~ Chapter 39: My type of revenge! (Part 3) ~

“Either he is VERY weak or this body you built is a cheat!” he said.

Are you complaining? I asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“No… Just wondering.” he then casually walked up to where Dankyun was.

Ah! He restored himself again. I pointed out when I saw the blue flash of light.

“Yes. I know.” he smirked.

About one hundred fireballs rose up to the sky and headed towards us. Each of them was at least one meter in diameter.

“Let’s test out the durability of this body, shall we?” he said with a smirk as he stood still, with his hands behind his back.

Are you serious? Dude, don’t break my body! I complained.

“Relax and have faith. You need to see how a humanoid dungeon fights.” he told me.

I think you are confusing your definitions again! Being a sandbag has nothing to do with doing well in a fight! I complained.

“I wonder about that.”

The ideas and principles of a Dungeon about how one should behave were completely wrong from many points of view, in my opinion. I simply didn’t resonate with any of them. Although, strange enough, I remember there were times when I also felt the need and desire to act like them. Considering my latest findings, I was starting to believe those were actually emotions and thoughts pushed onto me by the darkness.

The first fireball struck us and exploded. The fire spread around, but we didn’t budge. Then came the next one. Like a cascade of fire, they rained down upon us and tried to sink us into the ground, blasting away the dirt and rocks. A crater formed around us, but we still didn’t budge, and the Magic Armor barely dropped.

“Like I said. Pathetic.” said the Primordial, but just then Dankyun jumped out from the smoke and pushed the sword towards his heart.

The sharp blade was stopped by his strong grip.

“You really thought this toy was going to harm me?” he asked and then giggled.

“Impossible!” he growled at us.

“Indeed. For you to actually accept the reality of your pathetic weakness is impossible. You are just an inferior draconian after all.” said the Primordial, taunting him.

“I will kill you, Dungeon Lord if it’s the last thing I do!” he growled and then took out another crystal, this time it was an aquamarine one. “[Boost]!” he shouted, and an aura the same color as the crystal enveloped him.

Suddenly, he was able to push us back with great force and speed. He was digging a ditch with my body’s feet, while the Primordial tried hard to push him back. The tip of his black sword was getting closer and closer to his heart, slipping from his grip. It was incredible to see this Dungeon actually struggling against him and judging by how fast our Magic Energy was dropping, I could sort of guess what insane amount of power the draconian was exerting against us.

What happened? I asked surprised.

The bastard used a boost to enhance his strength and agility! said the Primordial.

With a strong push to the side, we managed to send his sword away from our chest, and Dankyun flew past us. He stopped about 4 meters away, where he touched the ground and then jumped towards us while using a martial-arts move of consecutive strikes. All of a sudden, we were seeing five more swords than they actually were.

Are you kidding me? I said.

The attack landed, but it wasn’t able to get passed the Primordial’s Magic Armor. Still, it was a close call.

While he was still in range, we jumped forward and tried to punch him, but our fist hit only air. He vanished from our front and appeared at our left. We tried to strike him again, but Dankyun dodged. He was faster than us, and seeing how we had over 1800 Agility, that was saying something. This level was already 1000 points above the minimum requirements for a Supreme. If he could boost himself again, then this battle would end up getting really dangerous for us.

Worst-case scenario, we have that crystal as well… I thought.

We’re not going to lose. said the Primordial, although, it was obvious he was struggling to catch and land a strike on Dankyun.

A power jab to our left ribs sent us flying through the air. Before we fell back to the ground, Dankyun was already next to us and punched us in the face, sending us at dangerous speeds towards the forest located at more than half a kilometer away.

We landed in the trees, breaking several of them before we came to a halt, but then Dankyun was right there again. He attacked us with another set of fast strikes, chipping away at our Magic Armor, which was going down fast.

The fight was ridiculous, no different than what I used to see in anime and superhero movies. One punch sent us flying a couple of meters into a nearby tree, the other sent us into the ground, forming a crater where we landed. The forces behind these strikes were insane, and only now I realized what the Primordial said by controlling the body. I could barely keep up with Dankyun’s moves, let alone focus on recharging my Magic Armor and formulating a counter attack plan at the same time. A control of this level required real-life experience not Inner Mind simulations.

