat people. According to some of their memories, they existed. One of the dungeons kept remembering being fed nekatars slaves in order to be used as a training ground for human knights. Another remembered having one as a husband. And yes, there were males and female dungeons around here.

Therefore, my to-do list had a very important item added to it: find a nekatar girl and see if a pointing laser worked on her.

The other objectives were rather simple: taste the food; take a swim in the ocean; learn to fly if I can; simple stuff I never did enjoy or cherished in my previous world. Building a computer had to wait, since I had no idea how to make electronics or even program them.

There was one thing I wasn’t too certain about: my primary goal in life, my purpose, what did I really, really wanted to do? I postponed this inner debate for after I was done with Dankyun, just in case I accidentally triggered a death flag with it. Although, postponing it wasn’t a death flag, right?

That’s how my time was basically spent in this darkness, and when it was finally time to reveal my body, all I had to say was that I designed a new species, an entity that simply didn’t exist until then. My abilities were vast, but more importantly, my body was going to be strong enough to destroy Dankyun.

It’s time. said the Primordial with a smirk.

Yes. I told him as I looked at my future humanoid body with emerald-green eyes and jade-green hair.

In a moment, the Primordial released this state of slowed down time in which we were in, and my crystal body began to change. As explained to me before, there were some conditions I had to accept before the change began.

First of all, my level was reset to 1. Practically speaking, it was a new body, so my experience in it was 0 according to the inner workings of the dungeon system, which even now I couldn’t figure out how the blasted thing worked. In general, any big change that occurred to the dungeon entity as a result of evolution was followed by a full level reset. The level reset would basically release all the stored up Magic Energy inside the body in the form of a level. Somehow, the bonds between particles was strengthened by this Magic Energy, similar to how an old dungeon was naturally far sturdier than a newly made one. As a result of this release, I received a high amount of Magic Energy needed to use in the construction of the next body.

Secondly, I had to consume the bodies of all the monsters inside me as well as those of the dead soldiers on my territory, since each one of them was basically a Magic Energy storage. Doing this to Dankyun didn’t work because he was alive, meaning he could subconsciously or consciously control his own Magic Energy flow. Theoretically, I could absorb it, but I would need a huge amount of Magic Energy just to counter and convert his, leaving me without a body and the girls dead for sure.

Third of all, my entire Dungeon Territory was to be reduced to a mere 10cm around my body, since I needed all the Magic Energy stored in it. As I came to understand. A Dungeon expanded its territory as a means of extending its senses as well as a way to store Magic Energy for when they would need it most. The side effects were that all buildings released from the territory would end up as neutral. The same went for the summoned monsters. Apparently, there was another side effect, but the Primordial refused to tell me anything about it.

Fourth of all, the skills I gained as a Dungeon Core were going to become partially useless for me because different bodies meant different Magic Energy flows as well as a different understanding of how to cast my spells. Well, all the skills except for the Dungeon Building skills and [Bond of Trust] because of their inherent conditions: dungeon territory for the first and reciprocated trust for the second. The Godlike attributes and skills I gained as a passive racial trait remained untouched. Nonetheless, with time and a deeper understanding of how to control my body, those skills would become available to me again.

Without further ado, the Primordial started the process in creating my body. He first reset my level to 1, thus granting me an incredible amount of Magic Energy, then he sucked dried of Magic Energy all the bodies inside my Inner Mind and on my Dungeon Territory. As a result, they either turned into mummies or dust. Then, he absorbed the Dungeon Territory itself, gaining another bonus of Magic Energy.

Good! We have 276844 Magic Energy ready to be used. I have to say, you were lucky you were already past level 100. If you weren’t, it would have been a bit harder. the Primordial told me as he used the Magic Energy and then applied it to crystal body.

The changes would start and end in a matter of seconds.

That’s why I was told that I needed at least 100 levels to become a Dungeon Lord? I asked.

That’s a strict minimum required for a body of any kind. Anyway, time to go now! he said with a smirk when the creation process of my new body was completed.

We both left the Inner Mind at the same time. He assumed control over my physical form, and I remained as a background presence around my head. Although we practically saw and felt the same things, I wasn’t the one steering the ship.

“This is new.” said the Primordial as he opened his eyes and looked at his hands.

Breath, you moron. I reminded him.

