~ Chapter 52: The new players in town (Part 2) ~

[The merchant’s point of view]

Don Diego was furious.

The man was a rich fellow who bought all the best looking armor and weapons he could find. His father was one of the most powerful nobles in this city, so it was quite easy for him to do so, but the lad’s strength left much to be desired.

Still, there was one thing everyone knew. When Don Diego was mad, we merchants simply nodded and smiled. His father could close down our business if he wanted to. As for why he was mad, well… apparently the guards at the entrance took him through all of the formalities required for a suspicious fellow to go through. The group who entered earlier skipped that step because they all looked like plain adventurers and spoke politely with the guard. The women were quite beautiful too. The blond alone would fetch at least 100 goldiettes as a slave, maybe more? Unfortunately, their gear wasn’t something I would consider as valuable. It looked decent, but in the eyes of nobles or powerful adventurers, it was plain and simple, without any magic stones and probably no more than an enchant or two. Still, there can be many diamonds hiding among pieces of charcoal.

When Don Diego stopped in front of them, it was clear that they would become his next victim. It was a bad habit of his. Whenever he was furious about one thing or another, he would always take out his anger on someone weaker than him. Just mentioning his father’s status was enough to make many men shiver in their pants. I was certain this group would be no different, so I stood at the door of my shop and watched the scene.

“I have seen you glance my way, yet you do not bow your head! Do you not know who I am? I can have you stripped of your rank and tossed out of the city in a manner of moments if so I desire!” the lad claimed, but most of what he said was a lie.

Unless that person was someone who was considered a threat to the city or without political support, his father couldn’t toss him out like that. It would look bad for him. Proof of this was the guard at the entrance. They could only be ordered around by lord Zenos, who was usually on the opposite side of the table as Don Diego’s father.

“Are you listening, you commoner?” the lad asked, but the other said no word, he simply raised an eyebrow at him.

“Who is this oversized squawking parrot?” the hooded man asked the blond next to him in Shorayan.

My skill with the tongue was rough, but a good merchant knew more than Kalish and Kendarian.

“A noble’s son, I think.” the woman replied scratching the back of her head.

Without a doubt they were mere traveling adventurers. They didn’t know whom they were facing.

“I see… So a nobody.” the hooded man shrugged.

Feeling ignored, Don Diego tried to grab him by the collar of his clothes, but his hands were stopped by the man’s Magic Armor. The man must have sensed danger from him, otherwise, it wouldn’t have reacted.

“You dare, runt?!” the noble pointed his finger at him.

“This is annoying.” the hooded man took a step forward and simply pushed him out of the way.

What happened next was hard to believe. Don Diego was sent flying through the sky outside of the city. Such fearsome strength could only be displayed by those who already reached Godlike Rank, but if this was so, then the poor noble never stood a chance from the very beginning. At most, he was a Master Rank, but even that was mostly thanks to his armor and sword.

“Huh? I didn’t push him that hard!” the hooded man complained.

“Let it go, he’ll live… I think.” said the blond.

Hearing him say that, I was left dumbfounded. What sort of power could he hold to say that what he did was involuntary. Nonetheless, Don Diego would certainly think thrice before picking a fight with them. His father would rather try to recruit these fellows instead of kicking them out of the city. After all, a Godlike Ranked adventurer was a powerful tool to have under your control.

[Ayuseya’s point of view]

The journey to this city was one filled with strange things. We got to meet the Watcher Illsy nicknamed Bucket Head, and also witness his quick defeat. We got to save the cute nekatar, who ended up joining our group as Illsy’s second slave. We got to stay at a makeshift inn created by a Dungeon Lord, but most importantly, I the time and leisure to ponder about many things.

First of all, I wasn’t the same weak draconian princess as I was back at Fellyore. The social rank I held didn’t hold any value in this group. Everyone called themselves without honorifics and spoke as members of a close family would. Illsy turned out to be a great man, and someone like Dankyun couldn’t even raise up to his ankle, but most importantly, I was starting to realize the selfish desires I held in my heart.

Ever since Nanya slept with Illsy, I felt a bit… left out.

Nanya had the strength, the power. Shanteya was the loyal follower anyone would wish to have. She also possessed extensive knowledge in the art of assassination and other, deadly arts. Tamara was the cute, furry pet… and I… I was the big fellow who didn’t bring any contribution to this group.

My strength was not my own, it was the result of a Dungeon’s buff. My magic remained weak when compared to his or Nanya’s. I could hold a sword, but not as well as the others. What I had was only a noble’s upbringing and information about politics, ruling a country, and various stuff they might never need or find useful in any way. A princess was a manager of the state of affairs… What use had such an individual in a party of adventurers?

