~ Chapter 44: Pillow talk and headaches ~

I was laying down in my bed, with a smile upon my lips and an angel in my arms. What a great night that was, and I would have lied if I said that Nanya didn’t know how to move those hips of hers. Least to be said that we didn’t fall asleep even after the sun had risen. It was early in the morning now, maybe 7 or 8, it didn’t really matter.

“You were great…” I whispered to her.

Nanya showed me a cute smile and then kissed me again, pushing her bare chest onto mine, pulling me closer to her. I welcomed her, and we continued to kiss for another minute or so.

“I didn’t think you would last…” she joked.

“I can still go for another round if you wish.” I smirked, but I wasn’t lying.

When I built this body, I remembered the many restrictions and limitations my human form had. This one was… quite flexible and had the stamina to make Hercules jealous.

“Hehe!” she giggled and then moved on top of me. “Let’s go then.”

Nanya was a beast… She didn’t let me go at all, showing me again how much she desired me and how glad she was that I wasn’t running away from her or rejecting her demonic appearance.

Indeed, that was her biggest worry at first. She was hesitant, shy, and actually reluctant when it came to doing it for the first time, but after I showed her that I didn’t care, that no matter how she looked like she was still my wife and lover, she slowly gave herself to me, while at the same time, I gave myself to her.

I once read in a book, that in such situations, the man must be the one who takes the reins and leads the dance. In various other novels and games, this situation was repeated, but what happened to me was nothing like that.

In this dance, in this manifestation of our relationship and love, there was no ‘I’ or ‘Her’ who took the reins of dominance. There was no ‘me better, you worse’ situation. There was no desire to conquer higher than the one of being conquered. Indeed, it was a balance, a juggle of emotions meant to carry us in the arms of acceptance, understanding, and love, or rather wild passionate bed-breaking love. We actually broke the bed a couple of times, but I fixed it with the help of some dungeon magic.

Once we finished and calmed down again, I was looking up at the ceiling, and she was resting her head on my chest. My fingers combed through her long, lush hair. We spoke no words, only listened to the soft tune of our hearts and breaths.

“Thank you, Illsy…” she said after a while.

“For what?” I asked surprised.

“For accepting me… even though I’m a demon.” she looked up at me.

“Demoness, but I dig that sexy part of yours.” I told her with a shrug.

She giggled and then kissed me on the chin. “Yes, I’m a sexy, tempting demoness, and you are a perverted dungeon who knows more about how to please a woman than he should have.” she smirked.

“All of my knowledge was acquired from books and was put to good use through a night of intense… erm… studying.” I said.

“Yes, especially that weak point at the base of my tail?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Cute moans are a delicacy I will always enjoy!” I declared proudly.

“Hihi.” she giggled.

“I’m surprised though…” I told her as I rested my hand on her back.

“About what?” she asked.

“You being a virgin. I thought you and Dankyun, you know…”

“No, he refused me the moment he learned about my true identity. He always made some sort of excuse and fled from my embrace. At that time, I was still young and stubbornly refused to believe that he might have a problem with me being what I am…” she said while drawing circles with her finger on my chest.

“Well, Dankyun was a xenophobic racist idiot who had no idea what he was missing! But I’m glad he did it because now you are MY wife, not his!” I declared proudly.

“Hehe. Well, Tuberculus tried a while, but with him…” she looked away for a moment. “I don’t know, it never felt right. I couldn’t feel any sort of attraction from him. He was a friend or maybe something like a little brother I never had.”

Ouch… From friendzone to littlebrozone! Poor Tuberculus, but meh… more for me! I thought and then pulled Nanya into another kiss, her chest pressing against mine.

“You are a lot more lovable than I thought you would be.” she said after we parted lips.

“What do you mean?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

“You enjoy holding me in your arms. You kiss me often. You try to be honest with your feelings. You sound closer to a dream than a real, flesh and blood man.” she said.

“I’m no dream, I can tell you that much.” I puffed.

“Yes, a dream wouldn’t try to find all of my weak spots in one night.” she smiled.

“I regret nothing!” I declared.

“Neither do I.” she shook her head and then kissed me again.

“By the way, you should check your stats now.” I told her.

“Why?” she furrowed her brow and looked into my eyes.

[Bond of Trust] was activated. You got a bonus equivalent of 70% of my own stats.” I explained.