“Oh yes! I forgot about it for a second, but no need to be rude.” he told me.

Looking around, he saw Dankyun starring at us with a bit of a puzzled look on his face. He certainly wasn’t expecting me to return in this new form, however, thanks to our enhanced vision, I noticed Nanya and Shanteya immediately. It was good to see them again, but I hated the fact that it had to be when Death was knocking at their doors.

Leave introductions for later, go and absorb Shanteya, Ayuseya, and Nanya. I urged him.

“That was my plan.” he smiled and rubbed his palms together.

“What is this?” asked Dankyun surprised.

The Primordial ignored him and simply moved towards Shanteya. The distance of several meters was crossed in the blink of an eye. It was as though he teleported there.

“Absorb.” he said pointing his hand at them, and the dying el’doraw’s body vanished in a bright white light.

Inside the Inner Mind, her bleeding should stop. Next Nanya. I told him.

The woman I once knew as a lively teenage-looking teacher was in tatters. I couldn’t even imagine the pain and fear she was going through with that gaping wound in the middle of her chest could. She looked pale and weak, like the flame of a match about to be extinguished, like a flower wilted away by the cold winter. It pained my heart to look at her, and I wanted to do everything I could to help her, to save her. Losing Nanya wasn’t an option.

“Illsy… I…” she looked up at me.

Her lips were trembling, but there were tears of happiness in her eyes.

“I’m alive, Nanya, my sweet. Don’t worry.” the Primordial spoke.

Hey! I glared at him.

Relax, it’s not like she can tell the difference. said the annoying dungeon.

“Don’t you ignore me!” shouted Dankyun as he dashed at us.

The Primordial saw him from the corners of his eyes, and with one fast move and his bare hand, he caught the dangerous black sword. It didn’t go through this body’s Magic Armor, let alone cut its skin.

“What a cute toy. Go and play over there, dirt for brains.” said the Primordial as he simply tossed the draconian Supreme aside like a pathetic little rag.

What the? Status! I said quickly after seeing the incredible feat.

[Name]: Illsyore (Nickname: Illsy)

[Species]: Dungeon Lord

[Race]: Godlike

[Level]: 1

[Strength]: 475+1500

[Agility]: 378+1500

[Intelligence]: 650+1500

[Magic Energy]: 15750

[Magic Energy Regeneration]: 150 Magic Energy Points per Second

[Allegiance]: Holy God of Big Boobs!

[Spouses]: Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades, Mad Destroyer Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd

[Slaves]: Shanteya Dowesyl

[Pets]: None

[Minions]: None

Those were the important stats, and they had incredible values when compared to those in my Crystal Body, but I had the feeling they were a bit smaller than what I designed the body for. I was expecting at least 2000 points in every stat. I couldn’t figure out if it was like that because I made a mistake somewhere or if it was a side effect of my body’s transformation from Crystal to Humanoid. Either way, they far surpassed Dankyun’s base stats.

From what I saw, gaining a humanoid body automatically changed the bonus from the Godlike racial trait, but that was also only due to the many tweaks I added to it. Normally, if I went along with a much simpler and classical body, I would have gained only the basic 1000 extra, however, this way, I gained 1500 in each stat, 5000 in Magic Energy pool capacity, and 100 points in Magic Energy Regeneration.

I can only imagine what a 12000 Magic Energy [Infernal Glacier] would do. I said with a sigh.

It would be the equivalent of what humans see as a Supreme class skill. the Primordial replied as he approached Nanya.

Should we use it? I asked him.

And kill off Dankyun that fast? Are you mad? he retorted.

Very well, but let me talk with her. I told him.

Sure. I don’t mind. he said, and with that, he allowed me control only over his mouth.

“Why you…” the draconian dashed at us, but the Primordial made a quick spin and kicked him in the chest.

The draconian’s Magic Armor was shattered to pieces, and he was sent flying through the air more than 50 meters away from us.

I will so enjoy destroying this fellow. said the Primordial.

Looking back at Nanya, we knelt down in front of her, and I looked in her eyes.

“Illsy… is that you?” she asked more as to confirm what she was seeing.

The woman was so changed, I barely recognized her. It was surprising that she was even alive. Just how much pain and suffering did she had to endure to end up like this? Shanteya and Ayuseya too, they were barely hanging on to life by a thin thread. They were taking their last breaths, their last moments of life.

