~ Chapter 54: A princess’ embrace (Part 2) ~

[Illsyore’s point of view]

The most stupidest thing I could have possibly done in this case was to ask her why she removed her clothes like that. It was clear what she wanted, and I could read it in her body language, the fidgeting, the blush, her gaze, everything screamed out of how embarrassed and how much courage it took her to do this.

Then, I had to remember the fact that she was a princess, a royal. No matter what, the way she was brought up was different from the way other people were. Maybe sleeping in the same bed as me and the other girls offered her a bit of courage, but in the end… what mattered most was how well she hid her own desires and fears.

Up until now, I never thought about it too seriously. We traveled together, we fought together, we slept and ate together, but trying to figure out what steps I should make towards strengthening my relationship with Ayuseya was never something on my To Do list for the day.

All this time, she probably thought about it herself, maybe wondering if she was good enough for me or I for her. The political game was also something she had to carefully think about. I was a Dungeon Lord and she was draconian princess. We were more or less like Romeo and Juliet minus the whole poisoning thing and stupid old men deciding stupid things on their own. Then again, if anyone in Teslov intended to make a tragedy out of my love life, I was sure to introduce them to a pissed off Godlike Dungeon Lord. Well, Teslov could do without it’s capital, right?

Thus, I didn’t wait for words to leave my lips or questions to be asked in vain. I simply approached the beautiful goddess in front of me and gave her a soft kiss. Our lips were glued to each other for an eternity and when we parted, I looked at her feverish gaze. With a simple touch, I moved my fingers over her bare skin and when I arrived at the base of her chest, I gave her a light squeeze.

“Ahn~!” was the sweet moan that escaped her seductive lips.

I guess that crazy old man was right about one thing, a woman’s heart was revealed when the man she loved touched her body.

From then on, the play was history… I undressed, and we both made use of the comfortable bed in our room. Because we were so far away from the city, there wasn’t even a need to use some sort of noise-canceling enchant.

Also note to self: use noise-canceling enchant next time instead of rebuilding the room with sound absorbent materials.

The following morning, long after sunrise…

Ayuseya had her tail wrapped around my legs like Nanya usually did after waking up. I had come to learn that this was their way of saying they hold claim over me as their partner. On another note, the draconian was surprisingly flexible and had a fierce stamina. The extra stats from my buff made wonders, but when we first did it, she acted awfully shy about it. I took it slowly and enjoyed every moment and inch of her body. The pleasure meter was set to max all the time without fail.

Unfortunately, comparing the two was a bit out of the question. Ayuseya had her own pluses, but so did Nanya. They were inexperienced, but they both learned fast. Size and difference in body shapes were what probably offered them a different taste. Either way, it was a night to remember and a most enjoyable one at that.

“This was… quite surprising.” I said as I stroked her back.

Being the bigger one, she was embracing me.

“Yes, I never… I never thought we would do something like this… It was…” she stopped and then continued with a kiss.

Ayuseya, unlike Nanya was a bit cuddlier.

“I will take that as ‘amazing’.” I nodded and gave her a squeeze.

“Ahn~!” she let out a cute moan and then kissed me again.

For some reason, she was also a better kisser… or a very fast learner.

Once our lips parted, she pulled my head into her big, comfy chest.

“You know, I never expected we would do this tonight.” she said and then giggled.

“What were you expecting?” I asked.

“A simple talk… I wanted some time alone to speak about how things are between us. I felt a bit… out of place, but after tonight, I know what I wanted…” she purred seductively.

“And that is?” I asked.

“You… I wanted to make you mine, and now you are.” she kissed my forehead and coiled her tail around my waist.

The scales were smooth, but she expertly kept the sharper parts from hurting me.

“Glad to be yours, but you know you have to share, right?” I told her and gave her another kiss.

“With those who are your women, yes, but with vile women who want to trick you or take you away from me… I’ll rip their guts out!” she declared and for the first time ever, I felt killing intent being emanated from the beautiful dragoness.

It was a bit scary, and if I were to add the demoness to the count, things would certainly not end up well for anyone who dared to seduce me.

