~ Side Story: A night of “terror” at the Magic Academy! ~

[Nanya’s point of view]

Now that I remember, this small event actually took place not long after Illsy made Shanteya his slave.

I have to say though, when I first saw that el’doraw woman, my mind went straight to the size of her chest. She had a lovely bosom, but it irked me for some reason. Maybe it was because in my current form I was of a smaller size? Well, at that time, I pretended it didn’t bother me too much, but on the inside was another story. I raged for a few minutes.

Well, what could I do? I hated losing, especially when it came to womanly charms.

I’d show you if I wasn’t sealed! was what I usually thought whenever I saw one of the girl students pushing their breasts forward as if to spite me.

In my current form, I had a small cup and so what?! At least, I wasn’t flat, but among all of them, there was someone I just couldn’t forgive! She surpassed me even in unsealed form! It was the distinguished guest from the Teslov Kingdom and also the target of the assassins back then, Princess Ayuseya Pleyades!

Sigh, but she was a draconian… Their kind, thanks to their abnormal height, usually had a chest big enough to feed seventeen families! She was a monster!

Anyway, leaving my personal frustrations aside, as it so happened, back then, I was letting Shanteya sleep in my room. With Illsy making me her master as well, the el’doraw assassin was forced to listen to my every command. I made sure of that during the interrogations, however, I also ended up pulverizing a certain sorry excuse for a man, who was also the headmaster of the academy! He dared to ask for Shanteya’s three sizes!

That day, I also found out that Illsy’s slave collar or rather neck tattoo was impossible to take off. We literally tried everything on it, including a special rare crystal I found in a dungeon. That thing could shatter a usual slave collar to pieces and even get rid of certain debuffs in a matter of seconds. Well, when we used it on Illsy’s tattoo, the rare crystal was the one that shattered. It was astonishing, none of us ever saw something like that before. Zertan and Paladinus were a bit curious about it, so they took their sweet time studying it. Every day or so, they agreed to study Shanteya’s slave tattoo.

After that incident, we realized that it might be a bad idea to let Illsy wander off into our library. Nothing stopped him from going there, but if he could learn something like Colly Tos or [Telekinezy], then certainly, he could learn other spells too. Tuberculus took immediate action and removed from the academy’s grounds any scroll or book containing a Master Rank or above spell. We had no idea what were the Dungeon Lord’s intentions, so we had to make sure we could get rid of him, just in case.

When I first met him, I was surprised by his rather friendly behavior, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from that of any other dungeon I faced until then. Usually, it went something like: “Muhahaha! You shall die, you pathetic cur!” and ended with: “Please don’t kill me! Please!”

On the other hand, Illsy was something along the lines of: “Erm… I swear to whatever you’re praying to, I’m not a pervert! But, can I have your panties? It’s for erm… research purposes.”, but I had no idea with how it was going to end.

I never heard in my entire life of a perverted Dungeon Lord like him! But one thing I knew for certain was that other dungeons weren’t friendly at all, especially Godlike ones, they were the most self-centered, egoistical bastards I had ever had the unfortunate luck of meeting with in my entire life!

Arara? I kind of strayed away from the story. As I said, this event took place a short while after Illsy made Shanteya into his slave and the council of teachers cleaned up the library and school grounds of any powerful spells or books capable of offering Illsy an advantage over us. We kept all of them in a special crystal necklace Tuberculus always carried hidden under his clothes. There were many things stored in there, many treasures, including the loot we got from our most recent dungeon run.

As we suspected, Illsy’s hunger for knowledge grew, and he even attended some of our classes. All the teachers agreed beforehand to keep their lessons as simple as possible, but at the same time, try to make them longer than usual. It was all good, especially since the students got used to actually using the Beginner and Intermediary ranked spells.

