~ Chapter 61: Madness and destruction (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore’s point of view]

When I took a seat in the Gatling Laser Turret I built, I felt neither joy nor sadness, neither fear nor excitement, neither exhilaration nor sorrow of what I was about to do. My fingers gripped the joysticks controlling the terrifying guns, and with a simple press of a trigger, powerful beams of concentrated and magic enchanted light were fired upon my unsuspecting victims.

My target was the palace in front of me. Beautifully decorated towers rose up to the skies, sheltering vigilant archers and mages. Sturdy white walls surrounded the courtyard, where green patches of grass and beautiful flowers offered a touch of beauty to the usual imposing building. Statues of various humans were scattered all over the courtyard, for another decorative touch. Behind the palace, I could see smaller buildings, which I guessed were used as barracks, stables, or even for crafting. The palace itself was at least four stories tall and covered a floor surface of maybe 100000 square meters, give or take. It was three times smaller than Romania’s Palace of the Parliament, however, it had the basic resemblance of a medieval castle. A powerful steel gate marked the main entrance. All of these things were pretty much unnoticeable from ground level.

The first beam hit an invisible barrier. It was an enchantment made to prevent ranged attacks from possible enemies. I wasn’t feeling discouraged by this, in fact, I was curious to see how many blasts it would take before the whole thing came crumbling down.

Infusing Magic Energy into my weapon, I began to let loose countless AGLMC laser beams upon the barrier. The turret could fire around 150 rounds per minute without overheating the crystals. If I cooled down the air around it and forsake its durability, then I could push almost 750 maybe 800 rounds per minute.

In under a minute, the barrier crumbled and the first beam passed through and burned a hole in the ground in the courtyard. The following strikes rained down upon the soldiers and the wall closest to me. I showed no mercy.

A single laser beam was powerful enough to vaporize a soldier if it hit him. The palace itself, the walls, the towers, and the other buildings in the back were made out of stone enchanted to resist powerful attacks, but as I continued to pummel them, they began to crack and shatter.

As I did this, I felt nothing. In my eyes, I was playing a game of squash the ants and take down the towers. I pressed the triggers and something else, no… someone else killed the humans, not me. I was innocent.

Maybe that was why I wasn’t releasing any killing intent from my Dungeon Territory. The black fog could be used to cripple down my opponents if used properly, but it could also hinder me. To my surprise, to activate it was the same as flipping a switch, but I preferred not to most of the times.

Even now, I had no need for it when I had Nanya, Ayuseya, and my Little Friend, the Gatling Laser Turret.

About five minutes in, the whole palace was covered in cracks and holes, the soldiers were hiding, and many of them laid dead where I struck them. On the ground, guards were getting closer in an attempt to stop me, but Nanya was there. They would be met with an unexpected surprise if they dared to challenge her.

“Time to switch to continuous fire.” I grinned.

At the push of a button, both the AGLMC Gatling Laser to my left and the one to my right changed their inner Power Crystal arrangements in order to focus their beams of enchanted light into a single focal point. Now, I could fire two, very powerful, continuous beams, but I could only maintain each of them activated for about 20 seconds. Afterwards, the metal parts would start to melt away or the crystals to crack. Worst-case scenario, the whole thing would explode in my face. It wouldn’t be the first time, unfortunately.

Aiming at one to palace’s towers, I pressed the trigger, and two red beams were let loose upon it. As if controlling the pointer on a monitor, I drew a horizontal line on it. The tower then crumbled down upon its unsuspecting victims. Luckily, this palace had many more towers to cut down, both as part of its structure and part of the walls.

With a big smirk on my face, I began to destroy this prized possession of the royals. Like a child burning down ants with a magnifying glass, so did I destroy the soldiers and walls of this place. Nothing escaped my wrath. Walls, towers, statues, gardens, all of them were burned down by my lasers. For them, it was raining hell, while for me, it was a mere game.

When I got bored with destroying the palace, I stopped. Fifteen minutes after I began my assault, the entire place was in pieces. Fires were spreading all over the place, people were screaming and crying, bodies were littered on the ground, and I stood triumphant at the top of the tower in my Gatling Laser Turret.

I smiled…

Inside, I was happy, but the real me was emotionless.

You made me do it… But it was good… We liked it. I thought.

It was time to get back down. I absorbed my weapon and lowered the ground. Several city guards were keeping their distance away from me, Nanya, and Ayuseya. They were all within my Dungeon Territory, which was expanded at around 40 meters around me. I didn’t need a larger area than this one, so if I wanted to cast or summon something, I could do it with ease in here.

“Illsy! What did you? Why did you attack them?” the draconian asked surprised.

“They sent us Shanteya’s arm and Tamara’s ear.” Nanya replied for me.

She was horrified when she heard this. I closed my eyes and nodded once, confirming the demoness’ words.

“Take off your ring Nanya. No need to hold back now. Kill on sight if you have to.” I said.