“What if I do the seducing?” I asked with a weak smile.

“I’ll make you change your mind.” she then lowered her head and gently bit my neck.

“Ouch!” I said, but it didn’t hurt.

“Hehe! You are mine, Illsy! I’ll share you with Nanya and Shanteya because I know the two will share you with me, but I won’t give you to another woman. If you dare step in a whorehouse, I will hunt you down and drag you from there. If those shikak dare to touch you, I’ll hurt them really bad!” she then squeezed me in her arms.

“I understand.”

I had to admit, I loved this possessive part of hers and Nanya. As long as they didn’t ever end up in a fight over me, it was going to be great to have them around! Then again, I couldn’t help but give my draconian wife another good grope of her round behind, but doing it again was out of the question. We were both sore. I could regenerate, but meh… sometimes, you had to enjoy the moment as it was.

“I wanted to ask you something, but what is a shikak?” I asked curiously.

I heard it countless times. I knew it was a curse word or an insult of some sort, but I didn’t know the actual meaning behind it.

“Oh that… Well, you know what a prostitute is, right?” she asked.

“The type of woman I will never ask the services off on account of my cute draconian wife?” I replied in a way I saw as safe.

“Good answer! Well, the shikak is a type of woman who offers a similar service, but who is employed to offer it to slaves or at times to the pets of those who employ them. It is a highly demeaning term compared to which a whore sounds like a respectable lady. The women who usually do this sort of jobs are thought to be broken in the head or undesirable by even the lowest of the commoners. In many kingdoms, their practices are seen as illegal by the local religious groups, and in my kingdom, they are completely banned and even sentenced to death by beheading if found guilty of such acts. Of course, the word remains as an insult. Calling me or a noble a shikak would grant you at least 50 years of torture before being killed. But I understand that some kingdoms have legalized this sort of… practice.” she then shook her head at the last part.

“In other words… it’s extremely insulting.” I said squinting my eyes at her.

“Indeed, but my dear, let us not speak of such things now.” she said and showed me a sweet smile.

“Not my intention, I was just curious about it… But I guess slaves aren’t allowed to marry, right?” I looked up at her.

“They are. It’s the act of paying someone to do those demeaning things that upsets the people. However, slave marriages are very rare and usually need the approval of the master or them to release the said slaves. If a master falls in love with his slave, he can release her, but people won’t look at him with good eyes, and his family might object. Marriage is often seen as a good way of bringing more power to the family.” she explained and with that reminded me of her own situation before I released her from that curse.

Basically, even if she was a princess, she was also used by her family and country to align the intentions of a Supreme with those of the royal family. They would have received protection from him and then he would have been granted limited authority and control over the nation. It was a win-win sort of deal, but the decisions and opinions of the parties involved didn’t matter.

The princess only had to nod and wave like a good little puppet.

I gave Ayuseya another kiss and let her touch chase away these thoughts.

About half an hour later, we were finally thinking about getting out of bed and maybe heading back to the others. My stomach was growling and so was hers. After a night like that, we needed energy and maybe a wink of sleep, but the last part wasn’t mandatory.

Instead of the fire in the middle of the room, I made a bathtub big enough for both of us. The water was heated up at just the right temperature, and we slipped in. We ended up going for another round rather than properly washing, so to be fair, I helped regenerate myself a little bit. After the fun in the bath, we got changed. Ayuseya made me summon one of her big chests, and she dug out a plain-looking red dress with no frills, gold string or stuff which made it look like it cost an arm and a leg. She had a lot more prettier ones, but if she were to wear those, then everyone would know she was of noble origins.

I only washed my clothes and quickly dried them before putting them back on. After walking out, I absorbed the whole building, and we casually walked back to the city.

“Ayuseya, I’ve been meaning to ask you, but…” I looked up at her “have I seemed to be a bit… off to you lately?” I showed her an awkward smile.

She blinked and tilted her head “No, why? Is something the matter?”

I sighed and looked up at the sky.

“Well… recently there’s been something on my mind…” I said, but then I stopped and closed my eyes.

