~ Chapter 46: Bucket Head (Part 2) ~

Meanwhile, I looked over at Nanya… or to be more exact at her round behind. From the corners of my eyes, I noticed another fool of an adventurer looking in that direction as well, so I threw him a glare and then pointed my thumb at my neck and made a slitting motion. The man gulped and looked away.

“What are you looking at?” Nanya asked with a raised eyebrow after she realized what I was doing.

“Ehehe… erm… if I tell you, you’ll get horny and the girls will get mad.” I explained.

“Sigh…” she shook her head, but I was willing to bet that her tail was swaying happily left and right.

“I found one!” announced Ayuseya with a smile.

“What did you find?” asked Nanya as she walked over.

“A quest Illsy requested. This one pays quite a few goldiettes, and it’s from the capital too.” she pointed at it.

“What? What does it say?” I asked excited while looking at the undecipherable scribbles.

“That one? Are you sure?” asked Serya as she walked over and looked at what Ayuseya was pointing at.

“What’s wrong with it?” I asked, getting a bit impatient since they weren’t telling me what was about.

“Well, it’s actually a rescue and escort mission, but it’s been a few days since it was put up there. Chances are the giver already gave up on it.” Serya pointed out, shaking her head.

“Rescue? From what? Bandits?” I asked.

“No, a dungeon. It’s written like this: Party of five sent into Mehalom Ancient Dungeon. One cleric, two warriors, and two mages. Presumed dead or gravely injured. Send help at once then report to Deroak, the Slave Merchant in the city Elora. Reward is 20 goldiettes for each surviving member, and 10 goldiettes for any slaves recaptured/retrieved alive. The reward for slaves may drop if they are in a bad state.” Ayuseya finished reading and then looked back at me with a smile.

“Thank you, and I guess I know what quest to take now! Hehe! So where’s this dungeon at?” I asked Serya.

My eyes were sparkling from excitement and the urge to go dungeon exploring. There was also the desire to completely smash and obliterate other dungeons, but that was more of a passive-aggressive self-defense sort of feeling.

“Oi Oi! That’s a very difficult quest! I think you should take another.” spoke out one of the adventurers who happened to overhear us.

“Let them take it. Fools need to learn early on when not to chew more than they can handle.” said the Watcher, but his remark didn’t stop there, with a whisper, he commented “If that accursed demon dies there, even better…”

“You seriously piss me off, Bucket Head.” I retorted.

“B-Bucket head? This helmet is an honor for any adventurer of this Guild! Not a bucket!” shouted the Watcher.

“Ah! Please knock it off you two, don’t destroy my establishment!” Serya said and immediately jumped over the counter and placed herself between us. “Seriously, DON’T do that!”

“Hmph! The newbie needs to learn some manners, but I’ll teach him some other day.”

“Oho? I could squash you like I bug if I wanted to, Bucket Head! Just make me!” I growled at him.

“Enough, Illsy.” Nanya said giving me a karate chop to the top of my head.

I broke through the floor and landed in the basement.

“Arara… Nanya…” said Ayuseya covering her mouth.

“I’m OK!” I called out from below, then a broken wooden board hit me on the head. “Ouch!” and here I thought that sort of thing only happened in the movies.

“Oopsie! Hehe! We’ll fix it?” the demoness said with an awkward smile.

“M-My floor…” Serya was looking at the destruction with clear shock on her face, but that display of power was sure to calm down any future idiots who would have wanted to mess around with us, since it appeared as though breaking those boulders back then wasn’t enough.

“Tch! I told you letting this demon in was no good.” said the Bucket Head.

“Sigh, yeah yeah, I heard that already.” Nanya waved him off.

“Do not worry about the damage, Master will fix it. As for this dilemma, it would be wise not to further inquire our wrath, otherwise, unfortunate… accidents might befall upon you.” Shanteya said while walking in front of Bucket Head, and showing him a kind smile, the type that sent shivers down your spine when you knew you angered the wrong person.

“I-Is that a threat?” asked the man after he gulped.

“No, a fact.” she declared.

“Hey now, we’re all comrades here… more or less. You said demon, Watcher, but all I see is a blond human woman.” said one of the mage adventurers who got up from his table and walked over in an attempt to stop a possible fight.

