~ Side Story: Between sanity and insanity (Part 2) ~

The Dungeon Lord did threaten to kill my family as well, but I had no parents… I was born as an orphan on the Sorone Continent. Technically, my guardians there would have been my parents, and the other orphans my brothers and sisters, but they weren’t draconian. That was why I killed them all… Well, everyone except for that human girl. I can’t even understand how she survived because I clearly remembered burning down the entire orphanage.

Heh… good times. I thought with smile as I wiped the blood off my mouth.

My hunt continued until my stomach was full. I tried to use their fur to make myself some clothes, but drying the leather and then properly preparing it was a bit harder than I had initially thought. Thus, I ended up ruining it all with my oversized claws. To make it work, I had to hunt something bigger, so I went searching for a Dayuk or some other monster.

Finding one was pretty easy, but when I tried to use a magic attack to kill it, I heard his voice again… It sounded in my ears as loud as possible.

“Now don’t even think that I’m pulling your leg here, you pathetic little draconian! I’m a Godlike Dungeon! I’m more powerful than you could possibly even imagine!” I covered my ears, trying to make it go away.

“Shut up…” I growled and closed my eyes.

“Why should I?” he replied “With one snap of my fingers, I can kill YOU and your ENTIRE family! You saw it too, right? I didn’t even use a spell other than a lousy fireball, and that was only because I didn’t feel like punching through your pathetic attack back then.” he then laughed.

“SHUT UP!” I shouted.

The Dayuk noticed me and growled menacingly.

“I didn’t even flinch when you cast all those fireballs at me. NONE of your attacks was even able to shatter my Magic Armor ONCE, let alone scratch me!” I saw him in the shadows around me, telling me all of those things again and laughing at my face.

When I looked at the monster preparing to attack me, I saw the Dungeon Lord instead.

“You… how?” I said surprised.

“You are pathetic, Dankyun! You and everything you do and think is useless against me! Useless!” he laughed, and in a fit of anger, I cast a [Fireball] at the Dayuk.

The monster went up in flames, killed in one shot, but the Dungeon Lord’s laughter didn’t stop.

“ARGH! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, while his words kept on repeating all around me, laughing at me, mocking me.

“Pathetic! Weakling! You lost to me! You will lose to Ayuseya and Nanya! You will die! I’ll hunt you! I’ll haunt you! Die! Run! Weakling!” I heard him say those things from everywhere around me.

He was hidden behind the trees and rocks, away from my sight, but somehow still in there, in the corners of my eyes.

His words angered me, they fueled my rage and fear. I punched left and right until I bled from my knuckles and breathing hard, but I was fighting only ghosts and shadows.

The Dungeon Lord wasn’t there… What was his name again? I didn’t know, I couldn’t remember…

After that event, one thing became clear to me. He was out there, somewhere, stalking me and hunting me like he said. He was using some sort of illusion spell to make me see these apparitions of his, but when I slept, and when I was trying to hunt, he was there… somehow, someway, keeping me at the edge of sanity and insanity.

Time slipped away from my grasp as days passed by with only a repeat of the previous one. I was running around in circles in this forest. When I thought I reached some sort of village, I saw his face in the guards and the people walking down the road. Instead of confronting him there, I ran back into the forest. I ran away from that village because every one of them could be the Dungeon Lord. He could kill me anytime and anywhere…

My hours of sleep were very few. An hour, maybe two when I had the chance and felt like he wasn’t there, hunting me down like an animal. I couldn’t even train properly, but every day, I pushed more Magic Energy in my Magic Armor, trying to make it more powerful and denser than before. If I were to combat that monster again, chances were I would die from one punch.

I couldn’t let that happen…

There were plenty of monsters around these parts and the deeper I went into the mountains, the stronger they became.

Maybe it was a month or so after I found that village, but the next thing I stumbled upon was the ocean… I reached the edge of the continent, and out there, in the horizon, I saw him laughing at me. The Sun had turned into his face. I focused all of my Magic Energy into one big [Fireball] and cast it at him.

I had no idea where it landed, but certainly not the sun… The bastard was still laughing at me, pointing his finger at me and reminding me how weak and powerless I was against him, how easy it was for him to defeat me when I was at my strongest…

“That’s why I’m going to use ALL of this godlike power to hunt you down, to watch you from the shadows, and strike you down the moment you will let your guard down. When you will hear someone laughing, that’s going to be me! When you will think that you saw a shadow moving, that’s going to be me! When you hear the wind rustling, that’s going to be me reminding you again and again that I’m there, enjoying my hunt and preparing to kill you!” these were the words I kept hearing, that kept reminding me that he was there, somewhere, laughing at me, enjoying his hunt while somehow, someway, making Ayuseya and Nanya stronger than before.

It irked me to know that those two shikaks could defeat me in combat, but… what if it was true?

I couldn’t take the chance to find out, so I ran back into the forest, trying to hide from his laughter, from his shadows.

The trees could hide me. The caves could cover me, and the monsters would feed me with their flesh.

In a way, I could survive, but when was it, I wonder… When was it that such thoughts became logical and normal for me?

I couldn’t remember…

Months or maybe years passed, since I fought against him, but who cared. I was still alive and kicking! I could run away from him. I could flee his shadows, but one day… something different happened.

While I was preparing to hunt down a wild Mauller, a huge gorilla with three jaws and standing taller than me by almost one meter, someone struck me from behind. My body felt numb, and I fell on my knees.

For a moment, I thought that maybe some monster attacked me from behind, but I still had strength in my limbs and there was no scent of fresh blood. Looking back, I saw two humans. One was wearing a long robe with gold and dark patterns, while the other was wielding a big, red sword. He was covered in thick armor plates from head to toe, similar to my previous armor.

