~ Chapter 58: The hidden dungeon (Part 1) ~

[Shanteya’s point of view]

After we parted ways with Master, we were guided towards the waiting area for the fighters. There, we waited patiently for our turn to enter the ring and kept our word about how we should win or lose.

Ayuseya was the first to go and lost at her third opponent. It wasn’t a fair battle from our points of view. The draconian was quite strong, and her opponents barely had the power of a Master Rank Adventurer. She was actually troubled after her first win because she didn’t intend to win so fast, but the man whispered something dirty to her. The slap was not even at 5% of her full power, but it was more than enough to send him flying into the wall. On her next win, it happened again, but this time, it was just her being unable to fully control her abilities.

When it was time to lose, she tried her best not to resist the enemy’s attack, but she was unconsciously defending herself, making her practically immune to his blows. As for his speed, that man was slow, very slow.

Then came my turn. Having practiced how to control my power on monsters as well as through my daily routines as a maid at Fellyore Academy, I was rather used to controlling the huge boost I received from Master’s buff. I knew how to properly lose a battle without raising any suspicion. When I saw the opportunity, I let myself get hit and tossed out of the ring.

Nanya had no intention whatsoever to lose. She was a bit annoyed with the merchant, but the main reason was probably her pride. She just couldn’t allow herself to lose in front of a weakling like Groatak. She merely played with him like an adult would a child. Halfway through the battle, the former adventurer already knew he wasn’t facing someone he could defeat. When Master gave the signal, the demoness showed no mercy towards him, but she abstained from ripping his arms off and beating him with them senseless.

The bet was won, and we left the coliseum. Master agreed to pick up the slaves another day, but for now, he wished only to get his money. Deroak emptied all of his coffers to hand him 458 goldiettes, but he was missing a lot. He confessed to having made the bet without actually having the capability to pay out. There was also the matter of what to do with his current stock of children.

Regarding the latter part, Master proposed the following deal: he would take only 200 goldiettes from him, but in a written document, the merchant would promise to free all the children and take them under his care until they were old enough to fend for themselves. This could be either at the age of 18 or 20. He would also promise to use the remaining 420 goldiettes he owned Master to offer them all they needed from clothes, food, shelter, and even help with their future jobs. The promise was written in two copies, one of which was kept by Master himself, the other left with Deroak.

Afterwards, we left the store and went out to eat, since it was past the last hour when Tannaor still served food. Our day ended with a stroll through the city to look for the library. We found it, but it was closed at this hour, so we had no other choice but to return to our inn and retrn the following day.

That night, we all slept together in Master’s arms. His kisses were tender and sweet, but he didn’t go any further with either Nanya or Ayuseya. The draconian was more assertive than before, she was the first to jump in Master’s embrace.

While we were sleeping, I felt a sudden movement and woke up to find Master getting up from bed. It was still dark outside, and I didn’t feel an enemy’s presence.

“Master? Is something the matter?” I asked as I rubbed my eyes.

Ayuseya let out a yawn and woke up as well. The only ones still sleeping were Nanya and Tamara, with the first using the latter as a body pillow.

“Nothing’s the matter, I’m just going out for a small walk. You can go back to bed.” he replied with a calm voice.

Something felt a bit off about him, so I looked over at the draconian to see if she was feeling the same thing, but she shrugged and went back to bed.

Maybe it’s just my imagination… I thought and then laid back down.

Master left the room and closed it with his [Telekinezy] spell. It has been a while since he last used that one. Actually, he barely used any spells after he turned into his humanoid form.

For the next few minutes, my mind kept trying to find something wrong with him, but I there was nothing.

Maybe there’s something wrong with me? I thought as I curled up on the side of the bed.

[Illsyore’s point of view]

I woke up on a cold floor staring up at a gray marble ceiling.

The hell? was the first thing I thought after opening my eyes.

I clearly remembered falling asleep with Ayuseya and Nanya nearly strangling me with their affection, so what I was supposed to be feeling right now were the comforting breasts of my wives not a cold, hard, marble floor. There was something really strange going on around here, and I had a feeling I wasn’t dreaming.

Lifting my hands up, I looked at my fingers and flexed them a few times. There was nothing out of the ordinary as far as I could tell, so I got up and started to look around. It was a long corridor lacking any sort of sunlight or decoration. It looked awfully familiar to a dungeon, but that couldn’t be right… There were no dungeons around Elora as far as I knew.

