~ Chapter 46: Bucket Head (Part 1) ~

Thanks to Serya, the registration took no more than a couple of minutes. To our surprise, she was actually Perto Town’s Guild Hall Assistant. The Manager was currently away on business, so she was the one in charge of all the paperwork at the moment. Of course, the Watcher dude was always glaring our way, or to be more precise, at Nanya. He wasn’t taking her out of his sight, and I was starting to think of it both as creepy and annoying. As for her, she didn’t really care.

In regard to the registration, we were offered each a metal card on which our name, species, Adventurer Rank, and Guild Rank were written down. The words weren’t magical or enchanted or anything like that as I read in those novels back on Earth, they were actually plain ol’ dog tags.

On mine, the following information was written:

[Name]: Illsyore

[Species]: Human

[Adventurer Rank]: Godlike

[Guild Rank]: Beginner

Apparently, they didn’t add the family name unless we specified it or actually had one, however, we could put it down as an initial. This was great because Ayuseya only added a P for Pleyades, Shanteya a D for Dowesyl, and Nanya a D for Demonarkiar.

The one thing I found odd was the fact that they saw me as a human. While true that I didn’t had any slit eyes or weird appendages, instead of a sternum, I had a big green crystal, but she didn’t made me strip to prove I was completely human. If that happened, I had a feeling Serya would have had to deal with an angry demoness, dragoness, and el’doraw at the same time. Therefore, I remained fully clothed. From an outsider’s point of view, without using any magic or other means to reveal the truth about me, I looked pretty much like any other tall human being with green hair.

Once we were done with the registration process, we were explained the rules of accepting quests from the Questboard and how to complete them.

The Questboard was basically a wooden board behind the counter where you could order something to drink. On it, the Guild Manager or Assistant pinned up all the town’s quests as well as those sent by the Headquarters in the capital. I wasn’t told how they kept in touch, but Serya pointed out that it was almost instantaneously. A fact which made me believe that maybe they were using some sort of enchanted item capable of transmitting either written or verbal information over long distances.

Each quest request had a title, which represented the main objective, secondary objectives, details about each objective if needed, reward for completion, time limit if there was any, recommended Adventurer Ranks, and minimum Guild Rank.

In other words, something like this:

Local Quest

Title: Hunt the goblin pack north of Perto.

Objectives: Kill all the goblins in the pack located north of Perto. (bring a tooth from each goblin as evidence)

Time limit: None

Reward: 2 goldiettes

Recommended Adventurer Rank: Intermediary

Minimum Guild Rank: Beginner

Oh, and if the quest was regional or somewhere random within the kingdom, instead of Local Quest, it would have said Regional or Kingdom. If the quest required multiple adventurers to confront a bigger monster like a boss, it became something like this: Local Raid Quest.

Either way, it was a pretty simple system, and we already picked a first quest. It was the goblin one.

At the moment, we were walking through the forest outside of the small town. We let Nanya scout ahead of us, since she was the fastest. Shanteya was technically the best tracker we had, but she couldn’t match the demoness’ speed. She was practically flying through the forest…

“This is quite exciting!” said Ayuseya with a giggle.

“Our first quest together, indeed.” I said with a smile while looking at the dog tags representing my admittance into the Adventurers Guild.

“Unfortunately, we start from Beginner Rank. I never was part of the Adventurers Guild, but I had to pretend I was one once or twice. The Beginners don’t have too many privileges. It’s sort of a trial rank until you get to Intermediary. Once you reach Master Rank, people begin to pay attention to you, but with our Adventurer Ranks, it shouldn’t be a problem to advance quickly.” explained Shanteya.

The el’doraw was ahead of us, following Nanya’s tracks.

“I’m surprised they don’t restrict us from taking quests of a higher difficulty.” I told her, remembering that in some of the novels I read and even games, you usually couldn’t take a quest higher than your current level or at the very least ten levels above it. Here, you could be a Beginner Rank in the Guild, but as long as you had a high Adventurer Rank and no restriction was added to the quest, you were free to take it.

Speaking of which, it would be important to mention the reason why the Minimum Guild Rank option was added to a quest’s description. That was because some quest givers required a certain credibility from an adventurer. Technically, anyone could become a member as long as they had enough coins, but raising in ranks required one to complete multiple quests. The higher the difficulty the better, or so Serya explained. As for our current quest, we took it more as a trial to see how the system worked and because the reward could afford us a few days at the inn. Afterwards, we planned on taking higher difficulty ones in order to quickly jump through our ranks and earn myself a pass at the library in the capital or any other city out there.

“I found them!” said Nanya while jumping from behind me and wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Oh? Where?” I asked the woman while she was rubbing her cheek against mine.

For some reason, she was much more affectionate towards me now.

“That way.” she pointed with her tail without letting go of me.

Shanteya and Ayuseya were looking at me accusingly.

“Alright, then how should we do this?” I asked while pretending to look away.

