~ Chapter 50: Here kitty kitty! (Part 1) ~

We left the Mehalom Dungeon in a hurry. All the monsters started to act violently as soon as the Dungeon Territory vanished. I couldn’t recall how exactly it was destroyed, but seeing how I woke up after that attack from the High Priest black mage, it was highly possible that it was entirely my fault.

What worried me now was the health of our small survivor. She was barely breathing, and her wounds given by the mages left a bitter taste in my mouth. I was glad they were obliterated from the face of this world, but somehow, I felt guilty for finding her like that.

If we were faster… Maybe if we left yesterday? I thought as I wondered just what exactly I could have done to be able to save more than just this child.

The others had turned into zombies after being sacrificed to that Black Lord of theirs, while others weren’t that lucky. What I was showed today was simply a part of the world I never wished to see. In these medieval times, there were those who took pleasure from something like this, and others who had such twisted views of the world that an act of kindness was seen worse than the plague.

Indeed, this wasn’t the true face of this world, but it was a part of it, a disgusting, wretched part that needed to be cut out one way or another. I couldn’t speak for all the kingdoms and species, but at least where I was going to make my academy and where I was going to live, I wasn’t going to let such a thing happen.

While I was thinking about this, I began to wonder if maybe just hunting down all of these so-called monsters, these plagues of society weren’t the right thing to do. The idea of slowly killing them and let it be know that those who committed such acts would suffer the same made me smile on the inside.

No! That’s not me… I shook my head and rubbed my forehead a bit.

“Are you alright?” Nanya asked.

“Yes…” I replied and showed her a smile.

I focused my mind on other things, but somewhere deep inside, the desire and thoughts of hunting down those people lingered like an insatiable monster begging and pleading to satiate its thirst for blood. Doing so made me think it was a good thing, but I couldn’t help but also feel it was wrong.

“We’re pretty far now… Should we stop?” asked Ayuseya, pulling me out of my deep, dark thoughts.

“Ye-Yeah…” I said and looked back.

We traveled quite a distance, honestly, maybe five kilometers or more?

Looking back at the child in Shanteya’s arms, I knew from one glance that she didn’t have a lot of time left to live, but once I would begin treatment, she would recover immediately.

“Nanya, I suppose you don’t have an instant heal sort of potion?” I asked the demoness.

“Nope.” she shook her head, and I sighed.

Making her my slave just to cure her would have been pointless since my skills didn’t work as they did before, when the Darkness took care of everything. Right now, I was in charge of every detail of each spell, so what I could do inside my Inner Mind, I could technically do outside as well, minus the whole making items part.

“Place her down over there.” I told Shanteya as I pointed at a patch of grass.

The el’doraw nodded and gently did so. Upon feeling that she was once more left alone, the little child let out a soft mew and shivered a bit.

I extended my Dungeon Territory and sat down next to her. The first thing I did was absorb her black cuffs, but I didn’t keep those creepy things inside of me, I immediately spat them out. Thankfully, she didn’t have a [No Steal] enchantment item on her, but those things were quite rare, and only those who have something worth stealing had them on their person.

Using Magic Energy, I began the tedious process of closing her wounds and healing any other injuries she might have had. After creating my body, I gained the ability to basically model a biological body using only the flow of Magic Energy. It was tricky and as long as the others didn’t oppose me in any way or manner, I could easily do many complicated operations. In other words, I was an actual doctor. The only thing missing was my diploma to certify that I spent hundreds of years analyzing and learning the anatomy of various sentient species.

With a skillful touch, the needles of Magic Energy created from the tips of my fingers closed all the open wounds on her body, leaving no scar behind. It wasn’t hard as long as you realized that as soon as you pulled the injured tissue close enough, the cells automatically bonded together. Of course, restoring and giving them a boost of energy helps out with the process. In general, the only thing I had to worry about was the removal of the first layer of dead cells around the wound. My needles basically did all of that and then the body’s natural healing stepped over. This process was complicated, but it consumed far less energy than trying to rebuild all of her missing cells, tissue and all.

Once I was finished with this, I scanned her innards to make sure there were no injured organs either. What I found were three broken ribs and a ruptured liver. Seeing this, I realized that this girl literally had only hours left to live. I quickly healed the liver and then repaired the broken ribs. She was also missing three teeth on her bottom jaw, so I triggered their regrowth within her jaw and accelerated it a bit with magic. In two or three days, the fallen teeth would be replaced by brand new ones.

