~ Chapter 60: Illsyore’s rage (Part 2) ~

Knock! Knock!

“Mister Illsyore, there are two soldiers here looking for you. I told them to wait outside. I don’t want any trouble in here.” Tannaor said from the other side of the door.

“Thank you! I’ll be right there!” I replied.

“I’ll let them know.” he walked away.

Blinking surprised, I looked at Nanya and then at Ayuseya.

“Do you two know anything about this?” I asked.

They shrugged.

With Nanya and Ayuseya behind me, I walked out of he inn to meet these two soldiers. They wore the typical chainmail armors with leather padding. Their heads were protected by an iron helmet and were armed with short sword and a shield. Nothing dangerous about them, seeing how those armors and weapons weren’t even enchanted.

“Yes?” I showed them a polite smile.

“Are you Illsyore, the owner of Nanya?” the one holding a big box asked.

“Erm, I am Illsyore, but Nanya is my wife not my slave.” I replied, feeling a bit offended by his choice of words.

“Not anymore. The prince sends you a gift. If you don’t want to end up like them, you’ll hand her over to us.” the other declared with a smug look on his face while his comrade handed me the box.

The scent of blood came from inside.

With a gulp, I opened the lid. Inside, I saw a woman’s arm cut at the elbow and a furry ear.

I couldn’t breathe.

These are… I thought as I looked at the severed parts.

How couldn’t I recognize the ears that twitched every time I petted them or waved a small fish in front of her cute nose? How couldn’t I recognize the arm that embraced me each night?

“Illsy?” Nanya asked worried.

She couldn’t see what I was holding because she was behind me, but she could feel something was wrong, my Dungeon Territory was trembling and expanding.

“What the?!” one of the adventurers shouted inside the inn.

“A dungeon! A dungeon appeared!” shouted another at the other side of the street as he looked at his Dungeon Level Detection Stone.

“What’s going on?” wondered one of the soldiers.

“Illsy? What are you doing?” asked Nanya again.

She walked over and placed a hand on my shoulder. I was still in shock, but then she saw what I was holding.

“By the gods!” she placed a hand over her mouth.

“Like we said, give us the blond now, and the prince promises that your draconian and you won’t end up the same.” he said.

“What?” Nanya replied with a growl.

“Stand back…” I told her.

I took a deep breath and absorbed the cut off parts.

“Well?” the cocky soldier persisted with his nonsense.

I looked into his eyes.

Why bother? the Darkness whispered.

The crystals on my arms turned from green to red, the same was for the one on my chest. It represented my fury, my anger… my rage.

I grabbed the soldier’s face.

“Hey! What do you think you’re…” he tried to struggle and free himself, but I released a laser beam from my palm.

It went straight through his head and struck the ground behind him, vaporizing the flesh and bones it touched.

The lifeless body was then stripped of all of its Magic Energy and turned into dust.

I killed him.

The other one looked in fear at me and took out his sword. I grabbed it and tossed it to the side, but since I was insanely strong, it smashed right through a building and went flying out of the city.

“NO! STOP!” he shouted, but I grabbed him the same way I did his friend.

The look in my eyes was probably an emotionless or a cold one. I acted almost mechanically, by instinct, while inside, I felt like ripping the ground apart in both rage and fury.

How dare they do this to Shanteya? To Tamara? How dare they claim what’s mine? I thought, and for a moment, I wanted to split this soldier’s head apart with my beam, but I did something else, much worse.

“AAARGH!” the man screamed in pain as I began to absorb his Magic Energy… and memories.

It was a mystery even to me how I did this, but it most likely had something to do with me directly touching him and also having him inside my Dungeon Territory because that was where the energy was going to. The soldier’s screams were heard all around us until his body turned into a wrinkled prune and died. Just like the other one, he turned into dust the moment I absorbed the last drop of his Magic Energy.

“Huh? Guess now I know Kalish…” I spoke, but my voice felt empty, lacking its usual energy.

“Illsy?” Nanya asked.

“Defend me.” I told her as I took a step away from the entrance to the inn and raised my hand up.

In front of me, I summoned one of my latest creations. It was inspired from the games I once played and the ideas for advanced military technology I saw on the net. Using the Power Crystals and my abilities to shape the matter as I desired, I created a very dangerous and powerful weapon.

“What’s that?” Nanya asked.

“Oh, it needs a name, right? Let’s see… Gatling Laser Turret. Yup, that will do.” I smirked and jump on it.

The ‘beast’ was categorized as a trap, but it was basically a chair with two, big AGLMC gatling lasers strapped on rigid metal supports; one to my left and the other to my right. After I made myself comfortable in the chair, I raised the ground under me until I was at about 100 meters in the air.

With a smirk on my lips, I grabbed the controls, two joysticks connected to a network of Power Crystal pistons, and aimed the lasers at the big palace at the center of this city. Thanks to the dead soldier, I knew where the dungeon was placed. I knew where not to shoot, everything else was game. As for the soldier’s other memories and thoughts I absorbed, they were destroyed because I didn’t need them.

To be honest, it was a big mystery to me how I managed to absorb his memories alongside his Magic Energy in the first place. I felt like I was missing a big part of the puzzle. Was this the influence of the Darkness? Or an ability I always had but was never made aware of? I was determined to find out later because now I had other matters to attend to.

“I don’t want to kill, but I’ll make an exception this time.” I said and pulled the trigger.

[Shanteya’s point of view]

The palace was shaking, the prince had no idea what was going on, nobody did.

“Hahaha!” I started to laugh.

“Wh-What’s going on?” the prince asked.

“You! Do you know something?” Dragnov glared at me.

When they cauterized my wound with the heated blade of a sword, it wasn’t either pleasant or pretty. Tamara, the poor child, fainted after the prince cut off her ear.

“Me? Well… I might…” I was a bit delirious on account of the pain and blood loss. I looked at the armored fellow and showed him a grin. “You two have no idea who my Master is, do you?” I laughed.

“I do not worry myself with those I deem as insignificant!” shouted the prince.

“You should… because he’s coming here to kill you… Even if you send a Supreme against him, he will defeat him! Kukaka!”

I felt like laughing as I realized how furious Master must have been when he saw my arm and Tamara’s ear.

I guess… he really does love me? Or is he just furious somebody touched his stuff? Well… I’m a bit more damaged now than I was before… I’m sorry, Illsy. I thought as I looked up at the ceiling.

“Who is your master? ANSWER ME!” shouted Dragnov.

“Illsyore… the one and only…” I looked into his eyes and showed him a smirk “Godlike Dungeon Lord who defeated the draconian Supreme Dankyun.”

“You’re lying.” Dragnov sneered.

“Then what’s destroying your palace right now? Merions?” I tilted my head to the left. “You know, I’m technically a Supreme if I were to go by strength alone, but Nanya, Ayuseya, and Master are at least three times more powerful than I am. If you beg for their mercy… who knows?” I smirked and then laughed one last time before I felt the darkness pulling me in.

I was tired and in pain… I knew Master was coming, so I closed my eyes and allowed myself to faint.

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