Can’t we slow down time for us? I asked.

No. Doing so may lead to a fast consumption of Magic Energy and fluctuations in our Magic Armor. he told me as he blocked another hit, but the force was too much and sent us flying into another tree.

“DIE ALREADY!” shouted Dankyun, rather annoyed that he couldn’t defeat us.

Speaking of which, our Magic Energy was going down with values between 5 and 50 points per second, depending if we received a strike or not. In other words, the Primordial was able to calculate the exact amount needed to restore our Magic Armor after each hit, something I was certainly unable to do at the moment.

In the years I spent inside the darkness, working on my body, I never learned this sort of control. Apparently, I would gain it with time and practice just as Nanya said.

“Aren’t you bored of this already?” asked the Primordial with a smirk on his lips when he caught his sword between his palms.

“Dungeon Lord, I swear in front of all the known gods that I will kill you and rip you apart!” he threatened me.

“I’m sorry, did you say something? I wasn’t paying attention.” he told him.

Dungeons were natural trolls apparently.

“I will kill you!” he growled at us, pushing hard on the hilt.


With a groan and a bit of effort, he pushed the sword away, avoiding the cut, but at the rate things were going, we weren’t going to win.

“Poor Dankyun, he actually thinks he’s going to win this fight!” said the Primordial before laughing at him.

“What do you mean? I’m stronger, faster, and better than you! I will kill you!” he threatened us as he pointed the sharp black sword at us.

“Yet, I’m still standing.” he pointed at himself “You know, kid, lying is bad, especially when an inferior draconian no stronger than a human beggar does it.” he smirked.

Ouch. I thought as I knew that had to hit a nerve. The Supreme was well known to possess an over-inflated ego bigger than the sun itself.

With fury in his eyes and face red from anger, he dashed towards us again with his sword raised up high and ready to strike us down.

“Hm. Pathetic.” said the Primordial before he used a Buff Skill as well.

I had no idea what he did or how, but the status window showed some ridiculous values.

[Strength]: 475+1500+2000

[Agility]: 378+1500+2000

[Intelligence]: 650+1500

[Magic Energy]: 11920

In that moment, the world slowed down for us, and the Primordial was able to grab the black sword with great ease. He then pushed it to the side, but still held onto it and then punched Dankyun hard in the face.

The result was the draconian flying back through several trees until he stopped in the charred field again. The sword was out of his hand now, and with it, he lost his best weapon against us, but now we had to get rid of his crystals as well.

“Absorb.” said the Primordial while holding it by the blade.

<Impossible to Absorb. Enchantment against Dungeon Absorption of any kind detected.>

“Interesting. To think that someone actually figured out how to make something like this! I better destroy it.”

Stop! Don’t! I shouted.

“Why?” he asked confused.

That’s Nanya’s sword! I don’t know what sort of past it has, but we should let her decide what to do with it. I told him.

“I don’t like it, but very well…” he said and then flipped it around to hold it by the hilt.

Thank you. Still, I don’t understand why Dankyun hasn’t fainted already after using so many of those crystals…

“That’s a rather simple question to which I’m surprised you haven’t figured out the answer to yet!” he laughed.

Humor me… I grumbled.

“Well, Dankyun either has an enchantment on his armor or makes use of a certain Skill of the Buff category.” he shrugged.

A Skill? Something like that actually exists? I asked surprised.

“But of course! Although, it does have some nasty side effects if you suddenly lose the enchanted item or cancel the Skill.” he tapped his chin and then started to walk in the direction he sent the draconian flying.

What sort of side effects?

“Internal bleeding, intense pain, nausea, failure to focus the flow of your Magic Energy, and all sorts of other nasty things. The more restorative Spell Crystals you use, the more dangerous it becomes. In other words, it’s a double-edged sword. Still, with some serious training, anyone can handle the use of 5 up to 10 restorative Spell Crystals. With that specific Skill, maybe 40 or even 100, depending on the species and various other factors.” he shrugged and then dashed through the forest.

