~ Side Story: What do you mean LAVA on the FIRST FLOOR?! (Part 4) ~

Tuberculus and Rufus weren’t in the mood to keep going, but I pulled them with me. We couldn’t take a break now. Thanks to Angius’ rampage, there were plenty of walls that had been taken down. I decided to use them and stick to the north side of the maze. If I searched every section like that, there was a chance for me to find that blasted hidden door. That was how we found the other rooms.

Not even one hour later, I stumbled upon it. I saw a pair of stairs leading up.

“Finally!” I told myself.

With a smile on my lips, I rushed over there together with Tuberculus and Rufus. We were happy to have finally found the exit. I was hoping to see the sky, the grass, the trees, but what I found was something horrifying…

“What’s this? Illsyore… you didn’t, did you?” I said as I saw the new maze ahead of us.

I couldn’t believe it. We had ANOTHER maze ahead of us. It was terrifying.

Is there no end to this place? How could he build something like this? How could he think the students could go through this nightmare? I thought as I dropped to my knees.

“This is it… he really wants to kill us.” said Tuberculus.

There was no way to say it wasn’t like that. Everything pointed in that direction.


“What was that?” I asked.

Looking ahead, countless snakes were rushing our way. I gulped and got up. Even I was getting angry.

If I unseal my power… If I do it… I thought as I looked at the dirty ribbon on my tail.

“I’ll kill him… I’ll destroy him…” I thought as I rushed at the snakes and pounded them into the ground.

My friends were currently in danger with their Magic Armor so low. I couldn’t let even one of those snakes get to them. I struck them fast and pulled them towards me until every last one of them was dead. I doubted Illsyore started using wild animals for this maze, so I looked for their spawning circles. After destroying them, I returned to the entrance.

The walls here didn’t go straight then cut to a sharp corner. It was a new type of maze I never seen before, undulating and letting the walls slither like a snake on the ground. Fortunately, it was much smaller, and I didn’t encounter any bosses, just imps and snakes.

Once we reached the end, we jumped down through another hole and fell in a small pond. Angius went straight to the bottom, but the cold water woke all of them up, and we swum up to the surface.

“Where… Where are we?” asked Tuberculus with a cough after he dragged himself out of the water.

“The final boss room…” I said as I saw the large room and huge Minotaur in front of us.

It was three meters tall, covered in black fur, red eyes, and wielding a giant axe. That wasn’t a boss for a second floor, that was one for the 30th floor and beyond. I was certain of that because I once fought against one.

Illsyore just broke the common sense of dungeons… again! I thought as I looked at the monstrosity.

“GRAARGH!” the beast growled and then struck the floor with its hoof.

The ground trembled, announcing the beginning of the final battle.

“Fan out!” I shouted.

Rufus, Angius, and Tuberculus did just that. Although they were still waking up from their trance, they weren’t that out of it. The battle began, and I was the vanguard. Something as this boss wasn’t really a problem for me. As soon as it struck the ground, I slapped him once and sent him into a nearby wall. The others didn’t join and instead focused on replenishing their Magic Armor.

After the beast got up, it ran back to the center, ignoring us, but it was certainly grinning back.

“It’s a trap!” I shouted.

We all raised our Magic Armor and prepared for the attack. A few hatches opened from above, and we were ready to defend ourselves against an arrow attack, but instead, nine beams of light shot out and moved across the floor. I rolled to the side and jumped over one of them. I didn’t want it to touch me, but Tuberculus got hit by one. It lowered his Magic Armor at an incredible speed and forced him to dodge. When it shattered, it burned his robe, but luckily not his flesh. The same happened to Angius, and only Rufus dodged before he got hit by them.

I clicked my tongue and struck the floor with my fist. A tile was dislodged. I picked it up and tossed it at one of the beams of light. Something cracked or got smashed, judging by the noise, but there were no more beams shooting out of there.

“Nanya! Behind you!” shouted Tuberculus.

It was too late, the Minotaur took advantage of the moment and rushed at me. I was struck by his axe and sent flying into the wall. A part of my Magic Armor went down, and I fell on top of two beams of light. They lowered my armor even more, but I rolled away before it was completely gone. My clothes were smoking a bit from one or two places, but nothing dangerous yet.

“What a room…” said Angius as he dodged another beam of light.

I got up and started tossing the pieces of floor at the hatches. The Minotaur noticed me and charged at me again. I stopped his rampage with a single hand and kicked him in the ribs. Grabbing him by one of his horns, I tossed him over my shoulder and sent him flying into the wall. Two of those beams managed to hit me from behind at that moment, and I smelled the burning fabric. I dodged and then cracked the floor again. Using the pieces, I tossed them at the hatches and broke whatever was shooting at us. The boss was knocked out by my last hit, so all I had to do was destroy those things.

When it was finally over, we let out a sigh of relief. I couldn’t believe we just went through that fight at the second floor of a dungeon. If I told anyone about this back at the guild, they would have laughed at me and said I was making it up. No one would believe us if we were to tell them of what sort of dangers this dungeon held.

At that moment, only one thought crossed my mind. If we actually took his dungeon seriously and prepared beforehand, or at the very least went in together with him, then we wouldn’t have had so much trouble… Ara? Didn’t he offered to guide us through? If he wanted to kill us, then… then why offer to be our guide? the revelation struck me hard. The idiot actually doesn’t know what an Easy dungeon is, huh? I started to laugh.

It was a bit shameful of me to think that for the past two days even I was beginning to think about destroying Illsy. He was just born, of course he had no idea what was what. With so much Magic Energy to spare even I wouldn’t have wasted my time with petty little floors filled with wildlife.

“An exit! Look!” shouted Tuberculus.

“Finally! We’re out! Hurry! We must go and destroy his core before he attacks the school or tries to go for our life again!” shouted Angius.

What? Wait a minute… I thought when I saw the idiots running towards the stairs.

I ran after them. The stairs first went down, but then they went up a long way.

Right there, at the exit of the boss room, next to a wall was a message written on a granite plaque.

Thank you for testing out my dungeon. I’m sorry if it was too easy for all of you, I’ll try my best with the next floors! And if it’s no good, let me know how to make one so it wouldn’t be a danger for the students. Illsyore.

After reading it, I blinked surprised. All this time, the Dungeon Lord thought it was too easy and that we might be disappointed with it? And now those idiots were trying to kill him?

I clicked my tongue and rushed after them. I wasn’t going to let them touch Illsy.

Not on my watch! If he really wanted to kill us, then where was the black fog? Where was the evil intent?! I screamed in my mind as I realized the fact that the most important proof was missing.

Whenever a dungeon was mad, angered, or desired to kill anyone, a black fog would rise on its dungeon territory to limit the sight of the adventurers. The stronger it was the more powerful the traps and the monsters were. We saw it countless times in other dungeons, but it was completely missing from Illsy’s. It was a wonder neither of us noticed it until then. Maybe we got too used to the idea that we were living inside a non aggressive Dungeon Lord’s territory?

“You idiots! I said STOP!” I shouted and then struck Angius in the back of his head sending him crashing into the stairs. I punched Tuberculus in the stomach and slapped Rufus into the wall. They were all knocked out.

“Huff! Huff! Huff!” breathing hard, I picked them up and walked up the stairs.

I was going to explain everything to them after they got their medical treatment and woke up. Once the idiot trio was calm and relaxed, I was sure they were going to listen. In case they didn’t, they could always be my punching bags until they did.

Light… we’re finally out… I thought.

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I love it so much! Thank you! THANK YOU for writing it!
It is listed as no 1 from all of the novels I have ever read!
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Same here. Truly awesome novel