~ Chapter 53: Ayuseya makes a move (Part 1) ~

All in all, the room was far better than the ones we received at Neyalin’s inn. The metal bath was fit for a human, but not a draconian. Speaking of which, Ayuseya had to bend a little in order to get inside, the frame of the door was a bit too low for her. The same happened back in Perto. Every building here was built only for human-sized species like elves, el’doraws, nekatars, and dwarfs. The big draconians weren’t meant to step inside these places, then again, I didn’t see any of them on the street. One could say that Ayuseya was a rarity here. That or there simply weren’t any of them wandering around the streets at this hour and around this place.

Stretching my arms, I walked over to one of the beds and tested its bounciness. It was concluded that mine was far better.

“When we go to bed, remind me to absorb these things and replace them with the one we slept in last night.” I said and turned to look at the girls.

“Why?” asked Nanya furrowing her brow.

“I like that one more, besides… this one is too small for Ayuseya. She will be a bit uncomfortable in it.” I pointed at the edge of the bed.

It stopped at 2 meters. The same went for the other bed in this room. If my wife was to sleep in any of these beds, she would certainly be uncomfortable. I, on the other hand, could manage somehow.

“We don’t have anything to unpack. Should we go eat something and then go take a bath at the local bathhouse?” asked Nanya.

“Tamara won’t be able to enter with us.” pointed out Shanteya.

“Tamara stay and guard panties!” shouted the cat.

In that moment, all of them squinted their eyes at me.

“What?” I asked furrowing my brow.

“Don’t you dare use that spell!” warned Nanya.

“How could I use it? You three aren’t even in my Dungeon Territory!” I complained.

The look in their eyes told me they didn’t believe me.

“Fine! I’ll PROVE it! Colly Tos!” I said and when nothing appeared in front of me, I smiled and took a triumphant pose. “See! Nothing happened!”

With a blush on her cheeks, Nanya walked over to me and took something from on top of my hood. I blinked surprised when she did that and looked at her hand. She was holding a pair of pink panties with a small ribbon on them.

“Aren’t those…” I pointed out and furrowed my brow.

“You and your broken spells!” she grumbled and then turned around.

While she put them on, I looked at the others, who quietly shook their heads disapprovingly.

“I swear to God, I didn’t mean it!” I defended myself.

“It’s alright, Illsy. We understand that as a man, you have certain… hobbies?” said Ayuseya with a forced smile.

“My hobby isn’t magically stealing panties with Colly Tos!” I complained, and the pink pair appeared above me once more, slowly floating down into my right hand.

“You idiot… I just put them on.” grumbled the demoness.

“Sorry?” I handed them over.

“You see? A man’s nature always reveals itself!” the draconian giggled.

“Stupid, broken, useless skill…” I grumbled to myself.

“This must just mean that Master really loves Nanya.” giggled Shanteya.

When she said this, Ayuseya looked down for a moment.

“Or my panties…” the demoness squinted her eyes at me after she was done.

“Technically, the spell that shall not be named is described as being a targeted spell…” I said in my defense.

“Technically, not practically.” pointed out the el’doraw.

“How about that bath?” asked Ayuseya afterwards, trying to change the subject.

“Then Tamara guards?” asked the kitten.

“Yes, then we will wash you up in this tub!” said Nanya with a grin.

Flattening her ears, the nekatar looked at it and then at her and shook her furry head fast. She clearly didn’t like the idea of a ‘bath’.

“Relax, Tamara. It’s not going to bite.” I smiled and patted her head.

“Mew! But water is wet…” she complained.

That was a… valid argument?

“How cute.” Ayuseya giggled.

“Then it’s settled! Let’s go and see what we can find to stuff our stomachs with!” I declared.

“You, a cow.” smirked Nanya and slapped my bottom.

“Hey!” I complained, but the others just giggled and walked past me.

With a sigh, I closed the door behind us. After locking it, I put away the key and followed them downstairs. This place served only booze, so for food, we went to a nearby restaurant. It wasn’t that far from us, but the waiter at the door stopped us before we could enter.

“I’m sorry, but we don’t serve…” he gulped and looked up at Ayuseya “draconians and nekatars.”

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“On account of what reason?” I asked.

“The boss doesn’t want us to.” he explained.

“Sigh, let’s go somewhere else. You can tell your boss that I’m not going to recommend this place!” I said and then tossed him a silverette.

“Sir?” the boy looked at the coin confused.

We said nothing and kept walking.

A few steps away, Nanya asked me “Why did you give a coin for nothing?”

“In a city like this, tossing a coin at a random stranger can only mean one thing: that you are rich. If I threw a goldiette, then I would have hinted we are nobles, if it was a copperette, then just average folk with coins to spend. However, a silverette means we are wealthy adventurers. Greedy enough not to give a goldiette, rich enough not to care about a silverette.” I smirked.

“And what will this lead to?” asked Ayuseya a bit confused.

“Two things basically. Either the boy will keep this a secret and next time he sees us, he will be awfully polite and friendly with us. In case we will need any sort of info, he might be willing to provide it for us. After all, a waiter at a fancy restaurant can hear some interesting things from time to time. The other option is that he will show it to his boss, and he will rethink his strategy a bit. After all, a merchant’s instinct is to first make the coin, then bother about politics. Thus, he might be willing to change his policy on what sort of clientele to serve.” I explained.

“In other words, you wasted a silverette on a whim, thinking it will serve some future purpose, right?” asked Nanya raising an eyebrow.

“Urk… Can’t I just act cool and smart for a minute?” I squinted my eyes at her.

“Maaaybe?” she giggled and kissed my cheek. “I would love a dumb Illsy just as much as I would a smart one.”

I sighed and let it pass. Little did I know, that my ‘whim’ was actually going to change something.

[Waiter’s point of view]

He tossed me a coin. Just like that, without asking anything for it! I couldn’t tell if that man was an arrogant bastard or just some rich fellow with an overgenerous heart. Well, I wasn’t the smartest lad in me family, but I knew one thing and that was to never take the generosity of a man in vain!

I hid the coin in the pockets of me pants and pretended like nothing ever happened, but if that man were to ever pass by and ask me anything, I would see no reason not to answer truthfully.

Hm, maybe if I will ever open me own place, I’ll let everyone in! Yeah, that sounds good! I think I’ll treat this silverette as a lucky coin. I thought and for the first time in me life, I actually wanted to do something more.

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Wasn’t one of the reasons they were recommended that inn because of the good food? If all they serve is booze then that doesn’t make sense.


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