Is this the right thing to do? To tell of her about the Darkness? I don’t wish to worry her needlessly… I already know there’s nothing she can do about it. I already know this is my burden… this is my trial… but…

While my thoughts swum around in circles, something warm touched my cheeks and lifted my chin up. Opening my eyes, I saw Ayuseya looking at me with a furrowed brow.

“What?” I asked surprised.

“You can tell me anything. I am your wife.” she told me.

I blinked surprised and then showed her a soft smile.

“Yes… Yes, you are.” I nodded and took her hands into mine. “Now, where should I start?”

“From the beginning.” she told me with a soft tone of voice.

“I think you heard from Nanya about how I came to be?”

“Yes, you were built by the headmaster of the Fellyore Magic Academy, Tuberculus. May the gods rest his soul.” she made a sad face for a moment.

Ah! I forgot she was there when he got killed by Dankyun’s men. I thought, but I continued to tell her about my hidden secret.

“Well, he made me from the various parts of other dungeons. I wasn’t born like an usual dungeon and maybe thanks to that, I ‘m a little special. However, there was a problem…” I let out a sigh and looked down.

“Problem? Is this about you stealing Nanya’s panties?” she asked me.

“NO!” I retorted.


“Well, you know that a Dungeon is born with a Crystal Body or Core. The mind of the said Dungeon is located in the entire body unlike a human’s whose in the brain. When a Dungeon is destroyed, the core shatters, but pieces of its mind remain in each and every single one of those crystals.”

“This I didn’t know.” she said.

“Yeah, not many do… including Tuberculus. He pieced together my initial Crystal Body and then used a spell to… bring me to life.”

“So you are an undead?” she asked blinking surprised.

“Did I feel like an undead last night?”

“No, you were quite alive and hard!” she giggled and blushed.

“So, when Tuberculus cast that spell, I was born, but the memories of the former dungeons weren’t erased.”

“You are saying that inside your mind there’s another mind?” she asked furrowing her brow.

“Not only one, but countless… They form what I call The Darkness. To put it simply, I didn’t have a better name for whatever those minds became.” I shrugged.

“Are they a danger to you?”

“No, at least not now. Unfortunately, I don’t have any sort of control over them, and they don’t like the idea of me being so kind and good with you and everyone else. They want me to start building deadly dungeons, capture adventurers, you know… the usual stuff other dungeons do.” I sighed “On the bright side of things, they aren’t able to control me either.”

“That doesn’t sound good…” she said.

“No, it sounds like I’m losing my mind…”

“Yes.” she nodded.

“I hope not… I don’t want to…” I looked down “I don’t want to end up hurting you, Nanya, Shanteya, or Tamara…” I clenched my fists “That’s my biggest fear.”

Her gentle arms embraced me and pulled me close “Illsy, you’re not going to either hurt or lose us. I trust you.”

I wish it to be true, but this fear won’t go away so easily… I thought.

“Why did you tell me this and not Nanya or Shanteya?” she asked me.

“Out of all of them, you are the only one I can trust with such a secret. Nanya would go berserk, Shanteya would over worry… or try to sneak back to her guild to see if there’s a secret document about this.”

“But why am I so special then?” she asked curiously.

“To be completely honest, until today, I didn’t want to tell you either, but your skills in bed changed my mind…” I smiled and gave her a small grope “Besides, you are the only one out of all of them who won’t overreact to this. I also trust that you will keep this secret from the others and when the time comes reveal it if necessary. You have that ability…”

“I think Shanteya would have been better, she is a former assassin, after all.”

“Yes, but as I said… she will overreact. Meanwhile, even after telling you this, you are still calm and composed, not panicking or going mad about it.” I smiled softly.

“It appears so…” she lowered her head and gave me a kiss.

After our lips parted she smiled and pulled back from her embrace.

“I won’t tell them if this is what you wish, but if I see you worsening, I will. If there’s anything we can do to help you, we will… no matter what. After all, you are our husband.”

With this final line from her, we headed back to the city before Nanya formed a hunting party with my name as the target. In more than one way, this night with Ayuseya turned out to be a blessing.

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