~ Side Story: What do you mean LAVA on the FIRST FLOOR?! (Part 3) ~

[A few minutes before Nanya lost her panties.]

[Shanteya’s point of view]

“Shanteya? Are we done with the right wing?” asked Master as he looked over the list I made with all the things broken by the students.

“Yes, Master!” I replied with a smile.

“That’s about it then! Hm, I wonder what I should do now?” he asked himself.

“Whatever Master wishes.” I said.

“That would get me killed…” he said, and I tilted my head to the left.

Again, I couldn’t understand what Master meant. There were also many times when Master’s words were a bit confusing, especially when he used weird ones.

“I think I’ll upgrade Colly Tos!” he said and then something appeared above him. “Ah, crud… Nanya’s going to kill me!”

When I looked up at the item, it was a pair of pink panties with small frills around the edges. I jumped up and grabbed them. Indeed, they belonged to mistress Nanya, but I still found it a bit hard to believe that a spell with a random effect could have such pinpoint accuracy on her.

“Do not worry, Master, I’ll take care of it and clear your name.” I told him with a respectful bow.

Many people at the academy asked me these past few days why I was so servile and respectful to a Dungeon Lord, especially the teachers, but for me, it was a question of how someone couldn’t be when they had been healed, cured, and saved all at once without even requesting a single copper coin in return. Master even wanted to free me as soon as I was healed, but it was I who didn’t desire to be freed of him. With a kind and gentle master like him, how could I even think about leaving his side? Of course, the fact that I was sleeping with Master was still our little secret.

“Really? That will be great!” he said with a cheerful voice.

I smiled gently and returned to sweeping the floor. Meanwhile, Master took to upgrade his spell to the next tier. It was quite amazing that he could do that with any of his skills without being trained by a master of that respective skill. For everyone else, that was the usual path they had to take.

Maybe it’s something specific to his species as a Dungeon Lord? I wondered.

“Done! Now I have [Summon a Selected piece of Equipment Currently Worn by the Selected Adventurer]!” he announced.

“Congratulations, Master!” I told him.

“I’m going to give it a try.” he said.

“Master, please don’t summon mistress Nanya’s garments. She’s in the middle of a dungeon at the moment.” I warned him.

It would have been bad if he accidentally summoned her armor, especially since she had nothing to use to cover her bottom.

“Nah! I’m targeting you!” he said.

I blushed.

“Me, Master? If you wish to.” I said and stood still in front of him.

He concentrated for a moment and then shouted “Colly Tos!”

What vanished weren’t my panties or clothes, but Nanya’s panties I had in my pocket. The pink piece of fabric appeared between us and softly fell on the ground.

“Master?” I asked with a forced smile. I was a bit upset that he didn’t take something of mine.

“I swear I was targeting your apron! This stupid spell must be broken…” he grumbled.

“It certainly is outside of what I would call common sense.” I told him as I picked up the pink panties from the floor.

“Well, it could have been worse.” he said.

“How so?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“I could have summoned Tuberculus’ underpants… Ugh, that would be just nasty!” he sounded as though he was afraid of something like that happening.

“Knowing you, Master, you would probably completely undress all the pretty girls in your dungeon territory before your spell even touched a man, or it will just refuse to be cast.” I told him.

“Indeed! This spell is more of a pervert than I am!” he declared.

I sighed and returned to sweeping the floor.

“Speaking of which, do you know what this thing is? I found it the other day on the floor. I think one of the students may have dropped it.” he told me.

“What, Master?” I asked as I turned around and looked at what he was talking about.

With the help of his [Telekinezy], he was holding a small bottle with a bit of brown liquid at the bottom. I recognized it immediately as the same one Nanya used during that night.

“That… that’s a potion master.” I said with a gulp.

Normally, I would have told him the full truth, but unless he asked me for details, there was no need to worry about the slave tattoo around my neck working against me.

“Hm, a potion huh? Must be from Zertan’s class. How can I find out what it does?” he asked.

“You can find out by asking Zertan, but unless you are an alchemist or herbalist, it’s quite doubtful that you would be able to find out without testing it on yourself or someone else.” I told him, which was true.