At the very least, now I knew that Dankyun couldn’t use an infinite amount of Spell Crystals, but 100 was still a rather impressive amount. If this turned out to be a battle of attrition, the Primordial was going to win without a doubt, but something told me that without Nanya’s sword, the Supreme was pretty much done for.

By the time we reached him, he had already restored his Magic Energy and pulled out another sword from his Storage Crystal. This time, it was going to be a sword battle, or so I thought, but the Primordial was in the draconian’s face in the blink of an eye. With one slash, the sword he was holding was cut in half. Before he realized what happened, the black sword went straight through the draconian’s stomach and came out on the other side.

“ARGH!” he groaned as he felt cold steel inside him.

“Oh, don’t worry, ’tis but a scratch!” said the Primordial before pulling out the blade and punching him in the face.

“GAH!” the draconian went flying, but he chased after him.

Grabbing his left leg in midair, we came to a halt and then slammed him into the ground. Blood spurted out of his gaping wound. Letting go, he pulled back and then stomped on his right leg. Dankyun’s bones went snap and the physical armor plate was shattered.

“AAA!” he screamed in pain.

“How pathetic.” said the Primordial as he began rip apart his armor with his bare hand.

“No! Stop!” cried out Dankyun, but who would care to listen?

The draconian was stripped of everything until he was left only in his loincloth. It was a poor sight to behold, but somehow, it made me happy and satisfied to know that he ended up as nothing but a naked man in the middle of a field of destruction, and we didn’t even need to use any fancy magic attacks.

“Don’t think this is over yet…” he managed to mutter right before the Primordial slapped him so hard, he actually dislocated his jaw.

“Yup, not over.” and with that being said, he stomped on his left leg, crushing his bones and muscles.

“Dankyun and Misery, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” he said and grabbed his face with one hand “I could crush you so easily now.” the Primordial smirked.

“I’m a SUPREME! A mere dungeon like you to… GAH!” the draconian wasn’t able to finish his words because was sent face first into the ground, breaking his nose.

“Ugh… youh… bashtard.” he glared at us before he received another punch to the ribs.

I clearly heard the bones cracking, but the draconian wasn’t screaming yet.

“Oh my, you are so easy to kill right now! HAHAHA! And I didn’t even use any of my powerful attacks!” the Primordial laughed and then holding his forehead decided to try out the inbuilt laser in my hand.

One single strike was all he needed to kill Dankyun. One pull of a trigger and the monster I saw before me would vanish from existence.

But did he deserve to die? Yes.

Could I kill him? Yes.

But why did I feel like something was wrong? Like this death we were offering Dankyun would be more like a blessing or gift to him?

Don’t do it. I told him before he pulled the trigger.

The Primordial dropped Dankyun.

“What? Are you mad?” the dungeon asked.

Maybe, but I have something I want to say to this piece of garbage. Give me control over my body. I told him.

“Tch! Fine!” he complied, surprisingly.

For a minute there, I thought I had to wrestle my control back from him.

With my body finally under my control, I grabbed the draconian by the neck and looked into his eyes. Anger was flaring in mine, and the black fog of killing intent surrounded us both.

“Ugh…” he groaned and looked at me, knowing very well that his life was in my hands now.

