~ Chapter 47: A difficult question (Part 1) ~

“Are we there yet?” I asked a bit bored.

That was the sixth time I asked in the past hour. Nanya was already glaring at me, and Shanteya let out a sigh. Ayuseya only showed me a smile of pity.

We were currently a few kilometers away from Petro town and heading towards Mehalom Ancient Dungeon. The path was clear, and we have been running constantly through the woods to avoid the road. We were using more than 800 points in agility, and we didn’t want to show off our power, yet. I tried picking Shanteya up and carrying her in my arms, since I was faster than her, but Ayuseya remained behind. She had the agility, but she didn’t have the reaction needed for one with her stats. The dragoness princess had much to learn about her current abilities, but so did I.

Thinking about it, I had yet to start training using my abilities. So far, we merely led a normal life, in a matter of speaking. There were no tough challenges, hard battles, or enemies to defeat in the near future, making the need to actually train a bit pointless. My boost was offering the girls more than they could handle already. We could probably take down Dankyun with relative ease right now, but I honestly didn’t want to push my luck with it. All the evil, little Supreme enemies could stay there in their evil dens and let me have my fun. I certainly wasn’t in the mood for any terrain altering battles, my topmost priority was getting to the dungeon, beating the hell out of it, saving who we had to save, then go to the capital and plunder their libraries. It was a good, simple, and modest plan.

“Are we there yet?” I asked again.

Nanya groaned and then shouted back at me “NO!”

I had the weird feeling that I was becoming annoying.

Nah, must be my imagination! I thought and shrugged.

Of course I was annoying, I was bored…

About an hour and a half later, we finally reached to entrance of the famous dungeon. As Nanya instructed me before, I made sure to pull back my Dungeon Territory, since I didn’t want to destroy the core so easily like I did before.

“We’re finally here… UGH!” Nanya groaned exasperated.

“I didn’t think Illsy could be worse than a little kid.” giggled Ayuseya.

“He’s a brat…” mumbled Nanya.

“I was just bored!” I defended myself.

Shanteya only let out a sigh and stepped closer to the entrance, which was quite fancy if I had to say so myself.

Instead of a cave, we were met with a six meters tall stone archway covered in carved letters. Unfortunately, it was in another language I had no idea how to read or speak. Behind the archway were two statues of a human and a Minotaur facing each other ready to fight. The artwork was impressive, but it wasn’t extremely detailed. After that, we were faced with a pair of huge metal doors covered in various illustration of human men being slain by imps, Minotaurs, and all sort of other monsters. It was a real welcoming gift.

“Impressive.” said Shanteya.

“Meh, I can do better.” I commented.

“Suuure you can.” Nanya squinted her eyes at me in disbelief.

“Either way, this does look dangerous…” said Ayuseya with a bit of worry in the tone of her voice.

“Just keep your Magic Armor up and let me lead the party.” said Nanya, but I was already pushing the doors open.

“Are you coming?” I asked them.

“Ugh… this is going to be a long day.” said Nanya shaking her head.

Once inside we were met with the ever so famous… cave.

“You have got to be kidding me…” I said squinting my eyes at the rock walls.

“For such an impressive entrance, the first floor feels a bit… lacking.” said Ayuseya.

“Actually, this is normal. Only Illsy here is the difference.” pointed out Nanya.

“I don’t see the point in making a cave…” I shrugged.

Stepping inside, we prepared ourselves for the first encounter, whatever it was…

“Kiii!” the giant rat screeched at us.

I lifted my hand up and released a low powered laser beam. It was the kind that I wouldn’t even flinch against, but in case of the low level rat, it went straight through it. Actually it was a bit ridiculous how much of an instant kill it was. The best way to imagine this would be to see a big barbarian with a two-handed axe in each hand attacking a defenseless little bunny.

“Maybe a slap would have sufficed?” I asked myself with a raised eyebrow.

“A slap? Even a flick to the snout would be overpowered!” puffed Nanya. “Since the monsters are so weak, we can use them to train Ayuseya.” she suggested after a moment of thinking.

“I apologize for the trouble.” the draconian princess said with an elegant and small bow of her head.

“No worries! Nyahaha!” Nanya laughed and patted her on the back.

“By the way, do we have to worry about any sort of loot drops?” I asked them.

“Not at this level. We could, however, skin and declaw the beasts we kill if they aren’t of the summoned type. It will only earn us a couple of silverettes, but it’s better than nothing.” Nanya shrugged.

“Should we bother?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Nah!” she shook her head and waved it off “After we reach the lower floors, the Minotaurs will give us good loot with their weapons and armors. If there are any skeleton walkers, we can take their armors as well. In general, that’s the junk I sold before, but I heard there are some adventurers that look for various herbs that grow only deep inside dungeons. Tuberculus was one of the types that scrubbed a wall clean of moss before continuing.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun…” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah… So do you want to do the same?” she asked me.