“I can SEE she is a demon.” he declared.

“Even if she is, she hasn’t caused any trouble for us, well… only for the kitty at the inn.” he shrugged, and Nanya blushed.

Meanwhile, I finally managed to haul myself out of that hole.

“Hmph! I still don’t agree to having her here! She is bound to bring us trouble! Who knows? Maybe she can even summon a dungeon in the middle of this peaceful town!” the Bucket Head declared.

She is already a Dungeon, why summon another? Oh, wait! I’m also a Dungeon! I thought and then shot a glare back at him.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Dungeons can’t leave their territories! Besides, a young dungeon suddenly appearing here would be destroyed almost immediately by all of us, so please, Watcher, calm down!” said the mage again.

“Do not worry, we weren’t planning on staying here any longer. We’ll take that so-called difficult quest and be out of your hair.” I said crossing my arms to my chest.

“That being said, Lady Serya, how much would the damage caused by Milady Nanya costs by your estimates?” asked Shanteya with a calm demeanor.

“Huh? I don’t know… three, maybe four goldiettes?”

“Master?” said the el’doraw while looking at me.

“Yeah, sure…” I rubbed the back of my neck and then tossed a small gold sphere her way.

“There you go.” said Shanteya, offering it to the woman.

“This… This is worth ten times more! Are you sure?” she asked surprised.

“If Master said so, yes.” she nodded.

“Erm… Thank you.” Serya was overjoyed with the payment.

The shiny ball was nothing for me, but apparently, it was quite something for the locals. I rubbed the back of my head and gave up on starting a fight with Bucket Head. Well, he was no danger to me anyway. I could easily crush him like a bug.

“We’ll take that quest and be on our way then.” I told Serya, who nodded approvingly.

Tucking the gold sphere in her pocket, the woman went over to the counter to complete the request. My wives and slave placed themselves between me and Bucket Head to avoid a possible fight, which wouldn’t have lasted more than a second or so… While we waited, I used that time to ponder about whether or not I should just expand my Dungeon Territory and secretly build an entire underground cave system filled with boot-loving imps, snakes, and maybe even Minotaurs. The idea made me snicker to myself.

“Don’t.” Nanya said simply.

“What?” I blinked surprised. I didn’t say anything, did I? I thought.

“You know what. Besides, if I lost my cool every time I met an idiot like that Watcher, I would have been long dead.” she said with a sigh.

“You’re telling me you’re used to this?” I asked her raising an eyebrow.

“I’m telling you to ignore pointless trouble. You know the saying, right? Spells and swords may break my bones, but words from idiots will never do.” she smiled and patted me on the back.

“They can get you in trouble though…” I commented.

“Listen, as long as he doesn’t actually DO anything, there’s no reason to act against him. If we were on a political delegation or something like that, yes, that sort of behavior is unacceptable because we need to assert the power of the country that sent us. In this case, however, it’s like seeing a wolf pup bark at a Dayuk pack leader. It’s kind of funny to see a weakling like him acting like that towards us. Hehe.” said Nanya and then wrapping her invisible tail around my waist, she pulled me into her arms and kissed me. “But thank you for sticking up for me…” she showed me a cute smile and then two strong hands gripped both of her shoulders.

“Nanya?” said both Ayuseya and Shanteya at the same time.

“Hehe! Don’t worry, I was just giving him a small thank you, I’m not going to mount him here.” the demoness poked her tongue out at them and stepped back.

I don’t think that’s the problem… Wait you were thinking about that? Huh? I thought a bit surprised.

The girls let out a sigh and shook their heads.

“I don’t mind you kissing Illsy, just do it in a more… restrained way, please?” asked Ayuseya. “At least when we’re in public?” she showed us a small smile.

“Sure, but it’s not my fault I act like this. It’s like erm… instinct?” Nanya replied smiling and scratching her right cheek.

“Instinct?” I asked.

“Yes, my kind is very very very possessive of their mates. I sort of see Ayuseya and Shanteya as a threat to my time in bed with you…” she bluntly explained.

“That sort of thing…” the draconian blushed.