Thankfully, my eyes were far better than normal human ones and the crystals of my body had a greenish glow if I focused Magic Energy in them. In any other situation, the glow wouldn’t be noticed, there was no need for it, but I had to use it in order to see in the pitch black dark. In a way, I was my very own flashlight.

At first, I thought about expanding my Dungeon Territory, but if I was in a dungeon, and it was stronger than me, then I would end up immobilized as a result of the shock of having my territory shattered. Reverse situation would mean that I wouldn’t be able to get any information on how I ended up here and where exactly was ‘here’.

The place was rather clean, there was no dust on it, so it was either built recently or an army of maids cleaned up this place regularly. It could also be enchanted.

Thinking about that last option, I approached the wall and placed my hand on its surface to see if there was a flow of magic in it. The moment I did so, I jumped back in shock.

I couldn’t believe it… this place… this corridor…

“This was built by me? My Magic Energy is inside this place? HOW?!” I said surprised.

One thing was certain, I didn’t get THAT drunk from two tankards of mead. That drink had some alcohol in it, but not so much as to make me forget I built a freaking corridor in the middle of nowhere.

Shaking my head, I tried to feel the energy again, but there was no change. The flow of Magic Energy from the enchantments placed on this wall resonated with the one inside of my body perfectly. This was built by me or with my Magic Energy.

Maybe I should expand my Dungeon Territory a bit… I thought and with a gulp, I released it.

There was no other dungeon around me, so I continued to stretch it bit by bit, slowly, until it suddenly grazed over another territory. I stopped and pulled it back out of reflex.

“There’s another Dungeon here?” I said and then looked over to my left, from where I felt the foreign presence.

I merely grazed its territory, so no battle occurred between us, but it was enough so I could tell it was far weaker than me.

Wishing to see how far this dungeon expanded and how deep I was under the ground, I closed my eyes and flew out of my body in my ghostly form. My first objective was to see if there were any dangers around me such as monsters or traps, which I would have to get rid of. I flew at both ends of the corridor, but I found nothing, not even a pebble, let alone a maze or a monster, only a pair of stairs leading to the next floor. This place was probably in the process of being built.

From here, I flew up in a straight line, passing directly through the floors in order to reach the surface as fast as I could. The journey took a minute or so, but when I was out, I found myself in the middle of the forest around Elora, but I was at about 20 or so minutes of running at max speed from it. To be frank, the capital looked like a dot on the horizon. I’m surprised I even saw it.

Well, I returned to the dungeon and looked around for a bit. The place didn’t have any of my usual traps with AGLMC Lasers, Magnets, Electric Discharges, or other stuff like that. It pretty much held onto the typical spikes and springs versions, but the mazes were rather complex and held a huge number of powerful monsters. The difference between the floors built by me at Fellyore Academy and this one was the amount of powerful monsters. At floor 30, I already encountered monsters over level 100, wearing enchanted armors and weapons. Overall, it was a dungeon meant for a party of Godlikes. If they had here the traps I placed in my dungeon in Shoraya, then this would automatically be a dungeon meant for Supremes.

As I continued, I noticed that it was fairly decent decorated with all sorts of small statues, pedestals, wall carvings, and stuff like that. The monsters also moved in organized groups, but all of them were summoned, and there were no nests for them. This meant that once they were killed or their circles destroyed, they would be gone for good.

What I was surprised to find out was that at every 10 floors, there was a special room where there were no monsters or traps, and the walls were enchanted with a repelling spell that kept it safe from the dangers on that floor. From all points of view, that was the typical safe room for adventurers, something I would never build in a billion years.

Why should I?

If the purpose of a dungeon was to push adventurers to their limits and consume them, it was normal and natural to kill them as fast and quickly as possible.

But then again, if they were too scared to advance, then they wouldn’t reach points where I could trap them and drain them of their Magic Energy. So, safe rooms were a good thing from time to time.

I didn’t stay to look at the safety room for too long, it was basically empty, so I returned to my body and with my Dungeon Territory spreading at a few meters around me, I began to make my way towards the core installed in this place.