Tuberculus made sure to tell Illsyore not to get close to the library and not absorb any of the books there, but even if he did, there was nothing of actual value left in that place. Or so we thought…

Unfortunately, there was one scroll the old geezer forgot to hide in his crystal, but it was most likely because only an idiot would dare to use it. Besides that one, there were also a bunch of other useless scrolls too, so it was also highly likely that it just slipped through their diligent search. Either that or some well-endowed draconian student happened to walk by and cast [Mesmerize] on Tuberculus while he was working on it.

[Scroll of Internal Freedom] was the respective scroll’s name. As for what it did, it was quite simple. If cast upon a sentient being, the spell would release their most hidden desires and morph them in a bad way. In case of Dungeon Cores, it could allow them to move freely, but it didn’t specify how. There were missing portions of the description, but the method of curing the person who had it cast upon them remained. Surprisingly, it wasn’t another spell, but a potion made out of some rather special and rare ingredients.

In other words, this scroll was meant to be used as a prank rather than as something useful, however, we never expected that Illsy was going to use it on himself in the belief that it would grant him the ability to move around freely. Technically speaking, it worked, but as far as I saw it, the cost was too high…

“Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!” he called out to us.

It was close to midnight. Me and Shanteya were hiding from him in an empty classroom, behind the teacher’s desk. Meanwhile, Illsy’s crystal body was floating around with my panties, which he Colly Tosed away, worn on his top tip like some funny hat.

Yup! Me, a Godlike Rank adventurer, was hiding from a perverted Dungeon Core under the influence of a prank spell! I was debating between shattering the fool or frying Tuberculus.

“What’s wrong with Master?” asked Shanteya as she looked at me worried.

“Idiocy at its best, that’s what’s wrong with him…” I replied with a growl.

I was wearing my robe, so it was a bit breezy down there.

“But is it alright for us to hide like this?” she asked me.

“Shanteya, darling, your master used on himself a spell written on an old scroll in the belief that he could make himself a body, unfortunately, that was sort of a… prank spell. Now, he is nothing but a perverted idiot with no care in the world. If you go out there, let’s just say… you will need a new set of clothes.” I tried to explain to her.

Ever since Illsy cured her, I have noticed she was extremely devoted to him. Normally, slaves didn’t give a dime about their masters. If they had the opportunity to flee from their grasp, they would do it without further thought. Shanteya’s loyalty was rather ridiculous from that point of view. I could even dare to say that if that idiot Dungeon Lord, who is currently wearing my panties for a hat, would think about taking full advantage of the el’doraw’s loyalty, he would end up becoming quite a formidable foe. Fortunately, so far, he never showed any such intent, and he actually treated her more humanely than any other slave master out there. For him, she was an equal, not a slave.

“If that is Master’s wish then…” she began to speak up, but I placed my hand over her mouth and pushed her back, my small chest pressing on top of her big melons.

“Sh!” I tried to silence her.

She was surprised and tried to wiggle herself out of there, but I kept her still.

“Come out, come out Nanya-chan! I promise I won’t peek… hehe… too much.” said Illsy like one of those old perverts I often saw at a royal’s castle.

After he flew away, I let out a sigh. It was a good thing the students were in another building. Gods forbid if he stepped in there and went full whacko-pervertus-stupidus on them…

Yup, the academy’s reputation would go down the drain, and I’d probably not find another teaching job for a century or two… I shuddered when I thought of the worst-case scenario.

“Listen, Shanteya. Right now, Illsy is under the effects of a spell. That’s not the real him! If he wakes up from that and finds out that he did some nasty things to either of us… well mostly you, if he tries anything with me, I’ll shatter him into a billion pieces.” I shrugged, but she furrowed her brow at me. She didn’t like the situation in which Illsy turned to dust. “Anyway, if he wakes up and finds out what he did, he will regret it, and it will most likely depress him a lot. The situation between all of us will end up becoming quite awkward. What would happen if he stops talking to you or completely avoids you? He would consider himself the one who should be blamed for those acts and maybe even hide himself from us. You wouldn’t want something like that to happen to your beloved master now, would you?” I asked while exaggerating everything as much as I could.

