~ Chapter 49: Tears and death (Part 2) ~

“A devil…” Nanya said.

Clenching my teeth, I lifted a nearby table and tossed it at him. A clawed hand repelled it, and two fierce, bloodshot eyes glared at me.

“That’s a devil?” I asked surprised.

“Devils are spiritual entities that normally don’t step into the living world, but if you offer them a body and know the right way to call them, they will possess it. As long as you feed it with Magic Energy, it can keep using the body, but once you stop, both the body and the devil vanish.” Nanya explained.

“Great… more weird spells.” I sighed.

“I’ll take care of it, you kill the other mages.” Nanya told me.

“Sure, but how are you going to do it?” I asked raising an eyebrow, then I dodged the magic attack of one of them.

These guys weren’t really a challenge, we were a far too strong for them.

“Curses!” he screamed at me.

“With this…” she said and then summoned her black sword.

The red runes on it glowed fiercely, but its energy was different from when Dankyun wielded it. When it was his hands, it was like a raging storm, in Nanya’s was like an elegant dance of blades, each one deadly and precise like a skilled assassin’s dagger. I gulped when seeing it, but I had to admit that Nanya’s allure also changed, and I immediately remembered how she moaned in my arms that night.

Stupid brain with wrong timing… I’m in the middle of Life and Death battle here! I screamed at myself.

Unfortunately, my subconscious gave me this reply But boobs… and she’s hot!

Still, this really wasn’t the place for such thoughts… I mean, I was surrounded by dismembered body parts and had five angry black mages to worry about! So why was it that my mind only reached out for thoughts of hugging and embracing Nanya, Shanteya, and Ayuseya, then burrowing my face in their bosoms?

I think I screwed up something when I built this body… I thought to myself as I tried to concentrate on the battle in front of me.

Shanteya and Ayuseya were holding off two of them, Nanya was holding off the Devil, and I was left with the fourth, while the High Priest kept mumbling something to himself. It would have been a rather balanced fight if not for my group’s power. With a single slash, Ayuseya cut that man in half, right at the top of his head. He tried to block the strike, but the fierce power of the draconian princess was not to be underestimated. As for Shanteya, she skillfully dodged the attacks of her enemy, then closed the gap between them. Only one attack was needed to kill him. The cold blade pierced through his left ribs, piercing his heart, then another strike, decapitated him.

Because of that one’s sudden death, his body didn’t undergo the hasten zombification process, and neither did Ayuseya’s enemy. As for mine, I grabbed him by the face, shattered his Magic Armor and then crushed his skull between my fingers. Before he changed, I struck him hard to the side and sent his body towards the Devil. Thinking it was an attack, the beast slashed the body with his claws, turning him into minced meat.

Nanya took this chance and jumped at the man. The sword she used pierced the devil’s heart and then was quickly pulled out and decapitated him. Up until then, she only dodged and analyzed his powers, trying to figure out what the beast was capable off, but it didn’t even come close to Nanya’s boosted strength. The Devil never had a chance from the beginning, however, even a lower Supreme would usually have troubles with something like this.

Seeing all of his minions dead, the High Priest stopped chanting and looked at us with dark eyes filled with fury and hatred. I replied with a grin, but now he had no choice but to give up or attack us himself. Least to be said, I wasn’t prepared to let him live.

In that moment, he looked to his left and focused the Magic Energy in his arms. Whatever spell he was using was insanely powerful when compared to those used by his minions. It was then when I noticed what he aimed at… a nekatar child. She was unconscious and covered in blood, but still alive.

Why didn’t I see her until now? Is he trying to kill her? No… he’s going to use her for a spell! I thought and immediately reacted, jumping forward and putting myself between the two of them right when the High Priest was prepared to attack.

The spell was launched. Only then did I realize that I should have just attacked the high priest instead of doing this. It was foolish of me, a beginner’s mistake. A stupid mistake.

The attack struck me.

“ILLSY!” shouted Nanya.

“NO!” shouted Ayuseya, frightened by the attack.

The High Priest smirked defiantly and said “Your soul is not as good, but still better than nothing!” he laughed.

Shanteya jumped at the man, stabbing him in the heart, while the black magic was pouring into my body.

“You shikak!” he screamed and coughed out blood.

“Illsy!” Nanya jumped next to me.

“Stay away!” I warned her, and she stopped.

What’s happening to me? I thought and then began to feel strange.