“Dankyun, you pathetic little piece of garbage. Rejoice, I’m not going to kill you right now. Oh, no no no.” I shook my head. “What I’m going to do is something far worse than you can even imagine. I’m going to let you go, and I’m going to hunt you down like the piece of garbage you are! You saw it yourself, I merely toyed with now! I can kill you any time and anywhere I desire! You are nothing but a weakling when compared to me. A weakling!” I squinted my eyes. “That’s why I’m going to let you go. But don’t you are free. I’m going to hunt you down like a pathetic little vermin that you are just because I can and know that there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop me or hide from me. So know, little draconian, that from this day forwards, wherever you will look, wherever you will turn your head, I will be there, watching you! A peasant walking by you, or the very noble you will speak with, I will be him or her, disguised or hiding right there in plain sight or in the cover of the shadows behind shadows! Sometimes, I will let you see me, sense me and know that I am still there watching you, following you, and hunting you! There’s no escape from me now, Dankyun, you just had to piss me off! Now here’s the best part. I’m not going to be the one to kill you. No. No. No.” I said shaking my head slowly “I’m going to offer that pleasure to Nanya, Ayuseya, and Shanteya. Next time you will see them, they will be the ones to kill you. Now don’t even think that I’m pulling your leg here, you pathetic little draconian! I’m a Godlike Dungeon. I’m more powerful now than you can ever imagine! With one snap of my fingers, I can kill YOU and your ENTIRE family! You saw it too, right? I didn’t even use a spell other than a lousy fireball because I didn’t feel like punching through your pathetic attack. I didn’t even flinch when you cast all those fireballs at me. NONE of your attacks was even able to shatter my Magic Armor ONCE let alone scratch me! That’s why I’m going to use ALL of this godlike power to hunt you down, to watch you from the shadow, and strike you down the moment you let your guard down. When you will hear someone laughing, that’s going to be me! When you will think that you saw a shadow moving, that’s going to be me! When hear the wind rustling, that’s going to be me reminding you again and again that I’m there, enjoying my hunt and preparing to kill you!”

As I told him these things, for the first time since I saw him, Dankyun was trembling in fear. Actually, it was worse than that. The grown draconian Supreme urinated on himself like a little kid. He was that scared and frightened of me now, but I couldn’t blame him. Anyone would, especially after seeing the difference in strength between himself and the Primordial.

“Do I make myself clear?” I asked him.

He nodded in reply since his jaw was broken and bleeding.

“Good. Now buzz off! The hunt starts now!” I told him and then threw him in the air as hard as I could without caring if he was going to survive the landing or not.

I wasn’t aiming for any specific location, but all that buffed up strength went only into tossing Dankyun away. Even I was surprised by how far I could have possibly thrown him. By my estimates alone, I guessed he would land somewhere a few kilometers away from here. I was honestly doubting that he would survive in his state: gravely injured, without any of his crystals, without armor, and without his sword.

Very good! I like it, but are you sure that was a smart thing to do? asked the Primordial.

“Yes. Death would have been too sweet for him. This way, no matter where he goes or what he does, he will see me in every shadow and every stranger passing by him. He will grow paranoid and live surrounded by fear and imaginary monsters.” I told him and then let out a sigh.

What if he didn’t believe you and will come looking for you?

“Then I will be ready and kill him. But I didn’t lie about one thing though… next time he comes after me, I will have the girls kill him. Actually, I’m hoping for it. If I, a Godlike Dungeon Lord kills him, it can even be seen as an honor by some, but if Shanteya, Nanya, or Ayuseya kill him, then it’s something else.” I told him as I picked up Dankyun’s storage crystal.

I absorbed it and then took out the crystal Nanya gave me. It had the capacity to store a lot of Magic Energy inside it.

Are you going to use that? he asked me.

“Yes.” I replied and began to infuse the crystal with my Magic Energy.

I can’t help but wonder if the years spent building this body didn’t make you… soft?

“Strangely though, after all that time, I don’t see Dankyun as such a threat anymore. I actually feel quite fulfilled with what I did to him today, but in a way, I offered him something far crueler than death itself because no matter how hard he will train or try, he will never defeat Nanya, Ayuseya, or Shanteya when they have [Bond of Trust] and I have these stats at level one. Not to mention the fact that I had yet to show my entire bag of tricks to him.” I said and then pointed my right hand towards a big black boulder about 14 meters away from me.

As I controlled the way the Magic Energy flowed through my body, I charged the Power Crystals between the muscles and bones, set the amplifier to 20% and then pulled the trigger. A powerful red beam shot out of my palm and struck the rock, melting straight through it and hitting the ground on the other side. This single AGLMC Laser was far more powerful than anything I had installed in my previous dungeon.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if this weapon alone was capable of destroying Dankyun’s armor in one go. Alas, the opportunity to test it on his hide never showed itself. Brute strength and speed alone were all that we needed to defeat him. There was also the chance that if I did attack him with this, I would have offered him a way too quick of a death.