I highly doubted any of those things would happen, but I had to scare Shanteya a bit and make her willingly join my side. It was for her safety as well… actually, it was for the safety of all women on the academy’s grounds. As Illsy was right now, he was the enemy of all women!

The el’doraw looked at me for a long moment. With a furrowed brow and biting her lower lip, she nodded.

“Good! Let’s…” I notice her blinking and looking up. “Sigh… he’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

She nodded quickly, forcing her long ears to wiggle cutely.

“Kukuku! What lovely bottom!” the perverted crystal said as he used the [Telekinezy] spell to peek under my robe.

A vein popped on my forehead. I turned around and grabbed him by one of his edges.

“Illsyyy! Don’t you have a wall to fix over there?” I growled and threw his crystal body towards the other side of the classroom as hard as I could without breaking him.

He crushed right through the wall and tumbled down into the next room. Only a few small cracks appeared on his body, but nothing he couldn’t fix with his insane Magic Energy pool.

“Master!” shouted Shanteya, worried that I broke the idiot.

“He’s fine! I noticed he used Master Rank Magic Armor, so that much shouldn’t have done too much damage to him.” I told her as I grabbed her hand and made a run for it.

“Magic Armor? But Master never used such a thing before.” she asked surprised as she followed me.

“Yes. It’s because of that stupid spell. I think he uses it unconsciously. If he actually used it consciously and of a higher rank too, we would have been in quite the predicament. Well, let’s just pray he never does.” I replied while we fled from the scene of the crime.

We took upon hiding in Zertan’s alchemy classroom. I locked the door behind us and hoped it would last long enough for me to finish up the potion that would cure Illsy.

“What are you looking for?” Shanteya asked while I was rummaging through the ingredients.

“Kelgar’s tongue, Urkin’s eyes, and three Dayuk horns…” I muttered while looking over the recipe of that thing.

“Those are some very expensive ingredients.” said Shanteya as she helped me search.

“Not really… All of those creatures can be found in these mountains.” I said as I picked up the jar with the last pair of Urkin eyes.

“How do you know the recipe?” she asked me.

I lifted the scroll up and showed it to her.

“Illsy used the spell at the top to enchant his crystal body. It did offer him the ability to move around freely, but the cost was a messed up version of his inner desires.” I explained.

“What do you mean?” she asked me with a furrowed brow.

“It basically makes you do things you wouldn’t usually do…” I blinked surprised. Something vanished from around my chest. “Like use an idiotic spell to steal someone’s panties and bra…” I growled.

“But look! Doesn’t it say here ‘inner most desire’?” she asked while pointing at the description.

“I repeat, this is a prank spell. Don’t believe the description. A real mage would look at the words in the spell first rather than what’s written there.” I explained and then placed the scroll on the table.

“But why add the cure as well?” she asked me.

“The cure, in general, is always real. After being tricked by the description, you would think twice before using the recipe here, now imagine how funny it would be the moment when the victim actually realizes that all along, the cure was right under their noses.” I explained to her.

“Sigh… Then Master used this believing the description and ended up casting something weird. Does this mean that he can do it again? What if he casts that thing on us?” she asked me a bit worried.

“Impossible. This here was a Magic Scroll. The spell is written so it can be used only with the magic infused in the scroll. Illsy already used it, so unless someone infuses it with Magic Energy, it’s pretty much useless. Even so, after a couple more uses, the paper will be destroyed.” I told her and then turned around to add the horn of the Dayuk. This one needed to be turned into a fine powder, an easy task with my level of strength.

“Then, is this the same one he used?” she asked me.

“Yes. Right before I found you, the idiot was running around the hallway screaming that he did it. He was waving around the scroll with his [Telekinezy] spell. When he found me, he dropped the scroll and used Colly Tos on me, immediately. While he started stretching my panties, I nabbed the scroll and ran away from him…” I told her, although, I wasn’t too happy with the last part.