“There’s nothing you can do now, foolish adventurers! His body will rot, and his soul will leave his body! Then, the Dungeon Core will trap him and send it as food to my Black Lord alongside all the souls we stored in there! There’s nothing you can do now! He will finally be released! Even if you kill me, my death is but a mere sacrifice to his greatness!” he said and then started to laugh.

Furiously, Ayuseya decapitated him with one slash, then cut him in half with another, and lastly tossed his body into a nearby wall, turning him into nothing but a mess of blood and guts. This was the first time I saw her so angry, but I had to admit, I wasn’t feeling too peachy…

“Ugh…” I groaned and grabbed my chest.

Suddenly all strength left me, and I had the same feeling as I did when I died. It was like being sucked into a void where you couldn’t lift even a single finger up. All you could do there was slowly descend deeper and deeper into the darkness until there was nothing left, until the chains holding your soul to your body broke and you felt relieved. In that moment, the soul rushed up to the light… I saw that light… and my consciousness faded…

[Shanteya’s point of view]

The whole battle didn’t even last five minutes. The black mages went down one after another with lightning speed. Without an area attack spell, we did quite well. Any other group of adventurers would have surely suffered a great number of losses. Unfortunately, we had to leave the High Priest for last, none of us saw him as a potential threat to us with our current strength, but apparently we were wrong. The black mage had time to finish his spell, and the others did everything they could to protect him, even placing themselves between us and him, especially that Devil. They kept a perfect arc in front of him, using their own bodies as a flesh shield. We took them down in mere moments, but that was all the man needed in order to finish his spell, then Master jumped away from me and was struck by it.

We killed the mage, eventually, but it was too late. Something weird was happening to Master. The three of us watched Master with a worried gaze in our eyes. He was staring at the ground, pupils dilated and with his right hand holding his chest. He had a deep ragged breath. The Magic Energy in his body flowed erratically, changing speeds and directions, causing ripples and cracks in the flow of energy around him. I could see darkness seeping in and out of the crystals on his hands. A strange aura was around him, pushing us away, placing a heavy pressure on our shoulders, but we didn’t know what was happening to him or how to help him. We could only stand there and watch his moment of torture.

It hurt to see him like this… to be so helpless… I hated it…

“AAAH!!!” Master suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs.

His eyes turned black, the crystals on his hands red, and the Magic Energy pushed everything around him away. It was then when I noticed the child behind him. I ran around Master to reach her. Whatever happened, she was the reason why Master took the black mage’s attack. To save and sacrifice himself for a complete stranger like that, who other than Master could do it? Still, I would have rather he didn’t… I was selfish because I wished not to lose my one and only Master.

“What’s this?” I asked myself when I looked down upon the little girl’s body.

Five enchanted black chains bound her to the ground. I tried pulling on them, but they didn’t budge. They were more than what my power could handle, but they were immediately cut by Nanya’s sword.

“Get her out of here!” she told me.

I nodded and ran away.

Looking back, I saw Master cackling like a madman, and the Dungeon Core behind him cracked. Monsters screamed and the whole place trembled.

He released his Dungeon Territory? I asked myself surprised.

I stopped at the entrance to that room and looked back at Master.

Because of the amount of Magic Energy overflowing out of his body, pieces of furniture and body parts were lifted up in the air, while strange black lightnings emanating from his body struck them. It was a frightening scene to behold. The power surging from him could easily topple all the Supremes in the known kingdoms. It sent a chill down my spine, and this made it clear that the one standing before me wasn’t the gentle Master I knew but someone… something else…

In that moment, he started to groan and the Magic Energy stopped abruptly. A white humanoid figure made completely out of light came out his chest like a ghost trying to break free of the body it possessed. A sense of fear rushed through me.

“MASTER! DON’T!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

I knew then that what I was looking at was the true Master, the true Illsyore. Nanya and Ayuseya certainly knew this as well. That was his soul about to leave his body, but it was pure and gentle. It was filled with light and barely had any shadows. If I didn’t knew any better, I could swear I was looking at the soul of a saint, not that of a dungeon.

“Illsy!” shouted Ayuseya with tears in her eyes.

“No! Don’t go, you moron!” shouted Nanya.

Then, just when it appeared as though his soul was about to leave for good, to leave us alone in this cold, dark dungeon, a dense, dark shadow reached out from his chest and grabbed the pure white soul. Like tendrils, the shadow wrapped around his arms and legs, chaining him down and pulling him back, while the white soul struggled to leave.

Looking at this scene, I didn’t know what to wish for… If Master left, then… we, no I would be alone… If Master was free, then he could enter the High Heavens, but I didn’t want to… No matter how selfish that was, I didn’t want Master to leave me, to leave us. Least to be said that I didn’t believe the mage’s words about his Black Lord.