“Huh?” she blinked surprised and then had a quick look at the window.

What she saw were the following values:

[Name]: Mad Destroyer Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd

[Species]: Half Dungeon/Half Demon

[Race]: Godlike/Demon Queen

[Level]: 372

[Strength]: 1764+1382,5

[Agility]: 2021+1314.6

[Intelligence]: 1430+1505

[Magic Energy]: 15431+11025

[Magic Energy regeneration]: 115+105 points per second

[Available points]: 0

[Skills] > List all skills? Y/N

[Available skill points]: 0

[Allegiance]: None

[Spouses]: Illsyore

[Slaves]: None

[Pets]: None

[Minions]: None

Besides the fact that she had no allegiance for a god, she also had 756 Magic Energy points trained or maybe added after I healed her. The difference wasn’t as big as Ayuseya’s was, but the difference in stats was as clear as day. At this point, Nanya was actually stronger than me by a lot. Her stats nearly doubled.

“Illsy, are you sure about this?” she asked with a worried tone of voice.

“About what?” I raised an eyebrow, unsure what she meant by that.

“Isn’t this power a bit too much for me?”

I pulled her in for another kiss and then told her “The higher the stats, the better in bed, and I want you to be awesome!” I smirked.

[Shanteya’s point of view]

“They were loud…” I groaned while rubbing my temples.

“I couldn’t sleep at all…” complained Ayuseya.

“You weren’t the only ones, nya… YAWN!” Neyalin opened her mouth wide enough to show us all of her feline teeth.

She brought us two cups of hot, herbal tea and then went to serve another to a bulky looking warrior. Just like us, he didn’t get a wink of sleep last night. Fortunately, the innkeeper was kind enough not to bust their door down. I managed to convince her by shaking a few coins in front of her eyes. They were part of the loot I scavenged from the dungeon, but even so, appeasing all the annoyed folk was expensive. Then we had to deal with the guards and neighbors too… All of my poor coins were eaten by these money hungry wolves.

“Sensitive ears?” I asked lifting my head up.

She nodded and twitched her left ear.

“If only we didn’t promise Nanya to let her have this moment…” said Ayuseya as she picked up a cup of tea and took a small sip.

“I’m sure she appreciates it and will do the same when it’s your turn.” I smiled at her and then took a sip from my own cup of tea.

“Ahem! I am not in a hurry…” she blushed and looked away, but I knew she was itching to do it with Master.

Even I was… no, that wasn’t right. Master did wish to spend his nights with me in bed, but he first had to appease his wives. Indeed, I was a slave, but I was certain I would get my turn as well. All that I wished for was that he didn’t treat me like the other men did.

But do I have to right to wish for a night like Nanya’s? Well, not as loud, but just as passionate? I thought as I looked down at the few leafs floating in my cup.

Yesterday, after we ate, Master gave me the key to our room, and he went out into town. Before I managed to open the door, the demoness placed her hand on my shoulder and told me she had something to talk with us. Ayuseya was right there, by her side. For a moment, I thought that they were going to impose some wife-only rules on me, who was the slave, but it wasn’t that.

Nanya expressed her concern over the fact that she was the only one without the [Bond of Trust], which both me and Ayuseya had. It wasn’t the sudden boost in strength that she found interesting in this ability, but the fact that it was manifested by expressing a reciprocal trust with Master. Apparently, this was an ability no other dungeon had. We then explained how we both managed to gain it and besides offering a deep, mutual trust, there wasn’t basically anything special we did.

What came as a surprise to me was when Nanya asked how could we trust someone like that? How could we feel safe in the arms of someone we had just met?

It was a weird question, but an understandable one. As el’doraws, draconians, and demons, we lived a fairly long life, to the point where short-lived species thought of us as immortal. Because of that, we always had to be very careful whom we placed our trust in, and most importantly, loved. It wasn’t easy. Betrayals and doubts plagued almost all of our relationships. I should know best, I was one of those specifically trained to cause those terrible rifts between people.

The only answer we could give her, however, was a confusing one because even we couldn’t fully understand how this trust came to be.

You will know once you are embraced and kissed by him. Countless times I could have killed him, countless times he could have harmed me, yet all he did was be gentle with me. I thought as I remembered word by word what I told Nanya.