“You ran away?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Call it a hunch, woman’s intuition, survivor’s instinct, whatever… I just knew I had to run away from him…” I said as I added the powder to the potion.

A few more stirs and a couple of other ingredients later, it was finally done. The cure was ready.

“What are we going to do now?” she asked.

“Hm… I order you as your master to use this potion on Illsyore when I tell you to. Got it?”

“Yes, mistress.” she nodded.

“I’m sorry, Shanteya, but this is the only way to make sure you won’t go against me.” I told her.

“I understand. I also desire to help Master, so it’s alright.” she replied with a small smile, but I could tell. Every time I gave her an order, she wasn’t as happy and eager as she was when Illsy gave it.

For safe measure, I took a small Potion of Forgetfulness with me as well. It was something Zectan concocted in his free time. When sprayed on a sentient being, it would erase their memories for the past 24 hours. The downside of it was that you couldn’t use it too often. The effect simply dropped by half with every use, and it was rather expensive to make, but I was certain Zertan wouldn’t mind.

“Alright! I’m going to go ahead, you stay here and follow me after one minute has passed! Got it?” I told her.

“Yes, mistress.” she replied.

With the plan set in motion, I opened the door and was just about to go out when a small imp jumped on me.

“Kya!” I screamed as I fell on my rump.

“Ahn~! Stop it!” I said when the little bugger began to feel up my chest. “I SAID STOP IT!” I growled and slapped it as hard as I could.

It died instantly, but three of Zertan’s alchemy tables were destroyed completely as a result of its body slamming into them. Three more imps entered.

“Shanteya! Take care of them!” I shouted at her.

“Yes!” she replied and engaged them in battle.

No matter what, she was still a former assassin, meaning that she was quite deadly when she put her skills into action.

After I got back up on my feet, I ran out and saw four more ugly imps looking at me. I wasn’t in the mood to play with them, so I struck them relentlessly. After that, more and more imps kept attacking me. It was easy for me to guess that Illsy was the one behind them all, especially since they were trying to undress me rather than kill me.

“As if I’d let you!” I shouted as I knocked one through the floor.

The little bastard was pulling on my robe a bit too hard.

When I finally reached the library, I found Illsy summoning imp after imp, creating a real army of them. They were placed in lines and forming squads of five each. I couldn’t see any weapons on them, so they should have been rather easy to defeat.

“My minions! I command thee! Bring me Nanya’s clothes! Bring me her bras! Bring me her panties! And with them, we shall conquer the world! Muhaha…” BONK!

“What do you mean conquer the world with my panties! You stupid crystal ball!” I shouted after I threw a book from a nearby desk at him.

“Ah! Our Queen! Minions! Attack!” he shouted, and the imps came running at me.

“Oh really?” I said with a forced smile and struck my palm with my fist in a threatening way.

“ABUGA!” screamed the first imp.

I hit it with a punch right in the head and sent it crushing into the floor. The next one, I grabbed him by his red tail and tossed him into another. They went flying into the wall. I felt like it was a waste of my strength, but somehow, pulverizing each and every one of them made me smile.

“Keh! Stupid imps!” I spat as I finished the last one.

The only one left there was the big crystal idiot, but then it happened…

“Colly Tos! Colly Tos! Colly Tos!” he shouted.

“KYA!” I screamed as I was left naked.

The last one seemed to have summoned a pair of frilly white panties, a bit bigger than mine.

Ah! Those are Shanteya’s! Wait, now’s not the time for this! I thought and covered my body with my hands.

“You stupid idiot!” I shouted.

I was really embarrassed. To have a lady like myself in nothing but her birthday suit, it was degrading! How dare that crystal ball do that to me!

“Hehe!” he was laughing like an idiot and then pushed me with my back on the cold floor.