[Nanya’s point of view]

All three of us were selfish women… Instead of wishing for his freedom, I was certain that within our hearts, we all wanted him to stay. Now that I opened my heart to him, now that I shed tears and laughed together with him, how could I just let him leave and spend the next centuries alone?

Even if it was against the Heavens. Even if I offended all the gods above, I wished Illsy to stay with me, to be able to embrace me one more time like he did that night.

I was technically powerful enough now to have any man I desired, but none of them had Illsy’s goofy smile, weird jokes, and sensual embraces… I didn’t need another man, I needed him.

“No! Don’t go, you moron!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. Don’t leave me alone, Illsy… I thought.

[Ayuseya’s point of view]

The tears wouldn’t stop. The pain in my heart wouldn’t cease. The grip on my sword felt weak, and my knees trembled. I watched him change my fate, change my world, and conquer my heart… I couldn’t accept to see him go.

At first, I thought I was seeing things. That white humanoid entity couldn’t be Illsy. It couldn’t be my husband, but the more I looked at it, the more I felt the connection and the bond we shared. It was faint and weak, but it was there. I always knew that I wasn’t Illsy’s favorite, but I didn’t care, yet… when I heard Nanya took the first step and shared her bed with him, I lied about how I felt… My heart froze, and I felt cheated by her. I felt like someone stole something from me, a bit of my light, a chance at my love. I knew that, but I didn’t care. Illsy offered me the freedom I could only have dreamed of once, and the strength that many could only envy.

Even so, my heart trembled and my body shook when I saw Illsy facing a possible end. It wasn’t something any of us could have foreseen, nothing any of us could have known about. If I did, I would have been the first to stand in his way. It was better to be hated by your loved one than to see them dead before your very eyes.

Funny how such moments of sincerity appeared for me only in these moments of pain and possible loss…

Yet, there was hope… Illsy’s shadow or whatever that was pulled him back. The Magic Energy swirling around him stopped, and he dropped to his knees. I didn’t care what that was, but it stopped him from leaving and most importantly, left Illsy alive for me… for us.

[Illsyore’s point of view]

I could barely breath and my body ached all over. My heart was beating like crazy and fear nestled on my back. I couldn’t even move of how frightened I was, but it was a strange fear, one of the moment, not of a trauma. I knew that even after I recovered, I wouldn’t be afraid to face these black mages again, but next time, I would finish them off with my lasers before they even had the chance to open their mouths!

Still, there was one other thing that deeply moved me… Looking at the girls, I saw them on their knees, crying… for me. I caused them a moment of brief fear and sorrow.

“Sorry… I messed up a bit.” I told them with a pain struck smile.

“You MORON!” Nanya shouted and jumped at my neck, hugging me tightly.

“Illsy!” Ayuseya jumped in my arms as well.

They were both crushing me… I fell on my back with the two crying in my arms.

“Master… I’m happy to see you are safe.” Shanteya said with a soft smile as she quickly wiped off her tears.

“Yeah, remind me to never do that again. It felt like I died again… ugh.” I groaned.

“You moron, just be happy you are alive! Although, it’s amazing that you survived a [Soul Ripper] attack.” Nanya said with a soft smile.

“What’s that?” I asked furrowing my brow.

“A stupid Black Magic smile that’s similar to the [Spiritual Separation] from the Dark Magic type. However, unlike the latter the [Soul Ripper] actually cuts the bond with your body and forces your soul out, leaving it to be shackled by the Black Mage… To survive something like that it’s… incredible. I heard that only a true Spiritual Master can do this.” said Nanya as she shook her head.

“Maybe he used another spell? Either way, I did reach Nirvana in bed with you.” I grinned.

“Yup, he’s back.” the demoness smirked and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“It’s good to see you safe, Illsy… You scared me.” said Ayuseya, she was the only one still crying.

“Sorry…” I replied.

“We should get out of this place, I don’t think there’s a need for us to be here anymore, and this child needs medical attention.” said Shanteya, reminding us that we were technically hugging and kissing in the middle of a sacrificial room.

Not the best place for a date, that was certain!

Thus, we left the ominous dungeon, making a beeline for the exit.

Meanwhile, I had no idea of the dangers lurking inside of me…

[Inside Illsy’s Inner Mind]

Once we were countless, a legion… but now, we are ONE! The Darkness will claim it’s right over this body! I, The Darkness, will destroy this mortal’s soul… little by little… the voice of the Primordial resonated within that place.

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