Everything from traps to monsters was pretty much useless against me. I was too overpowered for this place, but I felt reluctant about destroying it, so I advanced carefully, trying to avoid triggering anything dangerous on my way there. It took me about half an hour or so until our territories touched each other. I immediately retreated mine because I didn’t wish to destroy him or her.

“Well, let’s see now…” I said as I looked around.

I still had a little bit to go until reaching the dungeon, so I proceeded with caution, mostly because I didn’t wish to destroy the traps and monsters here. It was strange to walk like this, alone, through a dungeon filled with my Magic Energy, but at the same time feeling as though nothing here was powerful enough to even scratch me.

Of course, I was worried about the fact that I built this dungeon somehow and sometime, but staying there and waiting for my wives to come rescue me was out of the question. The one who could answer my questions was none other than the Dungeon Core here.

What’s certain is that the Darkness is behind this… I thought after taking a turn.

I jumped over a spike trap and continued to walk slowly, sticking close to the wall. My mind went back to the time I last spoke with the minds trapped inside my Inner Mind. Over the years I spent there, I learned that neither of them could be trusted. Their memories held pieces to a very big puzzle, but their knowledge was fragmented. Even the Primordial was the same, but at the same time, I knew that if they wanted, they could affect my body. The fact that the Darkness couldn’t take control of my body was probably a lie, which was what worried me the most. Basically, I couldn’t trust myself to keep control over my physical form in a moment of danger. The fact that I was currently in this strange dungeon was the first and biggest proof I had about this theory.

As I followed the wall, I was suddenly met face to face with a King Minotaur covered in steel-plated armor. I gulped, and he glared at me. For a moment, I thought a battle was inevitable, and I would certainly end up killing the monster, but something unexpected happened. The King Minotaur walked past me without a care.

I stared back at him for a long moment.

What just happened? Why wasn’t I attacked? I thought.

If I could guess, maybe the monster recognized me as its summoner. The other option was that he understood I was far stronger than him. Either way, I was free to walk all the way to the Dungeon Core in peace.

The room itself was simple at first sight, but a closer look revealed countless runes and symbols carved on the walls. They all represented words from a language I had no knowledge off. Either that or a bad painter tried his luck in this place.

No matter how much I would stare at the walls, I wasn’t going to learn anything from them, so I turned my sight towards the tiny, fist-sized white crystal in the middle of the room.

The dungeon core… I thought.

“Are you my father?” the voice of a child whispered.

I froze.

“No matter how much I drank last night, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t THAT drunk!” I replied.

“You are not?” the child asked.

There was no need to look around for a child in that room, the one who spoke was clearly the crystal core.

“No, Luke, I’m pretty sure I’m not your father.” I nodded.

“Luke? My name is not Luke, I… I don’t have a name. But the Magic Energy in this place is yours, isn’t it?” he asked with a low tone of voice that showed his insecurity and fear.

“Huh? Well, I have no idea why it’s like that either… Erm, how old are you anyway?” I asked.

“I was just born…” he replied.

“Huh?” I squinted my eyes at him.

“I am a Demigod Dungeon… The value of my level is only at 1.” he told me.

“A level 1 Demigod Dungeon… Well, this is interesting. And you say you don’t have a name, right?” I asked to confirm this fact.

The fact that he was just born and he could speak normally didn’t bother me that much. Actually, just because he was a dungeon, I was expecting him to be able to communicate in at least one language. If anything, that was the weird part about this because I had reincarnation as an excuse for knowing certain things, but what about this dungeon?

“Yes… Will you give me a name?” he asked.

Erm… What in God’s name am I supposed to do now? I thought while scratching my right cheek and showing him an awkward smile.

“You don’t want to, do you?” his voice was so sad it broke my heart.

“No! No! No! I’m thinking… I’m thinking… Erm, so Luke is out of the question. Certainly not Bucket Head. Poltergeist? Nah, Tuna Fish? What the hell’s wrong with my naming sense?!” I scratched my head with both hands.

“Tuna Fish sounds nice…” the child said.

“NOPE! Out of the question!” I immediately denied it.

“…” he didn’t reply, and I kept thinking about it.

A few minutes later of making circles in the room and after exhausting almost all the letters of the alphabet, I told him a possible name.

“How about Deusur?” I asked.

“Deusur… Deusur… I like it!” he replied.

If I could see it, I’m sure he was smiling brightly.

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