“Hm. I wonder…” he said and then I saw master move the bottle towards his crystal body.

“Master?” I asked.

“A drop shouldn’t hurt right?” he said and then I saw him let on drop fall on him.

I blinked surprised and for a moment nothing happened.

“M-Master?” I asked.

“Huh? Shanteya? When did you get here?” he asked me. “What’s this? Maybe one of Zertan’s? Meh, off in the trash bin with it.” he said and tossed the bottle with the remaining drops inside the basket I usually used to collect the dust and dirt.

It was probably because he used only a drop of the potion, but Master couldn’t remember anything about what happened in the past three hours and didn’t ask me about it either. I decided to keep quiet regarding that matter, but I did ‘randomly’ mention about what he shouldn’t do if he ever happened to find an unknown potion. He was lucky it wasn’t a poison…

 [Back in Illsyore’s dungeon]

[Nanya’s point of view]

We moved away from the massacre scene and set up camp in one of the dead ends of the maze. The rooms were all filled with blood and monster remains.

I didn’t sleep, and neither did Angius.

Rufus muttered something in his sleep from time to time, and I applied some ointments on Tuberculus’ burns. Once we were awake, he could heal himself. I believe Zertan had a hair restoration potion of sorts.

“The Dungeon Lord is a monster…” said Angius at one point.

“A pervert maybe, but… we really don’t know yet. He said it was easy. Just think about it for a moment, Angius, what if he doesn’t understand what Easy means?” I asked him, although, I had no idea why I was taking up his side, especially after he Colly Tosed me. I should have let the stupid Dungeon Lord rot in a ditch somewhere!

I let out a sigh and tried to think about something else. Our current situation was a bit depressing, but we went through worse. This dungeon just took us a bit by surprise. We got used to the peaceful life as teachers and forgot our time as adventurers even if it was just for a moment. As a result, we got our behinds handed to us on a silver platter. I dare not think what would have happened if any of the traps we faced so far had been enchanted.

After Rufus and Tuberculus woke up, we had a small breakfast and then headed off, hoping we would reach the end in the following hours. We didn’t want to think of the possibility that we were currently in only the first quarter of the dungeon. It would have been a nightmare if that was true.

In the end, we reached the room of a mini boss. It was another Minotaur, but to our surprise, it was even stronger than the one we met a floor above us. Actually, the difference was rather ridiculous. Such bosses shouldn’t be at the second floor but at the 30th or a lower one. We defeated them easily, but I couldn’t understand how it was possible to see such diversity in difficulty in just two floors. It only made me wonder what sort of dungeon Illsyore could build if we let him reach 100 or more floors. Could a group of Supreme ranked adventurers even be able to pass the 20th or 50th floor?

That was a difficult question, but there was something else we found in that mini boss room that made Angius punch the walls and Rufus to talk with his shadow. Behind the unconscious Minotaur laid a lever.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” shouted Angius. “He wants us to find another lever in THIS maze?!” he shouted.

“Easy there, we don’t know if that’s true or not. Maybe the exit wall opened up somewhere else.” I said, but I feared he was telling the truth.

Judging by how this floor was structured so far, Illsyore seemed intent on mentally torturing his victims. It was already starting to show its effects on the three humans, but with me was a different story. I kept myself on the edge and didn’t lower my guard ever since I entered this dungeon. Mother once told me that only a fool ventured in a dungeon unprepared.

Sigh… Maybe I should have listened to her… I thought as I walked over and pulled the lever. No trap activated, and we didn’t hear any sliding wall.

I looked around for a few more seconds and then I told them “Let’s go.”

We left the room and continued to search for the other levers. Since we didn’t have anymore patience, we sped up our pace a bit. Now, we were running through the maze and ignored most of the weaker traps. We only needed to be careful of the spike traps.

Two hours later, we took a break to recover both our breath and Magic Energy. It was then when something strange happened. Tuberculus spotted a small imp, and he was about to attack it, but Angius stopped him.

“Let me see if I can tame it.” said the man with a smirk.