Even so, this wasn’t what made me feel down.

Ever since I became aware of my feelings for Illsy, I tried to find a way to make them known to him. I wanted to speak freely and openly with him like Nanya did, not worry about whether I said or not the right thing. To me, every conversation felt like an annoying puzzle I had to find the correct solution to. If others already said it, then there was no reason for me to voice my opinion anymore.

I was sick of this, but I couldn’t see a solution to it either.

That was why I wanted to have a private chat with Illsy. If there was anyone here who could understand me and maybe offer me a bit of help, it was him. As to why? Well, he was my husband, that was part of his duty, or so I wished to believe.

Maybe I’m just over-thinking things, but I certainly want to speak and… cuddle with Illsy more. That’s not wrong, right? I asked myself as I took a quick glance at the Dungeon Lord.

He caught my gaze, my cheeks turned red, and I looked away.

This is so embarrassing… Uhu! I thought as I tried to calm down my fast beating heart.

Nanya and Shanteya didn’t seem to have the same problem, but why did I?

[Tannaor’s point of view]

Many brave travelers walked through my doors and came to rest in one of my rooms or eat my meals. I have seen those who were strong but lacking in the head, those who were smart but lacked the brawn, and those who lacked both but pretended to have both. Few times have I seen those strange, rare individuals who held both of them. As such, their armors and weapons of choice matched the amount of brain matter they had between their ears.

Don Diego, for example, was man who pretended to be both smart and strong, but he was a coward among cowards and although he held a tiny bit of strength, only his armor was what pulled him up on the ranks.

Thus, when my doors opened, and a pair of new faces entered, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised. Their group was formed of two humans, one draconian, one el’doraw, and a cat. Looking at their clothes, I barely gave them a Master Rank, but the blond lady was maybe an Emperor at most. The other human, he was a beginner, maybe? After all, no self-respecting adventurer would wear such casual clothing. The thicker the armor on them, the better!

As for their relationship, that was a bit complicated, but one thing I could make sense of were the two black rings around the cat’s and el’doraw’s necks. Something told me that was a form of slavery and if I was right, then the one to hold the chains was most likely the man. The girls were surrounding him like starved monsters would a lamb. I pitied the man or woman who thought they could hit on them.

Then again, only my experienced eyes could tell such things. There were fools everywhere who thought they knew everything, but couldn’t even put on their armor properly without stumbling on their own two feet.

“Welcome to Tannaor’s Inn! My name is Tannaor. How may I serve you?” I asked them politely.

“Argh! Don’t tell me you can’t speak Shorayan either?” the man spoke in the foreign language, but I understood him.

“I do, actually.” I replied in his tongue.

“You do?! Great!” he lifted his hands up and jumped.

What a weird man he was.

“So, what can I do for ya?” I asked him again.

“Erkenwald, the guard at the entrance to the city, sent us your way. He said you have good rooms and food.” the blond said.

“Indeed, I do!” I replied with a dwarfish smirk.

It was a good investment to pay the guard with free meals for sending customers my way.

“Good! Erm, give me your biggest room then.” he told me.

“Only one?” I asked and then looked at the ladies around him.

It couldn’t be that he was planning to sleep with all of them, right?

“Yes.” he nodded, and the ladies didn’t retort.

“Very well… I have a room for four people. It has two beds and a metal bath. The toilet is down the hall.” I said.

“Good! We’ll take it!” he declared.

“Very well.” I said and threw a quick glance at the ladies to see if any disagreed in the slightest, but they didn’t even flinch a muscle.

How could a man like him persuade such beauties to sleep with him? I wondered.

Of course, the cat was ignored. She was merely a pet. Throw a fish her way, and she will bow down like a loyal fool. Tickle her a little between the ears, and she’ll slump into your lap begging for more.

After taking the key, I told him the price.

“Six silverettes for a night. Can you pay?”

It was a bit pricey, but we were in the capital, not some rundown town at the border of the kingdom.

“Good! Here!” he smirked and tossed a goldiette and two silverettes at me. I instinctively caught them.

I found his behavior to be a bit rude, but all the other adventurers acted exactly the same. Fortunately for him, I saw no need in busting my head over whether his gesture was a rude one or not.

“This way.” I told him and guided him to his room.

“Sure!” he nodded.

Once we got there, I handed him the key and said “If you plan on being loud, I’ll charge you extra in the morning.” I told him and threw a glance at the ladies behind him.

“I understand.” he nodded.

Well, besides asking for an extra goldiette from him, there wasn’t much I could do, but some adventurers found the tax a bit scary and refused to disobey the rule. As long as I had peace and quiet, I didn’t care what sort of kinks my customers had.

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