I quickly shook my head, denying the thought of doing something as time consuming as that. I simply didn’t have either the will or the patience to do it, but this gave me some ideas about what to try in the future. If I could grow stuff like that deep within the corridors of my dungeon, then I could teach some alchemy lessons as well, maybe I could even hire someone to do both that and help me grow the ingredients needed for class.

We let Ayuseya do the killing, while Nanya ordered the rules of how she needed to move. I just admired the moss on the walls and the swaying of cute round behinds in front of me.

About one hour and a half later, we finally met our first Minotaur. He didn’t wear any gear, so we kicked his furry behind into a wall and continued with our exploration. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we literally strolled through, flicking and slapping annoying monsters away from us. Very few managed to reach me. Ayuseya was good at keeping the aggro on her, but one strike was enough to permanently silence any monster there.

After we reached the 35th floor, we encountered our first trap. There was a rope going from one tiny hole in the wall to the other. I squinted my eyes at it and then burned it with my laser. When it snapped, a boulder attached to a metal chain was sung down from the front and stopped in Nanya’s fist.

“Pathetic…” I mumbled.

We continued on with our exploration, but so far there were no signs of the previous adventurers. Since this wasn’t the typical rush to the core type of quest, we had to find and search all the rooms at each floor. We went lower only AFTER our search was over, but so far, no luck. I was seriously starting to think that the adventurers may have died and got swallowed along the way.

This, however, changed when we reached the 54th floor.

“Look! Over there!” shouted Nanya as she pointed towards the other side of a room filled with spikes and angry imps.

“I see him!” I said and rushed over.

“BUGA!” shouted an imp as it tried to attack me.

The poor little thing was brutally stepped on like an insect and squashed under my foot. Nanya slapped into the ground all those attacking her, while Shanteya and Ayuseya cut them with their weapons. When I reached the other side of the room, I managed to get quite a bit of aggro on myself, and three bigger imps placed themselves between me and the human warrior.

“Fine! You asked for it!” I said and then rushed to the first one.

The world around me slowed down to an incredible degree. I saw everything in slow motion, but I was moving much faster than human eye could see. It was thanks to my enhanced body that I was capable of something like this. A single slap was enough to finish off these three, and the others behind me were killed when I turned around and released a laser beam at them.

In less than a minute, all the imps in the room had been exterminated.

“That was a lot of them!” said Ayuseya surprised as she wiped the blood off of her sword.

“It was most likely a trap room.” I pointed out.

“Indeed, but I don’t see any summoning circles.” said Shanteya.

“These are bred.” pointed out Nanya.

“I always wondered how dungeons bred them.” I said absentmindedly as I looked down at the dead corpses.

“They bind females of other species and allow the imps to mate with them. Usually a human woman would produce around 20 or 30 imps per year.” Nanya explained.

“That doesn’t sound right.” I said squinting my eyes at her.

“Unfortunately, that’s the truth.” she sighed and shook her head. “At least for imps.”

“Minotaurs and other species simply breed among themselves but only if the dungeon can sustain the summon period for their gestation and nobody kills them. Imps and Goblins are the only exception.” Shanteya added.

“Great…” I said and then looked back at the warrior in front of me.

The man had been dead for a few days now, but the dungeon had yet to consume him. I knew for certain that if it did, the body would vanish, leaving behind only the gear. There were also all of these imps around, who didn’t try to cook or eat him in any way. This could have happened only if the dungeon ordered them not to do so.

But why would it? I asked myself as I got up.

“He’s been killed by blunt force to the back of the head.” said Nanya.

“Was he murdered?” I asked.

“No, I suspect the imps did it. They entered this place, the party was overwhelmed and one of them attacked him when they managed to shatter his Magic Armor.” the demoness explained as she started searching his pockets for any mission missive or something like that.

“These things?” I asked surprised picking up the body of a dead imp.

“We are at floor 54, Master. If it was the me from before I became yours, I can assure you that this little fellow would have been strong enough to kill me.” Shanteya told me with a soft smile, but I found it hard to believe.

Either I was so strong I couldn’t see the difference or these guys were weaker than even she could tell. I was honestly betting on the latter because I didn’t see anything so far worth using even 2% of my power. Then again, if the first one was true, I can understand now why Dankyun sort of strolled around my dungeon like that, but most importantly, why everyone was so shocked by my easy dungeon floor.

To them, it would have been a nightmare worthy of lower floors, not the first one. I was the only dungeon who didn’t follow the basic rules, who instead of luring the adventurers in, I blasted them in the face with challenge after challenge.

This makes me wonder about how powerful a 100 floor dungeon would be if I were to build it with my current knowledge? Should I also lure them in and slowly destroy or drain their powers? I think I’ll actually make one just for giggles, but my first priority when it comes to building something serious is an Academy… as soon as I understand the ins and outs of this world. Everyone can build a building and say its a school, but actually nurturing young minds on a certain path, that’s something not many can do, and I want to do that! I thought to myself, but while I was lost in thought, the girls left me there.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised when I saw them gone. “Hey! Wait for me!” I cried after them.

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