“Who knew you would be so easy to capture, Dankyun. Did you lose your touch?” said the warrior.

“Who are you? Did the Dungeon Lord send you?” I asked with a trembling voice, while looking behind them. I think I saw him snickering next to one of the trees. “SHUT UP! I KNOW YOU’RE THERE!” I shouted at him.

The shadow vanished, but the two humans looked surprised. Of course they were. They couldn’t see the monster, only I could… he was there… right there!

“Yeah… no. We’re here because you are wanted for crimes against the Teslov, Paramanium, and Shoraya Kingdoms. Look, that’s your face, right?” he said, showing a wanted poster of myself.

“What? Why? I never betrayed the Teslov Kingdom or the Paramanium Kingdom!” I retorted.

“You do know that threatening and attempting to kill a member of the Pleyades Royal family is considered a crime, right?” asked the one donning a robe.

“What? But she’s a weakling! She deserves only to be bred and killed!” I retorted, stating my righteous cause.

“What the?” the warrior looked angry at me and lifted his sword up.”

“Stop, Dreziurne. It’s clear that he’s not in his right mind, and we need to bring him back alive.” said the other.

“Dreziurne?” I said squinting my eyes at him.

The name sounded familiar.

“Yes, I’m Dreziurne, the Supreme of Shoraya Kingdom. And this here is Pendaros, the other Supreme who is weaker than me… at chess.” he said, but who cared who was better than who at some stupid game?

“You will win someday, my friend. For now, let’s put the Magic Inhibitors on him and take him back…” he told him.

“Sure, but you do it. He smells like he hasn’t washed for a year. Ugh.” the warrior commented waving his hand in front of his face.

Of course, I didn’t. What if the Dungeon Lord came from underneath the water and drowned me? Or what if the rain water was suddenly turned to acid? I thought while excusing myself of what was legitimate defense in my mind.

“What other crimes am I accused of? Shoraya Kingdom shouldn’t be bothered if one or two foreign princesses die.” I told them.

“Oh, that? Well, you see… political games change in a year, so now we are sort of allies with Paramanium and by extension Teslov. That being said, your crimes there are crimes here. However, you destroyed a royal approved Magic Academy in Shoraya Kingdom and killed a couple of our citizens, among which, some were relatives to certain nobles.” Dreziurne explained, but I couldn’t remember killing anyone of importance.

“I don’t think he even knows whom he killed…” said Pendaros.

“I’m innocent.” I tried to claim.

“Sure you are, buddy. One of your own commanders actually vouched against you and unveiled your crimes and intentions towards the Teslov Kingdom and Shoraya Kingdom. What was his name? Oh yes, Zarus Dennekar, a Godlike Commander.” said Dreziurne with a smirk.

“Zarus? Zarus isn’t a Godlike! He’s an Emperor Rank! And how dare he betray me! I’ll kill him!” I growled.

“Sure you will. Besides, he WAS an Emperor Rank, but now he’s a Godlike. Now be good and don’t make me paralyze you again. Still, I have to say, I’m surprised you can still move and talk after one shot with that.” he told me.

“What, that weakling? And how did you get past my Magic Armor?” I asked glaring at him.

It wasn’t possible to get past it that easily. After all, I had been strengthening it all this time. Was I really that weak?

“Easy. I used a Magic Enchanted Arrow with [Ignore Magic Armor]. Pendaros here fired it and then I struck it with my palm. The arrow went straight through and entered your flesh.” he smirked.

“You’re lying, I’m not feeling any blood.” I growled at him.

“Magic Enchant [Instant Wound Seal].” Pendaros added.

“What?” I tried to reach back, and it was true, the arrow was inside by my body, but there was no sign of injury around it, not even a drop of blood.

“Actually, you don’t need to paralyze him again, the arrow will maintain its effect as long as it’s inside you. Don’t worry, we missed the vitals on purpose.” Pendaros explained again while Dreziurne nodded in approval.

I hated it, but it was true… Nonetheless, it wasn’t something just anyone could pull. Only a Supreme was able to do something like that. But to think it needed two of them to stab that arrow in me, it was incredible, and this could only mean that my Magic Armor was far stronger than before. If I were to guess, maybe two or three times stronger than when I fought the Dungeon Lord?

Thinking about that, I started to laugh.

With this… I have a chance… I just need time… I thought and laughed, ignoring whatever the two said as they bound my hands with heavy-metal cuffs, enchanted with a spell able to disperse any Magic Energy I tried to form around my body, even a part of my Magic Armor.

[Pendaros’s point of view]

Dankyun Alttoros The Supreme Draconian had lost his mind from the looks of it. On the way back to civilization, he only muttered words of revenge against a so-called Dungeon Lord. Initially, we didn’t believe him. We couldn’t believe him. He was only a madman hunted by shadows and ghosts, who mercilessly killed innocents and tried to usurp the throne of the Pleyades family.

Nonetheless, something or someone defeated and beat him to the point where he had lost every weapon and armor he had… He looked no different than a bandit, but with one punch, he was powerful enough to turn a Master Ranked Adventurer into dust. Well, it wasn’t our job to judge him, but considering his crimes, there was a high chance he would be faced either with death or life incarceration in the worst Criminal Detention Fortress out there.

Honestly, I didn’t really care, but I didn’t want to hunt him down again. It took us an entire year to actually find him… If he didn’t attack like an idiot a merchant’s ship with an oversized Fireball, I might have never done. Well… only the gods could tell his fate now. I just hoped he would really get the punishment he deserved for destroying a Magic Academy and killing those people.

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