~ Chapter 59: Battle in the night (Part 1) ~

[Shanteya’s point of view]

We woke up that morning thinking we would see Master’s happy smile and be greeted with a kiss, however, he wasn’t there. There was no warm embrace or soft touch to graze our lips. In a way, we felt empty.

“Where’s Illsy?”

The first to ask was Ayuseya, then Nanya woke up and looked around to find him gone as well. They both looked back at me, and I shook my head. Even I had no idea where he went.

“Maybe I was dreaming, but I think I remember Illsy going out… Erm… I can’t remember what happened next.” Ayuseya said.

“If I remember the same thing, then maybe it wasn’t a dream?” I looked at her.

“Then he went out alone in the middle of the night? Why?” she asked tilting her head to the left.

I looked down, since I had no idea either.

“Sigh… Maybe he went out for a stroll and got lost on the streets?” Nanya suggested with a big yawn.

“I don’t believe so. He did find his way back when we were at the baths.” Ayuseya dismantled her theory.

“Well, where could he be then?” the demoness asked raising an eyebrow.

“Nyaaa! Breakfast?” little Tamara woke up and cutely scratched her left ear.

“Not yet.” Nanya said and patted her on the head.

“Nya!” she looked up at her and smiled brightly.

“Let’s wait for Master and then go out to search for him?” I suggested.

“Yeah, let’s do that…” Nanya nodded.

“Shall we get changed and ready for breakfast? Ah! Illsy has all of our clothes!” the princess realized.

“I have some spares…” Nanya shrugged and pulled out a coffer from her Inner Mind. “Not exactly what you would call high class, but good enough for a day.” she laughed and rubbed the back of her head.

“It doesn’t matter, dear. As long as we won’t smell of sweat and dirt.” Ayuseya replied with a smile.

“If you wish, while you go and eat, I could wash our clothes?” I suggested.

“What about your meal?” Nanya asked.

“I’ll manage without breakfast.” I giggled.

“In that case, we’ll be in your care!” she laughed.

It didn’t take us long to prepare everything I needed. Actually, it didn’t take Nanya long. All she had to do was bring out from her Inner Mind a metal basin, some soap, hot water, and a rope. Ayuseya’s clothes would probably take the longest to wash, while Nanya’s the least, seeing how she mostly wore armor. By tying the rope from one corner of the room to the other, I made a hang line to dry off the clothes. By sunset, everything would already be perfectly dry and ready to wear.

After I was done, I borrowed a dress from Nanya’s coffer and went down to grab something to eat as well.

We patiently waited for Master in our room, but as hours passed by and there was no sign of him, we were all starting to get worried. At first, we thought someone attacked him, but besides a Supreme, there wasn’t anyone capable of harming him. We would have seen the battle too, seeing as how last time, there was quite a bit of damage done to the surroundings.

There was one thing I couldn’t get out of my mind though.

Last night when Master woke me up, I felt like there was something strange about him. It didn’t feel like I was standing in front of Master but rather in front of a stranger. Maybe it was only because I was half asleep, but was that really him or someone pretending to be him?

“ARGH! This is annoying!” Nanya complained.

“Should I go out and look for Master?” I asked.

“You, me, and Tamara, as for Ayuseya, you should stay here because if he were to return while we are gone, this is the most likely place he will come to.” she suggested.

I agreed with a nod.

“Come back in three hours even if you don’t find him.” Nanya warned.

“Tamara understands! Get fish later?” she asked curiously.

“Yes…” the demoness let out a sigh and patted the young feline on the head.

With the plan set in motion, we chose the areas where we would search and then walked out of the inn.

[Dragnov’s point of view]

Last night, we sent a scout after the man named Illsyore. He had yet to return, and I could only fear that he was found and taken care of. Well, it was his fault for being discovered so quickly, but if he revealed any sort of information about our current plan, then capturing the el’doraw might prove to be tricky. There was no movement from the women staying at the inn, and the prince wasn’t renowned for his patience. No matter what, we had to act tonight.

As if the gods listened to my prayers, at sunset, the el’doraw and nekatar walked out of the inn and ran in separate directions. I sent my Emperor Rank Squads after the feline, and together with my Godlike Squad, I gave chase to the woman with silver hair. If we were proven to be weaker than her, I had some of the Royal Knights on standby to give us a helping hand. Those fellows were all between Godlike and Supreme Rank. Overall, I was probably the strongest among them.

Either way, our orders were clear: capture either the el’doraw or the nekatar alive and bring them back to the second prince. Well, he only ordered me to bring the feline, but I had the feeling catching the other would be more convincing for the owner of the blond. After all, an el’doraw beauty was more precious as a slave than a nekatar.

“Stay in formation and keep your eyes open for any strange movements.” I ordered in the silence of the shadows.

“Yes, Sir!” the answer soon followed.

[Tamara’s point of view]

Fish! Fish! Fish!

Well, my mind wasn’t set only on food, but to keep up the appearance of a cute and slightly dumb nekatar, I had to let myself guided by the sweet, delicious, fatty meat of the fishies… Nyaaa!

Ever since Master found me, I wasn’t able to speak with him to my heart’s desire. The only ones I could talk to was with his two wives Nanya and Ayuseya. The other slave besides me, Shanteya, could also talk with me. The only one with whom I had to speak in a broken Shorayan was Master.

But it wasn’t my fault I never got to learn more than a couple of words in that language. If it wasn’t for Frederique, the former butler of a Shorayan nobility, I wouldn’t have been able to know even those words at all. He never told me how he became a slave though. Even I know that Shoraya doesn’t agree with slave trading.

Maybe it was fate?