Now, the kitten was completely healed, but she was in need of some serious bathing. Her fur was literally drenched in her own blood, her clothes clinging to her from the dirt and grime. Seeing this, I triggered and accelerated a bit the production of her blood in her bone morrow. In an hour or so, she would regain most of it. For now, her breathing and heart rate were stable, and there were no other abnormalities with her body. With a small sigh escaping my lips, I leaned back and looked over to my right.

Ayuseya was standing not that far away from me. From the moment I began the operation until now, the draconian watched me with big, curious eyes. The gentleness with which I moved and the skill I displayed at repairing organic bodies surprised her. For me, it wasn’t that much of a big deal, but for her, it was probably no different than a miracle.

“Something the matter?” I asked her after a moment.

“Ah? No…” she looked down shyly.

What’s up with her? I asked myself while tilting my head to my left.

“Are you done?” asked Nanya.

Turning around, I saw the demoness standing right behind me, while Shanteya was nowhere to be seen.

“Yes. I have to say, I’m surprised you used your sword.” I told her.

“I was hoping I could break it, but no such luck.” she sighed and shook her head.

“Anyway, where’s Shanteya?” I asked.

“Over there, she’s searching for some food.” she replied pointing to the forest to my right.

Looking in that direction, I nodded and then looked back at the demoness.

“How much time did it pass since we got here?” I asked her.

“Enough… It’s almost sundown. Can you check to see if there’s a spring nearby? I think the cat needs a bath.” she told me pointing at the kitten.

I nodded in reply and then closed my eyes.

Going out of my body, I flew up into the sky and looked around for one. Before my eyes was an endless green forest with tall trees, to my left, I could see the tips of a mountain and behind me a long golden strip of sand. That was where the dessert was, but even when I tried to focus in that direction, I couldn’t spot Petro town. Maybe it was too well hidden behind the tall trees?

That being said, there was absolutely no way for me to find a river or stream like this, so I sighed and extended my Dungeon Territory for a few kilometers. Within it, I was sure to find something if I searched diligently. My current form allowed me to soar through the sky without worry about wind resistance. As long as I was within my dungeon territory, I could fly endlessly.

Still, with the forest being so dense, I couldn’t just wander around aimlessly, so I searched for the road we had been trying to avoid ever since we left Petro. There was also the thing about Bucket Head’s ambush, but so far, there were no signs of him. He was probably far behind us or maybe just gave up completely on the idea of robbing us? Either way, if he showed his face, I would introduce him to me good ol’ lazer.

Following the road turned out to be a good idea. Humans had the natural habit of not straying too far from a stable water source. Long roads usually had strange shapes because they either wanted to avoid dangerous areas or to be close to a river. Thus, I managed to find one, a water source, but it was at about 3 km distance from our current location. It wasn’t far, especially since we were quite fast on our feet.

With a smile on my lips, I returned to my body and told everyone the good news. Shanteya picked up the nekatar child, and I led the way there. Of course, I didn’t forget to pull back my Dungeon Territory until it was only a little patch inside my body.

“Good job finding this, Illsy, but you know, you could have just made a water source for us right there, on that spot.” Nanya told me with a smile and a gentle pat on my shoulder once we reached the shore of the river.

Looking at her and letting my brain do a bit of thinking, I realized that she was right. Instead of finding this, I could have just made it right there on the spot by absorbing a few square meters and filling the hole with water.

Well, it was just an option, so I shrugged indifferently.

“We’ll go and wash the little one.” said Shanteya, and Ayuseya followed her.

I remained on the spot with Nanya.

To keep myself busy, I found a big boulder and laid my tired behind on top of it. The demoness took this opportunity to catch a couple of fish, but with her speed, I could only feel sad for the little critters. They had no way of escaping her claws.

While we were standing there, a bear walked by and saw us. I raised an eyebrow at it, while the beast got up on its hind legs. Seeing him, Nanya threw him a big fish. The bear caught it like a dog and then walked back to the forest.

About half an hour later, the two women returned. They were both drenched and the cat was wide awake, completely soaked and sniffling.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Nekatars and water don’t mix well.” sighed Ayuseya as she looked behind at the trembling kitty.

“Well, at least she is clean now.” I smiled and jumped off the rock, landing on the shore, right next to them.

“Yes, but…” Shanteya looked back at the kitten with a sad look in her eyes. “There’s something you should see…” she told me.

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