“Let Ayuseya try. I already pulled their teeth out while I was there, so she can go all out on them.” Nanya suggested and pulled out a bunch of bloody canines from her own Inner Mind.

“Well, Ayuseya?” I asked looking back at the draconian.

“I will do my best.” she made a small bow with her head.

“You are coming too, you need to show us EXACTLY where they are.” Shanteya said pulling Nanya away from me. “And you, here.” she tossed me the notice of another quest.

“When did you?” I asked surprised.

“Trade secret.” she cutely poked her tongue out at me.

“You know I can make you tell me, right?” I reminded her, raising an eyebrow.

“How daring of you, Master. But if you desire my body for tonight, then so be it.” she made a bow.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised.

Before I had the chance of rejecting her offer, as if I would, she already turned around and left together with Ayuseya and Nanya.

“Meh, big boobs hugs tonight. Me liky.” I shrugged and looked down at the quest request.

It was a simple one. I had to gather mushrooms.

I was Godlike Dungeon Lord with over 1500 points in every stat who was gathering mushrooms. Yup, this brought memories from my gaming days when I had a max level character, all the best gear I could get, and I was doing a daily quest of planting flowers in a senile old lady’s backyard.

By the time I finished my quest, the girls finished theirs as well. I cheated a bit and expanded my Dungeon Territory to search for them better. When we met up, I saw Ayuseya had her right fist soaked in blood and trying hard not to stain her dress.

“What happened?” I asked while holding the basket filled with mushrooms in my hands.

“Mou! Goblins are too squishy!” the draconian princess complained and looked at me with imploring eyes.

“Sigh… OK, here.” I said and created next to me an opened stone box with a 1 meter long side.

I filled it with water and then stepped away to let her wash her hands.

“So, how squishy exactly?” I asked and looked back at Nanya, who was snickering.

“She punched one, and it literally burst into pieces. The one behind it died as a result of the shock wave, then the other two tried to attack her in a desperate attempt, and she did a quick draw on them. The sword went straight through them. Hehe! Then she saw a big ol’ spider looking up from the ground, she got scared and jumped back, smashing straight through a tree!” Nanya explained, trying hard not to burst into a loud laughter.


‘Try’ was the right word.

“You have no idea how dangerous spiders can be!” the draconian glared at the demoness.

“Yeah! So scawy! HAHAHA!” she couldn’t abstain.

“Hmph!” Ayuseya wasn’t happy about it, and I just stood there with a furrowed brow, trying hard to understand what was going on.

“Master, to be fair, the spider was the size of your palm and quite deadly for Beginner Adventurers or those without Magic Armor in general.” the el’doraw pointed out.

“There are many things those without Magic Armor need to watch out for.” said the draconian.

“Sigh…” I shook my head and then walked over to Nanya. After patting her on her head, she quieted down “You had your fun, now let her be.” then I walked over to the draconian and gave her kiss on the cheek. “You did great for your first quest, now let’s head back and give these to Serya.” I told her.

Ayuseya blushed as a result of what I did, and we were all pretty quiet on our way back. Before we entered the town, Nanya used her enchanted ring to hide her demonic appearance from the locals. It was a good way to avoid unnecessary trouble, although, there still were a couple of idiots who looked our way. I blamed that on the human-like appearance of the illusion and Shanteya’s beauty. Ayuseya, on the other hand, was a bit looked down upon, almost as if they had something against draconians. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the language and could only guess what they were talking about behind our backs.

Once we reached the Guild Hall, Nanya took it upon herself to complete the paperwork in order to mark the quests as completed and receive our rewards. It was basically a written declaration through which we all testified to have done as requested by the quest giver and that we didn’t mind a subsequent verification if it was ever required or asked for.

Serya was a bit surprised when she saw that we were already done with the subjugation and the gathering one. In my opinion, I saw no reason as to why she would be surprised of something like this, after all, back on Earth, it was both efficient and quite common to usually pick up all the quests you could and then head off to complete them. Then again, I didn’t exactly follow that rule either, since the gathering quest was picked up in secret by Shanteya.

“What are you looking for, exactly?” asked Ayuseya when she saw me squinting my eyes at the scribbles on the board.

“I’m wondering if my eyesight is plain bad or if I really don’t know how to read…” I replied.

“It’s Kalish, so no wonder you can’t read it.” she explained with a small smile.

“Well then, can you look for one that’s suitable for our ranks? Is there something like subjugating a powerful monster, warlord, god, or anything like that on the board?” I asked while looking around for some sort of character or mark that was remotely familiar to me, but no such luck.

Speaking of which, why didn’t any of the idiot dungeons inside of me learned Kalish and Kendarian? This, I really wanted to ask them, however, I had no intention of returning to my Inner Mind too soon, besides… there was no guarantee that they would answer me anyway. Most likely they would make fun of me instead.

“Hm, let me see…” she said as she began to scan the Questboard.

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I’m wondering, is having all the girls’ names end in -ya a Romanian thing…? It’s kind of strange. I ignored it for the protagonists. Yet, Serya??? Seriously, lol.


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