I raised an eyebrow and watched the man as he was starting to chant. In my mind, the following equation was being processed: Illsyore*Perverticus stupidicus+Imp+Angius’s spell=?

I have a bad feeling about this… I thought and watched the scene.

When the warrior finished casting the spell, he aimed it at the imp and let it rip. For a few seconds, it appeared as though it didn’t work, but suddenly, the imp dashed towards Angius.

“Agugagaga!” he screamed with his tongue out.

“I order you to stop!” shouted Angius.

He was expecting the little imp to stop and bow down to him, but instead it… well…

“Angius? Is that imp humping your boot?” I asked.

The man was simply shocked by the little thing’s strange behavior. He didn’t want to admit he failed so miserably.

“I don’t understand… what’s happening to it?” he asked as he tried to shake the little thing off.

“I don’t know, but you two look like a cute couple.” I smirked, and he glared at me.

“This is not a joke!” he declared.

I shrugged. It was pretty funny to me. The others weren’t paying attention though.

“Get OFF!” he shouted and kicked the imp away, but it returned to humping his boot.

Annoyed, he took off his boot and tossed it to the other side of the corridor.

“Mine! Mine Mine!” screamed the imp as it ran after the boot.

The critter snatched it and fled from our sight. I couldn’t help it and burst into a loud laughter.

“My… My boot…” said Angius when he realized what he had just done.

“Don’t worry, the stench alone will probably kill the imp in no time at all!” I said with a smile as I patted his shoulder.

“Ugh…” he looked down at his toes. He was barefooted now.

We continued our journey through Illsyore’s maze. However, we had no idea that was just the first of three mini bosses we had to fight before reaching the last boss.

The maze felt endless, the undulating reflections on the walls fooled us countless times. Rufus started seeing enemies with every step we took. He even shot a few fireballs at me and Angius, but we dodged them splendidly. Tuberculus remained quiet most of the time. He was still sane, but in a bit of a pain. He did heal himself, so he wasn’t in any immediate danger.

Unfortunately, Illsyore was losing favor with each step we took deeper into that infernal maze. They truly believed he was trying to kill us. Their main proof was the fact that he said it was an Easy dungeon. Indeed, I couldn’t deny it… he should have told us the truth, but what if… what if he actually didn’t know the difference between Easy and Insane?

Hours later, we finished off the last mini boss. I pulled the lever behind him, but nothing happened.

“Wha-what?” said Angius.

“It can’t be… there’s more?” asked Tuberculus as he dropped to his knees.

“ARGH!” screamed Angius as he lifted his sword up and used his slashing skills on the walls in the room.

The floor trembled from his strikes. He was enraged.

“I’m going to KILL HIM! I’m going to DESTROY HIM!” shouted Angius.

“Wait…” I said, but I couldn’t stop him.

The man rushed into the maze, chopping down the walls with his sword, not caring if he broke it or not. I was certain that once his Magic Energy was depleted, the weapon would shatter into a billion pieces. If in that moment, he stepped on a trap, he could end up dead.

“Tch!” clicking my tongue, I rushed after him.

He was fast, but not as fast as me.

“STOP!” I shouted at him.

“AARGH!” he screamed while hitting the walls.

One of the lost imps appeared before him, but it didn’t have the chance to attack. As soon as Angius spotted it, he squashed it like a bug. The red blood of the imp touched his armor and skin, showing that his Magic Armor was fading rapidly. I had to hurry.

“STOP IT!” I shouted and then struck him in the back of his neck.

It was an instant knock out.

He dropped to the ground.

“You idiot…” I said catching my breath.

Tossing him over my shoulder, I went back to get the other two. The newly opened entrance was probably farther from there. I just prayed it wasn’t a combination lock, meaning that I had to run between the three boss rooms to find out what lever had to be up and which had to be down. It would have been a real nightmare to walk between the them like that. Most of the monsters had been slain by us, but these walls were what made things extremely confusing. The maze was so big and with so many twists and turns, it was a nightmare.

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and so,the legend of the boot humping imps begin!


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