“I admit, I did feel a bit… jealous, but…” Shanteya blushed and looked away for a moment.

“Here, lovebirds.” said Serya giving us the small document entitling us to the quest.

“Thank you, speaking of which, how can we be sure someone else didn’t take this quest already and failed or succeeded with it?” I asked.

“Every Guild Manager has the obligation of reporting this sort of stuff right away. Local Quests don’t require this, but all the others do. When a quest is taken, unless specified that more can do so, it will be taken off the Questboard. If the quest giver believes the adventurers died while trying to do this quest, the guild sends out a scout to check their status. Their job is also to assess the difficulty of the quest. There are times when the quest giver underestimates the danger level. In the capital, some quests even have magic trackers to notify the Guild Manager of the progress of the quest in real time.” Serya explained to me with a big smile on her face.

Now that she knew we were loaded, her attitude suddenly changed. Why wasn’t I surprised? The pattern of greed often witnessed back on Earth was now baring its ugly snout on this planet as well.

On another note, it should have been expected. Humans and basically any sentient being out there had their own needs. These needs were more than often achieved through the miracle one called money.

I smiled back at her and kept my thoughts to myself. As long as I could settle difficult situations with a bit of gold, it wasn’t that bad, but then again, this wasn’t our fault to begin with. Bucket Head was to blame for everything.

After we took the quest note, we left the establishment and headed off to the inn.

“You are leaving, nya?” Neyalin said with a sad look on her face as soon as she heard the news.

The way she held her ears flattened towards the back of her head was kind of cute.

“I’m sorry, we sort of ran into a difficult Bucket…” I said with a forced smile as I handed back the two keys.

“He’s talking about the Watcher.” Shanteya explained.

“Oh? Nya! That bastard did it again! Every now and then good people with lots of coins come, and he gets into a fight with them over one reason or another! Nya! They always leave too early… Ugh… I apologize, nya.” she said lowering her head.

“No worries, but… has this sort of things happened before?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, nya.” she nodded. “The Watcher at the guild is known to be a good fellow with the folk in town or the adventurers at the guild, but once he sniffs out an outsider, he’s bound to get in trouble with them for one reason or another… Eventually, things settle down after the outsiders leave, nya. But that’s bad for business, nya!” Neyalin said. At the last remark, she stabbed her sharp claws into the counter. “Nya, not again…” she sighed and carefully pulled them out.

“Here’s for the trouble.” I told her and left her a small gold sphere.

“What’s this for, nya?” she asked twitching her ears.

“To keep the business going.” I shrugged.

“Thank you, nya! You are kind, nya! But do come back sometime, nya? Maybe when the idiot Watcher isn’t here?” she smiled.

“Maybe.” I said, but I highly doubted we would ever return.

“Take care, Neyalin, and thank you for your hospitality.” Shanteya showed her a small smile.

“Anytime! Anytime, nya!”

We left the cat with her new shiny ball and walked out of the inn. A few minutes later, we were out of the town and heading down the road towards the quest dungeon.

“Well, that was a short stay…” I grumbled.

“It’s not your fault, Illsy.” Nanya shook her head and patted my shoulder.

“Besides, after hearing Neyalin’s story, I have the feeling that Watcher fellow isn’t just randomly starting fights with all outsiders.” said Shanteya rubbing her chin.

“What do you mean? He looked just like an annoying Bucket Head to me… Oh, wait!” my brain started ticking and the gears turned “Rich outsiders, fights, early departures?” I said and squinted my eyes.

“I bet a night with Illsy that he’s going to ambush us.” smirked Nanya.

“Reaaaly?” I asked with a big grin.

“Unless he simply hates rich outsiders, then he is part of a bigger ploy.” pitched in Shanteya.

“Let him come! I want to punch that Bucket Head for insulting Nanya like that!” I said and then picked the demoness in a princess-carry.

“What the?! Hey! Illsy! Stop it or… achaaa.” she smiled wryly.

“What’s wrong?” asked Ayuseya.

“My armor is rather spiky… Tehe!” she giggled.

“YAOUCH!!!” I screamed while sharp metal spikes poked at my hide.

Another minus for me for constantly forgetting to keep my Magic Armor up.

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