“Kya! What are you…” I asked as I looked at him hovering over me.

“Oh, Nanya! You look absolutely divine!” he complimented me.

My heart skipped a beat.

“Meanie… let me go.” I squirmed and looked away from him.

What was going on?

“And miss out on this perfect opportunity? Never!” he declared as I felt the pressure of his spell moving over my body like the hands of a pervert man.

“Get off!” I used a bit more strength and released myself from his [Telekinezy].

“But what am I doing, my beloved?” he asked me.

“Who’s your beloved! Stop! Ahn~! Don’t touch me there!” I accidentally let out a moan, he was touching my tail.

“A weak spot?” he asked, and I was certain he was grinning on the inside.

My tail was rather sensitive, especially at the tip, that’s why I always kept it hidden, but I had no way to hide it now and he… he…

“Ahn~! Stop it~ Please…” I let out soft moans as I tried to get a hold of myself.

“How cute! That’s why I love you, my dear Nanya!” he squealed.

He what? I thought and blushed hard.

“Idiot! Don’t… Don’t stroke the tip… please…” I begged of him, but he was reluctant to comply, and what was with that confession of his?

He loves me? No… No… That’s just the potion talking. Ara? Wait a second… Why is a Godlike like me… Ahn… Why is a… aaah~ I tried to think.

“WILL YOU KNOCK IT OFF!” I shouted and slapped him hard.

The magic armor was broken, and he was sent rolling down the floor to the other side of the room.

“I see… dancing chicken unicorns…” he muttered before fainting.

“Huff! Huff!” He made me lose my composure, I was red like a tomato, feeling embarrassed, and breathing hard.

Mou! That idiot! I thought as I walked over to my clothes.

“Shanteya! Are you here?” I called out after I put on my robe.

“Yes!” she replied as she ran into the room huffing and puffing as well. There was imp blood on her hands and clothes.

“You have the potion?” I asked.

“Yes!” she replied and showed it to me.

“Go and sprinkle it on him.” I said and looked at his crystal body.

Although I was still embarrassed, his words still floated around in my mind. I knew they weren’t true, but why would he even say something like that? Was it a trick?

I shook my head and took out the potion I snatched from Zertan’s class.

“By tomorrow, he will be back to normal, and we’ll be safe of this… this side of his.” I told Shanteya after she sprinkled the potion on him.

I could already see it being absorbed by his huge crystal body.

“What’s that?” she asked me when she saw me sprinkle the second potion on him.

“It’s a little something to make sure he doesn’t remember what happened. It will be our little secret, right Shanteya?” I showed her a smile that read ‘don’t you dare tell a single living soul about this!’.

“Yes.” she nodded.

Tossing the vials away, I took a seat in front of the big oaf who acted like a jerk that night.

“What a joke… A dungeon to actually say those words…” I muttered to myself.

“Mistress Nanya… did you… did you by any chance?” she was trying to ask me something, but looking at her flustered expression, I could vaguely guess what was wrong.

“Your panties should be over there.” I pointed at the back where the frilly fabric remained untouched on the floor.

After she left, I looked back at Illsy, who was most likely sleeping at that moment, and let out a long sigh.

“Love huh? What a stupid thing to say. It must be the spell.” I shook my head. “Dungeons can’t love… “ I let out another sigh. “Heh, what’s so good to love about me anyway? You have Shanteya if you want someone… Why me, Illsy? Honestly… I don’t think I can love you even if I tried, not after what happened with…”

“Mistress Nanya, should we take Master back to his room?” asked Shanteya.

I stood up and showed her a smile. “Yup!”

Keh… What foolish thoughts… I’m not going to let myself end up like that again. I thought as I picked up Illsy’s crystal body and followed the el’doraw.

After that night, he returned to normal and didn’t remember a single thing that happened to him the day before, but he never did try to sneak again into the library. He instinctively avoided it.

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