No, Dankyun deserved to be haunted by my ghosts! He deserved to see monsters wherever he turned his head and hold nothing but fear towards those he once considered as below him and humiliated in whatever ways he saw to be more fun! Killing him wouldn’t appease the souls of the dead either…

If I was right, then he was going to suffer greatly after this. He was going to lose everything and turn former allies into enemies. He was going to slowly slip into insanity and have his mind destroyed by paranoia.

Indeed, there was the chance that he would come after me, turn from the one hunted into a hunter, but if and when that was going to happen, I would be ready for him, and death would come instantly to him. That was my promise towards him and myself.

Anyway, just as we agreed before when you were having one of your little fits, since this battle is over, I’m going to let you have control. the Primordial said.

“And?” I raised an eyebrow and looked up at a passing cloud.

And from now on, you are the only one who will have control. None of the dungeons or I will bother you in your Inner Mind again, but do know that this thing of yours isn’t going to last. You will eventually come back to me. You will beg for my power. You will beg for OUR power, but then… then you will become one of us!

The last thing I heard from the Primordial was his loud laughter. He was so certain that I would fail and return to him, begging for his help and power that it simply sickened me and turned my stomach upside down.

I was determined to prove him wrong. Even if I found myself again in a Life-or-Death situation, I was going to find another way to persevere and maybe… in time, I would find a way to remove that pesky darkness from inside my mind, those remnants of long dead dungeons. I doubted they weren’t going to act once they saw me succeeding, but for now, however, I considered somewhat safe from their influence.

“I guess I should focus on charging this.” I told myself as I added another 5000 Magic Energy Points into the Spell Crystal Nanya gave me.

I repeated this process a couple of times until I was certain it contained all the Magic Energy it could hold. The amount gathered in that little thing was staggering and beyond belief. If I were to have infused it all in a single spell, it would have certainly had devastating effects.

“There! Let’s do this now!” I said with a smirk and then activated it.

A powerful, blinding white light was released from the crystal, forcing me to close my eyes. I held tight to Nanya’s sword and tried to understand as well as feel what was happening around me. The way Magic Energy flowed from the crystal was strange and almost chaotic in some places. It twisted and turned, wrapping me up in some sort of a cocoon. After a moment, I suddenly felt the ground vanishing from under my feet and the air moving fast around me, but it wasn’t from the sides, it was right from under me.

“What the?” I said and then opened my eyes.

What I saw was something completely different. The were no more mountains, forests, or the charred area Dankyun created with his Supreme Skill. They had all been replaced by a seemingly endless desert. The gold sand spread far and wide, forming dunes upon dunes like waves on top of the sea. In a way, it was beautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy the scenery, seeing as how I was falling from a great height in the sky.

“You have got to be kidding me!” I grumbled as I looked down below.

My body was designed to survive such a fall, so I didn’t worry about it. The problem was where to land. Looking around, I didn’t see any signs of a city or settlement of any kind. There didn’t seem to be one in the first place. Using my palm and Nanya’s sword as aerodynamic contact surfaces, I guided my flight path forward and tried to reach what appeared to be a big rock formation.

“Aaand I hope I don’t break my legs…” I said as I saw the ground coming dangerously close to me.

Quickly changing my position in midair, I landed on my feet. The impact was powerful, but it didn’t even cause a dent in my Magic Armor. Upon a closer inspection, I noticed nothing wrong with my body, not even a scratch.

“Good. Now to find a good spot to rest and start healing the girls…” I told myself as I began walking towards the only landmark for who knew how many kilometers around, the big rock formation.

It was about 20 to 30 meters tall, with sharp edges and many cracks around the tips. At the bottom was what appeared to be a small cave of some sort. I hoped to find some shelter there, but when I reached it, I saw that it was too small and also filled with snakes.

Letting out a sigh, I switched to option B. After expanding my Dungeon Territory around my body, I used the [Create a Room] skill and made a small room next to the rock formation. I covered it with sand to camouflage it a bit and used a big rock as an makeshift entrance. Once done, I went inside. After placing Nanya’s sword against the back wall and covering it with a fake one, just in case I had an unexpected visitor who spotted the shiny, I sat down crossed legged in the center of the room.

It was no 5 star hotel, but it was better than nothing. I was ready, so I closed my eyes and entered my Inner Mind.

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