Ever since I met master, I was saved from certain death, got to sleep in a cozy bed, got petted, got good food, and although I hated baths, it wasn’t so bad after he healed me. Illsyore was a good master, the best one yet!

Now that he went missing, I wanted to find him. I wanted to be of help to master, to aid him. This wouldn’t have happened if master wasn’t master. I would have dragged along the mission, not even caring if I found him or not.

I always feared I was going to be bought by a bad master. When the idiots from that party of adventurers procured me or rather lent me from Deroak, I thought that was going to be it for me. I thought I was going to die, but then master came along. He saved me, cured me, helped me, cuddled me, petted me, and was always nice with me. Such a master wasn’t so bad to have.

That was why I was looking for him with all of my might right now. I planned on leaving no stone unturned by the time I was done here.

“Stop right there, you little runt!” a stranger jumped in front of me and unsheathed his sword.

A chill of fear ran down my spine, but I wasn’t going to let myself get captured or killed by these fellows.


“Oh? The nekatar runt has guts. Grab her!” he said and pointed at me.

Four others rushed from the sides and tried to grab me, but I jumped up. Master’s boost was great! I was so much stronger than before.

“What in the…?”

They were surprised, but I wasn’t going to sit there and fight. I grabbed the ledge of the rooftop and hoisted myself on top.

“Nyaaa… I need to flee.” I said and wasted no time in putting my skills to the test.

I rushed towards Shanteya. She was the only one who could help me. Nanya was on the other side of the town.

“Stop her! Don’t let her get away!” the men shouted behind me.

The guards saw me jumping from rooftop to rooftop, but they didn’t try to stop the ones who were chasing after me. They weren’t easy to shake off either, and I was starting to fear the worst.

I won’t let them catch me! I’m going to go back to master no matter what! I thought and jumped down on the streets, trying to lose them through the crowd of people.


“Stop that runt!”

“What the?”


Everyone, men and women, screamed when they saw me rush past their knees, while the ones behind me kept shouting for someone to catch me. I was too fast and agile for their grabby little hands. Nobody could match a nekatar when it came to how swift we could be.

“Got you!” someone said, but when I saw them, it was too late.

He kicked me hard in the ribs, sending me flying into a nearby wall. It hurt, but I got to learn Magic Armor from Nanya, so I survived the blow.

“Nyuuu… Who hit me?” I asked as I got up, but instead of an answer, I received another kick.

I narrowly dodged it.

The one who attacked me was the same man who jumped in front of me.

When did he get here? What rank are these guys? I thought as I tried to dodge the next one, but I was too slow.

The hit dropped me on the ground, shattering my Magic Armor. Pain rushed through my body as he stomped on my right shoulder, and I heard a crack.

“Nyaaa! It hurts! It hurts!” I screamed.

“Shut it, slave!” he growled at me and then grabbed me by the neck.

I whimpered and trembled in front of this strong enemy. Even though I had master’s boost. Even though I wasn’t as weak as before, I was still so easily defeated and captured.

“Who are you? What do you want from me, nya?” I asked.

“You? You are nothing but bait for your master. He’ll give us what we want.” he grinned.

“I will never be a bait for you! Nya! I’d rather die!” I spat on his face.

“Why you little…” he was angry and his fingers were clenched around my throat, squeezing the last breath of air from me.

I struggled to set myself free, but I couldn’t do anything to him… He was too strong.

“Be happy I was ordered to bring you back alive… you piece of wasted meat.” he growled.

Those were the last words I heard before everything went black before my eyes, and I fainted.

[Nanya’s point of view]

Stupid Illsy! Where are you? I thought as I jumped on the rooftops of the buildings.

There was no sign of him anywhere. It was like the earth swallowed him whole or worse, a woman lured him to her bed. If it was the latter, me and Ayuseya would make sure he would lose all of his energy and thoughts of going to another woman’s arms again!

How could he even think of cheating when he has us?! Actually… I stopped and scratched my head a bit “Illsy is too much of a loyal idiot to cheat on us. Something else must be up… but what?”

While I stopped to think about this, I sensed the presences of a couple of people circling me.

“What’s this?” I wondered as I saw them moving through the shadows.

An ordinary human adventurer wouldn’t have sensed or saw them, but I was a demoness and a dungeon with a high level and stats which even Dankyun couldn’t dream of. These guys were barely at the lower Master Rank. Completely pathetic when compared to me.

“Come out! All three of you” I smirked and crossed my arms at my chest.

“Pretty sharp eyes you got there, Missy. We’re part of the Burton Gang. Give us your coins, and we’ll let you off!” he pointed his dagger at me.

These fellows were all wearing black robes to hide them well in the shadows of the night. Too bad they lacked the skills to make perfect use of their surroundings like a certain el’doraw did.

I showed them a big smirk.

“You boys sure have the guts to rob a Godlike Rank Adventurer!” I said and pulled back my hood, letting my blond hair flow into the wind.

“G-Godlike?” one of them was already thinking of running away.

“Yes… Godlike.” I focused on the one who pointed his dagger at me and attacked.

They didn’t even have a chance to scream. Their broken bodies flew into the air and dropped on the ground in a puddle of blood. Tonight, I was merciful and didn’t kill them. I only broke half the bones in their bodies and left them in a dark alley to fend for themselves. If they survived or not, it all depended on their luck. I just left them with a small warning.

“If you idiots ever think of robbing or scamming other people again, I will find you and rip out your hearts, then I will make you eat them!”

“Ugh… we-we won’t…” the one who still had a jaw intact managed to reply.

Well, time to get back to hunting the idiot Godlike Dungeon. I thought as I dusted off my robe and jumped back up on the rooftop of a nearby building.

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