It would have been a lie to say that I wasn’t bothered by the fact that she stole Master’s first time from me, but I wasn’t like one of those jealous wives or lovers who clung to their men like they were the only ones in the world for them. Those people were the easiest preys I could destroy. I could either seduce the woman or let her catch me with her man in bed. Of course, I made sure it looked like no accident or misunderstanding. In the end, the two would kill each other, while I took care of the survivor.

Thinking about that, I accidentally started to plot ways to kill off Nanya and take Illsy for myself. When I realized what I was thinking about, I quickly shook my head and tried to deny such vile thoughts from defiling my mind. Both Master and Nanya had been very kind with me. They treated me gently despite my past. I couldn’t allow myself to do something like plot an assassination on Master’s wife.

“Ugh…” I groaned and took a big gulp from my tea cup.

“I’ll admit… I am a bit jealous, but…” Ayuseya looked down and spun her cup between her fingers. “I’m not experienced in such things…”

“Don’t rush it, Princess…” I told her and then sighed “Just let it come naturally and when you feel like it’s time, just tell him, and Master will welcome you in his arms. You will wish this to be a moment to remember, not hate…” I told her and then looked down at my cup.

My first time wasn’t one I wished to remember. It was something I wanted to deny it ever happened, to forget it completely. The pain, the fear, the shame I felt back then were terrible. Then again, what woman would feel joy when something as horrible as that happened to her, especially when it was a form of sacrifice to an evil god.

While thinking about this, I accidentally remembered that scene, it was horrible, and it made me shudder. I hated it, I really really hated it, but there was no way to erase it from my mind and soul. All I could do was try to forget it and let my mind think that with Illsy around, such abuse and pain won’t ever touch me again.

“Are you alright?” the draconian suddenly asked me.

“Huh?” I asked surprised.

“You’re crying…” she told me with pity in her eyes.

I touched my cheeks and indeed, they were wet.

“I’m sorry… It’s just that I remembered something bad…” I told her as I wiped my tears.

“I see…” she looked down at her cup. “I made up my mind. I’ll listen to you and won’t rush it, but when the time comes, will you help me? I will do the same for you because I believe that out of all of us, Illsy might love you the most.” she told me with a gentle smile, but I could see that it took her great strength to accept this.

“Thank you…” was all I could tell her in reply.

I’m sure Ayuseya didn’t like the idea of sharing a lover, maybe she feared ending up cast aside as a simple mistress. Such were the cases in this world where a man took more than one wife. In the end, he pledged devotion to all of them, but he showed true love only to one. For some reason, I doubted I was going to be the so-called chosen one. At most, I would become his mistress.

“Leaving these embarrassing matters aside, what do you think will happen to us now?” she asked after taking a big gulp from her tea cup.

It was starting to get cold now.

“I will follow Master. I am his slave, after all.” I told her.

“Wrong.” she shook her head “You are one of his lovers, it’s just that he forgot to ask for your hand in marriage as he did with me and Nanya. If you ask him, I’m sure he will…” before she had the chance to finish her words, I raised a hand up and stopped her.

“It’s fine, Princess. I know that if I ask him, he’ll probably say ‘yes’, but I don’t feel like I deserve this happiness just yet. My hands are stained with blood, and my body has been defiled by many… I wish to be certain that whatever happens, I won’t ever let another man touch me ever again. When my heart is ready, I will ask him to make me his wife as well.” I told her with a small smile.

What I didn’t tell her or anyone else was that I was partially afraid of my former organization. After what we did, I was certain the Guild Master would send out his best assassins after us just for revenge. Maybe he will be the one to personally hunt us down. If that was so, and I actually became Master’s wife, then he would certainly use our relationship to his advantage. He wouldn’t kill me, he would use me to get to him. That was a tactic that always showed results, and I refused to be a part of it.

“If you say so, but my offer remains valid. I will help you if you will wish to be together with Illsy.” the draconian smiled, refusing like a stubborn ox to back away.

I sighed and drank the rest of my tea in silence before it went cold. Until such an occasion would arise, a lot of time would come to pass, maybe after Master and his wives had a few children, and he would need someone new to share his bed with.

Then again, there was no way of knowing the future, and things could always come to change, maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. My only wish was that instead of Master, I will someday allow myself to call him Illsy as well…

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