“I’m sorry…” I told her, and from the corners of my eyes, two tears gathered and flowed down my cheeks.

Her lips curve into a small smile. Was she forgiving me for my weakness?

“I’m going to absorb you now, my love…” I told her, and she shook her head. “What?” I blinked surprised. “Why?”

Looking down, she moved her hand, or at least tried to, it twitched a little.

The pocket on her leg. the Primordial told me and reached out for it.

Inside was a pure white crystal, pulsing with magic, but I didn’t recognize the spell.

“Flee…” she told me.

The crystal was to be used for us to flee from Dankyun, or so she asked.

“Not yet, I’m stronger than him, so please Nanya, let me absorb you, so I can heal you.” I told her.” but she still looked reluctant, her gaze falling on her clawed hands.

A sense of deja vu struck me.

Where did I see this scene before? I asked myself as I searched through my past memories.

Nothing came up, but there was a feeling, a sensation lost in the whirlpool of knowledge from my previous life. Was it from a movie where I had attained it, or maybe a book? It was hard to pinpoint, but I decided to act upon it because it felt like the right thing to do.

Give me a bit of control over the body. I told the Primordial, and he complied.

Taking her clawed hand, I kissed the top of it and then showed her a smile.

“I’m not afraid of you. In my eyes, you are still the same, and I love you.”

When I said these honest words, her lips curved in a smile, while tears flowed down her cheeks. She was happy to hear my words. Without a doubt, I said what I was supposed to, and with this, Nanya, my wife, finally gave her approval to let me absorb her.

“I’ll see you soon.” I told her.

<WARNING! You are about to absorb a DUNGEON! Mental and Personality conflicts may arrise… BZZT!>

I closed off the stupid message.

Seriously annoying. I told the Primordial as I relinquished control to him again.

“So Nanya is the child of a dungeon. Interesting.” he said.

Why interesting and what was with that message? I asked him while he was heading towards Ayuseya.

“HA!” Dankyun screamed and launched a huge [Fireball] at us.

The Primordial lifted his hand up and released an even bigger [Fireball], creating a powerful explosion between us and the Supreme draconian. Using this moment, he moved to Ayuseya and absorbed her as well.

Well, it’s interesting because I wasn’t expecting to met one here. he told me.

There’s Ayuseya’s arm! Get it and beat Dankyun already! I told him.

Anyway, I do hope she won’t try to take over this body. We will crush her if she does. he warned me.

I doubt it and make sure no part of the darkness touches even a single hair on her body! Or Ayuseya’s! Or Shanteya’s! I warned him as well.

“Sure.” he sighed and absorbed the cut off limb.

With my knowledge gained from creating this body, I knew how to fix them. The Inner Mind was also a place that preserved them in any state they arrived inside. The workings of that place was also a bit confusing to me for the moment, but its preservation ability was guaranteed.

“How dare you ignore me!” growled Dankyun as he approached us.

“Oh looky! The inferior organic can speak! Isn’t evolution great?” the Primordial snorted and showed him a smirk.

“I’ll kill you!” he shouted and then dashed towards us.

Is that all he can say? I wondered.

I was expecting him to vanish as he did before, but instead, I saw him move at a very slowed down pace. My body moved, dodging the tip of the black sword and then slapped the draconian into the ground. The earth cracked upon impact, and a small crater formed there. His Magic Armor shattered, and he groaned from the pain.

“Full Magic Energy Restoration. Repair. Rejuvenation.” he groaned and pushed himself up as three more crystals were depleted.

“Pathetic.” said the Primordial as he stomped on his body, reducing his Magic Armor by half in one blow.

“H-How?” he asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he told him before kicking him in the jaw.

This strike shattered Dankyun’s armor again and sent him flying through the charred remains of the Academy. Rocks and dirt were lifted up in the air whenever he crashed into the ground. After a few tumbles, he finally came to a stop.

He coughed and turned around. Using the sword, he pulled himself up only to see the Primordial’s fist as it slammed into his face, sending him flying 100 meters through the air.

Before landing, he used another of those crystals, otherwise, he would have died upon impact. It was another one of his lucky saves, but how many more were there left? It mattered not, the Primordial was intent on finishing off, but slowly.

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