“Are you sure, Illsy? We’re going to become the enemies of this kingdom, you know that, right?” she told me, but I could tell she was a bit reluctant to show her true self to these humans.

“I just filleted the palace. I think we’re way past that stage, my love.” I replied with a smile.

“Sigh… You are right, I was just hoping we could still get away without destroying this country’s army…” Nanya shrugged and looked at her finger.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and then removed the ring responsible for casting the illusion of the blond woman upon her. Now, only my beautiful, wild demoness remained. Her body, although covered in Godlike armor, was far more attractive this way. I found this true form of hers more enchanting than the other one.

All around us, the people met her sudden change with a gasp of surprise and maybe a gaze of fear. In their eyes, demons, draconians, and dungeons were the enemies, so it was only natural for them to react like that, but I didn’t care. I honestly didn’t care how they saw us as long as they didn’t plan on attacking us. If they did, I wouldn’t hesitate to bury them six feet under.

Nanya let out a sigh when she met their eyes.

“As expected…” she said.

“You’re more beautiful like this.” I told her.

She blushed and looked away.

“Illsy, Tamara and Shanteya… are they…” Ayuseya approached me and looked with a worried expression at me.

“No, they are still alive.” I shook my head.

She exhaled in relief.

“Let’s go.” I said.

“H-Halt i-in the name of the prince!” shouted one of the guards who up until now, kept their distance from us.

I pointed my arm towards him and shot a laser beam right at his feet.

“Take one step closer, and the next will go through your heart.” I warned him.

The man gulped and fell on his bottom, trembling from all of his joints. I pitied the fool for following a leader who would soon be nothing but ashes on a wall, but if this guard tried to oppose me in any way or matter, I wasn’t planning on showing him any mercy… I had enough of that.

Yes… kill… I thought or maybe I was just imagining it?

Without the need of holding back, I rushed towards the destroyed palace. Nanya and Ayuseya were running close behind me. The guards were left behind, while those in front had no way of stopping us. From the start, they realized we were far too powerful for them to do anything to us. In this town without a Supreme, we were three existences beyond their imagination.

Even so, there were some Godlike fools who tried to stop us. They wore enchanted armors and weapons typical to those found among the men I killed from the distance.

“You three! Stop in the name of the prince!” one of them shouted.

“I presume you are Royal Guards, right?” I asked just to make sure.

“Indeed we are!” he replied proudly.

“So, why should we stop?” I asked tilting my head to the right.

He squinted his eyes at me and pointed the sharp tip of his sword at me.

“You are accused of conspiring with demons and draconians against the royal family! You were the one who attacked the palace moments ago, were you not?” he asked.

“Yes. It was fun.” I smiled.

“You bastard!” he looked upset and ready to attack.

“Anyways, Royals Guards, please meet my wife, the overpowered draconian.” I said and then looked at Ayuseya “Go wild.” I told her.

She nodded and dashed towards them with her sword unsheathed.

“Kill them all!” shouted the man as he jumped forward to intercept her.

Although she lacked the training and skills Nanya and Shanteya had, her brute strength and speed could easily outmatch theirs. Thanks to the fight at the coliseum, they probably believed she was only an Emperor Rank, but this woman’s stats were past 2000.

The battle between her and the soldiers was over in the beat of an eye. Their Magic Armors were shattered instantly. The first one she encountered tried to attack her with a frontal downward slash, but she moved out of the blade’s way and then cut him in half with her sword. The next one was hit in the face with the flat side of her blade, and his skull was fractured into numerous places. Another punch sent him flying through the wall of a nearby house. The one who ordered us to stop received the sharp end of her sword and was killed like the rest of them.

Out of all of them, only one begged for mercy. I let him go, and he ran away like a coward.

We continued on our way. Ayuseya didn’t say anything about what she did and neither did Nanya. To be frank, I thought she would hesitate or refuse, but this draconian princess was far stronger than I was let to believe.

A good mate she is… yes… a weird thought popped up.

I shook my head. She wasn’t a mate, she was my wife.

The moment my Dungeon Territory touched the gates of the palace, I stopped.

“There’s another Dungeon here…” I said.

My two wives looked at me with furrowed brows. This news worried them.

“Where is it?” Nanya asked.

“I think right in the middle of the palace. If I’m not mistaken, the palace itself is its construction.” I replied.

“I never heard of a royal family using a Dungeon like this. Did they tame it?” Ayuseya wondered.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to pull back my territory until I find out how powerful it is. Nanya, please make sure to have a Dungeon Level Detection Stone ready.” I told her.

“Alright!” she nodded and took one out.

After infusing it with magic, I saw a number appearing on the stone, but I refused to look at it. For some reason, I didn’t want to see my own level.

“As long as it’s not a Demigod dungeon, we should be alright.” Nanya explained.

“You think we can’t handle a Demigod?” I asked her.

“Nah, it’ll just be slightly more annoying to beat those soldiers if they are protected by it.” she shook her head.

“Let’s go.” I said after I pulled back my Dungeon Territory all the way in.

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